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Navigator Object Properties

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The Navigator

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Flight of the Navigator (1986) - HD Trailer

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Web Services. Market Insight App. Market Data News. The method returns a Promise object that is resolved when the transition is finished. You can try adding the following code:. It may be useful to have access to custom data when we push a new page. This is achieved by passing options.

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It can be added to the left side of the toolbar and renders as an arrow:. It will automatically find the Navigator element and trigger a popPage call so there is no need to attach any click handlers to it. Many apps show a different first page depending on whether the user is logged in or not. To achieve this with the navigator, it is best not to define any page attribute on the navigator element at all.

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Then, when the app is ready, determine what the first page should be. Animation name. Available animations are "slide" , "lift" , "fade" and "none". These are platform based animations. For fixed animations, add "-ios" or "-md" suffix to the animation name. Defaults values are "slide-ios" and "fade-md" depending on the platform. Properties are accessed on the element through JS, and should be get and set directly. For example: document. Defaults values are "slide-ios" and "fade-md". These methods are called directly on the DOM element. Get a reference to the element in JS, and the methods below will be available to call on it.

Pops the current page from the page stack.

The Navigator, Lower Swanwick – Updated Prices

The previous page will be displayed. Replaces the current top page with the specified one. Extends pushPage parameters. Insert the specified page into the stack with at a position defined by the index argument. Remove the specified page at a position in the stack defined by the index argument. Extends popPage parameters.

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The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator The Navigator
The Navigator

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