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Romans 12:2

If we are committing our works to the Lord, then we are operating in a full surrender with Him.

And if we are operating in a full surrender with Him, then the Holy Spirit can really start to work with us in helping us to establish and solidify our thought life. I will now end this list of Scripture verses with one last verse showing us that God now wants us to have the responsibility of trying to control our thought life and what we choose to think about. This next verse is another powerful verse. This verse is telling us to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Jesus.

What this means is that we are directly responsible for what we choose to think about and dwell on. In this testimony, a girl who I used to work with got herself into major trouble with the Lord when she went one time to see a hypnotist to try and quit smoking. Both her short and long term memory abilities were severely affected. When she first came to work for me and told me what had happened, I told her under no circumstances are we to ever blank our minds out to let a hypnotist gain control of what kinds of suggestions or thoughts he wants to plant into our minds — even if these are positive types of suggestions.

I then gave her the Scripture verse that I will list below. She violated a major spiritual law that is in operation in reference to our thought life and the privacy that we have with the Lord on this issue. As a result of violating this major spiritual law, she drew a demon on her and this demon was then allowed to cause this short and long term memory loss with her.

Once I found out how all of this occurred, I was then able to give her the correct advice on how to get the demon off her and have her long and short term memory ability fully restored back to her. We can either choose to think about good and godly things — or we can choose to think about bad and evil things. The choice is ours. God makes it very clear in His Word as to what kinds of thoughts He would like us to be dwelling on. But not even God Himself will force His will on us in this realm of our being. We have to be the ones to make that choice.

We are to grab a hold of our thoughts and make sure that our thinking and our thoughts always line up with the way that He would like us to be thinking about things. With all of the material and sexual lusts of our world hitting us full force through the media and everything else we encounter on a daily basis, this is a real tall order for many of us to keep proper control of all the bad thoughts that can cross our minds. But again, this is where the Holy Spirit can really help you out if you are willing to allow Him to enter you into this sanctification process with the Lord.

Your job will be to do the best job you can in controlling your thought life. But where you will fail, and where you will have certain issues that will be harder to conquer using your own will power, is where the Holy Spirit will come in and supernaturally give you His help and strength in order to help get you over some of these harder hurdles.

To those of you who would like to enter into a true sanctification process with the Lord — really expect the Lord to come after your mind in an attempt to properly renew it according to His Word, and attempt to put right thinking into your thought process. Again, as with the other areas in this sanctification process, this will all be done on a very gradual and progressive basis. God will set the pace in which He will work with you in this realm. He will not overwhelm you. He will work you at a pace that He knows you will be comfortable with so He does not overwhelm you with too much at one time.

Your mind is the battlefield in the area of spiritual warfare. Demons will try and move in on you from time to time to try and get you to move into their dark ways of thinking and living in this life — and God will move in on you to try to get you to move and live in His ways of thinking and living in this life.

The choice will always remain with you as to which side of the fence you will choose to live this life on. You can either choose to let that bad thought slide right out of your mind and not give it another thought, or you can choose to really start thinking about it and dwelling on it. And once you start to really think about and dwell on that bad thought — you will then start to feed it. And once you start to feed it — it will then start to grow. And once it starts to grow — it can then lead to a mental stronghold that you will then have a hard time in getting out of your thought process.

And once that mental stronghold starts to grow and get deeper and stronger in your thought process — you will then start to get an actual desire to want to act out on it. And once you start to act out on it, an actual addiction can start to form where you will then want to keep repeating the same behavior over and over again. And then it is going to take the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to help break you free from this addictive and compulsive behavior! And to think that all of this started with just one, simple, little thought crossing over into your mind, and you then caused it to grow by constantly thinking about it and dwelling on it.

I believe this is how many addictions get started, especially those of the more aberrant type, such as the pedophiles we are constantly reading about in our local news stories across the nations. No one is born a serial killer or rapist. All of these types of abominable behaviors all had to start from something. And I believe that something may have been something they may have seen early on in their lives, something they may have experienced, or something that may have caused them to start thinking about it and dwelling on it.

In either event, they all had a chance very early on to nip it in the bud by choosing not to think about it — thereby causing it not to grow any further into their thought process. Once again, this verse states that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In other words, you can become what you think! Let God help put right thinking into your mind. If you are willing to let the Lord work with you on the renewing of your mind as part of His sanctification process — then you can really start to progress into the true saint that He is calling you to become in Him in this life.

Read below or add a comment I know those that should fear will. Lonely at times, but it has been like this most of my life. No one seems to have God 1st and if they do they usually are some sort of saved soul on a trip, another lost sheep that I can only praise their success and let them go along the path.

I find it hard to lead when the right path really must be found. Retired now, I must do something for mankind, just not sure what. My heart is and always will be with our creator every giving second. Jesus really helped me in such a situation where I am in as mentioned in article.

Wonderful message from Lord Jesus. This is written as it was for me only. This was amazing!! After reading this, I have gain spiritual insight on changing my mindset. Things that I knew, but needed to be broken down and made clear. Thank you!

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I love this article…and it is so true that we can change our thought process by choosing to think on what is positive! Life did not go as I planned, but even in the pits of devastation and negative circumstances that happen to us we can choose joy! My question is, how does a person help guide someone stuck in the negative mindset who is so blinded to their negativity?

I just want to lovingly help them find freedom from negativity, the joy-robber that often holds a person captive to emotional pain. It is sad and heartbreaking to see a person stuck in such a prison. How can I help my friend? May God bless you in all you serve. Wow unbelievable….. Am shock with the wonderful vibes. These are the words all pastors should preach so People Can take charge of their thinking.

Thank you soooooo much for expanding my conscious. Wonderful article! I am stuck on this site. I am learning so much its crazy! My mind was a horrible waste land of evil and angry thoughts.

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The Holy Spirit has been cleaning out my thoughts for a long time. I am getting better every day! Thank you for the info! Why does the bible lie and say thinking is in the heart when thinking is in the mind. It does not think. There is another proverb that goes with this you did not mention. This is not a light exhortation it denotes the authoritative summons to obedience issued in the name of the gospel. It is a call to live for what we have been called and the basis of that call is seen in the next words.

But what is the basis for such a call?

The Battle for Your Mind

Because of all an infinite God has done for us in salvation we should have a response. If the nature of the call and background of the call did not tip us off that the call is going to be a large one, the basis should be it is in the very nature of salvation. The core of this passage is its call for us to present our bodies as sacrifice to God as stated in verse 1. But what does it mean to present our bodies as sacrifices?

At its most basic idea being presented as a sacrifice meant we were no longer own just as a sacrifice that was given no longer belonged to its owner. In addition, a sacrifice was not given partially but wholly. Here Paul uses the word body to depict the whole of our being. The point is that we are no longer our own but belong to God! Alive most likely refers to life but also to spiritual life—new life in Christ; holy refers to our living; that which God desires. But that is not all, how do we go about making ourselves pleasing sacrifices? There is a first a negative command and then a positive one.

The negative command is not to be conformed. This is a passive verb which means we are not doing anything to cause the conforming, but also carries with it the idea that we are not doing anything to stop its conforming influence. It is allowing it to happen to us. Passive Imperative again, it is something God can do in us but it is also something we join with him in just like the being conformed to the world. How do we keep from conforming to the world? How do we be transformed?

It is interesting that the means of the renewing of our whole being is stated to be the mind. Just as Romans 1 has already demonstrated at the beginning of this book, what we think influences everything. It influences our actions.

Mind, Of Christ

Therefore, it is important to understand what the word renewed means. God is not telling us to not use our intellect but that our intellect needs transformation, it needs change, it needs cleaning. Ephesians links renewing with washing of the spirit. It is a change in what is not a recreation. Our mind is not destroyed, it is cleaned to think well and see things the way they were intended to. It is a reversal or Romans 1. The Greek word here clearly denotes an approval that has come from the process of testing and that is why it is translated this way in our translation.

The proper use of our minds is key to discipleship! Understand who God is is key because discipleship is following or imitating him. Some of the earliest struggles in the church came from how to understand certain biblical truths. The Lord our God is one Lord. So how are we to synthesize these truths and speak accurately about them? And does the way we speak about them matter?

There were two groups that began wrongly proposing how we were to understand the existence of God and Jesus yet one Lord. One focused on the unity, the other on the separation. The tension eventually led Constantine to call together a council at the town of Nicea in both to solve this and a few other church issue and in hopes of doing so bringing peace to the Empire.

Philippians 4:8

The first group that was wrongly proposing a solution have come to be known as Modalists. They claimed that God exists in the forms, or modes, of Father, Spirit, and Son but he only exists in one form at a time. In other words, there was one God who reveals himself in three modes or forms but never exists in all three simultaneously. The goal of the modalists was to stress the unity of the Father and Son by saying they were the same person. The second group followed the teaching of a man named Arius and emphasized the separateness of the persons.

Arius was a presbyter in Alexandria. Based on passages like Proverbs , John only-begotten , and 1 Cor. Therefore, the creation of Christ occurred before the creation of time. Arius and his followers not only created slogans but also wrote songs. In fact, in the midst of the council when defending himself Arius broke into song:. The members of the Holy Trinity Share unequal glories. How could anyone less than God become sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God as 2 Corinthians points out?

This was the question to be decided at the Council of Nicea. What can I do? Before the outward fall, there is the inner rehearsal and preparation. Think about it. Shakespeare wrote that sexual passion looks not with the eyes but with the mind. But Jesus Christ can cure the mind and the body of their craving of the things that destroy.

This means that you renounce the pride, the jealousy and the lusts of your mind, and you receive Jesus Christ into your heart. You let Christ control your mind and your heart, your conscience and your will. How do you have your mind transformed? By repenting of sin and receiving Christ into your heart.

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The mind of Christ can, through the Holy Spirit, control your mind, your thoughts, your intents and your actions, if you submit to Him daily. Do you have a mind controlled by Christ? Do you have a renewed mind? Do you know that all your sins are forgiven, and that if you died right now you would go to heaven? Second, by faith receive Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for you. When He died on that cross, He took your sin. In that moment, God the Father laid upon His Son your sins and mine.

And instantaneously you can start a new life. It happens in an instant, but there is a lifetime of decisions and commitments to make that relate to the Lord Jesus Christ. Third, follow Christ as a disciple.

The pull of the world, the pull of evil, is tremendous.

MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About
MIND - All The Bible Teaches About MIND - All The Bible Teaches About

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