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Episode 10: Dean Potter: Free And Solo

The narration was provided by the well-known veteran Hollywood actor, and three-time Academy Award -nominee, Nick Nolte. Following the success of Season 1, Seasons of Ultimate Rush featured narration by talented voice over actor, Sean Phillips [1] , known also for his tv commercial and movie promo work, as well as several video game characters.

Off the Rails

With these subsequent seasons, Ultimate Rush went to even greater lengths to show audiences the thrills, dangers and colorful personalities of the extreme sports world. The athletes challenge the mountains of the French Alps near Chamonix. Antoine, named the fastest speed rider, encounters an avalanche. The three athletes attempt to conquer one of the most famous and dangerous walls in the Alps. Antoine then takes on a riskier line and tempts his fate.

Burst Rush

They ski a variety of terrain including pillow features and spine zones. The Meager Group offers insane possibilities with amazing spine lines. The team sets up a base camp near the hot springs. They wait out the weather hoping for a perfect day.

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Eric experiences the extremes of glory and pain in the line of his life. Extreme skiing is defined with bigger lines, bigger mountains, and steeper faces.

Dragonball Super - Ultra Instinct Rush (HQ Cover)

The athletes share the truth they gain by using big mountains to peer into the depths of themselves. Haines, Alaska for professional skiers is considered The Dream Trip. Big mountain skiers Daron Rahlves and Henrik Windstedt challenge their skills when they decide to run a line together. In the mountains of western Norway they ready themselves for a stunt that had never been attempted before, a wingsuit ski base.

Episode Cast: J. Holmes, Shane McConkey. Steve Fisher leads an all-star team of kayakers as they venture into unfamiliar territory. They first travel to remote Iceland and then to exotic Zambia. The team faces challenging rapids and falls between two of the most dangerous sites on earth. Three teams of world-class riders demonstrate new extremes of mountain biking.

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Industrious mountain bikers build obstacles through dense forests of British Columbia. Pro dirt jumps challenge the riders to new heights in New Zealand. Urban free riding brings on a new style when the riders find street lines in Amsterdam and Germany. Professional mountain bikers take a road trip through the diverse landscapes of Israel.

Fabien Barel gets a rush of adrenaline on a steep line through unexpected terrain.

Burst Rush

Cedric Gracia finds an ultimate road gap on Mount Sodom. They soon find that the waters of Thailand prove more treacherous than they could have anticipated. A search for the perfect day can become a waiting game when elements do not align, but when they do, the best professional skiers can make miracles happen - magic days, or perfect disasters. Bobby Brown pushes his luck when he travels to the Alps, then Cody Townsend takes advantage of the perfect day in Terrace, British Columbia.

In the incredibly exciting world of freestyle skiing, progression raises the bar for this extreme sport. He then hook kicks them, and kicks them up into the air. Then, he flies up into the air and attacks the opponent with a punch to the face , another punch to gut, and a roundhouse kick to the jaw, knocking them further up into the air.

Next, he flies up and appears above the opponent to backhand punch them down to the ground, forcing the opponent to land on their hands and knees to recover from the bone-crushing blows. Finally, Gohan appears behind the opponent and, as he shouts "You're through! Gohan does not use the Ultimate Kamehameha at the end of the rush in the manga nor the anime; this is an addition exclusive to video games. Gohan uses most of this attack during his battle against Super Buu. However, Gohan powers up and attacks the surprised Super Buu with the Burst Rush's punching and kicking barrage, easily outclassing and injuring the powerful Majin.

Gohan throws Super Buu up into the air and attacks him with the Burst Rush's backhand punch, knocking him down to the ground, much to the shock of Goten , Trunks , and Piccolo. The attack is performed differently in each game.

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A Rush on the Ultimate A Rush on the Ultimate
A Rush on the Ultimate A Rush on the Ultimate
A Rush on the Ultimate A Rush on the Ultimate
A Rush on the Ultimate A Rush on the Ultimate
A Rush on the Ultimate A Rush on the Ultimate

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