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He sounded amused by her claim. Whoever he was, he stood tall enough to have to watch the ceiling or risk knocking his head on one of the thick beams that supported the roof. Tugging on the reins, she led the horse through the doorway and out into the yard. With a carefully placed foot, she used the power in her legs to gain the saddle. The stallion danced with excitement, snorting in the evening air. But she felt the eyes of the stranger on her. He stood just outside the stable door and his head was even with it. The evening sun touched him and set his hair a glow, it was dark but with copper hiding beneath that dark sable mane.

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He had it pulled back from his face but the back of it rested on his broad shoulders. Even his beard had a touch of copper in its dark hue, the sun lit it. But it was the way he watched her that drew her attention. Something flickered in his eyes that filled her with confidence. There was no hint of disapproval for the way she sat atop the horse with her thighs gripping the saddle. In fact, it looked as though he approved of her approach to riding the stallion.

Many would not. Half her own clan warned her that riding astride would make her sterile.

Here are a selection of unusual wedding traditions from around the world.

The other half was quick to tell her that no man would have her to wife if she insisted on acting so dominating. For the moment she didna care. Quite possibly, that would be the best solution because then she would never have to marry and answer to another man. Dunmore was bad enough.

The only thing that drove her towards considering Laird Hayden Monroe was the fact that her brother would marry soon and his bride would consider herself the mistress of the tower.

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Which meant she had important things to think on. And she hoped that he enjoyed the sight of her riding away from him, the arrogant man. There was something about the way he watched her that made her quiver. A hint of command in his gaze that told her he was accustomed to getting what he wanted from everyone he met.

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Especially women. She was the lairds daughter, even if her father had been a poor laird.

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Most of her kin never looked at her like this man was doing. Like she was a woman that they found pleasing. She shook the odd feelings aside, blaming Dunmore for opening her thoughts up to laying with a man. Setting her heels into the belly of the horse she leaned low over his neck and smiled when she felt the powerful beast begin surging beneath her.

Excitement filled her and the wind began chilling her ears and nose as the animal gained speed. Her heart accelerated and soon all she heard was the pounding of the hooves and the thumping of her heart. Everything else fell away behind her. The evening chill failed to bother her. Her heart was beating fast enough to keep her skin warm and her breath coming in small pants. A flash of lightning ended the ride as the stallion reared up into the darkening night, his front legs pawing at the air in front of him.

Elspeth laughed and tightened her thighs around him. When his hooves hit the dirt she took the impact easily, the smile on her lips never wavering. Important ones.

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He sat very confidently atop a horse that was finer than the one she rode. The saddle was richer, too, with decorative tooling applied along all the edges. Its quality bespoke a man with money and position.

Elspeth struggled to draw her next breath, her throat tightening to the point that it was painful. He grinned, a smug little parting of his lips that his beard interfered with her seeing completely. Another flash of lightning illuminated him and made both their mounts dance. The scent of rain filled the air and thunder clapped loudly above their heads. But the man sat as content as might be, unconcerned about the rain that was beginning to soak him.

I agreed to come and meet ye, so here I am.

The bride kidnapping, a funny tradition customary at weddings in Romania - ImperialTransilvania

One of his eyebrows rose giving him an arrogant look. Also, a popular saying says that a bride, in order to capture more value, she must be stolen for joke at the wedding. Adriana Mit. About us Archive Advertising Contacts.

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Traditions 17 July The bride kidnapping, a funny tradition customary at weddings in Romania. The Traditional Bride Kidnappping. The bride kidnapping nowadays Nowadays, stealing the bride has become a funny moment that has its moral. In Bucharest, the Arc de Triumph is the most popular place where stolen brides are brought. Photo: juniorproductions. The Romanian blouse — IA - a journey between tradition and modernity.

Romanian traditional masks - the representations of an archaic world. Arminden: the beginning of the summer in Romanian traditional culture.

Constantine and Helen, and the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Places of interest.

Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride
Stealing the Bride Stealing the Bride

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