Poésies (French Edition)

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Marie de France

Chalonet and M.

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Islip, 1 ; in-fol. Robert Sherwood, Londoner.

Islip, ; 2 parties en 1 vol. Williams, ; 2 parties en 1 vol. Hunt ; 2 parties en 1 vol. Dolle ; 2 parties en 1 vol. Villain, , in Dialogi gallico-anglico-latini, per GabrielemDugres, Nunc vero locupletata per eundem.

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Institutio gallicae linguae, primum a Joanne Garnerio in lucem edita, nunc denuo revisa et correcta a Pelro Morlelo A Briefe and plaine confession of the christian faith, conteinyng articles after the symbole or Crede of the apostedles, made and set foorthe in anno , by Jhon Garnier, and translated out oj Frenche into Englishe by Nicholas Malbie, in the yere of our Lorde Kingston s, d.

Avec privilege du roy. In, 2 ff. Note de M. Elle se trouve cependant dans la collection de M. Jean, , in, 10 ff. Accedit :. Tertia editio Suit la Grammaire de Philippe Garnier. Foucault, Grammaire de Jean Masset :. Jean de Beauvais au Cheval volant et au Palais en la Galerie des prisonniers, ; in, 2 ff. Jacques, au Sainct Esprit, , avec du roy ; in, 10 ff. All-de for John Grismond, and are to be solde at his shop neere the little North doore of S.

Grammaire anglaise pour facilement et promplement apprendre la langue angloise, qui peut aussi aider aux Anglois pour apprendre la langue francoise. A Sure guide to the French tongue. The 4th edition. Latinae linguae j anua reserata,. Comenium, adjecto vocum singular urn 'indice etymologico. London, J. Goris, ; in, pages [X. The Interpreter of the Academic for fortain languages and all noble sciences and exercises. The ist part. By Sr Balthazar Gerbier,.

In ; portr. The eleventh edition, exactly corrected and enlarged by the author, now professor of the languages at Paris. Au recto de cette feuille :. Vous pourrez vous informer. Three mo[ti]ves brought me again to England after having gathered the finest Flowers of the French Tongue a Paris to enrich my works withall which is its center for the better satisfaction of those that learn it. The first the extreame love I bear to this generous country. The third to see my relations and friends.

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I assure you that there are no words nor phrases in my grammar, but are very modish, for I was every day with some of the ablest gentleman of the Port Royal, who assured me, that my grammar is in their library. Claudius Mauger' s French Grammar, with additions. Bentley and S. I have composed also a book since my return of Curious Stories of the times, translated into English which shall come out after Christmas Hague with the of Paul Festeau que n'a pas connue Mlle L.

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The last edition, wich contains a true and easy instruction for to acquire in a short time the use of these two languages with many notes which are not to be found in the preceding editions, enriched of the fundamental and short rules, for to pronounce them naturally, to write and read them perfectly, and also many curious and profitable dialogues, together an ample vocabulary , all the anglicismes and gallicismes, and lastly some pietty and pleasant stories upon all sorts of subjects, very use full for the getting of these two languages.

Nouvelle Grammaire angloise, enrichie de dialogues curieux touchant Testat et la cour d' Angleterre et d'une nomenclature angloise et francoise, par Paul Festeau. Mgr le Duc de [Chartres] 1. A short and methodical Introduction to the French tongue, composed for the particular use and benefit of the English by D. To be sold at the author's lodging, au bout de la rue Sainte Marguerite, proche le carrefour Saint Benoist, faubourg Saint Germain, attenant la boutique d'un fruitier. The Methodical grammar, I published last year in French, being only fit for those who have already made some progress in that and aime at the perfection, some English gentlemen, lovers of true learning and haters of false grounds and confused notions, advised me lately to make a compendium of it in English, for the use and conveniency of such persons of their nation as begin to learn the French Tongue A new Dictionary French and English with another English and French , to the present use and modern orthography of the French, inrich'd with new ivords, choice phrases and apposite proverbs, digested into a most accurate method and contrived Jor the use both of English and Foreiners, by Guy Miege, Gent.

A new Dictionary French and English, with another English and French, to the present use and modern orthography of the French, enrich' d with new words, choice phrases and apposite proverbs, digested into a most accurate Method, and contrived for the use both of English and For einer s , to luhich is a Collection oj Barbarous French, or obsolete, provincial, mis-spelt and made luorks for the satisfaction of such as read old French authors, by Guy Miege, Gent. The second edition, to wich is added a new and certain rule Jor finding out the genders of French nouns, by Guy Miege, Gent.

A-Xx2 [Maz. The Author has put out tiuo French Grammars There is also of the author's. Sold by Tho. The short French Dictionary in two parts, the I. English and French, II. French and English, according to the present use and modern orthography, by Guy Miege, Gent.

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Poésies (French Edition) Poésies (French Edition)
Poésies (French Edition) Poésies (French Edition)
Poésies (French Edition) Poésies (French Edition)
Poésies (French Edition) Poésies (French Edition)
Poésies (French Edition) Poésies (French Edition)

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