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And also of thinking of the Church with the categories of a woman. Listening to Dr. Ghisoni, I heard the Church speaking about herself. That is, we have all spoken about the Church. In all the interventions. But this time it was the Church herself that spoke. It's not just a question of style: the feminine genius, reflected in the Church, which is woman. Inviting a woman to speak is not to enter into the mode of an ecclesiastical feminism, because in the end every feminism ends up being a machismo with a skirt. Looking at coins attributed to Pope John VIII, who reportedly reigned from to , he and Spycher found that those minted earlier bore a markedly different monogram than those minted toward the end of his reign.

Although Habicht debunks the possibility of forgery, noting that contemporary demand for medieval coins is not strong enough to warrant such deception, Jensen argues this explanation fails to account for medieval forgeries. The Chronicle of Popes and Emperors , a 13th-century text composed by Dominican monk Martinus Polonus, is considered to have birthed the most well-known narrative of the Pope Joan story.

Most historians and the contemporary Catholic Church dismiss the tale of the female pope as wishful thinking. Nevertheless, the evidence refuting Joan's historical existence adds up. So, what happened in the story after Joan was unmasked? As Evan Andrews writes for History.

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Human Behavior. Our Planet. Earth Optimism Summit. Sarah Dowdy: The narco saints.

Pope Joan: The Female Pope whose Real Gender was Revealed after she Gave Birth in a Procession

So some of her followers are later burned at the stake! And according to an article from church history, by Mona Alice Jean Newman, inquisitors tore apart her tomb, burned her bones, and scattered her ashes. And of course erased every document that had to do with her life! So she's a person of interest at least. Katie Lambert: Well, and there are certainly women who have exerted considerable influence over popes - too much for the liking of many.

And other women who have inspired great devotion! And perhaps there wasn't a Pope Joan, but there was a woman who was high ranking in the church, and that story turned into something else. So what relevance does that have for us today? Of course the role of women in the church is still complicated. Sarah Dowdy: Yeah, the church today maintains that women are of equal value as men, but they're very different, and therefore, they are suited to different roles. And by encouraging women to fulfill the role that nature and God has intended for them, which is motherhood, they're honoring woman's unique gifts, and that's why women can't be ordained priests, much less be a pope.

Katie Lambert: Right. And I'm sure you're all familiar with a critic's response to that. If you've -. Katie Lambert: - ever, ever opened a newspaper, and it's not our place to voice any opinion on the matter, but I think we can confidently say that a female pope today would not have to give birth on a horse. And also that Pope Joan might make a really good Halloween costume if you don't mind explaining who you are all night. Sarah Dowdy: - Egyptian episodes. A few people want to be Mameluke for Halloween, which I think sounds like a great costume, especially if you get that jeweled sword.

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Katie Lambert: I'm tentatively planning on being a cannibal queen, but that has absolutely nothing to do with any history episode we've ever done. Unless I can find -. Katie Lambert: Of a cannibal queen.

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It is interesting though that this story has lasted for so long. We've gotten so many e-mails requesting the Pope Joan story. And I'd like to hear about why you think it's endured. And if you have another favorite anti-Pope you'd like us to talk about, again, send us an e-mail. And speaking of e-mail, we have some listener mail for today. Sarah Dowdy: So our e-mail today is from Virginia.

And we were actually fortunate enough to do an interview with Virginia just the other day. Sarah Dowdy: And we talked to her about what it's like recording this podcast. But she also e-mailed us regarding our Five Stars of the Wild West and our question about what exactly bull-dogging was, and what the modern incarnation of it -.

Sarah Dowdy: We weren't just throwing in some school spirit there. So Virginia wrote us, "As a Texan who has attended many a rodeo, I believe I can answer your question about the modern incarnation of bull-dogging. The one that is probably most like it now is called steer wrestling. A cowboy starts on a horse in the starting box.

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The steer is also in the starting box, right next to him. When the steer is released, the cowboy must essentially chase it, jump off the horse, and wrestle the steer to the ground. The cowboy with the best time wins. If the cowboy breaks the barrier, quote, of the starting box, essentially the same as jumping the gun in racing, he gets a 10 second penalty. Katie Lambert: Oh see, I decided I was not meant to be a rodeo queen, or a rodeo attendee, but I think you can go to one maybe in Kennesaw. I remember seeing ads in high school.

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  • Sarah Dowdy: - where the bull broke up into the stands and trampled a bunch of people. So I don't know.

    The Woman who Became Pope

    Maybe I'll change my mind if I watch that Spanish video. We also have a Facebook fan page.

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    You can catch up with what we're doing, and it's a cool way for us to respond to you more quickly than we can in e-mail. Our commenter's are very involved this week. We also have a Twitter feed at MissedInHistory. And again, it's a good way to keep up with what we're doing on a daily basis. I can send out a survey on who wants to date a dragon Lord, and give birth to eggs, and 60 responses.

    Katie Lambert: Yes. And that might have given you a clue we we're talking about the Chung sisters. Sarah Dowdy: So we're going to try to find a way here to wrap up dragon Lords and tie them back into Popes. Sarah Dowdy: My connection is Pope Joan is the Dark Ages, we have female popes, maybe, we have knights, and we have dragons. Sarah Dowdy: And saints.

    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope
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    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope
    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope
    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope
    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope
    The Woman Pope The Woman Pope

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