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Strategies you can use to help kids work up to their potential

Established as non-profit organization in , we set out - and continue to - advance both the science and practice of character, and empower those on their strengths-building journey. That's why we make our research accessible to everyone and offer the VIA Survey free of charge, worldwide. After you discover your strengths with the free VIA survey, take the next step with our profile reports. They help you explore every aspect of your strengths constellation in a deeper, richer way so that you can more fully apply your strengths in your everyday life.

Integrate character strengths strategies into your work and help others on their journeys of self-discovery and problem-solving. See our wide range of professional resources. VIA collaborates with researchers across the globe to provide free access to the VIA Survey and raw data for use in hundreds of research studies. Read studies or get help conducting your own. This report presents character strengths as signature, middle and lesser and provides activities and tips on how and when to use the strengths in each category.

This webinar teaches you how your life can change when you focus and apply your character strengths. It also includes a free profile report and personal coaching. Mindfulness fosters introspection, giving you an opportunity to explore your character strengths and build upon them for greater well-being. Changing your life for the better starts with getting to know the real you. The Power of Character Strengths is your must-have guide.

What are Character Strengths? In the tradition of handling incoming mail or your work in box you can: 1. DO something about it now.

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An action step to resolve it. Delegate it. Delay it — postpone action, legitimately, meaning for later referencing as appropriate. Remember that fear can dress itself up as procrastination. If you let fear percolate on the back burner, like a stew, it becomes an attractor for other stew items. And after a short while it becomes a huge stew meal for many people. Starve it.

Breathe, meaningfully, deeply, and often. Contraction will not serve you! Deep breathes will free you. Know that this fear emotion is a gift. Yes, a gift. Turn toward it, face it. Fear will be shocked at your action and begin to fall back. Then laugh at it. Big belly laughs. Fear does not like to be laughed at and will fall back even more. Ask to be led to, shown, the perfect response at this moment.

We live by current present moments not future ones. Our point of action is in this moment, which could be to sit still and listen. Be brutally honest here with your answers. What does your wisdom body tell you? Fear, as ego, shouts demanding recognition. But spirit whispers. You have to find the calm inside to listen for the whisper….. Take the now identified action trusting yourself. Have the conviction that you can identify the next right step, for you and all concerned, and then follow thru on it. Stay the course. If you capitulate to fear and fall in that same hole, or fear filled response, the third and forth time life will continue to send you back to school to relearn the lesson.

I have to remind myself that abundance flows into my life! I have been feeling afraid I will never live out my full true potential. It was not made up by love, and therefore not real. I choose to have faith in love and surrender. I forgive this fear and wrap it in love and compassion. We went completely broke 7 years ago and although the bills get paid, we cannot seem to get ahead…we own our own small business.

My biggest fear right not has to do with it being midterm week. It really is a tiny mad idea because I have so much time on my hands to ensure I complete all my work and I have great people around to proof read for me. I also am pretty smart and take the time to complete my tasks. It feels very real. I am afraid of truly surrendering to Love…I feel this odd need to control my life through old thoughts and vices and remain stuck in a familiar pattern…. I am afraid of becoming so overweight that my health and life will suffer.

Even though I have never been so overweight that I cannot run and swim and bike and hike and compete in triathlons and I have always been healthy. I am afraid of being alone and closed off to love. Though I am not presently dating, I am not alone, I have plenty of friends and family and am surrounded by love.

I have had great relationships in the past and there is no reason to believe this will not happen in the future. I fear I will not be able to fully experience and hold success in my life. Ultimately, it is a fear of failure and a deep rooted belief that I am not good enough. The funny thing is I am experiencing success. I am moving closer to my ideal career and right livelihood every day. I know I am good enough. However, my ego wants me to be perfect.

It wants perfection immediately. Failing and mistakes will lead you right to success if you allow yourself to learn and grow from them. Allowing myself to take a chance, make a mistake and possibly fail is empowering! Thank you for the space to share. Holy crap, I just had a breakthrough. I have this same fear. Now that you point it out it might be my biggest and I really really want to overcome it. I think I am going to break it down into the tiny mad idea it is. I have a fear of not having friends. But its mostly applicable to specific people who mean a lot to me.

I get unreasonably depressed and obsessed with why. What did I do wrong? Ditto BJ. Then I get depressed when no one calls me to hang out. That my husband is going to cheat on me again. Why would he?! Lol xoxo. Hi Everyone, For years I have been uncomfortable leaving the house or going too far from it. On the positive side -I am feeling stronger and know that I have grown and have learned who I am. But I really want to be carefree again and start living without worry. Any thoughts? My ego is making me fear that I will feel fat and heavy forever and never feel comfortable enough and never look good enough to do the things I truly love like dancing performing and acting.

But at the moment acting and stepping out of my comfort zone and showing the world who I truly am scares me even more. I am frozen by fear. What do I do! I have a medical condition which causes a lot of nerve pain in my body, when this pain gets unbearable I have a fear that it will never go away, that I will never be able to do the things that I love to do again.

With this also comes the fear of being misunderstood, or not believed because the condition is invisible. I am currently five weeks pregnant. How can I laugh about this gigantic fear? Some people have posted things that really are not able to be treated by laughing. I fear that I will cycle backwards. I fear that I will drown in inertia. I fear that I am not good enough. I fear that I am insane, sometimes. I fear that people think I am crazy. I fear that sometimes I have pushed people so far away that they are gone. I fear social situations and making small talk.

I fear being judged. I am realizing, I have many small fears. But we can do something about them in the here and now, in the present moment, by being still, witnessing the fear through feeling it ie. Fear is not to be rationalised away and detached from — fear is an energy to be transcended and transformed. Christ however chose to embrace the cross and transcended it. As A Course in Miracles says, the Crucifixion shows why no-one need ever go down that path again as it is has already been done and transcended. Is fear thus in fact an energy that is to be transcended by us and thereby transformed into love throughout the world — by choosing to consciously walk through it with our eyes wide open through our feeling it — rather than just thinking and talking about it?

Does more thinking and talking the ego fear in the mind never stops talking and thinking! Losing your job may well happen; your partner may indeed leave you. Hence that is the insanity. Are you attached to your job as defining who you are? Are you attached to your partner as your only source of love? Are all fears in fact manifestations of hidden attachments to material aspects of this world which each of us think we will die from, if we have lost or are about to lose them?

In the past I over looked them but I think the permanence of being married is making me magnify our differences in my head. I want these feelings of doubt to go away so I can be my happy, fun loving self. I have some serious spiritual work to do because I constantly second guess myself at just about everything. But buried beneath all the noise and fear I have a lot of hope and a lot of love to give. Staying positive is one of the big things; you chose him for a reason and have to keep those reasons in mind.

Sometimes, people change and those reasons no longer apply, but I believe this is rare. Many times, we illogically and unconsciously choose partners that have qualities we know will hurt us because we want to confront and release those fears. He is there to help you be happy, so you can work through it together. Tell him, not accusingly, that you feel a certain way due to some way he or you interacts and that you think it is insane and illogical.

Everyone has a purpose.

Figure out why and laugh about it. These chain reactions build on themselves but neither start or end as anything that truly matters. So laugh about it. Be happy that he feels like he has someone he can talk to, however indirectly, about his fear. And realize that your happy, fun-loving self is one of the things he saw when he chose you, whether or not his consciousness things it is a good thing.

I have a fear of not being in control of the outcomes! How silly is this?! Who even wants to be in control of that stuff? I need to let go and let the Universe and my family and friends surprise me with amazing, wonderful things! Congrats, Gabby! The wedding looked beautiful! Loved the pics of you giving blessings to your guests- I felt the blessings through my phone! Thank you Gabby for this video! FEAR this simple four letter word has crippled me in so many ways — but no more! I no longer give it energy, power or control over me! I am afraid my relationship 24 year old daughter will never be the same.

If she had all of the information, she would think badly of her father. I am afraid of taking responsibility for my own life and happiness! If I can be my ally, if I can believe in myself, I can step out of the way of my destiny and birthright. I am afraid not to finding the right path of love and happiness during this lifetime… and I am afraid of not living the fullest I could.

Hi Gabby! Amazing vlog, as always! I am afraid to continue being lost while trying to reach my Element. I am afraid to not be wealthy enough as I want to do good things with this financial, spiritual and entrepreneurial wealth. I know I will do great things, that I matter, I am just afraid to be afraid to live my truth. Love, Claire. I just started my own part-time business and I am terrified that I will have no customers at all.

In the mean time I am looking for a new day job as I was made redundant two weeks ago. I am afraid that I will have to settle for a job again that is less fulfilling than the dream job I had in mind and where I worked so hard for the past few years. I now I am good enough but still I am afraid that the path I am on is leading nowhere. Super silly stuff:. I am afraid that I will lose my health. Which, is crazy because every doctor I go to has told me that my health is great, I have nothing to worry about, the only thing out of whack is my cortisol stress hormone which is high ONLY because I am having anxiety about my healthy which, again, is fine.

I DO feel better! I fear I will freeze during interviews and and completely loose all capability to get my point across. Basically I will look silly and not be enough. Thank you for this Gabby! I have a bunch of fears, usually money related. For example, if I have a monetary loss current fear what then?

Declare bankruptcy BTW already did it! Get a second job? Cash in a K? Get a cheaper car? Move in with my parents temporarily? You keep living…and learning…and growing. To learn and grow and be a better person, a better soul. I am afraid of never being able to fully support myself doing a career that is fulfilling to me. I have a fear of being ordinary — I want to do extraordinary things in this life. My fear is that the person I want to be with does not want me.

And I know that this is the time I should be exploring my passions and getting closer with myself and God and not worrying so much. I have such a fear that my depression will come back that I bring it on through the anxiety it creates. Vicious cycle. Today I am going to try to laugh at the idea of my depression chasing me down the street. All I have to do is turn around and scream NO and watch it turn and walk away. That does sound pretty funny. I am graduating in December, going on an unpaid internship from January to the end of March, and after that is open for anything.

I have time because of the internship to figure out what I am going to do, but I just want to start making money. I have ideas of little things I want to do: sign up for Institute of Integrative Nutrition, get my Group Fitness Certification, Pilates Certification, and teach group fitness classes somewhere — those are 4 of my goals. But none of them will really make real money.

Breakthrough to YOUR Success with this Formula

Money I can live off of. But at the same time, I know I will have a good degree in Biology and I have this incredible internship opportunity in South Africa — maybe that will pave the way for a career? I am afraid of my dream, which is to be a self-employed graphic designer. I want this so much! I seem unable to fully go for it though, procrastinating, wasting time.

Maybe I am afraid of failure. And a little afraid of being successful. Thanks for the video. I am most likely going to have to declare bankruptcy in my 5 year old business within the next few months. My Son has 6 days today and I fear that if he makes it, I will end up failing both of us. Please use my email if you care too comment. I am totally gripped with the fear that I will not ever be in a relationship. It has been about 7 years since I have been in a serious, deep relationship and I want that kind of connection so badly but have become almost convinced that it is not possible for me to have this because it has been so long and I have formed my identity around the story of being single.

I find my ego doing a lot of crazy things with this fear. It will have me grip onto the concept of a romantic partner like it is the only good thing that is or could be in my life. It encourages me to isolate and then dramatizes my loneliness and makes it a bitter and embarrassing experience. Alternatively, it leads me to act out through casual hook ups. I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to see my romantic love with ease, abundance and joy. I think i am scared of the embarrassment of not being the perfect version of myself that I want.

You are NOT alone! Appreciate all of the people you DO have and someone will come into your life. I am not going to settle for anymore flings because what I really want is a deep and intimate connection with someone. This is silly because I have worked my butt off to become more aware of myself in this world listen to my inner guide, and make more intent choices. I deserve to try my best whatever that is and know that I will be supported no matter the outcome. I have changed so much, and I realize that change is inevitable and fear is nonsense. Ahhhh feels good to say it! For example, my fear from today is that I will never be skinny again.

Well, I feel like that is not what I am really afraid of. Instead, I am really afraid of maybe not being good enough, not finding myself attractive, etc. Im so afraid of being cheated on that i keep sabotaging my relationship and always doubting that my boyfriend just wants me. He is younger than me and i keep thinking all this crazy things of him leaving me for someone younger. My dad was a very macho creative liar and I know that is the root of that, but i have to get rid of this doubt because i deserve better!

Iam pregnant planed , my partner of 7 years broke up with me on the phone after 2 weeks of knowing that iam pregnant. I am in a different country because of him, i dont speak the language and i just came out of career change means i have a job which cant support me and the baby. I have to decide till tomorrow if i want to keep the baby. My fear is to make the wrong decision. I fear that I failed my marriage, and that if we decide to divorce I fear I will be alone the rest of my life and will never truly have the family I desire, and the closeness I desire with another person.

My dog is getting old and it scares me! This is insane! Darn you crafty ego! I am scared of failure. I want to succeed so badly for a better future for myself and my family. Hi Lauren, I had that same fear when I was in my yoga teacher training 12 years ago. My fear came especially when I adjusted people.

I was so nervous that they would feel my fear and anxiety. Then before one of my observation teaching classes, I prayed for God to go through me, to my students and not let them feel my fear only His love. I found my confidence by giving it up to God and knowing that I was doing exactly what I should be doing in service to help others feel good and love. I hope this helps. Enjoy your training! I am fearful that my spending habits are putting me in a scary path of self sabotage.

Great video, wise words Gabby. Your voice is very relevant- our community looks for strategies to get unstuck, off the fence, and thriving in life, and I think you represent this so perfectly. I look forward to hearing back. I have a fear of being accepted and understood in my vision. I want to help people find their happiness.

I can see The Spirit Room clearly in my mind, buy verbally communicating my message is incredible difficult. People who know me constant tell me that I have a gift in finding balance in life and pointing it out in a helpful way. But when anyone asks what do you do? I immediately get heart palpitations and begin to feel uncomfortable. Yoga is about a tenth of what I do and want to do, but it does not require me to explain.

How do I clear my anxiety with discussing my path and fear of judgement? You are on the path already, something that so many others struggle with even starting. Every step will tempt new fears, but you have the advantage that the fears you have beaten should make the new ones easier to handle. You learned yoga, and the naysayers including your ego! They will understand when they are ready to understand. Some will be ready, possibly many more will not. Their insanity is that they are probably AFRAID of accepting or following your path because it might invalidate their own or force them to face uncomfortable truths.

So for all you know, they bash your ideals all over the sidewalk, and you go home sad, and they go home feeling bad or angry, churn over their outburst in their minds with their guilt, and eventually recognize that their fears are controlling them and need to be faced to allow them their happiness. You know what my biggest one probably is? I fear not being successful, that I will not amount to anything of success.

Gabby, I feel like I should congratulate you. I am very happy for you, but am at the same time very confused. Is it just an ok choice to make if it assists you both on your spiritual journeys? Conversely, I am very happy with my marriage but I have been challenged in figuring out how my relationship with my wife should exist compared to my relationships with others. I feel like acceptance that there is nothing special between us kind of invalidates the point of marriage. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Do you have any recomandation for me?

Thanks a lot. I really enjoy and appreciate your job. I am fearful that I am not living an inspiring enough life. I have always felt like I was supposed to do my own thing to make my mark and make a difference. I have alway in the past started new initiatives because I have big ideas that are philanthropic and non-profit based or for start ups.

I have a big innovative idea to create a prototype that will help with runner safety but have fear about when to start it, who to connect with as well as who would be interested in serving as my mentor. I also, work full time at an ad agency and am growing so much and able to help so many different companies.

I have fear about when the right time to do it is, who to connect with, as well as next steps. I am afraid as I feel I have so much to do. I am willing to see how my ego is blowing these things out of proportion and I am willing to ask Spirit for help and for Peace xx. I am affraid that I will always live with depresssion and anxiety. That I am not strong enough to win this battle.

That I will not experience the feeling of true hapiness inside. I so love this I will definitely have a laugh on my ego. I can see mySelf calling a friend and laughing together. I can also see sharing this insight. It is so freeing. I am in the process of separating from my husband. My fear is not being able to stand on my own feet with my current financial situation I have a full time job but I need one that pays more.

And other other is that I feel like I am losing the love of my life. Money and always trying to fill my own shoes. These two have taunted me all my life. My job is self fullfilling but not financially. What I mean is, is that I know many successful people and most I them are my personal greatest friends.

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Though, I always feel like I am the outsider fear because of my lack in many of these areas. But, I am still in school. These are irrational fears from the present that I am projecting into my future. Thanks for the video! I just got married in July, and I am so afraid of losing my new husband. The fear of both of these things resurrecting themselves in my marriage is paralyzing. Thank you Gabby… How inspiring to have gotten a response from you.

Your message is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for all that you and your work have done for me so far. I am afraid of my student loans, that they will cripple my future. I am afraid the I will not be good enough to land a nice job. However, I am still in school. These fears are not rooted in anything that is real- I know I am allowing fear to root itself into my future, which does not exist yet.

Thank you for the video! At 42, I am sitting here feeling I am at rock bottom…. I had just walked in from my summer waitressing job after working the breakfast shift. I was unlovable in the eyes of God. Needles to say, I am a workaholic perfectionist who pleases everyone but herself…whose EVERY life decision comes from a place of fear…like a wild animal trapped in the corner fighting for their life.

I am having a hard time, honestly, trying to laugh at this.. But I just bought your MCM book today…so hopefully this will bring me to a place of peace and at least self tolerance self love is a bit of stretch for me right now. I am a 32 yrs old and have slowly become addicted to my migraine medicine.

Was not intentional but cannot go a day without. Has been years. I feel like an awful wife and mother and think all day about this. It is so engraved in my mind that I cannot go without it or will feel too weird if that makes sense.

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  5. How do I change my thoughts when this is all I think about? Want to get through this so bad but am extremely anxious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. My fear is that I will not find my way in this world. With that, I mean my way to make money and be happy.

    Have been on sickleave for 2 years, simply because working without passion makes me super sad. I have not degree, and could, if I wanted to, get one. But I do not know what to do with my self in this world. So that is my fear, that even how hard I am trying to find my passion and bliss, and to find a way to survive on it, I am not moving forward. Just leaching on daddy government..

    I am afraid that I will never discover what my passion is, and I will continue to live a mediocre life. I am afraid that this is it. Congratulations on getting married — you two make such a beautiful couple and serve as an amazing example of fearless unconditional love and commitment. Could you please elaborate how this guidance came to you at the time and how you knew you could trust it?

    My fear…. I am now studying this new world of mine for 6 years now…. I just came back from Sedona , Arizona I attended an amazing retreat with communicating with Angels, I meditated in the most powerful vortexes. You def are a star seed!!!! I fear being alone, so I end up getting my heart broken. I fear not having enough money and low self esteem. I reached my breaking point and quit my job last week.

    Right now I am being supported by my husband both financially and emotionally. My fear is school. I went through a year of college and took a semester off. My fear led me to believe I would fail at my program and to stay a hairstylist. I want to continuing school without those fears. I prayed to god give me guidance to where I should go. Monday morning my dietetic program called me to schedule my classes. All I have to say is… Freaky. I have to let that go.

    Hi Gabby, So im outing my fears as you suggested. I just stared dating an old friend from high school and he thus far seems like the guy iv been waiting for all my life. But with that said I have this really bad fear some how ill mess things up. Which is one of the reasons I really like him but at the same time its making me insecure.

    I just have a hard time with dealing with that. I guess my fear is any mothers fear. I just love my kids so much. I also fear that I lost the love and feeling for my job. I am a high school teacher and the kids are not what they used to be. I do love being a teacher but it is so hard with the youth of today. I fear for what this means for our world. Now that i am getting a divorce after getting married on february, i am afraid of starting over, of not finding my true soulmate.

    I am afraid of staying in this black whole of huge numerous debt i accumulated during that awful relationship. I had been suffering from a mental disorder for the past 5 years I am practising sadhana, daily meditation practice since long and its really amazingly effective because now I am the happiest person I know! Because every set back is a spiritual assignment Because I am the happiest person I know…..

    Thankyou gabrielle for this wonderful video. I had suffered from a mental diorderfor the past 5 years I hadbeen practising sadhana, daily meditation since long and it has been a really amazing experience because I am thehappiet person I know! I guess my true fear is that I do not feel comfortable with the body sensations and thoughts that come along with it. I do not feel secure inside myself. I know I am supposed to but I am afraid no one wants to hear what I have today. That I will fail. In my heart I was just afraid.

    I was so confident early in our relationship but have slipped into insecurity, which is creating even more fear that my insecurity will ruin the relationship and drive him away! I then fear that my discomfort is my intuition telling me that this is not the right partner for me fantasy of the ideal partner that will save me, perhaps? Beneath that is a fear of being alone. I pray to be released from this debilitating fear and to allow myself to be happy and confident and enjoy my relationship and trust that I am loved and supported no matter what!

    I want my old faith and confidence back! I am completely afraid to begin my legal practice. After law school I worked for a few years, but then stopped so that I could stay home and raise my children which I do not regret. I feel paralyzed. I want to get back into my profession but feel unprepared and completely inadequate. Who is going to want me as their attorney without any experience this is the voice inside my head…total fear. I have a similar fear. I just qualified as a lawyer and also feel completely inexperienced and inadequate.

    I surrender this insanity. Sending love Gabby thank you. And that my husbands chronically severely painful illness will never get better. Change is scary. Waking up with pangs of anxiety is unnecessary. I choose to see love instead of fear. I am afraid that my love interest is not interested in me anymore. I have a hard time letting go of control and simply surrendering the outcome to the Universe. By commenting on here, I am showing my willingness to let go of this tight grip, and to get into a space of receptivity. I am willing to laugh at the negativity that is keeping me stuck.

    I am afraid that I will not be able to successfully start over after being in an abusive relationship and moving across the country to reset and get safe. I am afraid of dying. I love my life so much and every day I am plagued of thoughts that one day i will not be here. That scares me so much. How do I laugh at this fear when I know it is real and nothing can stop it from happening?

    I am meditating and reading and trying so many things. I wish so badly to sop thinking about this daily. I am afraid of cancer coming back after dealing with breast cancer. I am afraid there is a reason why I am still single and that fear is part of the reason why I am. I have turned off to love and not sure how to turn it back on.

    I am afraid of being alone in old age as I have no family. I am afraid to leave a secure job but I know I need a change. It feels like a selfish obsession. I just want to accept and love myself as I am right now, not as I think I should be. Oh fear…you are so crazy! I am afraid that I will always be stuck in this job. I am afraid that I will not be where I want physically. I am afraid that I wont find my true love well the guy I already like..

    Romantic relationships can definitely trip us up. I think this video I did a while back will serve you. My fear is to be alone and by myself. Some mornings I allow this feeling i wake up with affect me so much that I stay in bed till noon. I really hope you can give me some advice to shift my thoughts and feelings.

    Thank you in advance Gabby. You may be helped by this video I did a while back. I have two crazy fears right now. I will never be good enough at work again, I will never get to where i was heading. I am overweight. They are crazy because I am talented and know that regaining my strength an confidence at work again will take time, I am making steps towards that.

    Its a process, its a universal lesson. Im not overweight, my ego just seems to think people view me that way. I eat really well, I live a heathy lifestyle, my ego only tries to guilt trip me when I slip up and eat something I crave. I have this fear that my life will continue to be plagued by fear and anxiety I suppose a fear of fear is rather insane in and of itself!

    I guess the real fear is that I will get to the end of my life and regret that it was spent worrying versus truly living. I claim to want freedom from this ego BS, but maybe I am really addicted to it, or just not brave enough to stop the craziness. I guess this is crazy because in every moment I have the choice to try again. I just joined this network so maybe it will bring more consistency to my spiritual practice which might bring freedom.

    Mutiny of the Soul | Charles Eisenstein

    Thanks Gabby for the work you do. You got it, girl. You can always choose again. I feel it could really serve you. Hi Gabby. I did read your book — it was my first introduction to you and your work. Maybe I need to reread it. I have a fear of driving on the freeway. Working hard to laugh at the silliness of this. Kim, this is a very common fear and you are not alone! You can check out any of my videos on tapping and follow the technique, substituting in your own words related to your fear. Be sure to read about the technique and learn the meridians and order in which you tap them!

    Honor that fear and turn it over to the Universe for healing!!! Hello Gabby… I just recently discovered your videos, and blog, and teachings, and I guess it was at the right time. I also feel like I have so much to say, and ask, so I kinda have to figure it out how to write the main issue. Now, I get the reason for it, I understand the insecurities I have, the ego…and all of that. Hi Mark, Follow my guidance in this module. Take the steps to feel your resistance, witnesses it and honor it. Your best practice is prayer. Pray each day for light to surround you and your community. Focus your attention on the power of love and trust your energy has the power to heal.

    I am a very positive person but this situation has me very emotional and hoping it is sorted out really soon. Your words of encouragement will be so appreciated Gabby. Love the work you do. I want you to know that I am holding you in my prayers as you go through this difficult time. A daily practice of spiritual surrender may serve you greatly and give you comfort knowing that you are supported even though you are not always in control. Thank you so much Gabby for replying and words of encouragement and comfort. Going to sit now and watch the link you shared with me. Blessings Always.

    Some of the fears that I have are quite controversial, but I feel like it is very important to express them. I am afraid that I will never be materially wealthy; I am afraid that I will never have enough money and my dreams will never come true. I am afraid that I will never have the means to leave Denmark for Canada permanently and I am afraid that I will never hear from my best friend from Germany and his twin brother who also happens to be one of my very closest friends.

    I am afraid that I will never measure and it is too late for me to reach my potential, I am afraid that I am going to die with dreams that were never realized. I am afraid that I will always be behind and it makes me very angry and sad. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your vulnerabilities and fears here. I am afraid of being alone. I am afraid of not being able to find a job. I am afraid of not having enough money. I have a fear of being alone.

    The only family I have is my son. No friends, they have basically disappeared at this point. I am totally unhappy in my current relationship but am going through difficult health struggles right now. My son is in college and doing his own thing. Thank you for showing up here Noelle. Sharing in this space is a lovely sign that you are open to making some shifts. When working with fear energy, Gabby often recommends to tap into things that bring us joy. It can be the same or something different every day. Try this out for the next month and notice how your experiences start to change.

    I have a fear of not being able to pay my bills on time from now on. I tried last week to talk to the right person and fill out the proper paperwork, to avoid a wage garnishment, now its happening anyway. I fear that no matter what I do, its not enough, and my husband is still drinking and spending our money, so we have nothing.

    Thanks for your heartfelt share, Carol. My fear is that I am not good enough. I am scared that because of this, I will not measure up for anyone. As a result, they will leave. It manifests in codpendency. If I can take care of and fix everything, I can control that narrative…I will always be enough because I will be the one they need to take care of and fix things.

    Hi Shannon. You just did a brave and bold thing by diving into Step One, which is writing down your fears. Continuing to journal your feelings is an amazing way to work on healing and releasing. Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself as you go through these steps. Amazing shifts can happen when we are open to change. She is 23 years old and has been through so many difficult times. She struggled in school due to learning disabilities and even though she received extra help it destroyed her confidence in herself and she eventually gave up and dropped out when she turned He had even been physically abusive towards me a couple times which, unfortunately, the kids witnessed once.

    My daughter rarely says anything about her father but I know she has a hole in her heart that only a loving father can fill. She makes no efforts to get a job. She has been to doctors and therapists for anxiety and depression. Last December, her boyfriend came to my house angry and drunk and broke in my front door because my daughter refused to open it. An order of protection was issued against him which he has violated several times and is now in jail which my daughter feels guilty about. Now she has been going onto these dating websites and talking to all these strange men.

    I stand my ground firmly about her needing to get a job and becoming an independent young woman while reminding her that she is brave, smart and beautiful inside and out and can do anything that she puts her mind to. Her overall health is beginning to fail. She shuts herself off from the world. I get down on my knees every day and pray for her.

    I beg God to please help her. When she was a little girl she smiled and laughed and sang and danced and loved everything and everybody. That little girl is gone and I am scared to death of losing what is left. Cathy, heart goes out to you and I want you to know that I am holding you in my prayers. I want to share a few resources that I hope may help you navigate this situation with grace, strength and love. They also have guides and booklets for families. You might also want to look into local support groups.

    This is a beautiful book that helps heal trauma. Both you and your daughter may benefit from it. Your email address will not be published. I only recommend products and brands I passionately believe in, but wanted you to know that when I make a recommendation, I may receive a referral fee.

    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource
    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource
    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource
    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource
    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource
    Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource Developing Your Gifts: Tapping into Your Internal Resource

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