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The arrival point is guarded always by a small militia force and some clerics, because there is no way to know who or when something will come through, and the thought of having some goblin or worse! Hin that bring goods through must travel back to their homes by normal means, which is something that does not bother the hin at all.

Sometimes those about to relocate after the season take the produce and move on from Beluir. The first portal that was created, located in the north part of the country near Shoun, was not designed all that well and malfunctions. Corrections were made in the creation methods for the later portals. Because this portal is known to malfunction, most users don't take any magic items with them.

Ancient Aliens: Peru's Gate of the Gods - History

Thus the worst effects are the inflict wounds spell and the false destination. Since the false destination effect eventually sends the travelers to some farmland near Beluir, this results only in a delay and some damage. Some halflings won't use this portal. You temporarily cause the portal you target to malfunction use the portal mishap chart in Chapter 2 of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Material Component: A twisted silver bar worth gp. XP Cost: XP. There is a legend about this network of portals, too, told by halfling bards in the north.

Some seasons ago, when the portals were new, it is said that a halfling farming near the Lluirwood was attacked one evening by worgs from the forest. The attack, so the story goes, took place in the hin's field. The halfling, though brave of heart as befits his race, knew that the five worgs would tear him apart if he stood against them alone. He ran, and the creatures followed at their best speed. The halfling farmer could not outrun them and was about to fall when ahead of him the stalks of his plants came together and formed an arch over the row through which he was running.

A single daisy grew from the top of the arch in the second or two that it took him to reach the place, and as he ran through the arch he disappeared. He appeared in the temple of Sheela Peryroyl in Beluir, where he collapsed from exhaustion.

Gateway of the Mind

The five worgs appeared seconds later. In Gateway of the Gods, author Craig Hines invites readers to reconsider preconceived notions concerning Biblical theology in light of recent scientific discoveries and inquiries concerning the nature of the universe. This fascinating exploration reveals a number of ideas that have been suppressed and obscured behind layers of symbolism and misguided propaganda for thousands of years Why is it that so many world cultures share details of an event when fallen angels descended upon the earth and fathered hybrid offspring called the Nephilim?

Is it possible that these beings used "gateway" technology housed within pyramids and holy temples to travel between the heavenly and earthly realms?

Lake Titicaca – Gate of the Gods | Ancient Origins

Do the latest advances in theoretical physics lend credibility to the idea that otherworldly beings might reside in dimensions parallel to our own? One of the little ones fell and was carried within, amid lamentations. Then the villagers left their sports and labors and looked up at the sky. The tall man cried, in a voice of thunder, "Offer a sacrifice and the child shall be well again. Many such walks and feasts came after, and the sights of earth and taste of meat filled the mortal with a longing to see his people again. He told his wife that he wanted to go back.

She consented, after a time, saying, "Since you are better pleased with the cares, the ills, the labor, and the poverty of the world than with the comfort and abundance of Sky Land, you may return; but remember you are still my husband, and beware how you venture to take an earthly maiden for a wife. She arose lightly, clasped Cloud Catcher by the wrist, and began to move with him through the air.

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The motion lulled him and he fell asleep, waking at the door of his father's lodge. His relatives gathered and gave him welcome, and he learned that he had been in the sky for a year. He took the privations of a hunter's and warrior's life less kindly than he thought to, and after a time he enlivened its monotony by taking to wife a bright-eyed girl of his tribe.

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In four days she was dead. The lesson was unheeded and he married again. Shortly after, he stepped from his lodge one evening and never came back. The woods were filled with a strange radiance on that night, and it is asserted that Cloud Catcher was taken back to the lodge of the Sun and Moon, and is now content to live in heaven.

Ottawa Indian lore tells of the beautiful daughter of chief Sleeping Bear. Her beauty was so stunning that the Chief kept her hidden from the eyes of young suitors by hiding her in a covered boat on the Detroit River. One day when bringing her some food, the winds, awed by her beauty, blew the covers off of the boat and it floated down the river. The winds, sorry for uncovering her beauty, returned her back to her father, Chief Sleeping Bear and begged the chief not to hide her from them again, but to let them enjoy her beauty.

To protect her the chief, fearful that other men would follow, placed the princess on an island in the Detroit River and sought the aid of the Great Spirits to protect his beloved daughter by surrounding the island with snakes to protect her from intruders. There she could run free with the winds around her, The spirits immortalized her by transforming her into a white doe and letting her live out eternity on the island.

When the first white men appeared in the area they originally named the island Isle Ste. It was not much later that it became known as Belle Isle. To this day, the maiden's spirit can be seen from time to time dancing in the wind on the island and most unsuspecting picnickers don't realize that the lovely girl in Native costume is not a modern miss dressed for a pageant, but is in reality the Goddess of Belle Isle.

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There she runs free through the woods with the gentle winds and wildlife as her companions. Legend has it that the beautiful Indian maiden still roams the woods often mistaken by picnickers as a deer. The water-gate keeper, who was killed by the angry winds was buried on Isle au Peche Peach Island , where his spirit remained for many generations. Native American braves often sought out this spirit for counsel before going to war. His voice was heard through the wind in the trees and could be understood only by those who had prepared themselves through fasting and meditation.

Even Chief Pontiac, before planning his war against the English, spent a week on Isle au Peche, fasting in order to clear his mind, and to seek the wisdom of the water gate keepers spirit.

Gateways to the Gods by Steve Mitchell

The focal point of this experience is a family of white deer!! To conclude, according to ancient lore symbolically speaking there is a Gate keeper who may hold the keys to unlocking the secrets of Stargate Detroit!

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For more information on the emergence of Gateway symbolism within the art and sculpture at Hart PLaza please visit my web site www. Really a nice post. I am impressed. Keep it up. Generic Viagra.

Maxwell’s four equations of electrodynamics, which are taught as standard to every

My impression. Stick to it. For more information on gateway symbolism emerging in our art and architecture please visit my previous posts or my website www. While previously I have been focusing on the modern symbolism emerging in Michigan, today I would like to focus on some ancient myth and lore from the great lakes containing representations of "the Gateways of the Gods"! The first legend we will take a look at comes from northern Michigan's Mackinaw Island. It is an Ojibwa myth in regards to the islands sacred Arch Rock. Two thing that come to mind when viewing Arch Rock.



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