Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)

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Most young people love our culture, family cohesion, classical language, Tamil cuisine, music, history, and dance. These exact same young women and men discover that women in Tamil culture are not treated equally. They are subject to double standards at all levels and strict traditional gender roles.

Parents are placing more and more restrictions on girls. I am a very proud Tamil. However, I am also a very proud Swiss, woman, and human being. There are a few things we simply need to change within our culture and the way we see one another. We all know Tamil culture has a patriarchal structure. Gender roles are clearly defined. We are always aware of our role as women, how we speak, and how we behave as girls.

I was a tomboy. Until I reached puberty — I could just be myself.

I was a girl with big dreams and I was fearless. These years still shape me. My father and mother had allowed me to do everything. My parents became stricter. I want to motivate all of us to walk the path towards equality together. Seek intensive dialogue with your parents, try to understand their perspective, build trust. It takes a lot of time and courage.

I could always talk to my parents. What about what I have to say? The discussions with my parents were challenging. Today, they have progressed from extremely conservative Tamil parents to parents who understand me and respect me for my beliefs. It was an exhausting journey, but it brought us together as a family.

When I ask them what Tamil culture is, they have no answer. We have the privilege of combining the best of Tamil and Swiss culture and creating a new culture for ourselves. We can make a fundamental change with the language we use. A study from Princeton University, New York University and the University of Illinois shows that girls lose their self-esteem and confidence in their talents at the age of six. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to how we talk to our children. We should use more empowering phrases like. Moreover, we should encourage women and girls to be courageous rather than perfect.

We should encourage failure. I am still afraid today that I will fail. However, today I also know that if I fail, I learn something from that experience and will do better next time. Do you want your daughters to make the most of their lives, unlock their potential. It is about the personal happiness of the daughters and not about making everyone else happy.

In Tamil society, girls are educated to make others happy and satisfy society. What I like about Tamil culture is that the education of girls and boys is equally essential. Both are equally encouraged and encouraged to learn. However, what do we do with this education? That is the big question. We are encouraged to study, but not motivated and inspired by what we can achieve with our knowledge and education.

Having a choice is crucial. If someone wishes to finish school and be a-stay-at-home-mom, that is fine, too. Life is not a pursuit of marriage — and then everything stands still.

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Life goes on after marriage. If a woman can unfold completely, then the husband and the children also benefit from her happiness. She will be a better, happier and complete mother. Simply satisfied. But she should be able to strive for her dreams and wishes.

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No aim is too high. Ultimately, it is important to have the ability to decide for yourself about your life. Nothing else matters. You must have a goal and a perspective. Even as a little girl, I knew I would have to fight for a self-determined life, that I would always come across a glass ceiling, that people would always pull me down. Girls and young women have always been under enormous pressure.

The definition of success is entirely different for Tamils. I now go to weddings of young Tamils who are ten to 15 years younger than me. I find it beautiful for every person who finds happiness. For men, success is measured by career and how happy the family is. That is the other side of traditional roles. Men are also under pressure to play a male role in which they may not want to be. Men are part of the solution. My father, my brother, and my partner play a vital role in my life, and I love how my brother has developed into a very respectful young man.

Men can help to change the image of women in society and these ways of thinking and attitudes. Give them the voice they need, respect their dreams. Encourage them to pursue their passion! Something I wish to say to a younger self is to take more risk and fail. Ask for help whenever or from whomever you can.

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I achieved many things in my professional career by merely asking. Find a great mentor. Someone who can be a friend and a professional coach. This will enable you to pursue your dreams more easily. Networking is the ultimate key to a successful career. You never know whom you might meet. Always be prepared and put yourself out there and network. I have fantastic role models. My mother has always been a role model for me. She has always worked and invested her strength to reconcile family and career, which is not as easy as a refugee woman.

With her exemplary drive, I knew I had to seize every opportunity. Easier said than done. Always walk into a room as if you own it. Learn to value yourself, and the confidence will come. Take your future into your own hands! To the reporting in La Stampa.

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The Center views this as recognition for the efforts to encourage discourse about religious and secular validity cultures in the Mediterranean region, the cradle of numerous legal cultures. The explanation of the Associazione Itinerari Laici can be accessed here Pdf. A TV report, produced by the Italian broadcaster Rai 3, can be viewed here at min. The naming latches on to the final years of the great philosopher's life, during which he took increasing interest in questions of law and non-deconstructible justice.


The chair holder for the first year is Paris sociologist Prof. Michel Wieviorka. On the occasion of the establishment of this chair at the University of Turin, Prof. Werner Gephart held the opening speech, which is available at the following link:. Werner Gephart: Why Law and Culture? Gephart, Werner: Verfassung als Kultur? Verfassungsuniversalismus und rechtskultureller Pluralismus, October Literarische Darstellung und juridische Aufarbeitung von Kriegsverbrechen im globalen Kontext, Norbert Elias on Normativity, Culture, and Involvement, Readings in John Searle's Social Ontology, Elective Affinities and Relationships of Tension, Zur mehrdimensionalen Analyse rechtskultureller Konflikte durch die politische Kulturforschung, Zur Rational-Choice-Analyse des September,

Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)
Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)
Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)
Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)
Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)
Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition) Kultur und Struktur Model ändern (German Edition)

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