Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were

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Over delegates from 19 countries participated in it. The meeting reaffirmed the Tibetan commitment to follow the Middle Way Approach. The meeting called upon the Tibetan leadership to terminate the ongoing talks with the Chinese leadership if the Chinese Government does not reciprocate positively to the overtures of the Tibetan people. We cannot change the past no matter whether it was good or bad. Distorting history for political purposes is incorrect. August 27, — Prof. All Tibetans belong to one minority nationality among the 55 minority nationalities of the PRC.

Atisha and Bhuchung K. Tsering, and Jigmey Passang from the Task Force Secretariat, visited China from January 26 to 31, , for the ninth round of discussions with representatives of the Chinese leadership. This was after a gap of near 14 months. On January 26, , they formally presented to the Chinese side a Note relating to the Memorandum on Genuine Autonomy for the Tibetan People that had been given during the previous eighth round in November The Note contained seven points that addressed the fundamental issues raised by the Chinese leadership during the eighth round and some constructive suggestions for a way forward in the dialogue process.

The Chinese Government has made different comments and expression of concerns regarding the Memorandum and the Note was intended to address these and to offer some constructive suggestions for a way forward in the dialogue process. The Note was also intended to prevent the chance of misinterpretation and misconception by the general public. They met with Mr. March 5, — Mr. Lodi Gyari, Special Envoy of H. He outlined the thinking behind the presentation of the Memorandum and the Note by the Tibetan side to the Chinese leadership.

Now, we have clearly reached the time to put this into effect. During the forthcoming eleventh session of the fourteenth Tibetan Parliament in Exile, which begins on 14th March, I will formally propose that the necessary amendments be made to the Charter for Tibetans in Exile, reflecting my decision to devolve my formal authority to the elected leader. My desire to devolve authority has nothing to do with a wish to shirk responsibility.

A New Look at Asian Relationships

It is to benefit Tibetans in the long run. It is not because I feel disheartened. Tibetans have placed such faith and trust in me that as one among them I am committed to playing my part in the just cause of Tibet. I trust that gradually people will come to understand my intention, will support my decision and accordingly let it take effect. The title of the present institution of the Ganden Phodrang headed by the Dalai Lama should also be changed accordingly.

The Dalai Lama assented to the amendment on May 29, and made it effective. August 8, — Dr. The Dalai Lama, in his remarks, said it was an important day in the more than year long history of Tibet. Therefore, I always say that it is wrong for the religious leaders to hold political authority. I feel proud to be able to implement what I firmly believe and tell others to put into practice my ideology that the world and countries belong to the general populace and the period of keeping control through power is outdated.

Moreover, I will get more opportunity to speak strongly since I have implemented what I confidently and consistently emphasized — the separation of religion and politics. Chinese authorities and our Chinese friends alike must realize that grievances of Tibetan people are many and genuine.

September 24, — The Dalai Lama issued a statement about how he envisaged the process of finding his reincarnation to work. This is the first meeting of the Task Force under Dr. Lobsang Sangay. June 3, — Dr. Gyari and Envoy Kelsang Gyaltsen. The resignations became effective June 1, At the Task Force meeting on May , in Dharamsala, the envoys expressed their utter frustration over the lack of positive response from the Chinese side and submitted their resignations to the Kalon Tripa. Furthermore, the United Front did not respond positively to the Memorandum on Genuine Autonomy for the Tibetan People presented in and its Note in Kissinger is reputed to be one of the key benefactors of the stimulus bailout after the recent economic meltdown.

Kissinger Associates is the shadowy centrepiece of corporate America and business partner of China. Totalitarian China is opaque for foreigners.

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But it has free access to democratic nations. It creates strong vested interest in their biggest business firms. In democracies big business influences politics.

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Ergo, China influences policy in democratic nations. With a five to one adverse balance of trade with China , with trillions of dollars held as US Treasury bills by China , is America in any position to confront Beijing?

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Claude Arpi at the conclusion of his book expresses hope that China will change. He points to individuals in China who speak the truth about Tibet , such as Phunwang, the Tibetan communist who led Chinese troops into Tibet. Subsequently he spent years in jail because he tried to faithfully follow Marxism. He was released and was invited to administer Tibet.

He refused. He knew how that would end. He stayed on in mainland China. There are Chinese intellectuals like Zhang Boshu and Wang Lixiong who speak objectively and constructively about Tibet. One begs to differ with Arpi. China will not change unless it is compelled. Given the Axis of Evil little hope might be placed on America.

Only if India summons the will to detach itself from the coattails of Uncle Sam can China be compelled. After only once did India assert itself against China. War seemed imminent. Sundarji was criticized The General stood firm and was prepared to quit.

The government buttoned its lip. The Chinese backed down. It is futile to outline them given a government incapable of independent action. Until India summons the will to act independently it must live with a reality that is worse than pathetic. It is tragic. Rajinder Puri 08 December Rajinder Puri International Opinion.

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Post a Comment. Next Story : The Headley Conspiracy. Six magazines, wherever you go! Play Store and App Store. A Level Playing Field. Chinese Sweet And Sour. Throughout this series of essays, the thread remains the Tibet-India frontier in the North-East and the Indo-Chinese conflict. The more one digs into this question, the more one discovers that the entire issue is intimately linked with the history of modern Tibet; particularly the status of the Roof of the World as a de facto independent nation.

There are turning points in history when it is possible for events to go one way or the other — when the tides of time seem poised between the flood and the ebb, when fate awaits our choice to strike its glorious or sombre note, and the destiny of an entire nation hangs in balance. The year was certainly one such crucial year in the destinies of India, Tibet and China. The three nations had the choice of moving towards peace and collaboration, or tension and confrontation. Decisions can be made out of weakness, greed, pragmatism, ignorance or fear; but once an option is excercised, consequences unfold for years and decades to follow.

Rather the Tibetan plateau holds the key to the peace, security and well being of Asia, and the world as such. This study of the history of Tibet, a nation sandwiched between two giant neighbours, will enable better understanding of the geopolitics influencing the tumultuous relations between India and China, particularly in the backdrop of border disputes and recent events in Tibet. Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee interprets the Pakistan nuclear rhetoric in a realistic geopolitical setting.

Consequent to Boeing of USA successfully test flying a retired F 16 fighter aircraft in an unmanned mode Sqn Ldr Vijendra Thakur studied the possibility of Chinese Air Force utilising similar modification to their hordes of retired Migs. The outcome is a surreal scenario. The Defence Budget is looked at intently to get the general emphasis of the government on security. Brig Gurmeet Kanwal has debated this lucidly. Maintaining a large standing armed force requires more than mere day-to-day support. An ill-equipped large force mired with equipment hollowness is not a guarantee for security but in a future war will be cannon fodder for the adversary.

Someone will have to be held accountable to the nation for this debilitating lapse. Or take a conscious decision to reduce its size if this country cannot afford a well equipped large armed force!!! Preparing an armed force on a long-term basis requires a deeply considered perspective of its future role in the national security scheme and the road map for its implementation.

The absence of a doctrine and the hesitation of establishing a single point of contact on all matters military have been well debated in this issue.

BHAGSU NAG Waterfall & Sunset Viewpoint -Dharamshala Tourism

Generals Harwant and Banerjee and Colonel Achutan look at the aspects of doctrine. It needs to be spelt out in clear terms and not left to the mis- interpretation of the bureaucracy. Make in India will be feasible only when the basic industrial manufacturing has notched up a number of counts and the manpower skills to go with it are matching.

The Blind Talking To The Deaf

Currently it is more theoretical than implementable. Cyber space is emerging the next frontier; Gen Davinder Kumar has generated an excellent discussion on the issue. Col Harjeet has looked at the implications of social media on security.

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This will now be a regular feature in the print edition. Brigadier Deepak Sinha argues for further employment of Special Forces in conflict areas dues to nuclearization of the sub-continent. Air Chief Marshal PV Naik, proposes employment of armed forces against Naxals as one solution to quickly diffuse the situation. There is an interesting debate shaping on geopolitical and military shortcomings to deal with China.

Claude Arpi argues for a geopolitical resolution, while Dr Anil Singh proposes investments in Navy infrastructure.

Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were
Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were
Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were
Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were
Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were Dharamsala and Beijing: The Negotiations That Never Were

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