The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education

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So help them schedule their extra learning and homework time at home without burdening them.

Defend the Family by Teaching Children about the Divine Roles of Mother and Father

Balancing the time between lessons, play time and rest is important to have a quality student life. Provide pleasant atmosphere: Parents should make sure that the kids are provided with a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere at home. Both father and mother should consider the importance of their study life and give them adequate moral support. Give constructive criticism: If you notice that your kid is not performing well or giving less importance to studies, correct them at the beginning itself. However, it is not good to spoil their peace of mind with ill words. Have some patience and give only constructive criticism if you notice any downsides.

Make them understand what is right and wrong rather than simply blaming them. Help with home assignments: Giving good support to kids in their studies would really lift their spirit for learning.

The Importance of Dads

Show it with small gestures such as helping them with home assignments or projects. However, it is not advised to do every lesson for them and let them play. Do it together and help them with some tips and guidance in doing the assignments better.

Help them to prepare for the tests with good guidance and support. You may even conduct mini tests at home before the actual test to lessen their exam worries and tensions. You may also give additional help with the lesson areas in which they are weak. Reward them for results: Giving good motivation is important for a kid to perform better with studies.

This also gives them the spirit to perform better every next time. However, keep a limit and it is not good to over shower them with gifts for an average performance which fades away their killer instinct. Go for educational trips: It is a good idea to go for educational trips during the holidays. Include destinations that have some relevance with what they are studying to help them have a better understanding of the lessons.

Occasional trips to museums and zoos would also help them to interact with the nature and learn new things. Set aside time for kids: It is a fact that working parents would be busy with their tight schedules. Make a comfortable space for them at home by maintaining a good parent child relationship. Eat together and play with them in the free time and go for occasional trips to free up their mind.

Monitor their learning: Some kids will take up initiatives themselves to spend time for learning at home. However, it is not the case for all and parents should make deliberate interventions for many kids.

The Involved Father | Focus on the Family

Have a check on their leisure time if they are lacking in performance. Make it a priority and avoid unnecessary trips or functions that can affect their study schedule. Share your personal experience: It is good to share some of your school life experiences with your kid in your free time. This can include positive and negative experiences to help them understand the importance of learning.

Also inspire them with your success stories to teach them about the importance of hard work and how it pays you back. Devise fun ways to learn: Make learning a fun activity with devising some interesting ways. Gamification is also a good idea to adopt for home learning too.

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Utilize the travelling time and playing time to help them memorize and revise the difficult subject areas with some fun tricks. Perform fun quizzes and friendly debates at home that cover their lessons or include flash card activities to revise their subjects with fun. Talk with your kid: Spend enough time everyday to talk to your kid even if you have tight schedules.

Expert findings about involved fathers

Prof Ian Walker, from Lancaster University Management School, one of the study's authors, told the Sunday Times: "It seems the mother-daughter relationship is now the transmission mechanism for social mobility. It used to be said that the father was the breadwinner and that would dictate household education decisions. If the father was richer you could afford to stay on at school rather than go out to earn a living.

Jordan Peterson - Growing Up in a Fatherless Home

That is clearly no longer the case. The study, which was partly funded by the Treasury, looked at 43, teenagers questioned between and and compared their educational paths with that of their parents. Mothers must lose baby weight before getting pregnant again, NICE says.

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Researchers found that for every year a woman stayed in full-time education, the likelihood of her daughter also staying for an extra year increased by 20 per cent. The chances of sons staying on for each extra year increased by 10 per cent. There was no consistent effect to be found regarding fathers who stayed on in education and their children.

Experts said that the change was due to greater gender equality and with mothers becoming stronger academic role models for their children, particularly their daughters. Find a university course for you NOW. Terms and Conditions.

The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education
The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education
The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education
The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education
The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education
The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education The Motherly and Fatherly Roles in Education

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