Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing

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Canada adds neo-Nazi, Iran-backed groups to terrorist watch list. Troy: In Quebec, can the Poutine Police be far behind? Hard feelings over precious wedding ring. Taube: The forgotten Jewish-themed jazz tunes. Farber: Extremists in our ranks. Kasha and knishes are rooted in Jewish history.

'Judaism Yes, Zionism No': Ultra-Orthodox Jews march against Israel

Celebrity chef brings a taste of Israel. Israeli soul: A cornucopia of culinary traditions. Hamilton gallery showcases fashionista Milli Gould. Prints of illuminated haftarah scroll on display. HBO series about events leading to Gaza War to premiere. The CJN Prize Jewish Music Week Contest Closed. Eifman Ballet Contest Closed. Tribute to Israel. Thus, the notion that Zionism is driven by "Jewish supremacy", reproduced in Abulhawa's article, splinters the natural alliances of all those who are oppressed by the capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy and bolsters the reactionary narrative which claims that the Israeli-Palestinian "conflict" is not a case of settler colonialism with historical precedents and thus has a political solution, but a holy war between Jews and their allies against all those who oppose them.

This outlook ultimately sustains ongoing victimisation of Palestinian people by rendering "the conflict" unsolvable by any means other than violence. This directly benefits Zionist settler colonialism and its propaganda, which has a military force disproportionately more powerful than its Palestinian victims.

In contrast, the understanding of Zionism as a white supremacist movement, which has opportunistically and selectively syncretised Judaism to obscure and bolster its criminal settler-colonialist, genocidal activity, creates a more valid analytical framework. It gathers all those oppressed by the capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy black and brown people, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, indigenous people, women, LGBTQI etc in one anti-racist, anti-colonial camp and places those who uphold it, including Zionists Jews and non-Jews and others, like David Icke, who espouse anti-Semitism, in opposition.

Thus, the framing of Zionism as "white", not "Jewish" supremacy enables and strengthens the formation of coalitions between all those opposed to Zionist settler colonialism in particular and white supremacy in general and hinders Zionist attempts at sabotage by lobbying cynical accusations of "anti-Semitism". Pro-Palestinian advocates are wise when they support principles over people and are careful not to promote anti-Semitic, reactionary or conspiratorial material, which damages the Palestinian cause they champion and exposes it to justified critique.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial stance. Toggle navigation. The Zionist fallacy of 'Jewish supremacy' Framing Zionism as Jewish and not white supremacy is a dangerous proposition. The fallacy To maintain this abusive, white supremacist dynamic, Zionist propagandists have promoted the anti-Semitic fallacy that Israel is a Jewish state, which represents Judaism and thus all Jews.

Have your say. The number eight symbolizes new beginnings. According to Kaballah in the Zohar the number eight signifies this because the eighth day was the first day after creation when God returned to work; the week began again. The number ten symbolized absolute completeness. The court to the Tabernacle was ten times ten ells long, and five times ten ells wide, and in the Holy of Holies the Ten Commandments were preserved.

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The number twelve , being the product of three and four, typified the union of the people with God. The number thirteen symbolizes the principles of faith and God's mercy. Gold was the symbol of the divine or celestial light, the glory of God.

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Salt was declared to be necessary in every meal-offering, in which it takes the place of the blood in the animal sacrifices. The Israelites used an indigo -colored dye called tekhelet ; this dye was likely made from snail murex trunculus. This dye was very important in both Jewish and non-Jewish cultures of this time, and was used by royalty and the upper-class in dyeing their clothing, sheets, curtains, etc.

This dye is known as Tyrian purple. In the Torah the Israelites are commanded to dye one of the threads of their tallit prayer shawl with tekhelet; when they look at this dye they will think of the blue sky, and of the God above them in Heaven. Tekhelet corresponds to the color of the divine revelation Midrash Numbers Rabbah xv. Blue in Judaism has thus had an important significance throughout the history of Jewish culture up to the present.

Blue was also associated with the ten commandments.


When Moses and the elders went up to mount Sinai, they saw God standing on a Sapphire pavement Blue and the tables of the law were made of the stone i. Sapphire and thus the blue on their garments was to be a permanent reminder of the law of God. Purification from sin was also symbolized by purple. In some cases, it can also symbolize life.

The Zionist fallacy of 'Jewish supremacy'

Yellow has an association with an anti-Semitic forced identification mark see Yellow badge. Each of these was tied to the agricultural cycle of the Israelites, and was also given a theological symbolism. Passover celebrated the rebirth of nature, and symbolized the origin of the Jewish people. The eating of bitter herbs symbolized the miseries of the Egyptian bondage. In the evenings four cups of wine were drunk, to symbolize the four world-kingdoms. A discussion of the meaning of Shavuot the Feast of Weeks and of Sukkot , the Feast of Tabernacles , is found in the entries on those subjects.

Aussie Wolves in Zionist Clothing

The Day of Atonement was considered the most holy day of the entire year, and was regarded as the symbol of the complete atonement of the people and of their absolution from their sins committed against God. Jeremiah beheld an almond -tree as a token of the speedy fulfillment of the word of God.

Amos saw a basket of summer fruit as a symbol of the approaching end of Israel. Ahijah the Shilonite tore Jeroboam's mantle into twelve pieces, to typify the division of the kingdom of Israel, [24] and Zedekiah made horns of iron to encourage Ahab to engage in war with Ramoth-gilead. Isaiah walked naked and barefoot to show how the Egyptians and Ethiopians would be treated when taken captive by the Assyrians , [27] while Jeremiah wore a yoke upon his neck to induce the nations to submit to the King of Assyria.

Ezekiel was commanded to inscribe the names of certain tribes upon separate pieces of wood, to show that God would reunite those tribes. Some common themes appear on many Jewish tombstones.

Jewish symbolism - Wikipedia

Two hands with outspread fingers indicated that the dead man was descended from priestly stock Kohanim who blessed the people in this fashion, and a jug was carved on the tombstones of the Levites as an emblem of those who washed the priest's hands before he pronounced the blessing.

Some gravestones show a tree with branches either outspread or broken off, symbolizing the death of a young man or an old man respectively; or they have a cluster of grapes as an emblem of Israel. The Star of David Magen David occurs frequently. The influence of Judaism upon Christian symbolism as early as the 2nd and 3rd centuries A. The prayer beginning with the words "Mi she-'anah," which was included in the selihah at an early date, was adopted in the Christian ritual as the litany "Libera domine. Abraham was represented as the symbol of the power of faith and Isaac as the sacrificed redeemer.

The ascension of Elijah was believed to typify the ascension of Jesus Christ , who was regarded by Christian symbolism as an analogue to Elijah, although this ascension was also taken as a type of the general resurrection from the dead.

Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing
Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing Zionism, the Wolf in Judaisms Clothing

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