Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)

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I don't really listen to this kind of mainstream pop much -- in English or in Portuguese -- and it sounds a bit too prefab for me, especially with the layered guitars, etc.


But for the style, I guess this is okay. Mostly seems pretty cheesy. Haven't heard it, but I sure am curious! Although this album is tamer and closer to the mainstream of the "ie-ie-ie" pop, than their more raucous singles, it still shows a hipness and toughness that a lot of their JG contemporaries didn't quite have. Includes covers of Dave Clark Five and P. Worth a spin! Julie Joy was a nice, expressive singer and the swooping big-bandy orchestral arrangements are actually quite fun, though completely over the top. A heavy non-Brazilian Latin dance influence on a lot of the tracks.

Joy is comparable to many divas of the era -- Elizete Cardoso, Hebe Camargo, Dolores Duran -- but in many ways I find her more accessible and more enjoyable. Wonder why she wasn't more successful But this is a very fun album. He also competed in the Olympics as well as two World Cup tournaments, in and This album includes songs written by well-known sambistas such as Jorge Aragao, Martinho da Vila, Noca Da Portela, Sombrinha and others, including a number of more obscure samba composers.

Grande Sertão: Veredas by João Guimarães Rosa | continent.

I haven't heard this one, but I imagine it's relatively rootsy. Jupiter Apple "Plastic Soda" Trama, Jupiter Apple "Hisscivilization" Nolandman, Hip Brazilian indie-rock, with an icy cool, ironic attitude. I liked the first track a lot -- a fifteen minute long, Moog-drenched prog-pop jam that could be compared to the ever-dreary Stereolab, yet is redeemed through its amatuerish rough edges, and comes off a bit more krautrock-y The rest of the album is okay, too, though less audacious than this opening salvo.

I was disappointed, though, that the lyrics were in English, rather than Portuguese -- it would have been much more fun the other way around. It is time to discover the signs that the universe tells us to say, asking for help in the way it has been used for the satisfaction of so few people. There, far from the comforts of the world, we find the true joy of a child who came to destroy the darkness definitively and lead us on paths of peace, justice and light.

May the Christmas of the Lord cease to be just a great consumer feast. May it become a sign of renewal of our full humanity that is born of the full humility of a child who directs us in his smile full of light. Alguns ingredientes devem ser lembrados neste tempo de Natal do Deus Menino. Ela creu e aceitou a tarefa de gerar o Salvador. Que o Natal do Senhor deixe de ser apenas uma grande festa do Mercado.

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You have JavaScript disabled in your web browser. Skip to main content Skip to navigation 28 June Site Search. Sections Search. In the first few months, he learned quite a few things and felt that he was going to be able to do this easily, since he had done it before with other languages.

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He got some basic stuff down, but there were so many words that were pronounced so similarly and that were used in different situations to mean different things depending on events and other variables. Nothing really made sense. Soon after those 4 years, he gave up and another missionary went there to try to get this done. He also had the same results in the beginning and, after more than 2 years, he saw himself going nowhere.

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He never tried to live the language. He never really got involved in the life of the tribe. He was a bystander — always on the sidelines watching the community go about their lives. That was certainly why he was only able to learn superficial things about the language. So he decided to be as one of the tribe. He dressed as them, went hunting with them, celebrated and mourned with them, taught the kids and accepted the teachings of the elders and soon, in less than a year, everything about the language started to fall into place.

He started to understand that which he started to live. Try to live the language. Become friends with those who speak Portuguese. Cook the meals. Watch the movies. Play the games. Tell the jokes. Live the culture. Hey, make it a habit. Do it or die, kind of deal. Make a commitment to learn. Insist and persist. Brush up on the basics again and again.

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There is a lot to say about language learning and Lauren has already done a great job in make this website with tons of information for all those who are interested in learning Portuguese. If you need any additional help, feel free to contact me at nardyello. Nardyello, muito obrigada pelas suas palavras de encorajamento! Obrigada por dar um pulo no meu blog!

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  • The Lusiads by Luís Vaz de Camões, with parallel text : Canto V!
  • Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. The most common verbs in Portuguese You asked for it, and here it is. August 6, at am. Lauren says:. August 11, at pm. Cristina says:. November 16, at pm. I am going to brasilia next year, I am quite nervous. Bests, Cristina. Nate says:. January 25, at am. Lukas Cech says:. March 23, at pm.

    Thanks for the verbs Lauren! Jeff says:. You can reach me at: jcoinc at gmail Thanks. Brian Drury says:. December 6, at pm.

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    Hey Jeff, I am a native English speaker who has attained fluency in Spanish and in 7 months I am a strong conversationalist in studying Portuguese. Hope this helps!

    Bans says:. October 3, at am. Ify says:. October 20, at am. Hello, Been learning Portuguese for almost 3 months now but my experience learning French taught me it is better to speak and be corrected. Debra says:. January 11, at pm. Jordan says:.

    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)
    Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition) Aqueles tempos (Portuguese Edition)

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