The Black Eyed Kids

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Besides blacked-out eyes, these children usually between the ages of 6 and 16 typically appear normal. Sometimes their clothing is outdated. In extremely unusual instances, people have reported talon-like feet. While it may not be the earliest sighting of all time, the earliest reported sighting was in , by Brian Bethel, a journalist from Abilene, Texas. He had stopped in a parking lot near a movie theater to write a check. The older boy said that he and his brother wanted to catch a movie but had forgotten their money at home — could Bethel give them a ride?

BLACK EYED KIDS BEK - Draw My Life Urban Legends

Bethel found the assurances unnerving and noted that the last showing of the film they wanted to see had already started and would be nearly over by the time he could drive them anywhere and get back. After that, Bethel tore out of the parking lot. To this day, he still stands by his story. We are your resource for Hill Country travel, things to do, places to eat, places to stay, tourism, events, lodging, and we feature Texas Hill Country info of all manners. No life to them whatsoever. They wanted to get money to see a movie at the nearby theater. He rolled the window up and put the car in reverse, ready to drive off.

The boy yelled to him through the window of the car. Let us in!

But he saw nothing. Within seconds, they had completely disappeared out of sight. I caught up with Bethel recently, hoping that he could shed some more light on his terrifying incident that night, and just exactly what he thought of his story sparking countless tales of the black eyed children.

My first inquiry was if the incident had instilled any type of paranoia or follow-up events of high strangeness, as had often been reported in other cases of BEKs. I felt unsafe doing so. I kept having this fantasy of them appearing at the foot of my bed, or waiting outside my door for me when I went outside. I legitimately did not know if I was going to die or not. I have never been so terrified. I judge each story shared with me on its own merits, but I apply greater skepticism to anything that adheres too slavishly to the basic formula.

I look and listen for little variations and details that add more verisimilitude. So if true, what exactly are these children? Whether it be aliens disguised as children, hoping to abduct innocent humans, or if they are some sort of soul-sucking demons trying to take over a vulnerable host, the possibilities remain endless. What I do know is that they are predators, and we are the food.

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Maybe they do just want to kill, but I tend think the design is far more complex than that. Author, David Weatherly, compiled an extensive list of experiences with these enigmatic youngsters that he aptly titled in a full length book, Black Eyed Children. I spoke to Weatherly about these accounts and his approach to disseminating actual testimony from urban legend. But I was able to find cases that certainly go back through history. One of the more stunning accounts Weatherly came across dated all the way back to in the Picardi region of Aisne, France.

P , two men known only as Alain and Patrick were making a leisurely drive through a small village, enjoying the autumn weather. It was around 3pm when they decided to turn around and take a different route. Upon turning, Patrick noticed something near the last house in the village that made him hit the breaks. There, in the courtyard of the house, were five small figures.

Three of them stood in the background, huddled together. Another was tracing its hands along the home. The last figure stood facing Patrick and Alain. Alain rolled down his passenger side window to get a better look. They were all just over four feet tall. They were dressed alike with long garments that almost reached the ground. These garments were decorated with multicolored spots. The beings themselves had earthy yellow skin and long hair that fell down their backs and to their waist.

Soon, the being closest the car began to wave to Patrick and Alain, gesturing to come closer. The motion of the being scared Alain so much that he screamed in terror for Patrick to drive away. Patrick hit the gas pedal and they sped out of the area to a nearby town. They told several locals of what they had witnessed. They returned hours later to find no sign of the small beings anywhere.

What about the children who begged to be let inside a home? Weatherly would come across a case slingshotting us back to the s when a young man named Harold would have a startling encounter with a boy with black eyes. Harold was sixteen years old when it happened.

The Black Eyed Children

As he made way down the dirt road leading to the entrance, he noticed a small figure leaning against the fence in front of the house. As he approached, he noticed that it was a boy. Being a small town, everyone knew everyone. Harold was puzzled, having never seen this child before. He immediately started talking to the boy, but received no response. He asked if the boy was alright, and after a moment, the boy finally replied. Take me to your house.

What are Black-eyed Children?

A chill rushed through Harold. It was in that moment that the boy looked up at him, a pair of solid black eyes staring at Harold with a desperate assertiveness. Harold felt glued to the ground, terrified. He looked up the road, planning to run when the boy immediately shot back. He made a run for it, sprinting up the road. Too scared to look back, all he heard was a screeching wail, like that of a bobcat.

Was it the child? Was this a wail of anger for not listening to his threatening words? The front door to the home flung open as Harold barreled through the entrance.

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Startled, his parents asked him what was wrong. Struggling to speak, he finally explained what he had seen to his protective father. Soon, the father grabbed a shotgun and headed down the road, desperately searching for this boy. The family was left wondering just exactly what it was that Harold had experienced that night.

His mother, fearing that it had literally been the devil in disguise, brought Harold to a local clergy and had him blessed.

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And with that, the encounter with the screaming boy at the fence came and went with more questions than answers. In the cases of Brian Bethel, Patrick and Alain, and that of Harold, each encounter with these beings brought one singular sensation of pure terror. While strange in scope, these small children, unthreatening in size, more than made up for it with their sinister eyes and unexplainable persuasiveness.

It was almost as if, feeding off the fear of their victims, these beings were able to read the emotions and minds of those they approached. In turn, they seemed to either try to calm them down, or take the extreme route of threatening them. Either way, their goal of getting closer to the witness, whether in proximity or by literally entering a home or vehicle was clear and threateningly concise.

They wanted in. They wanted in to a home. Or perhaps even more terrifying, they wanted in to the soul of those they came into contact with. There is no arguing that many accounts of these black eyed children are completely fabricated, a digital game of telephone tricking through each online forum, website, and message board. But the research done by David Weatherly proves that black eyed beings can be traced back to even that of ancient China, where accounts of a ghostly black eyed girl were often reported. Angered by her wrongful death, she would haunt local villages, terrorizing vulnerable passersby, also being a supernatural cause for many natural disasters in the area.

Other examples of folklore in Asian culture were also brought to the attention of Weatherly and his research. One can look at Japanese horror films that were directly inspired by ancient tales of demons and evil spirits, showing us modern day versions of these apparitions and beings in the form of children with identical black eyes.

Those who have reported intense and fearful encounters often say that prayer and spiritual protection are what they believed saved them from worse consequences. Weatherly would also tell me of one of the first accounts of a black eyed being. This time, it was in the form of a statue. Whoever made this statue took the time to carve solid black eyes out of obsidian.

The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids
The Black Eyed Kids The Black Eyed Kids

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