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What is Fazio thinking? Just clear it, you berk.


What an absolute shower. Juventus's defending was sloppy last night, but this is something else. S imply abject from Roma. Fazio has totally killed the tie there. Just clear it, man. I niesta comes off, Denis Suarez comes on. F inally Barcelona are punished for a sloppy, lazy display. The ball is played into the box by Perotti, good touch from Edin Dzeko, and a nice finish. Roma have a lifeline. A nd now Perotti has drawn a save out of ter Stegen, flamboyant stop.

Roma are well on top and look a different side the last few minutes. D efrel comes on for the luckless De Rossi. And he is in the action right away! Pure clowning. R oma committing men forward, Perotti on the charge. Very promising position Pique blocks behind.

AS ROMA VS BARCELONA ( 3-0 ) 10/4/2018 #-FULL Highlight

Dealt with. Corner again. Dealt with again.

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El Shaarawy replaces Florenzi. S ergio Roberto finds Messi. He'll be on telly again soon. I am sure he will score a goal soon. M essi tries a volley from outside the area. M essi chips it forward, looking for Suarez. P ellegrini off and Gonalons coming on. If Roma can just get a goal, it will at least keep the tie vaguely interesting. At this rate, the second legs are all going to be rather dull.

Liverpool, Madrid and Barcelona up. A nd it's three!

Suarez: Liverpool loss worst moment of my life

Messi pops up down the right, lovely side foot pass from the master finds Suarez. Good hit at goal from The Biter, Allison palms it out What's he doing in the six-yard box?! Well, he's tapping the ball in for Barca's third, is what he's doing. P oor old Roma feeling like they've been mugged at a creche. A nd there it is. Again, it's scrappy, it's a bit fortunate, and it's Barcelona into the semi finals.

Corner, Rakitic slides the ball across the six yard box. I mean, FFS. How unlucky is that? Umtiti, who is right on the scene, reckons that he has bundled it in. Either way, it is They are not at it at all. They are, in fact, there for the taking. BUT it only takes one little click and this tie is over.

The old pals act now combines as Iniesta runs, slips it, and there's Messi to crush a shot at goal. Allison saves. B arca are all over the place. Umtiti is sleeping as he tries a defensive header, nearly gives it away in his own six yard box. Florenzi almost steals in. A llison nearly hands Barca a second. A nothing shot from Alba is straight at him, but he spills it. Suarez, not on his game, spanks the rebound miles over.

O h Roma should be level! Barcelona still in the dressing room having a nice sit down, Roma start down the right, unimpeded. Cross from Florenzi. Free header for Perotti. He's put it wide! From point blank!

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That is a shocker. N ot a lot to say about that really. Barca never really got going. Some of the best players alive tried a few dives. There was an own goal. Hopefully things pick up after the break. Why are you not watching Liverpool? M essi's run is ended by Kolarov, unfairly. He's rightly booked. The man himself takes the freekick. Into the wall. O oh, Roma want a penalty!

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A foul on Pellegrini by Umtiti and that is, what an inch outside the box! Just a freekick. M essi down in the box, ref not having it.

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  • Champions League: tie-by-tie analysis of the last-16 games.
  • Manolas leaned on him. Risky business in this town. A h, that is hard lines. A neat, crisp Barcelona move, Iniesta plays the ball through to Messi, who is in a dangerous position Oh no!

    UEFA Champions League 2017–2018: Draw for Last 16 held at Nyon

    I feel a bit like a teetotaler on a brewery tour. The office is whooping in astonishment at Liverpool vs City. Very, very quiet in this game. I niesta dribbles forward, and then goes down in the area. Peres never touched him. Disappointing from a player of his ability. Barca turning the screw. Now a ball across field.

    Iniesta hits it. R oma break, and this might have been quite useful had Florenzi not got tangle in his own feet. Semedo gave him a nudge. S uarez has it on the left, Iniesta is purring forward. Nice move this.

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    Alba joins in. Messi finds Suarez with a one-two. Low and across goal, Allison turns it away. It drops eventually to Rakitic and he hits a shot. S ome yellow balloons which are a political act and thus bad and wrong drift onto the pitch and there's a delay while somebody pops them.

    R oma make a terrible effort at defending this corner. Two Roma players get in each other's way! Keystone Cops stuff, this. Rakitic drills the ball low, and Suarez blazes the rebound over. Roma won't mind too much if they lose I guess, but you want to at least make them beat you, not give it up on a plate. S uarez drives at the goal from the left side, has a crack from distance. Hits Manolas and goes behind for a corner. Semi-finalists or better in each of the last eight seasons, this is Real Madrid's 49th European Cup campaign — more than any other side.

    Madrid were beaten at home, but squeezed through having won in Turin. They still won both ties on aggregate. The Frenchman now has goals for the club. They drew at home to Chievo on Sunday. The Roma striker missed the next game against Russia with a groin injury.

    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)
    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)
    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)
    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)
    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)
    Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition) Roma: 2017-2018 (Spanish Edition)

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