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Manufacturers of protective head gear are now taking lessons from woodpecker anatomy and using it to design better helmets. This research has also been used to create a collar that helps prevent brain injuries in athletes.

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Like many other birds, Pileated Woodpeckers communicate and fend off adversaries using vocal sounds. These calls can be divided into five main categories:. Another way they frighten off invaders is by displaying the white under-feathers on their wings, pointing their head and bill up, sometimes backwards, while swaying, jerking their body, and flapping their wings in some kind of Bill Waving Dance.

It can be accompanied by a vocal threat and the raising of their red-feathered crest. They often tangle with intruding woodpeckers, and keep the same nesting territory year after year. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Downy Woodpecker

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♫ Acorn woodpecker - song / call / voice / sound.

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    WoodPecker's From Space

    Warusa bakari no uddopekka Kyou mo ana ake Moriboro darake okotta uddo godo Kuchibashi wo doku ni kaeta Komatta uddopekka Su ana ga doku ni gohan mo doku ni Tomodachi ni furereba shinubakari Kanashinda uddopekka Doku no namida ga kira kira hikaru. Naughty Birdie's song is made by pecking holes in trees willows, cedars, sycamores and proud oaks reduced to cheese woodland gods, all in a huff have forever cursed your naughty beak what it pecks, it poisons now; your food, your nest even your young your friends now all fear you But your tears ring clearly through the wood even as they taint the dew such a sad, sad, little birdy Maybe one day this song will lift the curse and set you free.

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    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song
    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song
    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song
    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song
    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song
    Woodpeckers Song Woodpeckers Song

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