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Tropics of Vienna

Toby packed the lunches, cleaned the house and spent many hours doing homework and projects with his daughter. As time passed and his daughter grew up, it allowed Toby to look at where he is going. Toby went back to University in to do Podiatry and not long into the course, his past experience of studying medical material hit him like a whirl wind.

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This really was confirmation that the door on anything medical needed to be closed. Toby knew it was time to go back to his origins and draw back on his love of tinkering with wires and fixing things. Toby was able to identify that he loves short term outcomes, electrical work provides spontaneity and has a starting point and works to a completion having a tangible result.

Sometimes, life just has a way of working itself out and what we put out into the universe we get back. When we feel that a chapter in our life is complete it enables us to re-focus our energies on something new. Toby has been given an opportunity to choose a career he wants to do, and write the next story of his book of life. Everything else seems but a distant memory. Have the courage to be true to yourself and pursue your thoughts, wants and desires, not everyone has it perfectly mapped out when they finish school, college or university.

The past will only be a shadow if you allow it, your thoughts will either be your greatest obstacle or your reason for change. When you contact our team and choose to work with our company, you are contributing to us supporting up and coming electrical apprenticeships like Toby, fulfill their dreams. Contact our team on 08 admin universalelectrotech. Luck Is No Lady. A hero on the cusp of roguery and a heroine who is more than a pretty face with Aristocratic manners reluctantly join forces as desperation and intrigue fuel their immediate connection. When her efforts to resolve the debt bring her into the sphere of Roderick Bentley, the owner of a gaming hell, who dwells in the periphery of the ton their attraction soon uncovers the real people behind their social mask.

Astute dialog mixed with an intense sexual draw and an oppressive sense of danger show off Ms. A great story with appealing characters Luck Is No Lady will leave captivated readers avidly awaiting the next fallen lady in this impressive new series. This book took an interesting approach on the meaning of strength. A hero who by all outward appearances exudes power is in fact brought to his knees by the quiet inner fortitude of a woman that many have tried to break but exhibits such inner force of character that she remains unbroken.

With the rough and darker side of sex representative of the world they live in the hero and the heroine reach beyond the physical and bond on a deep emotional level. Battles of strength both inner and outer vs. A book that test limits and stretches boundaries Edge of Temptation is a work worth taking on. In the ever evolving worlds of Donna Grant the next installment of her Dark Kings series continues with the excellence its followers have come to expect from this author.

The ninth book in this collection, Smoke and Fire, carries forward where the last book left off and builds on a strong foundation of past events. A well matched hero and heroine match intellect with page crisping chemistry to keep readers on the edge of their favorite reading spots.

How this author manages to keep track of all her worlds and characters is beyond me and coupled with her writing talent a book by Donna Grant is an adventure unparalleled! Good Dukes Wear Black. A Duke more at home in the trenches of the battlefield than a ballroom and a heroine who struggles not to defy convention, not only uncover a mystery but their attraction to each other in this quick and engaging romance.

Collins frames her work within the parameters of a traditional historical romance but fleshes out her story with out of the ordinary interesting and well researched plot points. Dilemma In Yellow Silk. The continued intrigue of the Pretender and his on going bid to retake the thrown of Britain plays out as the Emperors of London strive to keep peace and protect unsuspecting political pawns.

A hero who maintains a dutiful stance to his responsibilities and a heroine with an unbreakable spirit take on numerous challenges in order to claim their love. Wonderful connections and no short supply of plot twist make delving into a Ms. Connolly work a special event for the story lover in all of us.

I can think of no better way to spend a day than to take a virtual motorcycle ride with the super talented Violetta Rand. Working with Eleanor, Addison finds it hard to act strictly professional as she both fears her and dreams of winning her heart. Eleanor in turn realizes that her attraction to Addison is not a mere midlife crisis at all, but looks very much like love. Eadie T. Pratt sets out on a road trip in search of a new life and ends up in the middle of somewhere she never expected. Start with one independent, urban lesbian who cashes out her life in San Francisco for a secondhand travel trailer and sets off to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in search of a new life.

Add to this a broken-down '66 T-bird, a bunch of small-town Texas Baptists, a ton of fried food, and a church scandal. Pepper with a hot love interest and a dash of greed, and what you get is Eadie T. Pratt's road trip gone awry. Her suppliers keep getting arrested. Her competition is poaching all her customers. And her farm is under a microscope, which makes money laundering difficult.

The Theology of Creation (Selected Scriptures)

It makes her a suspect. Cash preferred it when she knew which cops were bad and good. Last time, her business and reputation were on the line. And stay alive. Before Stonewall, having a drink with friends or your girl could mean jail. In , The Old Town Tavern is more than just a gay bar.

It's a home to strangers who have become family. Murph, the dapper unschooled storyteller. Rockie Solomon, the gentle, generous observer.

Lisa Jelane, in all her lonely dignity. Gorgeous Paul, so fragile, and his twin straight? Deej, the angry innocent. Norman, plump and queenly lover of a college professor who's happiest in schoolmarm drag. Harry Van Epps, police officer, and old Dr. Everett, "family" physician. They drink, they dance, they fall in lust and in love. They don't even know who the enemy is, only that it is powerful enough to order the all-too-willing vice squad to destroy the bar and their lives. Would these women and men still have family, a job, a place to live after The Raid? This was how it was done then, this was the gay life, and this is the resilient gay will.

In this post-apocalyptic world, you have a choice: survive as a slave or fight for your freedom. The Red Death pandemic wiped out most of the human population, and the world that remains is dangerous and unforgiving. Survivor Alex Clarke and her companions are rescued after a vicious attack and welcomed into the Rapture's Haven Camp. Although given medical treatment, food, shelter, and protection, Alex senses something sinister lurking beneath the camp's friendly exterior.

Camp medic Evelyn Bennett is instinctively drawn to Alex and warns her that the camp is a dangerous cult and the women are slaves. While planning to escape, their secret relationship is discovered. Escape is no longer possible. They must fight for their freedomor die trying. A girl meets girl, girl meets ghosts, funny, fast-paced thriller stretching from the streets of London's theatre-land to the sand dunes of Provincetown. When Tony Carson wakes to a pretty drag queen perched on her chest of drawers, she thinks she's dreaming.

But it's Tony's powers that have awoken, and the ghosts just won't leave her alone. Struggling with the mystery surrounding the death of her father, attractive herbalist Maya Silva needs Tony more than she knows, and it's not just for her supernatural detecting. Dark storms are brewing and Tony's about to discover the spirit world can be a very dangerous world indeed No one travels this life alone.

Maggie Rae-McInnis is happy in her twelve-year relationship with Addison and renting out the rooms in their large home in the Hollywood Hills. Her one nagging fear is that her partner is not as happy as she is—and she is right. Addison is a hot mess. Though she loves Maggie, she feels something is missing.

When she meets Victoria Fontaine, a confident, sexy, and manipulative younger woman, she is swept into something new, exciting, and a little dangerous. Tess Rossini and Dusty Gardner, the couple's closest friends and long-term tenants, face their own fears as they navigate the uncharted waters of love, and Eve Jacobs, newest arrival, finds herself on a path of self-discovery. The love and friendship these women share make up the threads that weave together to form the unbreakable bonds that last a lifetime.

Welcome to the world of Bay West Social. Twenty-something Meg McTiernan is all about her career when her house hunt unexpectedly lands her at Bay West a lesbian mecca tucked away in the suburbs of NYC and her social life is given a turbo boost. There's a pool, a softball league, even a nightclub practically in her backyard. In this loaded environment, finding the right girl just got a lot more interesting. Case in point: law student Lexi Russo grew up at Bay West and is about to start an internship at the law firm of another local, self-assured, sexy Jesse Ducane.

Lexi's had a crush on Jesse forever, but Jesse's the one Bay West woman she can't possibly have. And not just because she's her boss. Together, new friends Meg and Lexi navigate romances, fun flirtations, juicy gossip, tons of drama, and maybe just the right amount of true love. Everyone knows true love is just a fantasy Mackenzie Lewis's friends think she is destined to grow old alone, because even though she is a successful business woman, fun to be with, and great looking, the only women she meets are the ones in the romance novels she devours or while tagging along on dates with her best friend Jordan.

Mac wants the kind of love she reads about and that her parents' storybook love proves exists, and she intends to wait for it. Mac's best friend Dr. Jordan Wagner, a successful, gorgeous plastic surgeon, has encountered lots of women and she has enjoyed every one. She is not interested in growing old with any of them, though, and her past losses only confirm her choice is the right one. At the first sign of commitment, she is on to the next. On a dare from their pals, Mac and Jordan decide to look for matches on the Internet.

As they wind their way through the Web, seemingly looking for completely different things, both women discover true love is far different than they imagined. Ultimately, Mac and Jordan discover truelesbianlove is closer than a click away. She writes bad poetry to help her survive her painful existence with her husband, until she is forced to undergo a radical lifestyle change. A wilderness kayak adventure brings together two very different women--Chaz Herrick, a laid-back outdoorswoman, and Megan Maxwell, a workaholic news executive.

As they battle the challenges of nature for survival, they discover that true love may be nothing at all like they imagined. Drama free. Advance praise from Foreword Reviews : " Truth or Dare is an entirely fun read. This book is a must for fans of multiple-character structures and shows like The L Word. Truth or Dare is charming with its stories of queer women falling in and out of love.

It is smart, funny, and romantic—the perfect read for a snowy night in. By Samantha Boyette. For Molly Kennan, senior year is already an epic disaster. Her ex-best friend is trying to ruin her life, and school generally sucks. Older, beautiful, and definitely way more sophisticated. When your head and your heart are saying two different things, which one should you listen to? That sounds so much better than damage control after her only live, on-screen interview ends in an oh-so-public epileptic seizure.

Farmer Sam McQuade is immediately attracted to Penelope, but the ultra femme and high maintenance city girl seems way out of her league. Quade is annoyingly good-looking, not to mention kindhearted, and falling for her would be so easy. Can love alone bring a complex city girl and a simple rural farmer together? By Shelley Thrasher. Bree Principal and Linda Morton have sacrificed their personal lives for career and family.

Now, in her late sixties, Bree is forced to return to her hometown in East Texas, where she begins to discover things about herself she has refused to acknowledge for fifty years. Do both she and Linda—who is finally out and proud—have the courage to claim the type of life they've never allowed themselves to embrace? Nyandoro was born the favorite. When the latest thing she desires is the wife of a village elder, she faces consequences she never had to before. This loss takes Ny from the shelter of her family and home to the unknown wilds of a new world flush with ancient power, and into the arms of an old lover who has always been by her side.

By Dena Blake. Dex Putnam has been in love with her best friend Grace Standish since the fifth grade. Grace is smart, beautiful, and most unfortunately, straight. Then Dex meets Emma Lawson, and her life takes a whole new direction. Only trouble is, she never expected to have to choose between her best friend and her new love.

Emma Lawson is successful and happy except when it comes to love. When Grace comes between them, Emma refuses to be second best. Can Emma show Dex what true love really looks like? Sort by Collection Order Latest. Fated Love. Second Chance at Love. Love to the Rescue. A Rivers Community Romance Book 5. A Heart to Call Home. Enemies to Lovers Romance. A More Perfect Union. A Return to Arms. Friends to Lovers Romance. Above the Law. Lone Star Law Romance. As the Crow Flies. Asher's Fault. The Asher Trilogy Book One. Asher's Out.

The Asher Trilogy Book Three. Cherokee Falls Series. Betrayal is a wound that rarely heals. A devastating accident that claims the life of her Olympic-bound mount lands Jessica Black and her new stallion at Cherokee Falls Equestrian Center, where she is teamed up with an arrogant, womanizing trainer. Skyler Reese is a former gold medalist, now blacklisted as a professional rider. The sparks that fly between the two women are anything but friendly at first, but the heat between them changes to passion as Skyler helps Jessica prepare for the upcoming competition.

Still, a dark secret Jessica is hiding threatens both her bid to win a spot on the U. Equestrian Team and Skyler's triumphant return to the eventing circuit. Battle Axe. The Luca Bennett Series Book 2. Private Investigator. Beggar of Love. Blind Curves. A Blind Eye Mystery Book 1. Blind Faith. A Blind Eye Mystery Book 3. Blind Leap. A Blind Eye Mystery Book 2. Breaking the Ice. Broad Awakening. International Setting. Camp Rewind. Cash Braddock. Cash Braddock Book 1. Charming the Vicar. An Axedale Village Romance Book 2.

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Courageous Love. Courting the Countess. An Axedale Village Romance Book 1.

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Dark Rites. Immortal Testimony Novels Book Three. The actors in the production of Weinstein's Wonderacts have a secret: they aren't just performers, they're members of a Circle, a coven dedicated to enlightenment through magic. To enhance their power, they have their eye on the new girl in the cast, Margarite, a natural witch. But the coven's leader, Vincent, isn't satisfied. He's hungry for more, to become a Complete Man. He turns to a mysterious wanderer for counsel, but could the teacher's intentions and rituals be malevolent?

Being the only one with true gifts, it's up to Margarite to save her friends from enacting these dark rites. Death's Doorway. A Supernatural Detective Novel. Definite Possibility. Bay West Social Book 3. Bay West Social: where friendship, fun, romance, and drama are always brewing. Dirty Money. Vivian Cooper and Reese DiGiovanni just found out that falling in love is hard.

It's even harder when you're running for your life. Cooper, Reese, and Ryan have escaped to Mexico. But they aren't safe. The DiGiovannis want their money and their progeny back. And Cooper doesn't feel like letting the money or the twins go. That is until she realizes exactly what she's up against. In a moment of anger, desperation, and fear, Cooper makes a mistake that will cost her.

First, the gold disappears. Then the twins abandon her. Cooper is left broke and heartbroken. And the only person she can turn to is the man she has been running from. Second in the Dirty Trilogy. Dirty Power. Final novel in the Dirty Trilogy. Dirty Sex. Dusty's Queen of Hearts Diner. The Morton River Trilogy Book 1. Dusty Reilly fled life on shore for the safety of a Naval career, but there was no escape from women who wanted her - and who made a peacetime military as dangerous as any war. She goes back home to her little factory town and there starts the saga of the diner.

Dusty and Elly, both characters from Lynch's novel Toothpick House, along with their blind friend Grace, the fiery old lesbians Gussie and Nan, lively gay Jake and their non-gay co-workers wage the battle of their lives to keep the dream of Dusty's Queen of Hearts Diner thriving in the face of powerful bigotry. Erotic, dramatic and very real, this is the celebrated first book of The Morton River Trilogy.

Embracing the Dawn. Does love have a chance when no one knows she wants it? Embracing the Moon. An Embracing the Dawn Romance. Every Dark Desire. The Desire Series Book 1. Every Second Counts. Success for Marc Ryder means riding out eight seconds on the back of an angry rodeo bull. She's exactly the type of wild and reckless person artist Bridgette LeRoy has avoided since the senseless death of her brother. But circumstances throw them together, and Bridgette is drawn into a tumultuous ride of attraction, passion, and denial.

When she realizes it's the only way to protect her battered heart, Bridgette's desperate mission to stop Marc's suicidal return to the rodeo becomes a race in which every second counts. Eyes Like Those. A Seven Shores Romance Book 1. When it comes to love, no one is in charge. Final Departure. A Jake Finnigan Mystery Book 1. Finding Bluefield. Hearts Like Hers. A Seven Shores Romance Book 2. High Impact. Highland Fling. Just Three Words. Lay Down the Law.

Letter of the Law. Lightning Chasers. Lightning Series Book 2. Lightning Strikes. Lightning Series Book 1. Lone Ranger. Long Shot. Love at Last Call. Love Like This. A Seven Shores Romance Book 4. Sometimes the most imperfect match is the most perfect surprise. Morton River Valley. The Morton River Trilogy Book 2. Nantucket Rose. Of Echoes Born. Outside the Law. Perfect Little Worlds. Playing in Shadow. Playing Passion's Game.

In most games, you play to win. In matters of the heart, you play for keeps. Trent Williams's entire world revolves around her love of gaming. She has little time for romantic distractions and prefers instead to be with her closest friends who, like her, live for the thrill that comes from a competition well played. Happy in her job, seemingly content with her life, Trent still finds herself haunted by the past that threatens to keep her alone forever.

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The self-imposed solitude she places on her heart only leaves her all too aware of just how lonely she is. All work and no play in her executive job forces Juliet Sullivan to search for a different direction in life. Disillusioned by it all, Juliet is desperate to seek out new horizons. When Trent unwittingly comes to the rescue of her younger sister, Juliet immediately finds herself drawn to Trent's silent strength and undeniable charm. Now the new direction Juliet so desperately desires seems intent on leading her straight into Trent's arms.

Playing with Fire. Practice Makes Perfect. A Legal Affairs Romance Book 1. Pursuit of Happiness. Queerly Beloved. Rafferty Street. The Morton River Trilogy Book 3. In this final, stand-alone volume of the Morton River Valley Trilogy, Annie Heaphy, beloved hero of Lynch's classic Toothpick House, has moved to the Valley and reunited with her old crowd. She loves her job driving for a sheltered workshop--until being gay becomes an issue. Valley gays unite to defend her as she dabbles in love with the right, and wrong, women. Readers rave about catching up with their old friends Lynch's characters and about the warm, engaging way she tells the story.

Whitney Scott, in Booklist, said, "Lynch portrays a lesbian-gay community of enormous range, strength, and diversity. Ready or Not.

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  7. Rocks and Stars. Royal Court. Run to Me. Scarlet Thirst. Sea Glass Inn. After a life of wrong turns and lost hope, can true love be more than a bittersweet fantasy? Can they learn to trust again and discover a second chance at love? Season's Meetings. Could the festive road trip from hell actually lead to love? Catherine Birch is a lonely workaholic who hates Christmas. This year, she is being forced to celebrate with her best friend's family in the Highlands of Scotland.

    Having missed her flight, Catherine reluctantly ventures on a road trip with beautiful stranger Holly Daniels. Although polar opposites, the intense attraction between them is unmistakable. Just as Catherine begins to think spending Christmas with Holly might not be so bad, a raging snowstorm leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Huddled together, with little chance of rescue, they forge a pact: if they escape, they'll make this a Christmas to remember.

    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)
    A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1) A Bittersweet Pursuit (Tribulations and Desires Book 1)

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