Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)

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For example: "The student is studying verb ; the studying student adjective " would be this method in present-tense. By placing -s onto the end, we receive "- andes , - endes " which marks that the action was done to the noun being described.

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Swedish doesn't use this construction very often compared to Icelandic, but it's still in use, especially with certain recurring words. It exists in English as be-: be reft, be moan, be seech, be dazzle, be witch, be rate, be head — literally meaning "make moan, make dazzled, do the action of witchcraft upon, cause someone to lose their head" and so on.

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It exists in German as both be- and ge-, ex. This is a direct loan from German.

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Similar to tacking om anew, around, about or igen again to the beginning of the word. Meaning, it marks an adjective and can translate to "tending to be, -ative, -ous" or "-ful": arbet sam — "work-some, tending to work", someone who works hard. In certain words the "group" being referred to is the military.

Archaically there was also stamdotter granddaughter. Frequently done: stam kund — a frequent customer.

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This is the word with "stam" that you will most likely see most often if you actually live in Sweden. The problem is english has lost the distinction. This website uses cookies to improve the quality of your browsing experience among other things. By continuing to use this website you thereby accept the use of cookies.

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Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition) Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)
Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition) Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)
Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition) Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)
Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition) Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)
Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition) Svenskt Blod (Swedish Edition)

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