The Palm Oil Miracle

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From rainforest to your cupboard: the real story of palm oil - interactive

The new weight loss miracle for is red palm oil. This constant drive for miracles must keep the producers in a perpetual panic. They need at least five miracles per week. It could be just a matter of time until we see white veal profiled as a superfood in a future Dr. Oz episode. If there is a common characteristic of complementary and alternative medicine CAM proponents who believe themselves to be scientific and I include Dr.

Oz in this group , it is that they extrapolate from weak clinical evidence to grandiose claims by cherry picking the most supportive strands of evidence to give the impression of being evidence-based. They have the belief, and then they look for the supporting evidence to bolster the claim.

In short, to paraphrase a quote attributed to Hahns Kuhn, they use scientific evidence like a drunkard uses a light post: for support, not for illumination. As I noted with green coffee bean extract , Dr. Oz extrapolated from ambiguous, preliminary data to recommendations to consume green coffee bean extract as a weight loss strategy. So I sat down and watched another episode. Oz said, but I recommend you watch both clips for the full effect. This show needs to be seen to be believed.

Keep in mind that Dr. Oz is no ordinary daytime television host: he is an accomplished and still active cardiac surgeon, an academic, and a research scientist. He has hundreds of scientific publications to his name. His show has been broadcast since and he reaches millions every day. Unfortunately Dr.

This episode is all about miracles for and the segment features Canadian homeopath Bryce Wylde , introduced by Dr. Oz introduces red palm oil with an argument from antiquity :. That red color is perfect because I think of it as a stop sign for aging, inside and out.

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Did you know that palm trees contain an ancient remedy that can slow down the aging process, fight belly fat, and combat heart disease? This mega-oil may very well be the most the most miraculous find of Oz is impressed:.

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This apple is just like our brain. When…oxygen from the environment, stress hits it, it will ultimately denature, it will become rotten. We all know the culinary trick…of putting lemon juice juice or lime juice on our fruit salad or apple. That protects it, keeps it white. Well red palm oil does the exact same thing in our brains, protecting it….

Oz asks Wylde to explain why saturated fats protect the heart. Two fake arteries actually what appears to be sections of bisected PVC sewer pipe are shown. Both are coated with clumps of white goo.

Oz pours some liquid down one pipe. The liquid is viscous and sticks to the goo. Then he pours some red palm oil down the other pipe. It washes the pipe clean.


This new biochemical model clearly impresses Dr. In a statement on the Dr. Oz website, Wylde elaborates :. At room temperature, this semi-solid oil seems as likely as lard to clog your arteries. But what might shock you to learn, as it has equally stunned researchers, is that although red palm fruit oil is indeed high in saturated fat, it actually protects against heart disease.

Palm has one of the highest carotene content in the plant kingdom. We protect children at risk of blindness due to vitamin A deficiency with just one tablespoon of red palm oil daily. In a dramatic demonstration in Honduras, breastfeeding mothers successfully protected their infants at risk of blindness by adding Malaysian red palm oil to their maternal diets. These are but a snapshot of some of the major nutritional and health properties we continue to demonstrate through Malaysian palm oil.

More research is continuing and we should be witnessing additional evidence for the health benefits from palm oil and its constituents in the future. So, on your next visit to the local supermarket, when you pick up your bottle of subsidised cooking oil palm olein , please remember it is cheaper because it is subsidised and not because we have compromised its quality or nutritional properties.

If anything, we are working to further enhance the value of the palm oil you purchase, so that it delivers greater health to you, the consumer. Orangutans are killed and rain forests decimated to make this oil. X Close. Of these, the most debated is dietary fats, and I am often asked, what about palm oil?

Intake of cholesterol-rich foods is thought a taboo, and should be minimised or even avoided. So, what is the fuss all about? We have been told to avoid those foods with excess saturated fats. Unsaturated fats were thought to be beneficial. So, is palm oil really bad for your heart health? Meanwhile, independent new data has jumped in from many leading biomedical institutions.

The Palm Oil Miracle [Paperback]

Today, the advice is to eat in moderation and lead a healthy lifestyle. Palm oil has benefited from these science-based outcomes. However, you should watch your overall sugar and carbohydrate intake. Kaayla T. Sounds like fun! Tags: bruce fife , coconut oil , fats and oils , palm oil , palm oil miracle , sean croxton , the palm oil miracle , underground wellness , uw radio. This entry was posted on Saturday, October 8th, at am and is filed under podcast , wellness.

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The Palm Oil Miracle

Hi — really looking forward to this episode; some mythbusting in the offing! Btw: Could you perhaps give the mp3s meaningful titles? Otherwise everyone who wants to keep them sorted needs to manually rename each episode, date, guest etc. Palm oil causes acne for me. So does coconut. So do nuts!

Book Review: The Palm Oil Miracle - Vitality Magazine

I do use butter and olive oil. I love weightlifting! Everybody tells me I look nowhere near I think bodybuilding is the fountain of youth. Your website has really helped me think outside the box of my narrow path on fitness and nutrition though. Soooo many great guests.

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My point? Nor is coconut.

The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle
The Palm Oil Miracle The Palm Oil Miracle

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