Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)

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Sterling measures the forces of fall with Queen of Physics by Teresa Robeson, illus. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. New York Rights Fair. Creative Commons for K Now What? Paperbacks from Hell Need Suggestions for Your Book Club? Tayshas Reading List Author Panel Multiple Voices in Young Adult Writing Authors Talk Middle Grade Series.

Thursday, April 18 2x2 Reading List Showcase Wednesday, April 17 Mindfulness in Literature Pairing Fiction and Nonfiction for Teens Storytelling Monday, April 15 Storytime Pizzazz Wednesday, April 17 Breaking Into a Book! How to Handle Conflicting Needs of Patrons Tuesday, April 16 General Session I Succeeding in Crucial Conversations Tuesday, April 16 Preserving Memorials after Tragedy Shh Just Got Real!

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Will Be Back! Finances Monday, April 15 Upcycling Books Speed Dating with Planners for Adult Programs Partnerships Monday, April 15 Upcycling Books Manage Paraprofessionals in My School Library? Building a Strong Volunteer Program Free Speech at Work Thursday, April 18 Booktrailer Toolbox Upgrade! Wednesday, April 17 TLA Tuesday, April 16 Blockchain Wednesday, April 17 Globetrotting Librarians Design Thinking in Library Programming Wednesday, April 17 Coding Unplugged We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form.

Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any event venue, including talks. Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Behave professionally. Remember that harassment and sexist, racist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate for Texas Library Association events. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event at the discretion of the event organizers. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the conference. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of event staff immediately. Event staff will be happy to help participants contact venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event.

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We value your attendance. We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues and event-related social events. The TLA Exhibit Hall features hundreds of companies offering the latest library-related products and services. Be sure to allow plenty of time to visit. Plan your time in the hall on the TLA App. Shop exhibitors year-round at tlabuyersguide. Delaney Education Enterprises, Inc. Gareth Stevens Publishing, Inc.

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Insignia Software. Lectorum Publications, Inc. Oxford University Press. Weigl Publishers Inc. Preregistration is required for all preconferences by Sunday, March 31; ticket purchase is required as noted. All preconferences will be held at the Austin Convention Center unless noted otherwise. Want to improve communication with your Spanish-speaking patrons?

Bilingual librarians will lead this interactive workshop with language lessons tailored to library usage, as well as cultural competencies. Tickets must be purchased by Sunday, March 31 through preregistration. Are you in charge of an archival collection but lack formal training?

Learn the basic skills to care for archival collections and provide access to patrons. Attendees will describe, arrange, and house archival materials during a hands-on portion of the workshop. Megan Firestone, St. Bring your own device. Registration - am Opening Keynote - am Breakout Session 1 - am Breakout Session 2 - pm Lunch - pm Breakout Session 3 - pm Breakout Session 4 - pm Closing Keynote. Multiple generations in Vicki Clark the workplace provide exciting opportunities but also present unique challenges.

Learn how to communicate effectively and motivate your diverse team. Discuss your issues with managers who currently supervise multigenerational teams. Learn how to respond effectively to a mental health crisis. Develop Marisa Aguilar Karen Ranus skills needed to address and de-escalate crisis situations in a calm, responsible and compassionate way. All politics is local, and all successful advocacy is personal.

At this preconference you will learn how to make the first move, and will put the lessons into practice by visiting the Texas Capitol. How are libraries faring? The keynote speaker help you overcome that discomfort, revealing the methods and benefits of building relationships. What can expect as you head to the Texas Capitol for meetings? Many technology tools have come and gone while some Richard Byrne have stood the test of time. This keynote highlights the instructional technologies and concepts that have endured, and identifies emerging technologies that will last for another decade.

Learn many of the online research skills that the Daniel Russell pros use such as in-depth advanced image search methods and how to extract and use metadata from different sources. This rapid-fire, hands-on session will cover many of the less-well-known Google resources. Using tools like Book Creator for portfolios and summative assessments is a proven way to increase engagement, rigor, transfer, and learning outcomes.

Participants will leave with a toolbox filled with ideas to create fun, engaging and innovative learning experiences. According to neuroscientists excessive use of devices and media is harmful to minds and relationships. Combine brain science theory with practical methods to balance technology use with other aspects of life. Learn hands-on activities and life skills to help you and your patrons be better learners, and experience more joy and less stress. Get out of your dreams! Get into the cloud! Buckle your G Suite-belt and hit the road with all it has to offer for productivity and learning.

We will focus on Chrome OS as a workflow hub; bring your laptop to leave the session revved up for the road ahead. Simple drawings can help listeners, thinkers, and collaborators communicate with others. This hands-on workshop will introduce sketchnoting, provide practice prompts, and the opportunity to complete various sketchnoting elements. Not long ago creating a mobile app required extensive coding skills and Richard Byrne programming knowledge.

Today, there are tools that make it possible to develop your own functioning apps without prior programming experience. Participants will develop a simple app that they can use on their phones. At this introductory session on the basics of Google Earth participants will examine James Allen literature, news, and history connections while exploring real places all over the world. View outstanding existing resources and practice using basic Google Earth tools.

You may have done the Hour of Code or perhaps your library is teaching coding and computer science through your makerspaces or drop-in programs. Learn how to integrate the newly released Sprite Lab into your library. Incorporate SAMR to develop products which implement technology and foster real world connections. Participants will leave with tools which can be immediately implemented in a library or classroom.

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  4. Take your G Suite skills from basic to fancy! Examine creative uses of Classroom, Keep, and the launching pad for it all, Chrome. Technology professionals will share proficiencies they look for when hiring employees Corby Bryan fresh out of school. Gain insights into the skills patrons need to make them attractive to potential employers in the technology industry. Use freely available spatial data Russell Taylor and a web-based mapping tool to acquire a data set, bring it into the GIS software, and perform analysis in order to create shareable maps that make real impact for social change.

    With a few powerful resources at your disposal, you can make coding fun! Learn how to reach underrepresented students, locate free coding resources, and program a very basic computer game. Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. Take it digital and it becomes interactive and collaborative for all ages, purposes, and types of libraries. Learn how to set up small scavenger hunts using apps like GooseChase.

    'Big Little Lies' Loose Ends: 6 Questions Left Unanswered in the Finale (Photos)

    See different examples created by librarians to hunt everything from library catalogs to physical spaces. It is more important than ever to understand digital literacy and the implications of your digital footprint. Learn various aspects of digital citizenship and create a program tailored to your specific environment. Topics include acceptable use, digital safety, cyberbullying, and digital and information literacy. Do machines have the capability to teach students empathy?

    Learn how, through robotics, students can form new connections to one another and content. Discover the merits of using digital portfolios with Christy Fennewald students and patrons. Create a basic Google Site as the platform for a digital portfolio. Share ideas for using digital portfolios. Learn how to integrate existing digital resources, and relevant applications in the library setting.

    Work through the process of designing a multimedia activity or product exemplar to take back to your library. Teach patrons to use selfies responsibly and creatively. Bring an iPad for a hands-on selfie activity! We will cover collaboration, digital citizenship, digital creation, writing activities and apps such as Flipgrid and Notability.

    Engage children in fun and learning with basic robotics. Differentiated learning strategies, coding, web and print games or indoor play - Ozobots have it all! Discover the endless possibilities of Ozobots. More and more librarians and archivists are tasked with creating or curating oral history collections. This program will help librarians promote and utilize their oral history collections in order to serve and connect with their communities. Some fear that adding a makerspace to their library will distract from literacy Heather Lister programs.

    However, STEM education and makerspaces can add new literacy dimensions. Learn to articulate the types of literacy addressed through various makerspace projects, and observe connections between making skills and literacy skills. Inject excitement into your next lesson! Integrate technology in cross-curricular learning. Enhance your teaching practice and strengthen connections between students and their learning community. The session will offer a deeper understanding of copyright law and recent revisions provide practical applications of the law, and how to develop into a Copyright Resource Center for your community.

    Web tools come and go, change to premium or become extinct. This interactive guide to curated web tools includes links, and user agreement information including age limits, privacy policies, and licensing terms to allow the audience to make well-rounded and informed decisions when using these tools. Many librarians teach adults, but feel unprepared in the role of instructor. Discover fundamentals of adult learning theory, generational differences in learning, and specific ways to help different types of learners.

    Identify how setting and instruction materials can make a difference to adult learners. Gain many practical, easy to implement and inexpensive literacy ideas to add spark to your story times. Actively participate through creative dramatics, string play and much more! Kim Lehman.

    Kim Lehman, Storyteller. Kick your programming into high gear with trending ideas from librarians across the state. Learn about project planning and management, data-driven decision-making, team-building, assessment, and time management. Participants will plan projects assigned during the preconference within the small group, and will practice giving and receiving feedback. Speed Dating the Bluebonnets! Ticketed; register online only - pm Hilton Downtown Hotel, E.

    Authors and illustrators will share the inspiration for their titles, and Texas Bluebonnet Award Committee members will share activities to enrich the books on the Master List. Providing services to homeless patrons can present unique challenges. This interactive training is much more than sensitivity training. Understand behavior issues, and learn practical tools for empathy driven solutions. Participants will walk away with ideas for simple, inexpensive ways to include pets in programming, inside and outside the library. It is imperative that children understand what diversity is and what it looks like at an Louie McClain early age.

    The simplest way to introduce a child to diversity is to read from books that include characters of color and a universal message. Explore the wide variety of nonfiction formats and topics available to Laurie Wallmark Ebony Joy Wilkins children today. Authors will discuss how they choose their topics, tackle research, and share information in a format that is interesting and relevant to young readers.

    Library clubs - like yoga, ukulele, handlettering - allow students to connect and try new things. Get tips on programming, advertising, applications, funding, logistics, matching standards, and more. Tap into your passion and grow your library beyond the traditional curriculum, build relationships, and help children expand their horizons. Diana Garcia Learn creative ways to use these picture books in libraries, classrooms, or at community events. Priscilla Delgado, St.

    Learn the critical role ILL plays in the library and gain a better understanding of how these services impact your institution and its patrons. Recommendations for best practices will be provided. Troy Christenson, University of Texas - Arlington. Learn how to turn your data from a hot mess into a reason to celebrate! Come to this Whitney Houston-themed session to learn about how Microsoft Excel can save you time when crunching your data.

    Laughs and great soundtrack guaranteed. Marcia Hensley, Fidelity Investments. JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages dynamic rather than static. Presenters will offer suggestions for poetry programming in the library including Makey-Makey, Ozobot, breakouts and digital breakouts, Post-It Poetry, Blackout Poetry, Connecting Poetry through Flipgrid, and more. Interested in offering sensory programming at your library? Learn how to create a welcoming environment so children with autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration challenges, and other related issues can participate at your library.

    The presenters share how to choose books, music, and activities, and create outlines for sensory programs. Grow your ability to Mike Alexander empower others to reach personal and organization goals. Learn about your leadership influence along with techniques to navigate personality conflicts, embrace conflict without casualties, and communicate effectively. In this rapid-fire, interactive session, we will go in-depth into advanced image search methods, how to extract and use metadata from different sources, and cover many of the lesser known Google resources that you need to know.

    Daniel Russell. First conference jitters? Join us for a panel discussion on best practices for successful conference navigation, getting the most out of your experience, and tips on how to network with your peers. Librarians from schools with large at-risk student populations will share the strategies they used to turn the tide on achievement gaps by creating and bolstering a culture of literacy on their campuses. A panel of Texas authors and illustrators will introduce their new projects, talk about their writing styles, and give you tidbits of information to take back to your students.

    A business meeting precedes the program. Google Classroom is a robust tool that is free to non-profit and school libraries with a Google Domain. Digital instructional delivery tools will be shared and time for brainstorming ideas will be provided. Network with colleagues and learn about this icon of Texas librarianship.

    Learn the basics of 3D design using the free webbased tool, Tinkercad, James Allen Nicholas Provenzano including how to sign up for an account, create 3D objects, and upload to a 3D community Thingiverse. Brainstorm lessons that can incorporate 3D design. Computers will be provided.

    Get tips for funding, preparing, executing, and evaluating an author visit. Design thinking is a transformational approach to program development. It is often applied as a one-shot solution to challenging problems, but should guide ongoing iterations of program and service solutions. Learn community-centered design techniques to help public library staff develop inclusive tools and services. Are your patrons overwhelmed by fake and misleading news?

    Use electronic government information to obtain authoritative answers to your questions. This interactive session will use discussion and quizzes to show the most important federal government web portals, webpages, databases, etc. Melissa Fairfield, Government Publishing Office. Libraries provide safe spaces for all. A social worker from a school district brings together research and skills from this neighboring profession to show how social work Kaity Stone concepts can benefit librarians.

    Discover ways to combat compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout through self-care and self-compassion. An increasing number of libraries are waiving and forgiving fines for overdue materials. A panel of academic, public, school and special librarians will discuss their experiences and reasons for waiving fines. Representatives from three communities will share insights into their unique collaborations between libraries and other partners to promote literacy and reading. All too often, however, it is relegated to the big annual research project.

    This session will explore ways to apply the inquiry process as everyday information problem-solving, and to modify it according to the needs of each content area. TLA officers are invited to learn about TLA budgeting, financial policies, and practices that impact units and committees. Sherra Bowers, Texas Library Association.

    The next generation of librarians could benefit from professional guidance. This program will provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to connect with a professional mentor from reference and information services, or interlibrary loan and resource sharing fields. Rebekah Lee, Collin College. Learn about resources for locating, evaluating, promoting, and sharing gender diverse texts with readers. Libraries across the country are working on reflecting their diverse communities through programming. Learn how to successfully advocate for services to Spanish speakers and new immigrants.

    In this political climate, it is important to be aware of the issues that these populations face, and how libraries can advocate for programs and services that will help guarantee their success. Young adult authors who have created inspiring female characters will team up for this lively character driven panel discussion. They will focus on female relationships in all their form, beautiful complexities, and hijinks. Learn how to host your own school-wide Reading Madness Month with fun and exciting ways to energize readers. The presenter will share calendar planning, examples of Leslie Preddy programming resources, and a month full of fun ideas to help build a reading community within your school.

    Learn how to better reach this demographic. Often overlooked by teens, the Todd Strasser panel will suggest ways to generate interest in this genre through their latest publications.

    People come to the library for quiet study, but machines in makerspaces can be noisy and distracting. This program addresses how to handle the many conflicting and everchanging needs of patrons when you have limited space and budget. Are patrons looking for information on companies, industry trends, or consumer behavior?

    ‘Sunshine’ steps into spotlight | The Columbian

    If you feel challenged by these types of questions, learn how to find some of this information through TexShare resources or free websites. There are a variety of tools, both free and purchased, to help campus librarians with cataloging new materials. Learn how to catalog materials including makerspace items, and traditional print and video resources. Learners will explore digital storytelling tools to help students organize and publish their writing.

    Most students need library instruction when they are writing a paper. There is a different option to the one shot library instruction or the full credit course of a lab attached to a research or independent study course. Learn how a research writing lab is a valid solution. Learn the basics of running a meeting, including parliamentary procedure for newbies, taking meaningful minutes, and creating agendas that work.

    Elizabeth Taplin, City of Pflugerville. This presentation will provide detailed information on the free CFPB tools and resources which public and school librarians can use to support Leslie Jones Kenneth McDonnell teachers tasked with building youth financial capability. Collaboration between instructional technology specialists and librarians increases the value of digital resources exponentially.

    Instructional pairs discuss the integration of TexQuest resources into inquiry and research, as well as curated curriculum resources. The Jacksonville Public Library successfully partnered with their school district to share data and get library cards into the hands of all students. Learn how they agreed on data exchange and leave with tools and basic steps that will allow you to replicate their success.

    Examining department policy is also essential to getting to the bottom of these concerns. This session starts the conversation among libraries to tackle the tough concerns regarding harassment at work. Get quick, practical tips that anyone can use to improve in-house marketing materials in any library. Learn basic design principles and best practices, and leave with a toolkit of online resources.

    What do you read next? Gather best practices on learning how to select books to be used for book clubs, book programming and reader advisory groups from members of both Lariat Adult Fiction and Texas Topaz Nonfiction Reading Lists. Participants will tour the Exhibit Hall and find out about the Innovation Lab, the Collaboration Space, where to go for author signings, and will get an idea of all of the things that exhibitors have to offer.

    Join us and find out. See your all-time favorites like Battledecks and the Lip Sync Battle, and more. Have you been doing something unique and innovative in your library? Share your great ideas in the fast format of a lightning talk, combined with a poster session. Great Ideas Lighting Talks are 5 minute sessions that engage the audience and feature new or innovative ideas.

    Thomas Lennon is a writer, comedian, and actor who Thomas Lennon has worked on a number of things you probably love, including Reno ! Join your colleagues as you settle in for the Annual Conference. Meet up with friends and exhibitors during this uncontested time and begin four days of networking and socializing. Light refreshments will be provided at stations throughout the Exhibit Hall.

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    Come and join members of the New Members Round Table and broaden your professional network! Join us for a fun, casual, dutch-treat evening of making connections, building professional opportunities, and making new friends. All conference attendees are welcome. The social is the perfect way to connect and kick off your conference. Come to this lively session where authors will discuss upcoming books. See authors battle it out as they lip sync Nicholas Provenzano to songs that will entertain and connect to books for children, tweens and young adults.

    Join publishers as they highlight their favorite forthcoming titles for adults. Cocktails and light snacks will be served. Us neither. Despite that, the Red Wassenich inventor, retired librarian Red Wassenich, published two guidebooks on this topic and will provide a plan for seeing the interesting sites around the city. Red Wassenich, Austin Community College. Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers, HarperCollins Publishers. For one, brief year period, bookstores were awash in books about Bigfoots, Nazi Grady Hendrix leprechauns, and killer maggots.

    Learn about the evolution of the most notorious midth century horror novels. Grady Hendrix, Quirk Publishing. Bring music to your library with nontraditional programs. Presenters will share the challenges encountered and strategies implemented to bring these types of programs to the library. Try podcasting. Join the techbrarians who had a crazy idea to create a podcast that reaches colleagues around the country with just a laptop, and microphone. Discuss how libraries partner with student groups to make an Anime conference successful.

    Learn how to reserve materials, find local artists, and promote graphic novels with special activities to celebrate the event. Are you new to the profession or looking for new opportunities? Join the Media Center Mavens as they discuss navigating the current landscape of networking and job opportunities. Gene Ambaum Gene Ambaum writer of Unshelved and Library Comic and audience members will share stories of library experiences strange, wonderful, and disturbing. The best stories get prizes, and the winner will eventually get a signed print of the comic strip they inspired.

    Now that you have heard how podcasts work, see one in action! Join the techbrarians for a live from TLA podcast! Put your old ideas on the shelf and catch a new wave of creative excitement that will energize your library programs. From Date Night the Library to Historical Cemetery Tours, librarians will share the program ideas that really caused their community to wake up and take notice!

    Dynamic speakers representing the best of our community and profession will inspire, challenge, and motivate audience members. TLA will announce the special guests this spring. Experience firsthand the pleasures to be found in the spoken word and the power of poetry for developing literacy and language.

    Authors showcase the best and latest poetry for young people. Data, data! We hear a lot about it, but how can we get and use it? Colleen Dilenschneider, author of the data-based website, Know Your Own Bone, will share how to become a research-driven organization, and shine a light on a surprising obstacle to success: our own, human cognitive biases. Learn about the newest, disruptive innovation that might be the next revolution in technology. Participants will explore what Blockchain is and learn about the fascinating possible future applications that will revolutionize our world.

    This program will address public library volunteer needs, motivation, development of job descriptions, and staff buy-in. The scholarly communications librarian SC is a relatively new position, but the roles might be defined differently among libraries. A panel of SC librarians will discuss their job duties and how they might change in the future given the growing demand for Open Educational Resources OER. Join this fast-paced session of library reading motivation contests, games, and events.

    Learn about the research and trends in reading, and explore ways to engage the library in successful, proven programs you can implement immediately. Time will be provided for attendees to share their successful ideas. Diversity has become a major focus in the publishing world. Authors will provide insight into how their life experiences have impacted their creative processes. Join us for a fun interactive game of Never Have I Ever and then stay for the conversation about how to get back on track.

    Spontaneous memorials can appear after a public tragedy. Learn how librarians responded in support of their community. Hear how they determined what to collect and where and how to preserve the artifacts. Learn how community college librarians have partnered with faculty in the instructional design process to align assignments with library services and resources, based on the ACRL Information Literacy framework.

    Reimagined spaces for students and patrons are crucial to raising the visibility of the library. The speaker will introduce innovative ideas, give advice in how to implement them, and engage participants in a discussion. Laura Baker, Abilene Christian University.

    Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U. Learn how to respond effectively to a patron or coworker who may be suicidal. Learn how to make libraries more userfriendly, promote literacy, and support the curriculum with genre-fied fiction and recategorized nonfiction. No matter where your library is in the process, we have resources and tips that will see it through to a successful end. Get a lot of good ideas for young adult programing in a short amount of time.

    Share ideas to use in your library as you discuss in small groups. Start Smart Texas is a statewide campaign that strives to support Adrianna Cuellar Rojas Kierstan Schwab community and school efforts in the areas of parental engagement, kindergarten readiness, thirdgrade reading, math proficiency, and summer learning loss. This session will highlight the collaborative work in Texas communities and how more communities can get involved. Life can be difficult for many children as they struggle with diverse Aida Salazar Jen Wang identity, families, and situations beyond their control. Discovering what was cut from a story can be as informative as what was left in.

    In this panel, five authors will share how they made crucial decisions that shaped their final stories. The authors will use the fast-paced format called Pecha Kucha which has possibilities for educators and students. This Take and Train Tech Series session is all about teaching tweens and teens how to be safe while they are on the Internet and using technology. Come create the resources to reteach this session. Join a diverse group of authors and storytellers as they share how their storytelling backgrounds and skills shape the elements of good writing.

    Learn how each brings research, experience and skills to their writing. Creating a welcoming environment for those learning English is crucial to the future of libraries. The Hebrew Bible Today. Worship in the Old Testament. Festschrift for John T. Patrick Graham and Rick Marrs.

    The Chronicler as Author. Patrick Graham and Gary N. Resources for Biblical Study Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, Skip to main navigation. Breadcrumb Home.

    Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2) Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)
    Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2) Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)
    Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2) Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)
    Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2) Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)
    Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2) Spotlight (McKenzie Jackson Academy Book 2)

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