The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)

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This house is in a section of town called Wilton Center, a Colonial- era village typical of the so-called "hill towns" in New Hampshire, which was both the spiritual and temporal heart of the town well into the 's.

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Both these bodies exist to promote and preserve the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of our town. Click the photograph of the Grange Hall at left to go to the Heritage Commission and the Historical Society's joint website.

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The Book:. Images of America: Wilton, Temple and Lyndeborough. Dell'Orto, Priscilla A. From the Book's Back Cover:. Images of America: Wilton, Temple and Lyndeborough brings to life the rich shared history of three towns on the eastern edge of the Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire, from the period to You can click on the book below to order it from Amazon. Have I got a theatre for you! William L. Bauhan, Paul Lehmann, founder of the Dublin School, was it headmaster for 35 years. He retired in when he felt the school needed a change of leadership. This book chronicles the history of the school since that time.

In this book, the author reveals facts that disprove popularly held beliefs that the owners of the company abandoned its operations coldly and uncaringly during the Depression years. He contends that the company could still be in operation if it had not been for the management's desire to keep the mills in Manchester. Atkinson NH Historical Society, The book contains biographies and stories about the hundreds of artists, writers, and musicians, associated with the Cornish Colony, and the relationships they had with each other. Arno Press, This study, originally a doctoral dissertation, explores the nature of the Franco-American experiment to perpetuate in a N.

Arcadia, The first photograph is this book shows a view from Sugar Hill across to Franconia Mountains. The beauty of the scenery brought tourists to the area, and Sugar Hill provided many of the grand summer hotels. This pictorial history covers both towns from Randall, Until his death at the age of 89, Theo Silver, a surveyor, historian, archaeologist, and wildlife biologist, collected information about Boscawen and Webster, the towns where he grew up.

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Thus, this book is a personal history and town history, both interesting reading. This volume contains more than abstracts from articles, and provides the reader with valuable genealogical information and a general understanding of life in Portsmouth in the late eighteenth century. This book contains abstracts of articles of genealogical interest, such as marriage and death notices, records of land sales, lists of ship arrivals and departures, and other interesting information about the people of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Marine Society, Originally published in , this book was reprinted in honor of the th anniversary of Washington's visit to N. Phoenix Publishing, The author, a former pastor in Manchester, N. They were leaders in the abolition movement. Henry R. Anecdotes on radio personalities enliven the text.

Arcadia, A visual tour of Hampton and Hampton Beach, this book contains over two hundred old photographs showing images of the town and resort through the past hundred years.

Randall, During presidential primaries, attention is focused on Hart's Location, which has the smallest population in New Hampshire. A total of 40 residents was recorded in The town has no school, post office, church, police or fire department, nor does it have a town hall. It does have a town government, and town meetings are held at the home of the town clerk. The present holder of that position, Marion L.

Monadnock Region

Varney, has written an interesting and well-researched history of the town and its people. The murder of William K. Dean took place in One of the suspects was rumored to be a German spy, who was at that time being investigated by federal agents. Or was it the bank cashier who dunnit? Unfortunately, the murder was never solved. The Pittman shorthand notes from the Grand Jury hearing have been transcribed for the first time in this volume. Press, A history of the agriculture based economy and culture in New Hampshire and Vermont. The Historic Churches Of Belknap County, Ruell, David Lakes Region Planning Commission, Based on an architectural-historical survey conducted in , this work gives information on sixty surviving churches and meetinghouses built in Belknap County between and Some of these buildings no longer function as churches.

An up-to-date photograph is provided for each structure, along with a description of its architecture and history.

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The new material reflects Portsmouth's ethnic diversity and entrepreneurial activity in the latter part of the 19th century. The introduction provides information on early photography and photographers in Portsmouth. Where available, copies of old pictures of the building accompany current photographs. The book includes biographies of the people who were part of the state's aviation history, such as Thaddeus Lowe, Robert Fogg, Sr. Bowman, W. The author, a licensed pilot and member of the Ninety-Nines, formerly wrote an aviation column for the Manchester Union Leader.

Gray, A few years ago, the author became interested in hand-colored photographs by Charles B. Sawyer, who had a studio in Concord, NH. Landscape photography was his specialty, and particularly of the White Mountains region. This book displays the artistry of the photographer, and the colorists. A price guide to Sawyer's prints is included. A photograph of each one accompanies information on the owners, and anecdotes on the guests, the staff, and neighbors. Noyes, History of and guide to the White Mountains.

Later editions titled History of the White Moutains. Press of New England, After the American Revolution ended, there was still great controversy about the boundary lines between northern New England and British Canada. The frontier settlers of what would become known as the Indian Stream declared themselves to be a republic, established a constitution, legislature, courts, laws, and a militia.

This previously unpublished work on the Indian Stream Republic was found among the late author's papers, and has been edited by his daughter, Ruth Doan McDougall. French has become known as Cheshire County's preeminent photographer of the 19th century. This visual history of the region contains more than of his photographs. Henry was a lumber baron at the turn of the century whose army of lumberjacks cut clean the vast untouched forests of the Zealand and Each Branch valleys.

Retired Vermont forester Bill Gove chronicles the history of J. Henry's two highly successful logging railroads, the men who worked for him, and the locomotives. Seiberling Jaffrey Historic District Commission, Old photographs of Jaffrey buildings juxtaposed with contemporary ones show the changes over a century. This book attempts to identify Jaffrey's community character by considering its building, such as houses, stores, factories, churches, roads, and to show how they have changed over the years in response to technology, fashion or circumstance. II Roberts, Harold A.

This guidebook is filled with historical anecdotes about various sites and New Hampshire personages. His poem "Song of New Hampshire", written in the style of Longfellow, describes the early history and the beauty of the Granite State. Biographical information is included on several familes who owned camps there.

Phoenix Publishing, The history of the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church has been written to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of the church building. The book includes biographical sketches of the Church's founding members, and other people in the community, and shows how the Unitarian Universalist Church remained a vital organization in spite of changing economic and social pressures.

The author was the librarian in the Concord Hospital's now defunct school of nursing. Since then, he has traced the history of the house back to a Revolutionary War soldier who built it. In this sequel to his book Eighty Acres, he explores the links between a rural New England landscape and the routines of the people who live in that environment. He describes country life, such as church fairs, deer hunting, and annual town meetings.

This history chronicles many Bartlett hotels, lodging houses, and guest homes accomodating travelers and vacationers in the White Mountains since that time. Leavitt, selected pictures from his own family's collection, along with those from the Lebanon Historical Society for this visual history. Francis Appalachian Mountain Club, These articles previously published separately in various issues of the magazine Appalachia, have now been collected in one volume. Press of New England, In the people of Wilton, New Hampshire, gathered to raise the frame of a new meetinghouse.

But the center roof beam gave way, dropping 53 workers three stories to the ground. Clark's book offers a glimpse into architectural history, popular and folk culture and religious traditions. The Merrimack Holden, Raymond P. Morris Publishing Co. Provides insight on indifferent attitudes towards the immigrant mill workers prior to America's entry into World War I.

Heritage Book, Inc. A scientific expedition to the summit of Mt. Washington for the duration of one winter was proposed in , during which meteorological observations were to be recorded. This book gives the detailed history of that expedition, which eventually resulted in the establishment of the Mt. Washington Observatory. Stephen Day, An account of the weather station from October to June, Houghton, Much attention has been paid to N.

Columbia, A fine interpretation of provincial N. Heritage Books, Reprint of the edition. In three parts, the first part is "a historical sketch of New Hampshire," chronicling the important events from its early settlements to ; part two is " A gazetteer of New Hampshire," which lists every town in the state, their geographical locations and geological features; part three is "A General View of New Hampshire," providing an overall catalog of the prominent natural, industrial, and humanitarian assets.

Mountains in the Monadnock Region

Biographical sketches of distinguished sons are included. A useful guide to a charming aspect of N. NH Dept. Color photos by Arthur F. Their answer was that they needed a resource guide. This volume lists resources, with information, such as title, description of contents, grade level, subject, format, cost, and where the resource can be obtained. This guide to more than pre maps of the state includes the first American map of N. Heritage Books, Over 14, names of New Hampshire residents were changed between for various reasons, including adoptions and divorces.

This book lists name changes resulting from acts of the state legislature from through ; name changes made by the probate courts of the various counties, and a list of New hampshire residents whose names were changed in Massachusetts. Heritage Books, A law was passed in directing clerks of towns and unchartered districts to take inventory of all rateable estates.

The New Hampshire estate list records heads of households, the size of their property, how much land was used for planting and pasture, and their farm animals.

Calloway provides historical background for these narratives. Northwoods Echoes Pinette, Richard E. Northwoods Heritage Pinette, Richard E. Provides important insights into the nature of current dilemmas in higher education. Manufacturing methods are described.

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The book highlights legends, poems, excerpts from guidebooks, and histories. Houghton, The author's native town, Portsmouth, N. Garvin N. Historical Society, Originally planned as a catalog to accompany an exhibition, this work was expanded to include a full exploration of the conditions of travel before the age of the automobile. This is a precise, well-researched book packed with pictures and diagrams, and warmed with accounts of early-century milltown life. The accompanying text provides a historical description of the subject of each photograph.

Plymouth Arcadia, Pictorial history of Plymouth, gateway to the White Mountains, covering the s through the s.

The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)
The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)
The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)
The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)
The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)
The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America) The Towns of the Monadnock Region (Images of America)

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