Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)

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The final story in the collection, "Mobile Home for the Holidays," was powerful in its message of the issues we still face regarding hate toward the LGBT community and how so many young people are kicked out of their homes and disowned for being gay. But my personal favorite of the bunch has to be the second one, "Fighting Fire with Fire. I fell totally in love and and in lust with that one, and I smiled a huge smile at the end. Sep 14, Ken Fry rated it it was amazing. Some are better than the others but that is only my subjective opinion and it is for you to judge.

As a male reviewer am I at a disadvantage to passing judgement on Lesbian Erotica? I think not. What concerns me is the way in which she writes and I have to say she does this brilliantly.

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Apart from her commendable eroticism PL writes warmly and very convincingly. She possess an acute observational ability and conveys an awareness that can transform the most trivial of settings into arenas of importance. A rare and neglected gift for many writers. I particularly enjoyed the second story on the campsite, the dog Jupiter and its lesbian owner who introduces her new found friend into the mysteries and joys of female sex and love together.

The other was the Mobile Home story concerning the meeting of two homeless women who by circumstance are drawn together and soon become lovers. May 07, Pandora Spocks rated it it was amazing. Alive and Well is a letter written by a woman to her lover during a period of time when society would have been extremely unaccepting of their relationship. Although sad, it radiates hope that springs from deep love.

Fighting Fire with Fire and Ghosts Have Pride tell stories of women who are surprised to discover their sexuality. And Mobile Home for the Holidays is a heartwarming story of one community's kindness and generosity towards a pair who feel like outsiders. Once again, Patient Lee creates characters we care about and feel for. She allows us to try on their skin for a moment. And we come away the better for it.

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I'm particularly a fan of the introduction to each piece, a peek into the thought process and happenstance that were the seeds of the story. This book is highly recommended! Sep 15, Barbara Underwood rated it really liked it. This is the first book by Patient Lee that I've read, and I was pleasantly surprised by the author's obvious writing skills and range of characters. Each story in this collection is easy to read, enjoyable and interesting because the characters quickly become real to the reader, even in these short stories. Each story is different, like the four seasons, and every character has a different background, yet all are on a journey of self-discovery and finding real love.

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Being partial to paranormal f This is the first book by Patient Lee that I've read, and I was pleasantly surprised by the author's obvious writing skills and range of characters. Being partial to paranormal fiction, I enjoyed the ghost story very much, but the Winter story about becoming homeless and finding love with a happy ending was also stirring to read.

More than just mere erotica, these stories feel as if they are about real people and situations that happen to real people. Well worth a read! Oct 13, Lisa rated it it was amazing. I loved this book, the care it took to write every scene. Some stories were self discovery in your sexuality. Some of the stories where amazingly happy ever after stories, once again in finding and being comfortable in your own sexuality.

I love the way the writer weaves each part. She doesn't step back at all. For the sexual part it was well written not over the top smutty. It was a sweet reverence.

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This book was given to me for an honest review. Jan 23, Walker Long rated it it was amazing.

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At first I was skeptical of the Four Seasons theme of this collection. It seemed like a gimmick to me. When I got into the book, however, I began to appreciate the sense of progress I got from moving through the seasons. There is a continual forward movement with these tales. Not in the sense of a dramatic arc -- these stories all stand on their own in terms of plot and character -- but the themes of discovery and connection are steadily developed more and more with each story.

The first story s At first I was skeptical of the Four Seasons theme of this collection.

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The first story spring is told in the form of a letter from a woman to her female lover. The setting is and the tone of the writing her captures the era perfectly. It's pretty short but satisfying. I couldn't help but imagine how this letter would make an excellent sub-plot in a longer work. Woman finds old box of letters and embarks on journey of self discovery -- that sort of thing. The second story summer is about a fire at a campsite. I enjoyed how in this story the main character imagines her unseen neighbor is a big, strong man who might sweep her off her feet.

Being a collection of Lesbian erotica, you can guess she has quite a few surprises coming. It's fun to turn stereotypes on their head. The third fall is a ghost story. This ghost isn't the stuff of horror movies, though. She's a sweet, old grandma who only wants to help her granddaughter find herself. The main character is a young woman in an unfulfilling heterosexual relationship. Much of the story is told through flashbacks of her past homosexual encounters.

They are plenty steamy! Enough to make you wonder why this girl ever went back to men. And finally the high point of the book, in my opinion, is winter. I've always liked Christmas, I suppose. Also this is a story of redemption. James Cathedral Chamber Orchestra St. James Cathedral Choir St. James Cathedral Schola Cantorum St. Mark's Stacey Sunde Stage stallions stand-up stand-up comedy Standing meditation star trek star wars star wars art start-up startup Status Apparatus Stay Wild Magazine Steak Steakhouse steampunk stephanie anne johnson Stephen Tharp Stevie Wonder stimson-green mansion stl stlucia stone storytelling strategies street festival streetcar strength training Stress relief string band string quartet striptease struggle student students studient studio recording studios style sub pop Sugar Plum sugaring suits for the swarm Summer summer concerts summer party Summer Picnic summer series Summit Public House Sun Salutations Sunday Sunday Event super bowl support surf Surf Rock surround-sound surveillance state survival suspense sustainability sustainable suzi suzi q SweatBox swing swing dance sylvia o'stayformore Symphonic Music symphony T.

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Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)
Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica) Summer Holiday (Lesbian Erotica)

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