Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)

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Orizzonti Orizzonti! Ihre Filme sammeln Stimmen und sprechen in den Worten Anderer. Sie war Jurymitglied der Italiana. Seit lebt sie in Berlin. Er schrieb u. Inmitten dieser angespannten Beziehungen oder vielleicht gerade wegen ihnen wird dort viel gebetet. Die sich daraus ergebende fotografische Installation wurde von einer Publikation begleitet, die diese Gebete und ihren Kontext reflektiert.

Maha Maamoun arbeitet mit Text, Standbildern und bewegten Bildern. Kienitz Wilkins geschrieben wurde. Crottys eigenwillige Mischung aus Highschool-Romantik, Shakespeare-Drama und provokativer Kunstfertigkeit befindet sich noch in der Finanzierungsphase.

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Sergio Fant ist ein italienischer Filmprogrammierer und Kurator. Mai Klaus Lutz , geboren , in St. Gallen aufgewachsen. Zuerst waren kleinformatige Kupferstiche und Kaltnadeln seine bevorzugten Techniken. Klaus Lutz verstarb am 9. September in seiner Wahlheimat New York City.

The performance will be followed by a conversation. Ouda, a Palestinian teacher who is returning home in , after having participated in the Bolshevik revolution in the nascent Soviet Union. With the Ottoman Empire coming undone, Ouda intends to take part in shaping the liberation of the Greater Syria region in a moment when communities are exploring new ways of imagining their lives.

Philip Rizk is a film-maker and writer based in Cairo, Egypt. He studied Philosophy and Anthropology and has been working with video since In Rizk completed the short film series Sturm , a two channel articulation that explores rural and industrial ruin in Egypt. Since Rizk has been a member of the Mosireen video collective that recently released an online archive called In Rizk and Jasmina Metwaly co-directed the feature film " Out on the Street ", in which they engage with performativity and theatre in a film featuring non-professional actors using the factory as a microcosm of Egypt leading up to the January 25 revolt.

The film premiered at the Berlinale and was a part of the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Rizk's texts have appeared in various collected volumes including " is not a letter to an onlooker " in Uncommon Grounds: New Media and Critical Practices in the Middle East and North Africa and " fear the everyday state " in Stubborn State part part of the collaborative writing series Emotional Architecture. Since Rizk has been teaching film part-time at the American University in Cairo. Die Serie untersucht ihre Arbeitsweisen und Prozesse. Werkschau Lucrecia Martel im kino arsenal.

For this special event curated by Atelier Impopulaire for VariaVision, the Berlin-Based cult artist and musician Black Cracker will perform a new episode of his Mirror Test series, followed by a new multimedia performance by the Los Angeles based film-maker Ben Russell , both conceived for the space of the Roter Salon. Mirror Test 13 Of no concern, Under belly. Mirror Test are a series of site specific performative poems through which Black Cracker encourages and documents failures accumulated during the process of challenging points and breaking.

Or a doctor? And which of these options are you more comfortable with? Watson medical algorithm by xkcd.

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The Turing test is very interesting and it has sparked a competition in the development of chatbots, which is great. Logic intelligence, linguistic intelligence — but is there creative intelligence, emotional intelligence, inter- or intra-personal intelligence? Et cetera. And yes, there is great progress in very specialized areas, and scientific intelligence…. These have been very well created by humans. It is a questions for humans, why do we want to use it, what do we want to develop. It walks on its own on snow, and if pushed it gets up again.

Yes, and that really is impressive technologically speaking. To balance things, HK underlines areas where AI is used for good, e. The potential exists, but it is up to humans to make up their minds what they will use it for, it is used for good? But also: are predictions based on the correct model? Meaning: in which area might it be useful to predict the future based on the past, and whether, for instance, statistical evaluations are the right model.

How are we going to deal with these question with regard to potential harm, with regard to transparency of the process, and with regard to responsibility? Tl;dr in English : Together with a brilliant colleague of mine I organize a panel at the Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association held in Zurich, June about the political dimensions of digital platforms. Please consider contributing in English, German or French by February 20, Der Workshop ist aus der Konvergenz unserer Forschungsinteressen heraus entstanden, denn meine Kollegin ist spezialisiert auf die Analyse ideologisches Gedankenguts, insbesondere der neoliberalen Ideologie.

Et si oui pourquoi? In: proJugend, No. Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash. In: D. Hoffmann, F. Krotz, W. In: Verein Deutscher Verwaltungsgerichtstag eds. Deutscher Verwaltungsgerichtstag Hamburg In: epd medien No. Special Issue of kommunikation gesellschaft online. Investigating Media Repertoires and Media Ensembles. In: Medienwissenschaft [Media Studies], No. The Framework of Public Communication]. In: polar. Politik, Theorie, Alltag. Hasebrink, U; Merten, L. Journal for Media Education]. Issue 61, Nu Tondokumente aus den Jahren bis [Flight and Expulsion in Broadcasting.

Audio Recordings from to ], conceptual design and text: A. Tiews and H. Hamburg: Verlag Hans-Bredow-Institut. Cronqvist, M. In: Media History 23 , Is. In: P. Hoffner, L. Adrian, S. Media-Related Actions, Barriers and Expectations i Siebenaler, A. Heinz, M. Herbers eds. Dankert, K,.

Image Politics

In: Deutsch [German ], Issue 50, Materials. Rechlitz, M. Schmeink, L. Bogstadt ed. Jefferson: McFarland. Formation, Strategy and Leadership - Theoretical Basics]. Review in: Me Studien zum Journalismus"], Baden-Baden: Nomos. A Short Story about the "Heyday" of Radio]. Review in: Journalistenblatt, 12 3 , pp. In: H. Ahlberg, H. Finger, J. On the Importance of Television for the Emerge Review in: Medienwissenschaft Rezensionen, 1, p. In: Dies. In: Treibhaus. Hans-Ulrich Wagner. Review in: Centre Media History. Newsletter, February In: Ribeiro, Nelson; Seul, Stephanie eds.

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Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell. Hans-Bredow-Institut eds. In: Me Wahl, S. Stomberg, K. Online Advertising from a Child's Perspective]. Opportunities and Limitations of Coordination and Cooperation bet Seelze: Friedrich Verlag. In: Participations. Birkner, T. In: Media Education — Studi, ricerche, buone pratiche, Vol. Birkner, Th. In: Id. Cologne: Herbert von Halem Franklin, S.

Camerini, R. Ludolph, F. Rothenfluh, F Legal Provisions for Online Advertising. Jensen; R. Craig eds. Zoche, S. Kaufmann, H. Arnold eds. Hoofacker, C. Wolf eds. Hammann, K. Helmut Haeckel and Commercial Broadcasting]. In: Hamburger Flimmern, No. In: Comput Wie unsere Spuren im Internet genutzt werden [Tracking. Materialien zur Werbekompetenz [Broaching the Subject of Advertising. Materials for Advertising Literacy]. Watching Unwrapping Online]. Wichtige Begriffe zu aktuellen Online-Werbeformen [Glossary. Eldridge eds.

In: Gassmann, O. Munich: Carl H Strukturelle Herausforderungen bei der Modernisierung des Jugendmedienschutzes. Schmeinck, L. Leipzig: Vistas Aspekte der Gewaltmigration im Heesen ed. Stuttgart: J. Schmidt, , J. Bonn: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Cambridge University Press.

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Digitales Kino mit 4 K Auflösung - die SONY 4K Projektoren in CINEMAXX Kinos und demnächst daheim

In: ORF ed. Wien: ORF, pp. In: European Journal of Communication, published online before print May 15, , doi: In: Participations, 13 1 , pp. Stehling, M. Preusse, J. Rademacher, N. Remus eds. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

Think strategy. Think social.

Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden. In: Meier, K. Stand und Perspektiven [Journalism Research. Current State and Future Prospects].


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Theatrescapes | Mapping Theatre History

Hasebrink, U: Dreyer, S. Download pdf. Digitale Welten, analoge Inseln - Die Vermessung de Wimmer, J. Sachs-Hombach, J. Thon eds. Cologne: Herbert von Halem Verlag, pp. Averbeck-Lietz, M. Meyen eds. Interview on August 8, at welt. Woodbridge: Camden House In: sehepunkte, vol. Schmidt, M. Taddicken, M. Taddicken eds. Voss, P. Hurrelbrink eds. Band II [Vol. Hamburg: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. In: Hans-Bredow-Institut eds. From the Individual to the Network Society]. Stiegler, P. Breitenbach, T. Zorbach eds. Media Phenomena of the Network Culture].

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Lebenslauf (kurz)

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In: MedienJournal. Tillmann, K. Hugger, S. Fleischer eds. Bristol: Intellect Ltd. Schulz; P. Valcke; K. Irion eds. An Integrative Appr Weller, A. Bruns, J. Burgess, M. Mahrt, C. Puschmann eds. Januar In: F.

Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition) Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)
Digitales Kino im Kontext der Neuen Medien (German Edition)

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