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The result is a diversity of genres, instruments and influences which are internationally recognized. Half title verso blank Argument v, Their language and dmlects," pp. Brought at the Field sale, No. Priced by Leclerc, , No. Quaritch aRain prices it, No. Clarke, ofCineinna. By James Adair. Contains Arguments i-xx':ii ot'Adair's work, followed by Notes and illustrations to Ada. Adam Lncien. Adelmig Johann Christoph [and Vater J.

Sachsischem Hofrath und Ober-Bibliothekar. Huron grammatic comments, pp. Mohawk or Mohaux grammatic comments, pp. Lord's prayer from Hervas aud Smith , pp. Onondaga vocabularies, pp. Vyaudot vocabularies, pp. At the Field sale, No. Leclerc prices it, No. With an appendix. New-York; printed by J. Half title At the Brinley sale, No. Worden D. Alsop George. Described iu four distinct parts, j Aiso j small treatiseonthewild andnakedIndiaDS or Susquebanckes of Maryland, their customs, manuers, absurdities, aud religion.

Together with a eoHection of historical letters. By j George Alsop. A new edition with an introduction aud copions 1 historical notes. Forms vol. Notes by Dr. Shea oceupypp. Reissued as "Fund Publication No. Ou-tside title as above, half title 1 L insido titIelL4. Alvis William. Teyeriwakowata, L. By William Alvis. American Bible Society. Centeunial exhibition. Specimen verses from versions in din'urent lang'nages and dtalects in which the HolySoriptnres 1 have been printed and cireulated by the American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society.

American Bible. Jotm iii, 16, in Mohawk and Seneca, p. Bureau of. Education Department of the Interior. New Orleans, In Missionary Herald, vol.

Mairie de France : Le département des Côtes-d'Armor

A catalogue of the books, tracts, etc. American Philosophical Society. In American Philosoph. Committee, vol. Bureau of JEthnoiogy. Some of the works mentioned are in Iroquoian dialects, by Zeisberger, Pyriasus, Campbell, Hawkins, aud otbers-. American Society. American Tract Society: These words following a title or within parentheses after a note indicate that a copy of the work referred to was seen by the compiler in the library of that institution, New York City.

Analysis of the Seneca la. Na na none do wau ga. Anderson jEet.

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A general discussion, with examples, consisting mainly of extracts from a letter of Horatio Haie. Andrews William , Barclay H. Ne Yaga'wngh Niyadewighnisera. Oui j N e WatkCtUlissa. William Andrews, the late Rev. Henry 1 Barclay, and the Eev. Weyman and Hngh Gaine. Moat of the Mohawks, and some of the Oneidas and Tnscaroras, cotild now read, and he often furnished them suitable books. Barclay to super. When com. He had a good font of type for printing English, but was soon out of sorts' in this new language. Barclay died in 17G4, and his long aicknsss and death bindered, a.

Daniel Claus, afterward Indian agent in Canada, was bctticr able to do it than himself, but he was then away. Another Tongne, etc. Documents, iv, Talbot on bis return from England bad met Mr. Moor in Boston and tried to induce him to go back to New York, but 'poorTborowgood said he had rather he taken into France than into the fort at New York. Whilo at Albauy, Mr. Acconnt, , OIaoaac served as his interpreter; and Mr. Freeman whomean. This very worthy Calvinist minister' as Humphreys characterizea him may have previoualy given Mr.

Mooracopyof—or assisted hirn to translate-this littlemanual. Matherwouldbe g! Antrim Benajah J. With Specimens of more than Fifty Different Alphabets, including a concise description of almost all others known generally throaghout the Worid. Philadelphia: Published by the a. C'opK'4'Mett; Aster, Congress.. Two years later, Mr. Ogilvie, then of Trinity Chnrch, New York, and late mission. On the title-page it is said to have been prepared under direction of Rev. At the Brinley sale, N'o. See Morgan L. Or, j Sorne comtnna. Boston: Printed by B.

It may. Thorowgood Moor, who was sent out by tho Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, in , to labor for the conversion of the Mohawks. He remained nearly a year at Albany, and visited theMohawks at their Castle,' bat could not obtain their consent to his establishment of a mission among them. John Talbot another misaiouary of tbe Society. Tongue brought i! Arch John. John into the Cherokee language. Tlie elemeutary book referred to is Tn'oba. My the spelling book of Buttrick D.

Arithmetic, Cherokee. Assall Friedrich WitheHn. Mit einem Atlas von 12 Steint: fein. Sahin's Dictionary, No. CoptM seem. Astor: This word foUowing. Outside title reverse a short description 1 sheet, 17 other sheets printed on one sidc only in portMio, obtong folio. Sabin's Dictionary, No. Dedicated by permission to his grace the archbishop of Canterbnry. John i, , in Mohawk, p. London: SamnelBagsterandsons: at tbe warehouse for Bibles, New Testaments, church services, prayer books, lexicons, gratnma.

Baker Theodor. UberdieMusik 1 der nordamerikanischen Wilden j 1 von Theodor Baker. Printed cover 1 title as above Balbi Adrien. Tnscarora, 'Wyandot, and Huron. Copies seen; Astor, British Mnseum. Tome premier, j [Design. XXVI []. The Atlas and Introduction together priced by Leclerc, , No. Bancroft San Francisco, Cal. Sec Morning and Evening Prayer. Barefoot Isaac. See Bearfoot I. Henry C. Mnrphy, of Brooklyn, Long Island, consisting almost wholly of j Amencana, j or boohs relating to America. Two sessions daHy, at 2. Printed cover 1 1.

CompHed by thelate Hon. John R. Barton Benjamin Smith. By Benjamin Smith Barton, M. Roviewed and extracts given in The Port. Title as above reverse blank 1 I. Leclerc, , No. Bartram William. Title 1 ]. Appended and occupyiug pp. By William Bartram. XCI []. Chapter vi. Tbe Brinjcycopy, No.

Travels j through North aud South C! EmbeUished with copper-plates. Philadelphia: Printed by James and Johnson. London: Reprinted for J. Johnson, in St. Panl's Churchyard. Priced by Quamtch, No. Dublin For J. Moore, W. Jones, R. M'AIlister, and J. Ri ce. Copies secn. Mit erlauternclen Anmer'knngen 1 von E. Zimmermann, Hofrath und Professer in Brannschweig. Forma pp. Berlin, In der Vossisehcn Buchhajudlung. Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia. EmbeHished with copper-plates. Thesecond edition in Londou. Philudelphia: printed by James aud.

Par William Bartram. Tome Premiers-Second]. Paul's chnrchyard. Priced m Stevens's Nuggets, No. Par Williams [s:c] Bartram. Tome premier [-second]. A Paris, Chez Mara. Au IX []. Priced by Ledero, , N'a. With prefatory and supplementary notes. In American Eth. Bartram occupies pp. Sqnier's notes. Priced by Clarke, 18S9, No. Bastian Philipp Wilheim Adolf. Ethnologie und vergleichende Liuguistik.

Bearfoot Isaac. Ne karorouh ne teyerihwa. Toronto: printed by tbe Church printing and publishing company. Mohawk title verso 1. In a, letter written to me in Docember, , this gentlemact speDa his namc Hearfoot. William Martiu. Tlie ludiau prayer book. Beauregard Ollivier. Anthropologie et philologie par M. Benson Egbert. Jamaica, Title from the Murphy sale catatogue, , No.

1H de Monsieur Madame - Compilation #5

Mercein, i No. I5t, "ba]f calf. Sabin's Dietionary, No. By Egbert Benson. Sleight, printer. Copies Mm. The Field copy, No. In New York Hist. Beauchamp W. In Science, vol. See Brinton D. Notes on taeIroqnois]aDgnage, vol. Name of the Senecas, vol. The following spring his father removed to Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. In !! The degree of S. He became reetor of Grace Church, Baldwinsvilto, N. Bergholtz Gustaf Fredrik.

Bergmann Gusta. Title and 6 other p. Besson Rev. Jean Pierre Davaux. He left the outline of an Iroquois vocabala,ry. Genesis, Cherokee. See'Worcester S. Genesis ptrt ,Cherot. Genesis part ,Mohaw]i:. Brant J. Exod'us, Cherokee. Exodua part , Mohawk. Freeman B. Proverbs, Cherokee. Gospels, Mohawk. OnaLSakenrat J. Gospels, Soneca. Ma,tthew pt. Harris T. Mark, Mohawk. Braut, J. See Rand S. Lnke part ,Mohawk. Rand S. Luke, Seneca. Wright A. John, Cherokee. Worcester S. John part , Mohawk. Bagater J. Drake S. John, Mohawk. John part , Seneoa. Bible Society. John part , Seneca.

Hyde J. Acts, Cherokee. Worc6ster S. Corinthians I, Mohawk. Hess W. Corinthianal, Mohawk. Hill H. Ephesians, Moha,wk. See First. Revelation, Cherokee. Revelation, Mohawk. Bible of Every Lancl. See Bagster J. Printed covers, pp. John iii, 16, in Mohawk and in Seneca, p. John iii, 16, in Mohawk, p. Eames, Powell. Library,Fnris, France.

Bird Joseph B. See Cherokee Advocate. Boas Franz. See Chamberlain A. Bob the Sailor Boy. Smith, Penzance. Park Hill: 1 Mission Press: J. Archer, Printers. The book of commonprayer, And administration of the saoraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the chnroh, 1 according to the use of the Chureh of England: together with A Collection of Occasional Prayers, and 1 divers Sentences of Holy Scripture, 1 Necessary for Enowledge and Practice.

A new edition: to. London: j printed by C. Buckton, Great Pultney street, j Golden square. London: karistodarho C. Buckton, Great Pultney street, j 1 Golden square. English titleverao 1. Mark occupies pp. Asthenumberthen printed was small, and some of the copies were nnfortunately lost, another impression beeamo necessary. Other editions were printed in the Mohawk tangnage only; in this,the English is aiso printed on the opposite page.

His accnrate knowledge of the Mohawk language, qualifiod him for the nndertaking! Mark, ooncerning which the following particulars may not be nninteresting: 'During tiLe winter of ,' says the Rev. Oanajoharie, about 30 miles distant from Fort Hnnter, where 1 resided. Cherokee Hymns Compiled from several authors and revised. New Echota: Jno. Wheeler, Printer. Title reverse blank 1 1. Copies MM Brinley. For I:ttor editions of this work, see Worcester S. Boudinot William P. Boyd Stephen G. By Stephen G. Title T-x, text pp. Pp contain a "MisceUaneous vocabulary" of local names which are not of Indian origin.

Brant Joseph. The gospel according to St. Tekaweanadennyoh Tayendanegea, Kaciyenkehaga kaweanondaghkouh. In Book of common prayer, in Mohawk, pp. The above are tha headinga to pp. See Book of eommon prayer, also Stuart. Daniel Clause, the deputy Superintendant for Indian affairs. Mark but very little besides. Book of Common Prayer. NeUes A. Boston rnblio: These words following a title or within parentheses after a note indicate that a copy of the work reforred to was seen by the compiler in that library, Boston, Mass.

Boudinot Elias. Trans]ated by E. One Une Cherokee eharactera. New Eohota. Wheeler and J. Candy, printers. Title verso blank Ledesme de la, Compagnie de lesvs. Traduite en Langage Canadois, pour la Con- uersion des habitans du dit pays. Ludewig erroneously states th! Doctrine Chrestienne, dv R. Ledesme de la Compagnie de lesvs.

Traduicte en langage Canadois, autre que celuy des Montagnars, pour la connersion des habitans du dit pays. Par le R. In Champlain S. Ludewig, p. This is not correct. Doctrine chrestienue, dv R. Tradnioto en langage Canadois, autre que celuy des Montagnars, pour la conuersion des babitans du dit pays.

Ledesme de la Compagnie de Iesvs. Tradniote en langage Canadois, autre que celuy des Montagnars, pour la connersion des habitans du dit pays. As also several portions of the aaered scriptures, tranalated iuto the same language. New-York, publish. Dgs, Printers. English title verso 1. Matthew, pp. Mark, pp. Record, vol. Joseph Brant Thayendancgea , a Mohawk chief, bom in Ohio about Valley and in other sanguinary affairs.

He had been sent about to Dr. Wheelook's Indian scliool in Connecticut, and in '76 he visited England. Brebceuf J. Doctrine cbrestienne, dv R. Ledesme, de la Compagnie de Iesvs. Traduicte en langage Canadois. Ledesme de la Compagnie de lesvs.. Appended to Le Jeune P. Oraison [in Huron], pp. N0 title-page, pp. Oraison in Huron, with interlinear translation in French, pp.

Chapter 4 translated and reprinted in Gallatin A. Oraison in Huron, with interlinear French translation, pp. Fatberjobn de Breboeuf, whose Huron name. From the ontsei of his religions! He was interred at the cemetery of St. Mary's, bat his head was carried to Qnebec and inclosed in a silver bust sent from France by his family. Brickell John. By John Brickell, M. Dublin: Printed by James Carson, in Coghill's. Court, Dame- street, opposite to the Castle-Market. For the Author, Ail that portion of the work from pp. Dunsta,n's Church, Fleetstreet. Price 6s.

Bringier L. Bringier, Esq. Elias Cornelius-communicated for this Journal. Daniel Garrison. American hero-myths. By Daniel G. Brinton, M. Philadelphie: j H. Title 1 1. Copies seen British Museum, Eames. By j Daniel G. Brinton, A. Philadelphia: j 1 No. Title reverse blank States the roautta of a "comparison betwoeu the Ala. See Beauchamp W. British aud Foreign Bible Society.

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  7. John iii, 16, in Mohawk, No. British a. John iii. John'a Sqmare, E. Title as aboveverso contents Phi adelphia Bible Society, Cor. Walnut and SeventhSts. John's Square, E. Printed covers title as above on the front one verso qnotation and notes , contents pp. John iii, 16, in the Mohawk langnage, p. Copies seen: American Bible Society, Powell. Foreign Bible Society has printed or circnlated the Holy Scriptnres. British and Foreign Bible Society — Cent. Rivington, 52, St. Jolin's Square, E. Title as above reverse qnotation and notes Titlo as above on cover reverse a quotation, contents pp.

    John iii, 16, in Mohawh, p. OjpaaitM j nep. John's Square, London. Priuted covers title as above on front one verso quotation and notes , contenta pp. Jean UI. Title on cover as above reverse quotation, contents pp. British and Foreign Bible Sooiety— Cont. Title aa above verso qnotation and notes, contents pp. John iii, t6, in Iroquois, p. Some copies are dated London, Eng.

    Brown David. As there were yet no types in existence for printing that language, Brown's version, entire or in parts, was circalated in manuacript. A translation, made in such circnmstances, could not fail to be imperfect and another was afterwards made and printed. See Lowrey G. Tsionk8e, hetsise8anenton ne Ra8enniio. Title on cover reads: E. Printed cover, title reverse approbation 1 L text pp. AcopyMtheBrinteyaaIc, No. Patrick's cburcb, Montreal. Sinee Mr. Brown has had no connection with Indian miasiona and, as ho informs me, has done nothing in Indian languages.

    Bruyas Net. Anctore R. Jacobo Bruyas, j Sooietatia Jeau. By Rev. James Bruyas S. Half title 1 i.

    ISBN 13: 9782012248564

    Latin title 1 1. Forma vol. It is a close]y written manuscript of H6 pages, which bas long been preserved in'the Mission Honse at Cauglinawaga, or Sanit St. The grammatical sketch M rather a series of notes. Except in strict alphabetical arrangement, it is a very full Mohawk dictionary, written in Latin, but with tho meaning of the words in French. The Ramirez copy, No. Prioed by Trubner, , p. At the Pinart sale a copy, No. Ra,dic:d words of the Mohawk language, with their derivatives. Forms Appendix B to tbe Sixteenth Ann.

    Parle R. Bruyas, C. Mauuscript, 27 Il. It is without title, the above appearing aa a heading to p. Manuscript, 11 nnntimbered Il. Seen at Canghnawaga, Canada. After this he was cliiefly at the mission of Sault St. Louis on the St. Lawrence [where he died June In the negotiations between the French and Iroqnois from 69! His last appeara'jce in New York was in and , at Onondaga. In BnBMo Hist. Burtin Rev. Nicolas Victor. Title verso bifmk Bnrtin, Canghnawaga, 5 Septembre, pp.

    Joseph, j Sose roiatatokenti rawenmta. Manngcript, in the Mohawk language, in possession of its author, Canghnawaga, Canada. Preface signed N. Burtin, Canghnawttga, 30 Janvier pp. Then follow pp.


    Jesos ra,weriasatokenti aweaiiita, Rohia. Cours d'instruction eu langue iroquoisp, Impartie. Buschmann Johann CarlEduM'd. In Honiglicbe Akad. Carl Ed. Berlin, InFerd. Gedrnckt in der Druckerei der MtiigUchen Aka. Ofi Natural Sounds," by Professor J. Translatcd by Campbell Clarke, esq. In Philolog. In Schoolcraft TI. PhHfMle]phia, 1S52, 4".

    Buttrick Cet. Daniel Sabin Antiquitiea ofthe Cherokee Indians. Vinita Indian Chieftain, publishers. Printed cover, title Tsvivki Sqdvciv. A 1 Cheroke Spelling Book. For the Mission Establishment at Braiaerd. Printed prier to the invention of Cherokee characters. Mannseript, Soen at Caughnawaga, Canada.

    Manuscript, in the Mohawk language, in the possession of its author, Caughnawaga, Canada. Text pp. Manuscript, pp. Tho Mohawk words are written between the bars of music, as iu printed music sheets. Description from its author. Mannsoript in the Mohawk language, in possession of its antbor, Caughnawaga, Canada.

    Title verso blank 1 text pp. MainviRc, pastoratSt. He is still missionary at Caughnawaga and is engaged on a history of that mission. Priced in Stevens's Nuggets, No. Tbe Fischer copy, No. At the Field sale a copy, No. Two copies at the Brinley sale, Nos.

    At the Pinart sale a fine copy, No. Nowcalled,bytheEnglish, rennsylva. By Thomas Campanius Holm. Translatedfromthe Swedish, for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. With notes. By Peter S. Un Ponceau, LL. Of the origin and langnage of the Indians in Virginia and New Sweden, pp. Du Ponceau, LL. Stockholm Tryckt vthi thet af Konigt.

    Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition) Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
    Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition) Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
    Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition) Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
    Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition) Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)
    Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition) Monsieur Neige (Collection Monsieur Madame) (French Edition)

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