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They use caveras plastic bags for just about anything: footballs, cooking, fixing leaks, and more. After the main part of plants are eaten, banana leaves and corn husks are woven to make baskets and dolls. Garden hoses are used as pipes.

Bye Mzungu bye (Bugambe tea estate Uganda) | lovely places | Uganda, Tea

Brooms are fashioned out of dried palm tree leaves and grass. Sachets plastic pouches of water, juice, or alcohol become pots for plants that are being nursed for sale. Plastic bottles and cans are used for irrigation systems on farms. Everything has a purpose, and then another, and then another, until it can no longer be used.

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Ugandans are fully capable of empowering their own communities through their own cultural ways without the invasion of mzungus. In no way am I suggesting the mzungus here are bad people or that they should not give their aid where it is needed.

The story of visiting Mzungu

I am suggesting that we end the white savior mindset and stop presuming that we know how to help. Instead, we should enter communities and identify a real problem, empower local individuals to become leaders, and let them decide how to fix the systematic issue. Do this, not only in Uganda but for the entire global aid system, and we can fix worldwide issues while also sustaining different, beautiful, traditional cultures.

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Click here to cancel reply. He was breaking most of the cultural barriers by becoming close to the children in the village and making people of the community feel free to talk about their problems easily!

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He has also become our photographer in the village sometimes! We selected about 10 percent of the houses and visited them house by house. During these visits we wanted to find out what they knew about maternal health issues and what they wanted to learn.

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  8. In the visits to the homes we realized that many girls of 16 and 17 become pregnant by men and then the men run away, leaving them with nothing to support themselves. While we were talking with the people of the community on maternal health issues, we could hardly find any knowledge of maternal health to connect new knowledge to, especially in women who have been pregnant for the first time.

    This deep lack of knowledge and also their desire for more learning makes me consider myself as an educator more than a midwife. In the following months, the health needs assessment will be analyzed and the learning materials for this community will be produced. Then Joyce Fertility Support Centre group, with the young Mzungu and his mother, will go to the village to run the educational sessions.


    If the people are going to be this welcoming and generous, it will be an amazing 9 months. Like Like. Hey Matt! As you have surmised it is not intended to be derogatory, particularly amongst children! Yet, I imagine for many, particularly those coming from countries, like the US, where race relations are fraught, that this would make people uncomfortable. Yet the whole issue of race, as you will come to find, is in many ways very different from the US. And glad to see you have had your first full day of hospitality- Ugandan style- matooke, rice, beans, fish, and even rabbit.

    Perhaps you guys can take culinary lessons and bring some of the tastes and flavors back to Union. Also the egg fried wrapped burrito sounds delicious. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Home What is a Minerva Fellow? Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!
    Bye, Mzungu! Bye, Mzungu!

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