Who Let The Dogs Out

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Upon moving, we knew we wanted to get a dog, and Bernie stole our hearts from the minute we met him.


Who Let the Dogs Out

He quickly made the cross-country move for two East Coasters much easier and really is a part of our family. We got married in New Jersey overlooking our favorite city, New York, with our family and friends. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was the perfect black and white classic tuxedo to complement his human father and the rest of the bridal party. Both Bruno and Barkley are our family, and it was only fitting that they would be the ring boys for us. Their outfits were incredibly simple: a burgundy bow tie to match the ones that male members of the wedding party wore.

Woodrow was our first dog. He was an enthusiastic member of our early sled dog teams, a hobby we have kept up for 37 years. At our wedding, the rabbi would not allow Woodrow into the sanctuary, but he was allowed to attend the reception in the temple's social hall. Woodrow's checkered vest and bow tie were very stylish for I can't imagine a wedding day without Nala being a part of it. I actually messaged my husband first on OkCupid, and the first thing he asked was what type of a dog I had. Little did he know, it was two weeks until Nala would come to live with me. She has been there since the beginning of our relationship and is an important part of our lives together.

The suit was custom made for our pup. We spent more time on the dog outfit than the actual wedding dress. While we knew that Baloo would undoubtedly steal the show at our wedding. We also knew that our wedding day would not be complete without him there.

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Baloo was a groomsman, and he fulfilled the role completely. He helped the groom loosen up and relax before the ceremony by taking him for a walk around the park, providing an easy conversation starter with guests that arrived early, and most importantly, stood right by his side throughout the ceremony.

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Of course, the bridesmaid that walked him down the aisle knew that all eyes would be on Baloo and not her, but she was willing to make that sacrifice because Baloo is our pride and joy, and firstborn child. In fact, in honor of Baloo, we chose to donate to a bulldog rescue organization, the Philly Bully Team, in lieu of providing traditional wedding favors. Baloo is a short, stocky, dense American bulldog. While his legs are no more than seven inches in length, his build is that of a large bulldog.

We knew that his tuxedo for the wedding needed to be custom made.

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Sean did some research and found an Etsy shop that had experience with pet outfits for weddings. He took out the measuring tape, sized up Baloo's weird-shape torso, and provided the measurements over to the designer. The tuxedo, designed to match the groom, was flawless.

Everything fit perfectly. Marissa Sudol and Sean Christie, Philadelphia. Slim Jim started our family by joining our pack when she was a puppy. She showed us that love is an infinite, unconditional gift. Slim Jim wore a custom tutu inspired by joy and festivity. A bridal party is supposed to be composed of your best friends, and Atticus is certainly a best friend to both of us. We call him our chaperone because he always likes to insert himself physically between the two of us and grumbles when we don't include him in hugs and kisses.

Still, he's both friend and family to us and a huge part of our lives. We knew he had to be included in the wedding. But because being at the actual wedding would have been too exciting for Atticus, we went with a Build-a-Head cutout of his face from Buildahead. His cutout participated in photos and walked down the aisle on the arm of one of our bridesmaids. Madeleine Minton and Jaret Glazer, Chicago. Turtle is a big part of our lives, and since we had a destination wedding, she was coming with us. She was the most photogenic one of the group.

Turtle is just donning her feathers. The boys are part of our family. So, we have to ask, who really did let the dogs out? We all did!

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Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who Let The Dogs Out

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