International Lanza (Spanish Edition)

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The danger on television is me, and they will tell this lie a thousand times, because they can and because they need it. I feel terrible impotence knowing myself a pawn in their game, but I do not despair, I know from experience that the truth comes to the surface, even if history is written by the powerful, the winners … for now.

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I know that we will make more noise than them, that our bonds and solidarity are worth much more than their media and their walls. I continue to believe now more than ever in legitimate self-defence, in anti-fascism, in my brothers and sisters in the street, in our struggles, in my family, in my principles. For all this and more, although I am here and after all that I am experiencing, I continue to feel lucky, because I know I can count on you, like you on me.

From the dungeons, isolated, but not alone.


Plaintiff claimed that, as a result of her fall on snow and ice on the sidewalk, she sustained severe injuries including a fractured ankle and she underwent open reduction internal fixation. However, using video surveillance, we were able to dispute the location of the accident and the condition of the sidewalk and obtain this favorable result for the client. Rodino Jr. Please note that your email may not be treated as confidential and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Attorneys Practices Our Firm. Home Contact Us Subscribe Careers. Paul W. Lanza Associate. Overview Major Victories Paul is a member of the Casualty Department focusing his practice primarily on premises liability and auto negligence.

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Paul is admitted to practice in New Jersey and New York.

International Lanza (Spanish Edition) International Lanza (Spanish Edition)
International Lanza (Spanish Edition) International Lanza (Spanish Edition)
International Lanza (Spanish Edition) International Lanza (Spanish Edition)
International Lanza (Spanish Edition) International Lanza (Spanish Edition)
International Lanza (Spanish Edition) International Lanza (Spanish Edition)

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