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Business, economics and computing graduates saw the biggest salary jumps

And they may want a more complex side than a salad, or maybe they want to serve a meat-free meal. According to the U. Department of Labor, Packaged almost like a small present, here was an easy way for busy moms to solve the lunch problem and give their children a special treat at the same time.

Good. Morning.

Its poor nutritional makeup would later come into question, but it remains a popular product with an expanding lineup of varieties, from organic to pepperoni pizza. But the search for convenient children's meal solutions starts earlier than school days. From the time that children start eating solid food, something to snack on at all times becomes a necessity.

Considering how popular baby food pouches have become, some parents may question what their predecessors did without them. According to a Nielsen report, baby food pouches are taking the world by storm and grew by triple digits in several markets between and During these 12 months, the pouch market in the U. Parents started taking an interest in eating more healthfully, and wanted to pass those good nutritional habits on to their children. Ingredients for these easy-to-feed pouches include traditional baby food items like sweet potatoes, but many add trendy produce like kale and in-demand grains like quinoa.

Focused on superfood ingredients and clean labels, many found what they were looking for in these new pouches. This product not only makes parents lives easier from a grab-and-go standpoint, it also is a boon for baby food makers. Meal kits were first launched in Most arrive with all of the pre-portioned ingredients needed to make a meal, with a step-by-step recipe included. We see that growing. Right now, the meal kit market is dominated by home delivery services, but supermarkets are catching up.

According to Nielsen, in the last year, i n-store sales of meal kits were up 6. Expect to see more options in local supermarkets in the near future. This well-intentioned policy, however, has failed to live up to even the most modest of goals and the best evidence suggests that it is likely causing more harm than good. In an era where we have added so many other policies into the health care markets readmissions penalties, penalties for hospital-acquired conditions, and bundled payments, to name a few , it is high time we deprescribe hospital VBP.

Evidence on the benefit of VBP has been clear for some time: it has had no positive effect on patient care. One early study found no effect on patient outcomes. Other studies followed, finding little effect on patient experience. The most recent data , examining outcomes years after the launch of the program, find little evidence that VBP leaves patients better off. Now, with more than half a decade of additional information, there is little reason to believe that this policy intervention will suddenly start working. While many of us have written about how to make the program more effective, there seems to be little appetite for actualizing these changes.

Beyond the lack of effectiveness, there is also reasonable evidence of harm. First, the failures of VBP represent significant opportunity cost. Hospitals have hired staff and consultants to meet the VBP goals. The CMS has teams of individuals overseeing the program.

But the issues with VBP go beyond these harms. There is clear evidence that safety-net hospitals and those that disproportionately care for sick patients are more likely to get penalties, whereas hospitals that care for healthier, wealthier patients are more likely to get bonuses. That inequity is clear harm to the health care system.

The CMS has been down this road before with its Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, which also disproportionately harmed safety-net hospitals.

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Congress eventually had to step in and demand that the agency take a different approach. Why Is Deprescribing so Hard? Keep blue cheese in aluminium foil to keep its shape. If there are water droplets on cut cheese, leave it unwrapped in the chiller section of the refrigerator to dry before storing. Store eggs in their original cartons to keep them fresh for a longer time.

They absorb smells very easily so do not place them next to strong-smelling foods. They'll lose their flavour and firm texture in the fridge. The Huffington Post reported that the cold temperature damages the membranes inside the fruit walls, turning the tomatoes mealy, and obstructs the ripening process, which is when the tomatoes gain more flavour.

They'll also lose their flavour because their starch will be turned into sugar more quickly in the cold temperature. They'll turn soft and mouldy. Store them in a cool, dry area where there's air circulation - but not together with your potatoes or they'll both rot more quickly, according to The Huffington Post. Only refrigerate them if they're ripe - after which they can last up to about a week.

For best results, store the whole fruit instead of one that's been cut open, to prevent it from turning brown. They will start to sprout and may even turn mouldy or rubbery or both. You might think it'll stay fresh for longer in the fridge, but it actually dries out more quickly. If it's sandwich bread, you can still freeze it while wrapped and retain the moisture.

Let it thaw slowly and fully before consuming. Honey never expires, so there's no need to keep it in the fridge, which will instead cause it to crystallise and harden. Cooking oils such as olive oil and corn oil can easily thicken and resemble butter within a few minutes of being kept in the fridge, according to health site Healthy Diet Base. They'll absorb and take on the odour in the fridge, which means they'll lose their aromatic flavour. It'll wilt more quickly in the fridge, The Huffington Post reported, adding that the herb will also absorb the surrounding smells.

Tips to keep your pantry staples fresh for longer.

Organic, Cold-Pressed Baby Foods for All Stages | Once Upon a Farm

Always keep your seasonings in a warm, dry place. Leave them close to the stove so it's easier to reach when you want to season your dish. In a cold damp area, salt and sugar will clump together and solidify. Storing garlic in a ventilated container keeps them dry and also prevents their smell from spreading in the kitchen. Bulb and root vegetables should be kept in a dry ventilated area. Potatoes and sweet potatoes should be kept in a shaded area to prevent them from sprouting. Prevent biscuits and cereal from turning soft by storing them in airtight containers.

A well-ventilated counter is key to keeping your food fresh. Dress up your counter with stylish containers to store food, so pests can't get to them. Use clear airtight containers to store the Italian staple for a fun way to dress up your countertop. Grow fresh herbs right off your table in small planters. To keep fresh herbs for longer, wrap a damp kitchen towel around the base of the stalk before storing in the fridge. Fruit can be kept outside of the fridge for about a week, and will brighten up your countertop.

Always keep your rice stored in an airtight bin. How to store food in your kitchen.

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Store bread in a bread bin to help keep insects and the humidity out. Prevent biscuits from turning soft by storing them in airtight containers. To store cooked rice, cool it to at least 20 degree Celsius before freezing it. Here are tips on the best ways to store food to make them keep longer.

Targets of caching operations

Storing honey in the fridge might harden the sweet spread, but it keeps it fresh. Always refrigerate after opening. Leftover canned food and meals should always be stored in an airtight container. Keep them where the temperature is most consistent - on the middle shelf. Milk, butter and cheese should be kept at the back of the fridge. Softer cheeses grow mould faster than hard cheeses.

If you've got too much bread on hand, especially bread on the last day of its expiry date, keep it in the freezer.

Is It the Right Time for a Fresh Start?

Spread out raw meat instead of stacking packages on top of each other in the freezer, so as to reduce the formation of ice crystals. Freeze-dried herbs retain the aroma of fresh herbs better, compared to dried ones.

Store fruit with thinner skin, such as grapes and apples, in the fridge to help them last longer. Plucking off chilli stalks help keep the chillies lasting longer by slowing down the ripening process. Place your cut tomatoes in an airtight container lined with paper towels. Wrap leafy greens lightly with a paper towel. Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy. Man takes photo of commuter on MRT hogging seat with bag, gets flamed instead.

US media company gets slammed for calling dried cuttlefish Singaporeans' alternative to chewing gum. Is 50 the new 20? Irene Wan and Candy Lo stun fans with timeless beauty. This JB mall is home to Malaysia's largest inflatable playground - but only till June Photographer so engrossed in shooting Karen Mok, he falls into the sea. Woman confronts man for allegedly taking photos of her on NEL train, police investigating.

Christy Chung cries in the rain after quarrel with husband.

Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One
Time for a Fresh One Time for a Fresh One

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