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This might be rectified by thumping the console. TV : Doctor Who.

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If the glass protecting the time rotor was damaged, such as when Mels shot it, a poisonous gas would come out of it until the extractor fans were activated. TV : Let's Kill Hitler. As it varied through designs, it alternated between being a single column and a series of components that moved into each other from above and below. From the start it took the shape of a short, transparent cylinder containing an assortment of components, which rose and fell, with the components circling and rotating within.

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TV : An Unearthly Child , et al. The Third Doctor 's new control console featured a new time rotor with three green inner tubes and a central red one. TV : Planet of Evil He occasionally placed his hat atop of it.


Frobisher takes the form of the time rotor. The Fifth Doctor later gained a new console with a new time rotor. After the TARDIS console was once again reconfigured due to the Doctor's signet ring interfacing with the chameleon circuit icon system, the time rotor became a cross between its previous design and its original. The Eighth Doctor's time rotor. In this design, the time rotor was a tall, transparent tube which attached to the ceiling as well as the console.

It's unlikely to change soon. Lookups are, as the name implies, columns that reference lookups values from a distinct source, in this case another list. They store their value.

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Multiple lookup columns can point to the same list, but know that the reference list must be in the same site or higher in the same site-collection although there exists 3rd party products out there that will go beyond this limitation. The value displayed by lookup columns will be updated automatically if the reference value change. What's more, you can set lookups to deny deletion of reference items if any other items in your site hierarchy are pointing to them. Lookup columns are a bit more restrictive in their use with other column types. Calculated values cannot use lookup values in their formula, but a lookup can point to a calculated value.

Managed Metadata is a new type in SharePoint They are somewhat similar to the previous two types in that they are columns that reference values coming from a remote source.

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The main strength of Managed Metadata columns is where this remote source is located: In a service application. What does that mean for end users?

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Mostly, that the list of values is common to the entire SharePoint farm, and can be managed from one location. Administration can be completely delegated down to a group of terms. Another interesting feature is that each term can be parent of several sub-terms.

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So for example, say you have a list of cities, instead of one big list with thousands of values, you can organize them by continent, country and region, allowing for a much more user-friendly selection. Major revision creates hardship for the patient due to the prolonged recovery required, and even "simple" hardware removal can be traumatic to local nerve, artery, and tendon structures. A common injury pattern includes the findings of primary dislocation and instability of the first tarsometatarsal joint with oftentimes comminuted fracture to the second and third tarsometatarsal joints, which does not fit the standard surgical approach.

We report a review of our preferred surgical approach consisting of medial column primary arthrodesis combined with central column ORIF and lateral column temporary pinning.

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We undertook an institutional review board-approved review of 35 consecutive Lisfranc injuries treated with this hybrid approach. Mean follow-up time was

The Central Column The Central Column
The Central Column The Central Column
The Central Column The Central Column
The Central Column The Central Column
The Central Column The Central Column

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