Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)

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Wie soll das Produkt aussehen? Entscheidungs- und Arbeitsprozesse im Unterricht, bei Konferenzen, Elternabenden und Schulentwicklungsprozessen.

Dr. Sarah Elsuni

Hier soll es die besten Schulen der Welt geben. An diese Region ging der mit Dieter Katzenbach stellt sie vor. Michael Stolpmann berichtet und stellt pro und contra gegeneinander. About this Item: Beltz. Kann man sich auch ohne ein Concerto grosso von Corelli als kulturelles Wesen entwerfen? Denn: Engagement braucht Pragmatismus aber auch den Abstand vom Gewohnheitsblick. Vor Jahren wurde der Reformator geboren.

Der Blick an den Anfang ist erhellend, zuweilen schockierend und oft ein Deja-vu. Brisant wird dies in Fragen der Personalbeurteilung. Lernen des Lernens ist deshalb ein verbreiteter Anspruch. Weniger verbreitet aber sind konkrete Methoden, mit denen dieser Anspruch in Unterrichtspraxis umgesetzt werden kann.

Referendarinnen und Referendare aus Frankfurt haben sich damit in Seminar und Unterricht auseinandergesetzt. Die eigene Schule selbst gestalten nicht einsam, sondern gemeinsam das ist ein Versuch, aus dieser Einsicht Konsequenzen zu ziehen. Die Einsicht allein jedoch reicht nicht. Proteste haben dies nicht verhindert und werden es nicht verhindern. Welche Erfahrungen machen Einzelschulen mit der Selbstverwaltung von Finanzen? Erstmals seit dem Ende der 60er Jahre wird das Strafproblem wieder aufgegriffen.

Der Autor war in den vergangenen Jahren immer wieder als juristischer Experte und Berater gefragt, wenn es um Autonomie der Schule ging. Bewegung gibt es im Bereich der Unterrichtskonzepte. Die Studie will nicht Antworten vorgeben, sondern zu einer breiten Diskussion anregen. Seine Perpektive: Aus dem. Es geht unter anderem um Erfahrungen mit einem Miniunternehmen in einer 7.

Beispiele, die dazu anregen, die Bedeutsamkeit des Lehrens und Lernens anzuheben. Die Kultusministerkonferenz hat entschieden. Gert Otto bilanziert die Diskussionslage. Wie helfen sie weiter? Denn so die These von Al- fred Holzubrecher es kommt nicht auf die quanti- tative Ausweitung der Praxisphasen an, sondern auf die qualitative Gestaltung der , Grenze zwischen Theorie und Praxis.

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Growing up in Switzerland, Paul Klee spent many years in Germany where he lectured at the famous Bauhaus, but came back to Switzerland in the s. The centre, located in Bern, showcases a large amount of his work and is a must for all art lovers. Furthermore, the Kunsthaus Zurich shows other important collections: old masters, impressionists and expressionists or works of the Dada movement.

The Swiss design and architecture scene is also responsible for quite a few world icons. He is most famous for his functionalist architecture and his contribution to town planning. One of his designs has been restored in his hometown but others are spread around the world. The Tate. Enjoyment of culture at the Kunsthaus Museum of Fine Arts.

A visit to this treasure of natural history objects is a unique journey through the history of humankind and our planet. This year, visitors can look forward to the special Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Its collections include interesting natural-history exhibits from the fields of zoology, entomology, mineralogy, anthropology, osteology and palaeontology. The various permanent exhibitions on offer include highlights such as a display on threatened and extinct species, one on dinosaurs, or the one that deals with invertebrates.

Visitors can look forward to breath-taking landscapes, surprising animal portraits and dramatic natural spectacles that showcase the beauty of our planet. To adapt these exhibitions to our spatial circumstances, we.

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Maybe soon it will be yours too. The cactus is well known to everyone — however, many more plants like aloe and agaves can be found in the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection. Succulent plants are able to retain water. They grow in semi-deserts, steppes and rocks in the mountains. In the Succulent Plant Collection, the plants are grown in seven green houses, 16 cold frames and a stone garden for the perennial plants.

However, the Succulent Plant Collection also offers great opportunities for scientists: the museum takes part in the international seed exchange between about botanical gardens. Thereby, the diversity of succulent plants is maintained. Besides, visitors of the museum should realise that succulent plants are also endangered species. Guided tours for both children and adults are possible by arrangement.

The offer of the Succulent Plant Collection is rounded off by special exhibitions, holiday programmes for children and educational offers for schools. A citizen of Winterthur and the offspring of a wealthy local merchant family, Oskar Reinhart - was a born art lover, just as his father before him. Together with his brothers and sister, Reinhart grew up in a world infused with art. He quit the family business at the age of 39 to fully focus on his position as art patron and collector. However, he thoroughly sought out predecessors and influences as well as analysing cross-connecting movements.

Reinhart liked to arrange and rearrange the paintings in his mansion to analyse and display interconnections between artists of various epochs, often ignoring the constrictions of chronology. The gestural freedom. Thus, taking his picks here and there, Oskar Reinhart fully concentrated on connecting the threads, literally depicting the development it took for the French Impressionists to blossom. The inherent charm of the collection no doubt stems from the fact that it is displayed in the building and gardens, forming the private home of an art enthusiast. Comparative to international private collections like, for example, the Neue Galerie and the Frick Collection in New York, or Kenwood House in London, the personal touch of the former home of an art patron, with architectural and botanic surroundings constantly interacting with the exhibits, also provide the unique.

The collection counts around international works. Focusing on individual artists rather than epochs, Reinhart favoured the most independent ones, those who had arrived at an individual style marked by an innovative use of colour and light. As for Post-Impressionists, he favoured those who kept close to Impressionism, for example Vincent van Gogh. Old Masters identified by Reinhart as formal inspiration include Lucas Cranach the. European Impressionists are of high interest in Asia and the audio guides available have reached a truly multilingual range, with German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as Japanese.

The Mansion also provides a unique backdrop for small-scale conferences and presentations. A room for up to 25 people can be rented in combination with a private guided tour. It forms a gift to the world from a conscientious and curious, soul-searching European art enthusiast who concentrated on the avant-garde of his youth, to which he remained loyal for the rest of his life. In the IWC museum in Schaffhausen celebrates its th anniversary.

For watch-aficionados and friends of the company visiting the museum is an unforgettable experience. The collection is housed on the first floor of the historic main building that was built in by the IWC founder Florentine Ariosto Jones The epochs from onwards can be found in the east wing. Here the six current IWC watch families are presented in unique and emotional worlds of experience. Group visits integraler Bestandteil der Kulturlandschaft Schaffmuseum. Guests can discover 1, years of history, art and culture, and gain an exciting insight into the life of the Benedictine nuns.

The museum is set out like a monastery within a monastery and the church has unique murals from the early Middle Ages. The attached church built in the 8th century is still the heart of the whole estate. Seit ist der im Die angrenzende Klosterkirche aus dem 8. Jahrhundert, sowie Fensterglas aus karolingischer Zeit, bis hin zu romanischen Wandmalereien, welche im Laufe der Restaurierung Mitte des Baroque statues and a historic table organ are also part of the exhibition.

It is not only an international banking and finance centre, but has also a lot to offer when it comes to culture. Find out what exactly on the following pages. Ein junger Musiklehrer steckte viel Elan in die kleine Konzertreihe, die seitdem stetig weiter wuchs. Dass wir in der Provinz sind, sehen wir keineswegs als Nachteil. Im Gegenteil, an den Festivals der.

Januar bis 3. Es gibt. Auch bringt viele musikalische Highlights. Sokolov war seither auch schon wieder als Kammermusiker unser Gastsolist.

Find in ZORA

Exhibition Devotion. Discover the world of objects Located in the oasis of the Old Botanical Gardens of Zurich, within walking distance to the top sights of the city, the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich is a must for any visitor interested in the fascinating and revealing world of human skill embodied in objects. Why do people in present-day Thailand still today celebrate the two-thousandyear-old story of a Buddhist prince in a prominent annual festivity at the end of the agricultural year? The exhibition Devotion until 13 May provides manifold insights into the religious beliefs and practices of Thai-people in the Isan, northeastern Thailand.

What do miniatures of race cars, motorcycles, airplanes and helicopters made from wire by young model builders in Burundi tell us about the technical skills of these autodidacts? And what can be the impact of images? With its regularly changing exhibitions, the Zurich Ethnographic Museum invites its visitors to explore the material knowledge and technical skills of humans on all continents, currently in particular in Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as their social organisation and world view embodied in the objects they create. And it offers, next to the exhibitions, a rich accompanying programme, including lecture sessions on current world topics, as well as an extraordinary monthly ethnographic film beyond the mainstream.

A small but exquisite shop offers books and carefully selected articles. As a public museum with a history dating back more than years, and at the same time a teaching and research institution of the University of Zurich, the Ethnographic Museum strives for dialogues between science and the public in an open and comprehensible way. Entrance to all exhibitions and most of the programme activities is free, and media guides as well as most exhibition catalogues are available in German and English.

It breaks free from the common gallery setting and showcases an open, diverse, hybrid and multi-layered art programme. Primarily TART is dedicated to contemporary art from Switzerland but also exhibits international works. It usually is a platform for experimental and interdisciplinary action art. His focus lies on urban life and often follows a comicaesthetics. Contemporary painter Brett Weir will also exhibit new works, and young Swiss artist Ona Sadowsky who is at home in the street and urban art scene will be the artist in residence during the summer break.

As managing director Raluca Matei reveals, each concert of the colourful programme will put a different art form in dialogue with chamber music: Literature as well as dance, jazz as well as media art. Swiss orchestras to interpret historical music as well as contemporary composers such as Martin Derungs and Hermann Haller, while keeping a watchful eye on music education.

There is the Camerata Club ages with a workshop programme linked to matinee concerts. Then the composition competition is a unique offer for young composers between 9 and 19 years to write a piece for the orchestra which will have its official premiere at a public Camerata concert. As a year-long, inter-. Together with concertmaster Igor Karsko, he follows up on the original vision of a dialogue between the old and the new and between the various art forms.

The 60 years anniversary programme comprises specially commissioned pieces by contemporary composers, featuring e. Die Camerata wurde. Furthermore, she has been a staple of Tatort and Polizeiruf for a while and has had appearances in Das Sams and Klimt.

Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

Why did you change your mind in the end? Of course, at first everyone told me not to become an actress. You were born in Graz and now live in Munich. Szyszkowitz: Home means security and comfort. Fears of loss, illness, parting. Do you have a favourite genre? Szyszkowitz: Yes, I love comedy. In the past three months alone, I had three wonderful directors with Michael Kreihsl, Ingo Rasper and Jan Ruzizka with whom I was able to work on three great comedies. What makes this play so special in your opinion?

Szyszkowitz: Well, the play is about relationships. And love. How can I bring something of the initial love back to an old marriage? Daniel Glattauer really put all of this into a funny play that speaks to everyone in long-term relationships. He was able to wonderful-.

You have been married for over 25 years yourself. But this is easier said than done, right? Last but not least: what more can we look forward to from you in ? Furthermore, I just filmed two wonderful movies for ARD. In Zimmer mit Stall, I play a woman who buys an old farm and moves to the countryside with her year-old daughter against the will of her husband.

It is a wonderfully humorous, warm story, directed by Ingo Raspers. The second film is called Billy Kuckuck in which I play a bailiff who needs to deal with her ex-husband Gregor Bloeb , her daughter and her teenage lover and with all her clients and their sometimes rather weird strokes of fate - also a really fun story that I just finished filming in Cologne, under the direction of Jan Ruzizka.

Not too many people will know that it is actually the biggest Swiss canton with stunning landscapes far from the big city life. In fact, only just under , people live in Grisons and you have to travel far up the Swiss Alps to experience some great traditional ice hockey. Davos itself offers lovely nature with its lakes, mountains and meadows and simply a great quality of life.

Located right in the centre of Davos is the hockey arena. Opened in , the arena is known for its beautiful wooden roof which takes you back to the good. It has been refurbished but it never loses its traditional vibe which makes it a very iconic ice hockey arena in Europe. With a capacity of 7, it is a compact venue and every seat is very close to the action which is sometimes lost a bit in those big modern arenas in the United States.

It simply makes a difference when an arena is located right in the mountains rather than those soulless hockey venues of NHL franchises in California or Florida — settings that are far away from the good old hockey game played in winter countries such as Switzerland, Sweden or Canada. Although the attendance at Davos has dropped a bit of late, the club. The Swiss National League usually starts in September and finishes around April with the playoff finals. During that time, Davos have plenty of home games and it is possible to enjoy a hockey game either in late summer, spring or more traditionally, in winter time.

Ice hockey in Switzerland has a long tradition and the local hockey team, HC Davos, won the Swiss championship 31 times. The winter vibes in this town with the option to watch some old school ice hockey is a great incentive to pay this beautiful place a visit. And obligatory for sports fans and travellers, Davos offers a wide range of culinary highlights such as the classic cheese fondue, local breweries and international cuisine from France and Italy which makes Davos a relaxed Swiss location but its international vibes are undoubted.


The town is known for the World Economic Forum which even brought world leaders up the Swiss Alps to visit and tackle global issues. With the Winter Olympics coming up in — albeit taking place in South Korea — visiting a hockey match in Davos would be the ideal preparation to get in the mood for winter sports.

And to get in even more of a holiday mood, you can spend hours pre and post-match in one of those cosy Swiss cottages around the arena to enjoy local food, tasty beers or just a hot beverage to warm up. And for some education, it might be fun to pick up some Swiss German which is a pretty difficult dialect to learn - even for Germans. Davos sports centre. Natural spa and medical treatment combined The South Tyrolean Alps are the perfect backdrop for restorative holidays and medical recovery — now guests can combine the two, benefiting from first class medical treatment and a professional, wellness-oriented aftercare in beautiful natural surroundings.

The combination of cosmetic medicine with one of the best five-star hotels in Italy is what makes the collaboration between the Hotel Quelle Nature Spa and the Brixsana Private Clinic in Brixen unique. For clients of the clinic, the hotel presents the perfect place for pre and post-operative care.

Only 60 minutes away, the combination allows for a treatment spectrum presented by the best medical experts in the country, followed up by a first-class aftercare within beautiful surroundings and a first class ambiance. As Prof. Sophisticated interiors and Wellness professionals add to the comfort, as well as healthy, organic cuisine presenting the best of Alpine and Mediterranean delicacies.

All rooms and suites have balconies with mountain views, and as soon as recovery allows, the outdoors beckon with Alpine hikes, e-bikes and Nordic Walking, as well as cross-country ski-.

What are you looking for?

The competent Wellness team pampers guests with effective beauty treatments and massages from all over the world. Besides the all-encompassing medicinal and therapeutic services in collaboration with the Brixsana Private Clinic, guests also enjoy the possibility of actively shaping their leisure time and taking part in one of the numerous sports classes. All medical services of the clinic can now be connected with a luxurious vacation in the Dolomites.

The Brixsana Private Clinic offers plastic and aesthetic surgery, including. Furthermore, restorative neuro and hand-surgery, beauty surgery, as well as laser treatments and migraine therapy, are part of the extensive list of treatments available. The clinic also houses single practices, covering nine special medical fields from internal medicine to neurology, from disc surgery to endoscopic procedures, through to radiology.

The clinic fosters a holistic perspective by offering long term expertise in holistic medicine and therapy, honoring the medicinal value of harmony between the human being and nature. The quality treatment and private atmosphere of the clinic and the professional pre and postoperative care at the hotel draws patients and guests from all over the world. Alexander Gardetto.

The surgeon knows all about the merits of first class treatment and aftercare: the former ski professional suffered two major skiing accidents himself, leading to extensive surgery and recovery periods. The drastic, life-changing experiences account for his chosen special fields of hand, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. His competency in hand surgery allows for a guaranteed competent and professional treatment.

Full text of "Degenerate art : the fate of the avant-garde in Nazi Germany"

In many professions, the hand needs to function reliably and his work aims at recover-. As one of the leading specialists in aesthetic breast surgery breast augmentation and breast reduction and facial surgery blepharoplasty, otoplasty, face lifting and rhinoplastiy as well as cosmetic medicine Botox, Filler and Peeling , Prof. It is my goal to refine beauty while preserving its naturalness. Gardetto, it is a given that inner beauty comes to light by confidence. It is exactly that confidence which he aims to provide. Healing Measures The Walliser Alpentherme Valaisian Alpine Thermal Pools offers a comprehensive range of wellness treatments at the renowned spa town of Leukerbad, with an emphasis on Valaisian healing traditions.

The unique quality of the Leukerbad resort lies within both its location and the universal range of treatments available at its spa hotels. The thermal water at Walliser Alpentherme includes calcium, magnesia and strontium, as well as more than 20 additional cations and anions. Combining traditional Swiss rituals and classic Ayurveda-based treatments, the hotel is a space where guests can feel both comfortable and inspired.

With a choice of either outdoor activities or peace and relaxation, the Walliser Alpentherme has it all and strives to make guests of all ages feel right at home. Wellness with tradition The spa first opened its doors in with the aim of creating a truly modern wellness experience. The mountain spring treatments at Walliser Alpentherme, based on regional rituals, include for example a grape seed peeling, an Alpine herbal treatment, a goat cheese full body mask, or the Valaisian apricot ritual during which the fruit enzymes boost both skin.

A walk through the sauna landscape which is based on a traditional Valaisian mountain village allows for further discoveries linked to Valaisian tradition. They know about the healing powers of the degree-warm thermal water which, by the way, also provides the perfect relaxation after an energizing day of skiing. Enjoy a stroll through the Valaisian sauna village, moonlight thermal bathing, or the Roman-Irish baths, and indulge in Swissthemed natural cosmetic treatments — all at the heart of the Valaisian Alps.

Thermal Hotels was the first Hotel of Leukerbad, founded in This vision drives the company forward every day. Recent years have been marked by growing concerns about privacy rights and the treatment of sensitive data, a highly relevant issue that is already anchored in our most fundamental rights. DRACOON presents a complete, flexible, and professional solution for companies of all sizes looking for and willing to provide secure ground in a world of constant digital transformation.

The highly secure, platform-independent data exchange solution is certified to the highest compliance standards and has already been awarded as Leader several times. The main strong point of the solution is its proprietary TripleCrypt technology with end-to-end encryption, a fully open API programming interface , and a sophisticated enterprise-grade authorization system. The solution can be run as a cloud, hybrid, and on-premises version. This is because people in responsible positions often have to pro-.

The commotion surrounding the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which must be implemented by all companies as of May , is currently high. In , DRACOON will continue to expand its market position and continue to conquer the international market, with a target of , business users.

Diese Vision treibt das Unternehmen jeden Tag von neuem an. CEO Dr. Mehr als Rechts: Dr. Dieter Steiner, CEO.

DER ZWEITE WELTKRIEG: Ein Glücksfall der Geschichte

Think smart, create iconic! When Sven Alt, Lukas Eichenberg and Heiko Hinrichs, students of design and marketing respectively, met in they had no idea of the successful journey they were going to embark on. An attitude which has convinced big players like Gebr.

Another advantage remains a very close and long term relationship with our clients. We converted an entire office floor into a kitchen and now hold joint cooking sessions with our customers. Als die Design- bzw. Daher erweiterten wir nach und nach unser Angebot und boten neben dem Verpackungsdesign auch Retail-Konzepte bzw. Left: An efficient means to keep the non-desk workforce connected: Beekeeper. Top right: Beekeeper: an effective and easy-to-handle tool for the preparation of surveys. A hub for communication Kommunikations- und and collaboration Kollaborationshub With its employee app Beekeeper successfully digitises the non-desk workforce.

Beekeeper, an app for employees, counts among the most frequently used tools for internal business communication. It functions as a communication and collaboration hub for enterprises and fulfils the vision of an app that digitises the workplaces of all non-desk workers. It routes internal communication via news channels and chats; its design is flexibly adaptable to a particular corporate design.

Helping premature babies to breathe easily The German company Fritz Stephan GmbH is a market leader and innovator when it comes to respirators for premature babies and new-borns in intensive care. It is a delicate task, because their physiology is very different compared to that of adults: The lungs are not fully developed and therefore very stiff, so the airflow has to be regulated carefully to avoid damaging the lungs. Oxygen is vital for every living being and providing patients who have breathing problems with the right amount of oxygen is already difficult under normal circumstances, but more so when it comes to tiny babies.

Not enough oxygen in the blood is of course dangerous, but so is giving too much oxygen as it could, for example, lead to retinopathy of prematurity, the scarring or detachment of the retina. In Tanja Stephan took over the company from her father and company founder Fritz Stephan. The researchers and developers at Fritz Stephan GmbH work closely together with hospitals, doctors and nurses to determine which developments are necessary. The team at Fritz Stephan GmbH additionally works together with universities, for example Bachelor and Master students who write their thesis while undertaking an internship here.

Das neue Digitale Zeitalter gestalten Wir befinden uns gerade in einer sehr spannenden Phase. Durch diese jahrelange, intensive Arbeit mit den Kunden ihrer Kunden gewann Sabine Hoffmann tiefe Einblicke in die verschiedenen Problemstellungen im Digitalen Zeitalter und ihr wurde schnell klar, dass die meisten Unternehmen nicht aufgrund eines Mangels an kreativen Ideen scheitern, sondern an ihrer Organisation.

Dabei wird das Unternehmen konsequent aus dem Blickwinkel der Kunden analysiert und iterativ zum Selbst-Lernen gebracht. In vier Phasen wird ein Problem aus Kundensicht betrachtet, neue Herangehensweisen erarbeitet und auch gleich in einem Experiment ausprobiert. Schneller Lerneffekt also garantiert!

Jeden Tag. Mit jedem Handgriff. Als starker Partner bietet ambuzzadorABC die optimale Hilfestellung alte Firmenstrukturen aufzubrechen und zielsicher im Digitalen Zeitalter anzukommen. Managementsysteme sind eigentlich etwas sehr trockenes und von vielen unverstanden. Der beste Prozess ist nichts wert, wenn er nicht akzeptiert und gelebt wird. Besonders der Moment, wenn ich merke, dass die Botschaft angenommen wird. Ich werde geholt, um. Ich werde ebenfalls oft geholt, wenn es um Zertifizierungen oder Audits in Firmen geht. Dort finde ich dann Schwachstellen oder zeige Verbesserungspotentiale auf.

Dank ihrer vielschichtigen Erfahrung auf internationaler Konzernebene, ist Lenk genauso im Bereich Maschinen- und Anlagebau zuhause, wie in kleineren Gewerbebetrieben. The modern business world is shaped by radical changes, recently, for example, the digital transformation, technological revolutions and global interconnections that touch all areas. It needs a lot of courage and creative drive within companies to implement the relevant processes of change.

The speed of modern communication often creates a maelstrom from which people cannot escape: They think that they need to be constantly available and informed, have to reply fast and so on. Indeed the need for being online has negative effects on the psyche. The advancing digitalisation in daily life challenges companies more than ever to work on their corporate culture to provide the necessary social connections. As sparring partner she challenges clients to find a strategic focus and strengthen the social fabric through organisational development within a company.

Through coaching she brings together both working digitally and relaxing at the same time, which allows finding the key to inner balance. Die Geschwin-. Im Coaching hat Dr. Anneliese Breitner festgestellt, dass Menschen sich immer schwerer tun proaktiv ihr psychisches Konto auszugleichen — eben weil sie keinen digitalen Urlaub machen.

Der virtuelle Alltag im Netz ist arm an echten sozialen Beziehun-. On intrinsic powers and team spirit Dr. Having worked in different fields of clinical research for CROs Clinical Research Organizations , pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for more than 15 years in senior management and marketing roles, she brings the perfect perspective to the pharmaceutical supply chain and uses her wealth of experience and know-how to motivate and foster young teams towards success.

She graduated in pharmacy and holds a PhD in tumour biology. Both her studies and work life took place on the international stage until she moved back to Austria, where she joined ABF Pharmaceutical Services as counsellor in In her recently acquired role as CEO, Dr. Lackner manages. Asked about what motivates her most, Dr. And it is possible, as a woman in Austria, to do this. The founders, Walter Schweifer and Silvia Lasselsberger, both passionate entrepreneurs since their youth, have specialised in the production of distinctive roast coffees since Coffee machines and grinders for gastronomy and hotels complement the product range.

The company builds upon competent and individual consultation. But the main focus still lies on the overall quality. They are small enough to satisfy individual desires, big enough to also supply larger hotel chains. Fruits harvested directly from fields and gardens, shock frosted and then turned into fruit puree, freshly made when ordered: SUSA S MUS fruit purees are made of 95 per cent fruit and only five per cent sugar, making the puree suitable even for people with diabetes type II.

Susanne Suppan uses a complex process: The fresh fruits are selected and shock frosted, and Suppan only makes new small. The fruits are slowly warmed up to 80 degrees maximum so that nearly no vitamins are lost. All purees can be ordered online. After delivery the fruit puree lasts about six months unopened. It is not only great as fruit spread, but can also be added to yo-.

Read about their innovative ideas, their motivation and much more. Solarstrom gedeckt werden. Dadurch lassen sich Stromkosten deutlich reduzieren. Denn Stromspeicher leisten einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Klimaschutz. Vor einigen Monaten erst wurde die Produktpalette um ein Bett erweitert. Ab einer Breite von 1,40 Meter lassen sich sogar beide Seiten der Matratze unterschiedlich einstellen. Das Team aus erfahrenen Gartengestaltern bietet diesen Online Service seit all jenen an, die ihre individuellen Gartenideen zum Leben erwecken wollen.

Wie aber funktioniert dies genau? Immobilie erfolgreich verkaufen Der Immobilienmarkt boomt. Aber auf welchen Immobilienfachmann ist wirklich Verlass, wer kann bei einem geplanten Verkauf das halten, was vorher versprochen wurde? Sie bedeuten nicht nur Stress, sondern kosten Arbeitnehmer und Unternehmen auch bares Geld, wenn Meetings verschoben werden und Projekte platzen.

Oft ist dies nur eine. Wer jetzt denkt, Rechtsprechung passiere nun per Mausklick, der irrt: Ein Team hochspezialisierter Juristen leistet die Arbeit vor Ort. String Art ist back! Baslers Ehrgeiz war geweckt. So formierte sich auf dem Campus um Basler ein starkes Team, das den Anspruch. Die individuellen Portraits, welche authentisch nach der Vorlage eines Fotos hergestellt werden, sind absolut einzigartig und verlocken dazu genauer hinzuschauen. Der Rest ist Geschichte. Mit neuen Komplettangeboten gewinnt der Markt nun an Dynamik.

Es ist ihr Weg zu mehr Wohlstand, bessere Gesundheit und mehr Selbstbestimmtheit. Warum finden Mitarbeiter bei einer Kontrolle die Hygiene-Berichte nicht? Und warum bin ich nicht informiert worden, dass die Sahnemaschine mal wieder defekt ist? Herausgekommen ist. Three young athletes from Munich, Germany, created a product that, within four years, has turned Freeletics into a global market leader in the digital fitness industry. Driven by the vision of helping everyone to become the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally, Freeletics offers four health and fitness apps.

Since its inception, the flagship Freeletics Bodyweight app has revolutionised the fitness industry once dominated by stationary gyms. It allows you to train anytime, anywhere, with a personal trainer in your pocket and no equipment or gym required. Using artificial intelligence, it analyses performance, tracks progress and adapts training plans accordingly to continually challenge and motivate for optimal results. What makes Freeletics so popular? Combined with a motivating community of millions, nothing stands between you and your goals anymore.

If bodyweight training is not your thing, there is also Freeletics Running, which maximises your running performance, speed and distance through interval running workouts, Freeletics Gym, which helps you get the most from your gym membership with barbell workouts, and Freeletics Nutrition, a goal-oriented nutrition coach which offers personalised meal plans, advice and recipes every week - no counting calories, just healthy, easy and nutritious food.

Today, Freeletics has more than 21 million registered users. People all over the world train with the apps on sports grounds, in the park, at home, or in a gym. They are part of the biggest fitness community in the world. Being connected digitally and offline, they motivate each other and work towards their personal goals together.

Freeletics is more than a fitness app, it is an emerging lifestyle brand embraced all over the world. It does not matter who you are or what your lifestyle is. With Freeletics, you will find the right tool for you to unleash your potential and get into the shape of your life. On your terms. For more information on Freeletics, visit the following website. Scan the QR code to download the app or visit www. Daraus entstand die Software fleetster. Heute sind wir 20 Mitarbeiter, wobei.

Wir sind gespannt. HeavenHR ist eine komplette Personalverwaltungssoftware, auf die viele Firmen sicher lange gewartet haben. Prozesse werden nicht nur vereinfacht und effizienter, sondern auch transparenter. So halten Arbeitgeber auch die Daten ihrer Angestellten privat. Weitere Informationen gibt es online. Tick here if you do not wish to receive newsletters from Scan Group. Apparently I am redundant. Well, professionally at least, even though I had not noticed yet and the piles of files on my desk may have you think otherwise.

But according to people who know about blockchain technology, lawyers are going to be surplus to requirements in the very near future, as are many other professionals going to be, from estate agents and bankers to music producers, because everybody will be transacting with their counterpart direct and without the need for intermediaries, whether you wish to buy or sell a house or stream music, all paid for P2P peer-to-peer by crypto currency known as bitcoins to you and me.

Now, as somebody who is so firmly encrusted in the analogue age that I still use a paper Filofax anybody else remember these? Now, in basic terms, a blockchain is a distributed database, where blocks of information are encrypted and stored simultaneously across a vast network of computers in lots of different locations.

The validated transaction is recorded with a unique date stamp, linked to a previous block of information and added to the blockchain, where it gives rise to a permanent record which can no longer be altered. At least in theory, this will also make transactions cheaper because of the standardised and trusted processes. Some of this is apparently already happening, albeit more often than not on a trial basis and in the more basic format of DLT digital ledger technology. I can quite see that this sort of thing will work for routine transactions, such as downloading a piece of music or paying a direct debit on your bank account.

I can also see that it may change the way in which contracts are executed and stored. But my experience as a lawyer is that - lucky enough - life largely defies standardisation. At the same time, the increased demands for data protection. However, given the proliferation of data security breaches and the almost daily news diet of large scale hacks of personal and government data and everything in between, this technology may well have some time to go yet before it becomes mature enough to form a trusted part of our everyday life.

Until then, my Filofax may well be the safest place to store the data I cannot do without and I better get on with doing some legal drafting work now. Accelerate your growth — in Berlin. In this column, author Adam Jacot de Boinod explores the weird and wonderful world of German vocabulary and finds some rather interesting terms.

Let us take a look at what he has found. The colour green The idioms of the world are full of colour and have a strong symbolic force. Culture Calendar January can be a tricky month after all the celebrations of December. But to kick off the year in style, there are plenty of exciting events lined up throughout this wintery month.

From sports to culture and food, there is the right thing to keep everyone in high spirits and kiss the post-Christmas blues goodbye.

Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition) Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)
Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition) Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)
Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition) Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)
Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition) Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)
Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition) Riskante Kontakte: Geschichten aus Gegenwart und Zukunft (German Edition)

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