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Lady Beryl admits to a crime she did not commit. Holmes not only reveals the true murderer, but Lady Beryl's motive for lying about the crime. Reviewer: winterm45 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 28, Subject: My fave Sherlock The producers and writers of Sherlock Holmes Murder Mysteries were genius! Simple, intriguing, and fantastic sleuth work. I also like that the clips are short. For people who don't have a lot of time.

Season 1, episode 2. Original air date: 25 October Marion Crawford Dr. From IMDB. Very entertaining episode. Reviewer: porterville - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 26, Subject: An Excellent Sherlock Holmes An exceptionally good half-hour program. The regular cast was ably abetted by a good supporting cast,which included Paulette Goddard. The plot was interesting and progressed at an acceptable rate.

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A pleasure to watch! Dragnet 50 11 09 The Big Mother The detectives investigate the disappearance of a 3 day old twin boy from a hospital nursery. An old school chum of Jacks', the Mayor of Waukegan, Illinois visits the show and joins the gang in a play. May 8, Haydn wrote the symphony in and it premiered the following year. A typical performance lasts about 23 minutes. The music then returns to its original quiet dynamic, as if nothing had happened, and the ensuing variations do not repeat the joke.

The symphony is still popular today, and is frequently performed and recorded. Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his Piano Sonata no. It is a work in three movements, in the key of D minor, and it is usually called by its nickname 'The Tempest' Der Sturm. This name, though, does not come from Beethoven himself, nor was the sonata referred to as such during his lifetime. Instead, it comes from a claim by his associate Anton Schindler that the sonata was inspired by the homonymous Shakespeare play. Much of Schindler's information is distrusted by scholars. A standard performance of the piece takes approximately twenty-five minutes.

It is based on the play The Deacon by John B.

Sherlock Holmes - The Case of Lady Beryl

Hymer and LeRoy Clemens. The film was released on May 17, , by Universal Pictures Wikipedia. Sergei Rachmaninoff wrote his Piano Concerto no. It is considered a very demanding piece, which inspires respect between piano virtuosos the dedicatee, Josef Hofmann, never played it, and pianist Gary Graffman was quoted saying that he should have learned it while he was young and didn't know what fear was.

It was later performed with Mahler as a conductor, a experience that apparently touched Rachmaninoff. The piece became widely popular in the 's thanks to Vladimir Horowitz. It is structured in three movements: even though Rachmaninoff authorized several cuts to be made at the performer discretion in an attempt to make the work more appealing to audiences nowadays it is usually performed in its original version, which lasts around 40 minutes.

It was the first of the six string quartets he wrote throughout his life. The String Quartet no. Chesterton - Chapter 7. It is a set of 4 violin concertos that propose an early form of descriptive music: for example, Winter makes prominent use of pizzicato notes in high registers, whereas Summer evokes a storm in its final movement.

The work was first presented as part of Op. The Four Seasons remain very popular to this day, some of its concertos spawning a great number of derivative works, whereas thousands of recordings of the original pieces have been made. It is still debated if Vivaldi wrote this concertos to accompany four sonnets that may have been written by himself. Chesterton - Demons and Philosophers - Chapter 6. The poem was commissioned from Virgil by the Emperor Augustus to glorify Rome. Summary by Wikipedia and Karen Merline. Piano Sonata No. It is uncertain where and when Mozart composed the sonata; however, Vienna or Salzburg around is currently thought to be most likely.

A typical performance of this entire sonata takes about 20 minutes. It imitates the sound of Turkish Janissary bands, the music of which was much in vogue at that time. In Mozart's time, the last movement was sometimes performed on pianos built with a "Turkish stop", allowing it to be embellished with extra percussion effects. Seven Words on the Cross - St. An examination of, and meditation upon, the seven sayings spoken by Jesus on the cross -- aka "the seven last words" -- as well as the associated total solar eclipse.

Every saying is examined from different perspectives, each intended to make the reader think more deeply about Jesus' life and death and feel the sayings' applications to his own life. The writer also provides various suggestions for enriching one's faith life and doing good.

Robert Bellarmine was a famous and controversial figure, deeply involved in the Counter-Reformation, apologetics, theological disputes, and the development of legal theory. His work eventually provided the natural law underpinnings for the American Revolution.

After his retirement, he wrote several devotional books for normal people which became international bestsellers, including this book, The Mind's Ascent to God, and The Art of Dying Well. He is counted a Doctor of the Church. The Clinton Matter - Fr. Brown - Rehearsal at Jack's. Chesterton - Chapter 4 - Comparative Religion. What were people thinking about the gods and each other? Was Jesus just another rabbi or philosopher? Or was he weirder than our culture tends to remember?

Chesterton, English newspaper columnist, literary reviewer, and general character knew all about eccentricity and going against the mainstream. This book, the latest in a line of many previous portraits of great artists and famous historical figures, is his idiosyncratic look at the history of humanity and Jesus of Nazareth.

It's also his response to H. Wells' Outline of History. There were 52 episodes of this thirty-minute adventure series featuring a San Francisco detective, Captain Bart Friday, and his sidekick, Skip Turner. Captain Friday and Skip roamed the world together seeking danger and solving mysteries.

The stories told bordered on the supernatural, though there was usually a rational explanation for the superbly written terror-chillers. The Shadow Knows! Francis of Assisi. Butler's Lives of the Saints - April 16 - The Suspense Cast - Pit and the Pendulum. On October 18, , management began a program featuring "Dr. Humphrey Bate and his string quartet of old-time musicians. It was originally entitled Violetta, after the main character. The announcing duties went to Jimmy Wallington, who assumes the persona of quite the wolf in promos for sponsor Bourjois, makers of Evening In Paris face powder.

The shows that remain with us today, however, are mostly sans Tony Martin, due to his July 19th appendectomy. In his absence, Georgia Gibbs hosted the program alone, with a variety of guest stars, in shows that may have been slightly more raucous than the episodes with the ultra-smooth Martin. Guesting on the program, in Tony Martin's absence, are Phil Harris, Victor Borge, and Woody Herman, replacing Martin's dreamy, romantic vocal styling with their own brand of music and, at least in the cases of Harris and Borge, musical mayhem. The one show in this collection that does feature Tony Martin has no guest star, and is more of a straight program of exotic and romantic music.

This episode may have been more in line with what the makers of Evening In Paris, "the fragrance of romance", had in mind when they signed on to have the debonair Mr. Martin represent their product. Its last appearance is October 5 of that year, being replaced by 'The Vaughn Monroe Show' the following week. Challenge of the Yukon - With Sgt. This novella, written and first published in , has been adapted into a number of dramatic works, including the famous opera by Georges Bizet. AFRS Jubilee! The Jubilee! Fred and Tallulah perform a Breakfast Radio Show sketch.

Fred tries to teach Tallulah how to become a success in radio. Tallulah does a monologue about a woman calling a man for date. The whole cast gets to go to Duffy's Tavern, when Tallulah's blind date turns out to be Archie the manager. Ed Wynn explains the opera "Carmen".

Charlie swipes a patrol wagon and stashes it in Bergens' garage. Guest Carmen Miranda sings and performs in their version of Tobacco Road. Johnny was an accomplished 'padder' of his expense account. The name of the show derives from the fact that he closed each show by totaling his expense account, and signing it "End of report Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar". The opera was controversial and, although it did not enjoy much success in its first runs, it eventually achieved a repertoire status, with some of its arias being among the best known opera fragments. Chesterton - Book 1 Chapter 3.

What was the state of the world and the human race right before Jesus' birth? A typical performance takes about 14 minutes. Although it is well-known piece today, it was not published in Mozart's lifetime, and it first appeared in print in Chesterton - Bk. Allegro con brio ii. Andante con moto iii. Allegro attacca. The work calls for a large orchestra consisting of approximately musicians, and , and the performance time is between 80 and 90 minutes. Langsam, schleppend - Immer sehr gemachlich ii.

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  5. Wolf Tracks [Men of Passion, Colorado 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting).
  6. Activity Theory in Practice: Promoting Learning Across Boundaries and Agencies.
  7. Kraftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell, Recht gemachlich iii. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen iv. Sturmisch bewegt - Energisch. Chesterton - Introduction - The Man in the Cave. The Missa Gaudeamus is a musical setting of the Ordinary of the Mass by Franco-Flemish composer Josquin des Prez, probably composed in the early or middle s, and published in It is based on the gregorian introit Gaudeamus Omnes and its setting is for four voices.

    The number of sources for this work is relatively high: two printed editions, four reprints and seven manuscripts.

    Archie – Hot N Saucy Wings

    Scheherazade, Op. Scheherezade Op. It is considered to be his most popular work, and it was later used as the basis of a ballet by Michel Fokine. In later aditions he did away with the titles, though they remain in common use. The reasons for its popularity are clear: it is a score replete with beguiling orchestral colors, fresh and piquant melodies, with a mild oriental flavor, a rhythmic vitality largely absent from many major orchestral works of the later 19th century, and a directness of expression unhampered by quasi-symphonic complexities of texture and structure.

    Sea and Sinbad's Ship ii. The Kalendar Prince iii. The Young Prince and the Young Princess iv. Festival at Baghdad. Russian Easter Festival Overture, Op. It is the last of the composer's series of three exceptionally brilliant orchestral works, preceded by Capriccio Espagnol and Scheherazade. The work received its premiere at a Russian symphony concert in St.

    Petersburg in late December Program Treasury Department syndication. A dramatic monologue for Easter. Featuring Al Goodman and his Orchestra and Henry Hull in a dramatic monologue The Bishop of Minster set in the year in a quiet old world church in quiet old world town at Easter. The story is of a good, Irish-Catholic girl who meets. Despite the popularity of the play, the movies, and the writing of this captivating radio program, the serial lasted only two years thru The announcer was Howard Petrie, and Joe Stopak provided the music.

    Chesterton - Follows Exploits of Alfred the Great in defense of Christian civilization from heathen nihilism. Chesterton A n English epic poem that follows the exploits of Alfred the Great in his defense of Christian civilization in England from the heathen nihilism of the North.

    Following a string of defeats at the hands of the invading Danes, a vision from heaven in the river island of Athelney fills Alfred with joy and hope. Though it gives no promise of victory in the coming struggle, it inspires him to rally his chieftains for a last stand against the invading hordes.

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    His adventures lead throughout the country as he gathers his men, and take him through the Danish camps disguised as a minstrel before culminating in the Battle of Ethandune and the prophesying of the enemy's subtle return in the ages to come. Summary by Joshua B.

    The Seven Words on the Cross - St. Robert Bellarmine - Second - Fourth Word. Via Crucis, S. It has 15 sections: an introduction and the 14 segments which correspond with each of the Stations of the Cross in the Way of Sorrows. The first known performance of this Via Crucis was in March 29th in Budapest. Quiet, Please! In particular, it brings together the writings of the early Church fathers prior to the fourth century Nicene Creed. These volumes are noteworthy for their inclusion of entire texts, and not simply fragments or excerpts from these great writings.

    The translations are fairly literal, providing both readers and scholars with a good approximation of the originals. This particular volume contains works by St. Clement, Mathetes, St. Polycarp, St. Ignatius, Barnabas, St. Papias, St. Justin Martyr, and St. These writings were heavily influential on the early Church, and for good reason, as they are inspirational and encouraging. These volumes also come with many useful notes, providing the reader with new levels of understanding. Overall, Ante-Nicene Fathers, or any part of it, is a welcome addition to one's reading list. John Chrysostom.

    Robert Bellarmine - Chapters Introit: Nos Autem ii. Gradual: Christus iii. Offertory: Dextera Domini iv. In addition to this publication, Vivaldi wrote at least four other cello sonatas. One sonata in D minor RV 38 has been lost. It must have been in his early manhood, when poor and friendless, he lived among the people, that much of the information which makes these pages so startlingly vivid, was acquired.

    How many mornings, long before dawn, must he have visited these markets — how many hours and days must he have spent there, to have mastered the habits, manners and ways of these people, who are a class by themselves, and of whom we do not lose sight, from the beginning to the end of the book. In truth The Markets of Paris stands as utterly alone in modern French literature, as it is distinct and apart, from any other work even by Zola himself. It is a book for all to read.

    One of the great masterpieces of medieval music and of all religious music, it is the earliest complete setting of the Ordinary of the Mass attributable to a single composer. This is by far his most popular work, and one of the most popular romantic pieces ever. The sound of the symphony is predominantly pentatonic, so musicologists tend to agree that Dvorak was referring to this characteristic.

    The popularity of this version has caused the erroneous impression that Goin' Home was the original version. The symphony also draws heavily from European tradition: the opening of the third movement bears a strong resemblance to the opening of the third movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. The Donkey - G. Chesterton's Palm Sunday Poem. The Bride Came C. Peter in Chains - The Eternal Church.

    The Symphony No. It is actually his tenth symphonic work, as Mahler gave no ordinal number nor the title 'symphony' to his symphonic song-cycle Das Lied von der Erde. The symphony is in four movements and has an average performance time of one hour and a half. Andante comodo ii.

    Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers iii. Rondo-Burleske: Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig iv. Sehr langsam und noch zuruckhaltend. The first performance was that same year, and the Vienna debut was held by Carl Czerny. Its duration is approximately forty minutes. Agamemnon - Greek Tragedy by Aeschylus - Parts The name derives from the character Orestes, who sets out to avenge his father's murder. A teenage soldier's adventures at the side of his battalion commander, Winston Churchill, in the trenches of Flanders during the First World War and afterwards.

    Lying about his age to join the army, poor Edinburgh teenager Jamie Melville comes to the attention of his battalion's new colonel, Winston Churchill, who is seeking redemption in the trenches as an ordinary soldier after his resignation over the Dardanelles fiasco in Later, both are returned to civilian life, and when Winston returns to the cabinet, Jamie is offered a position as assistant to the new Beautiful, wild-child Nicole Tepper is hit by a car and left for dead.

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    But when she wakes the next morning, Nicole finds herself in bed without a scratch. Perhaps she was more intoxicated than usual, as her mother is giving her the silent treatment and her friends are ignoring her as well. Things take a turn for the weird when Nicole soon discovers she is actually hovering between life and death. Her body is lying in the forest while her spirit is searching for anyone who can hear her.

    Unfortunately the only person who can is Dale Finnigan, the guy she publicly humiliated with a sharp-tongued insult that has left him branded. Desperate, Nicole has no choice but to haunt Dale and convince the freaked-out senior to help her. Will he Since he was a young boy, Jack MacFadden's imaginary friend, Puck, has always been around, but now Jack's thirteen, and Puck's still shown no sign of leaving.

    And, if that wasn't enough, Jack's also been targeted for assassination by a faerie death squad She was not targeted by a serial killer or the victim of some vampire boyfriend's nemesis because this was not fiction. This was merely the kind of day-to-day family tragedy that barely makes the local news. A delicious salad of short stories seasoned with a light dusting of poems, covering a variety of genres. You will find one or two true stories, some humour, some horror, fantasy, adventure and science fiction. Many are Amazon published authors whose work you may already have read.

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    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone
    The Testing of Archie Rathbone The Testing of Archie Rathbone

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