The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)

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Power to the princess! Vita Murrow is an educator, an artist, a writer and a mum. Juliabe is a Spanish illustrator, born in the northern city of San Sebastian. One month has passed since Valor broke her twin sister Sasha out of jail. But the girl responsible for her imprisonment, Princess Anastasia, has gone missing, and Valor still longs for justice. But just as the girls team up with old friends to embark on the search, the queen vanishes without a trace. Set once again in the icy and dangerous queendom of Demidova, Ruth Lauren sweeps readers on another unforgettable adventure alongside an equally unforgettable heroine.

Unlock Your Imagination, published by DK. The perfect book for screen-free, on-the-go entertainment.

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Your child will be able to get creative, keep themselves busy, and learn new and exciting skills, from making disgusting and colourful slime, to building their own crazy golf course, and learning to play outdoor games including capture the flag, 20 questions, and hopscotch. Unlock your Imagination also includes a double-sided board, counters and a press-out dice that can be used to play chess, draughts, and snakes and ladders.

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    But strange things are happening at Rosewood. With pupils being poisoned, it seems like the threat of secret organisation Leviathan is growing closer. Lottie and Ellie are determined to find the culprit. But is danger closer than they think? From the rainforest to the savannah to the depths of the ocean, animal life in every continent and habitat has been affected by human activity.

    Discover the dangers they face, the action being taken to protect them and their vital importance on Earth.

    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)
    The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4) The Hopscotch Game (Ninjanimals Kidz Stories Book 4)

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