Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice

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This session is free to attend. The link is below. Feel free to share. The world continues to be open! What is the state of e-learning? Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 20 2 , Blog post addendum Part 2. Curtis J. Super Masterclass 0. Keynote Slides. Mimi Lee.

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Shaughnessy , July-August. Educational Technology, 56 4 , Virtual presentation for a Seminar of Retail Education. Helsinki, Finland. Learning is Changing Part 1: Education 3. Electronic conferencing tools for student apprenticeship and perspective taking. Educational Technology, 36 5 , Thomas C. Invited talk , November 2. Monday November 2nd Colloquium with Thomas C.

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Where is research on massive open online courses headed? Masterclass 2. Masterclass 3. Where Are You R2D2? Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Bonk presentation for R Emerging Learning Technologies. Presentation to the University of Illinois. Bonk speaking Speaking references available upon request.

Talks Note: Starting in the fall of , Dr. Bonk decided to only post the talks you can download below. He has done many more that are not listed here. Curt Bonk, May, Dr. Bonk is a speaker and delivers a videoconference presentation at Purdue State University, November, Dr. Bonk speaks at the University of Maryland, November 6th, Dr.

Bonk delivers a videoconferencing presentation to Ohio University, September, Dr. Nexford University Webinar via Zoom.

Now What? Presentation Slides: What is the Future of Learning? Your CV Should Inform.

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Your Cover Letter Should Persuade. Social Media Use for Learning and Development. Dankook University. Yonsei University. Ewha Womans University. Seoul National University. Chungbuk National University. Sabir, N. Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. Now we are on the cusp of the fourth industrial age related to cyber physical systems with extensive physical, biological, digital, and educational implications. It is in this age that we now are witnessing hyper-accelerating advancements in robotics, mobile supercomputing, artificial intelligence, drone technology, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

Similarly, in education, after just two decades of Web-based learning, we have entered the fourth phase or wave of e-learning. Interesting, each of the four waves of e-learning have come exactly seven years apart. First was the establishment of Web browsers and learning portals, brought about by Web search companies like Netscape which was founded on April 4, Another seven year span resulted in the first massive open online courses MOOCs in Now we enter the fourth phase of e-learning involving the personalization of e-learning.

This is the age where mentors, tutors, experts, colleagues, and instructors can appear instantaneously on a mobile device. As with the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, there is immense change around the world today related to new forms of learning typically involving technology in the fourth phase of e-learning. In fact, there are three megatrends related to learning technology today: 1 technologies for engagement; 2 technologies for pervasive access; and 3 technologies for the personalization and customization of learning. To better understand these new forms of learning delivery, Professor Bonk will discuss these three megatrends as well as his recent research on the personalization of e-learning.

Along the way, insights will be offered into where the fourth industrial revolution bumps into and fuels the fourth e-learning revolution. Presentation Slides: 1. Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Education 3. Tulsa Technology Center Tulsa Tech. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Presentation Slides: Morning Presentation: 1. From then on, to guarantee he was talking to the right woman, the pair communicated via Skype, with Kae Alexander using Google Translater and a Thai-to-English dictionary.

She conducted her interview with Seven Days in a similarly tech-assisted manner, occasionally typing a Thai word into her tablet before sharing the English translation. A successful businesswoman who owned four homes, Kae Alexander was in no hurry to relocate to the U.

She gave Bill an ultimatum: She would consider moving to Vermont if he would first spend some time living in Thailand. They purchased a Spanish-style home together on the coast in Samut Prakan, where she owned another restaurant. We live together, and we love so much. I tell him I need a strong family: heart for heart, not papers for papers. After just three months in the house together, she was ready to join Bill in Vermont.

They wed on December 29, , and relocated to a rental cottage in Castleton, where Bill had a consulting job. Almost immediately, the new bride was eager to start cooking again, frustrated by the required wait for a work permit and Social Security number. She started Thai Catering of Vermont in February with a clear goal: to expose her new neighbors to authentic Thai food without pandering to the American palate. They closer to New York. She usually cooks only Monday through Friday, while her husband works in southern Vermont, but her opening day was an exception. On the Saturday of the Shelburne Museum Art and Craft Festival , Alexander set up a small tent on her front lawn, right across the street from the museum.

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She cooked a limited menu in a wok on a hot plate. By late afternoon, a crowd had gathered to watch Alexander prepare her fried pad Thai. A number of those are Thai comfort foods more often cooked in homes than in restaurants. The sugary, soy-based stir-fry is the Thai equivalent of a meatloaf used to hide vegetables. At her restaurants in Thailand, she pulled the same maneuver on young customers. It remains to be seen if the bamboo dish will play as well with American youngsters, but adults are sure to enjoy the tender shoots, sweet, roasted whole garlic cloves and chunks of scrambled egg, all mixed with carrots, mushrooms, scallions and cherry tomatoes.

Kai jeow omelettes are often served as a side dish in American Thai restaurants. Alexander starts by taking a fist-size portion of lean pork from her big black refrigerator. On her marble countertop, she places the meat on a small cutting board and begins to chop frenetically. Once it looks coarsely ground, she buries a single carrot stick in the pile and chops until the pork is mixed with tiny flecks of orange. Then she adds the pork mixture, soy sauce, Squid brand fish sauce and powdered chicken stock.

She heats oil in her wok until it steams and quickly throws in the egg mixture, shaking it and making it dance across the pan. The rich, slightly oily dish bursts with the meaty chunks of pork and sweet, slightly charred onion. One is barely enough.

[CUT] Kiss Scene - Bangkok G Story Ep.21-23.

Next, Alexander prepares another dish often seen as a side or starter — som tam. Alexander starts by grinding a few cloves of garlic in the deep bowl. Completed, her version of the dish is uncommonly appealing to the eye, with a white base of papaya matchsticks dotted with bright-red cherry tomatoes and marbled green balls that turn out to be Thai eggplants. Alexander says she prepared the dish with a milder dose of heat than she would for a Thai person. Alexander cooks four regional variations of tom yum soup, the Thai restaurant staple. Her rich, bright-red Bangkok version strikes a beautiful balance of sour and spicy with a little help from fat chunks of fresh galangal, a more complex relative of ginger.

Available Monday through Friday, 9 a. Tags: Seasoned Traveler , food. Seven Days moderates comments in order to ensure a civil environment.

Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice
Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice Bangkoks Steaming Stories- Sari and Alice

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