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Treatment can also help alleviate the itch. Some products contain ingredients, such as retinol, that can harm your baby. Stretch mark creams, lotions, and gels: Researchers have studied many of the creams, lotions, and gels sold to treat stretch marks. Home remedies: In studies, popular home remedies have not worked. Researchers found that none of the stretch marks faded when people massaged almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, or vitamin E into their stretch marks.

Tanning cannot get rid of stretch marks. Self-tanner : While tanning can make stretch marks more noticeable, a self-tanner can camouflage stretch marks — both early and mature ones. A self-tanner cannot get of rid of stretch marks. Prescription medicine you apply to your skin: In studies, two ingredients seem to offer some relief:.


15 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

In two large studies, applying hyaluronic acid to early stretch marks made the stretch marks less noticeable. Tretinoin is a retinoid, which may also make early stretch marks less noticeable. In one study, people who applied this prescription cream every night for 24 weeks had less noticeable stretch marks. Other studies have found similar results. Procedures that dermatologists perform: Dermatologists use the following procedures to make stretch marks less noticeable, but none of these can get rid of stretch marks:.

To give you the best results, your dermatologist may use more than one procedure. For example, your dermatologist may treat you with radiofrequency and a pulse dye laser. In many people, they seem to disappear. Stretch marks can appear in people of all ages.

They often develop the buttocks, hips, thighs, or breasts. The marks are most likely to appear during:. Some people may also get stretch marks after using creams or ointments that contain steroids for extended periods. The marks are also associated with Cushing's disease and Marfan syndrome.

Stretch marks tend to become less noticeable over time. However, because they are a type of scar, they never disappear completely. A dermatologist can prescribe tretinoin, a type of retinoid. Several studies have found that tretinoin can reduce the early appearance of stretch marks, but that the medication has less of an effect on mature marks. Dermatologists can use several techniques to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

These include:. No single method works for everybody. Dermatologists may recommend a combination of the techniques listed above. A variety of home and natural remedies can minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

The AAD advises anyone who is pregnant or breast-feeding to check with a doctor before using treatments for stretch marks. This is because some products contain ingredients that could harm the baby, such as retinol. There are many creams, lotions, and gels that claim to treat stretch marks. However, according to the AAD, researchers have found that no single product works for everyone and that many do not work at all. A person may have the best results if they use these products as soon as stretch marks appear and apply them daily for several weeks.

It is important to massage the products thoroughly into the area with marks. Many of these products can be purchased online. According to the AAD, there is currently no evidence that massaging cocoa butter, olive oil, almond oil, or vitamin E oil into stretch marks makes them fade. However, these products are generally safe, and some people may benefit from them. Using a self-tanning lotion, however, can help to disguise stretch marks. A wide variety of these lotions are available for purchase online. When applying a self-tanner, the following steps can help to achieve better results:.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin. Results of some studies suggest that it makes early stretch marks less noticeable. This acid may appear on ingredients lists as sodium hyaluronate, and a range of serums, lotions, and moisturizers contain it. Many can be purchased online.

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Hyaluronic acid does not work for everyone. A person is likely to see the best results if they use it over a long period. Some proponents suggest that applying products such as almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E to the skin may prevent stretch marks, but the AAD reports that no studies support these claims.

There is some evidence that skin care products containing hyaluronic acid or the herb centella may help to prevent stretch marks. However, genetic makeup may simply make some people more prone to them than others. It is worth remembering that while stretch marks are permanent, they tend to fade over time. In many cases, they can seem to disappear.

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Article last reviewed by Fri 22 June The same goes for rapid weight loss. If you lose weight try to do it slowly and constantly. This ensures that there is minimal straining of the skin. Encourage them that they are not the only ones facing this issue. Stretch marks that appear during puberty are caused by growth spurts.

They affect both boys and girls. Girls may get them on their breasts or thighs. We neither get to choose our lineage nor our genetic make up.

5 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

This is out of our control. If you have a close relative for example a parent with stretch marks, chances of you getting stretch marks are very high. Corticosteroids are medications used for relief of inflammation in different parts of the body. They lessen itchiness, allergic reactions and swellings caused by different diseases like asthma, allergies, arthritis and skin problems. Corticosteroids are found in different lotions and creams used in the treatment of these conditions.

Prolonged use of these corticosteroids can lead to reduction in the amount of collagen in your skin, increasing chances for development of stretch marks. It is therefore important to ensure that you do not overuse or abuse them. Do you have stretch marks and have been wondering just what you are going to do in order to rid yourself of them?

Worry no more. Here is a collection of 15 home remedies for stretch marks that have been proven to work. Try them out and see what works for you. The clear Aloe Vera gel can be seen within a cut leaf. This is my absolute favorite remedy! It works like magic. Aloe Vera is not just good for stretch mark removal but is also great for general skin health.

It works wonders for hair too. If it were up to me, I would make sure that everyone has at least one plant in their homes. The Aloe Vera is a beautiful plant and its gel is just pure gold. That way you will have a place to run to whenever you have minor skin ailments. Aloe Vera is well endowed with collagen. The collagen present in the Aloe Vera helps repair skin. It also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants present in Aloe Vera also help in skin cell repair and enhancement of new skin cell generation. It is better to use Aloe Vera gel extracted from fresh Aloe Vera as opposed to already packed gel.

The fresher the better. If you happen to have an Aloe Vera plant, and a large one for that matter, then you are on the right track since obviously this is the first step. Next, choose a thick leaf and cut it with a sharp knife at the base of the plant. After cutting the leaf, you will notice a yellowish substance coming out of the leaf.

That is not the Aloe Vera gel. The gel we are talking about has a clear color.

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Let the yellow stuff ooze out then wash and dry your leaf. Now lay it flat on a flat surface and cut it open lengthwise. You will see a clear gel. Scoop the gel with a spoon. If you are up for if, you can put the gel in a food processor and puree it. This is totally optional though. Potatoes are not only a healthy and filling food, they are also great for stretch marks! Potato juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals which facilitates repair and growth of skin cells.

Potatoes contain vitamin C which helps in the formation of collagen. It also has antioxidants that can help improve general skin health. Raw Shea Butter is yellow and solid. Fun fact: Did you know that Shea butter comes from a Shea tree nut which takes approximately years before starting to bear fruit? Also, the Shea tree grows nowhere else in the world except in Africa! Shea butter is a component used in very many lotions and soaps. This is because it is very good for the skin.

It is among the best moisturizers. For stretch marks removal, raw Shea butter is recommended since it has not been subjected to processing in order to incorporate scent and color. Raw Shea butter has a yellowish color and sold in bars or blocks. When it comes to stretch marks removal, Shea butter works wonders because it is filled with vitamin A and E which are great for improving skin elasticity. These vitamins are also great for stretch marks removal since they help with the replacement of damaged elatin and collagen fibers.

Damage to these two is what brings about stretch marks. Shea butter also contains fatty acids which help in keeping the skin ultra hydrated. The more hydrated the skin, the lesser the chances to develop stretch marks. It does this by replacing the lost fatty acids. Vitamin A also helps in cell repair and growth. It is also really good at preventing dry skin, and as a result protecting the skin from damages that can cause the appearance of stretch marks.

Gently massage the Shea butter on the affected area two to three times a day. Preferably when you wake up and when you go to bed. Keep doing this even after the stretch marks are gone. Shea butter usage helps keep the skin hydrated. Lemons are a cheap source of Vitamin C. Lemons are very cheap and they can basically be found anywhere.

They are great for stretch marks removal since they contain vitamin C which aids in collagen formation. Lemons are also acidic in nature, a property which makes them act as bleaching agents. It can bleach the skin therefore reducing the redness of the stretch marks, making them less visible. It is better to exfoliate before using this remedy to ensure that you get rid of dead skin cells around the area affected with stretch marks.

This makes the lemon juice more effective. Slice the lemon with a knife then squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. Massage the area with stretch marks gently with the juice either using your bare hands or alternatively you can use a cotton ball. With the cotton ball, you deep it into the lemon juice and massage the stretch marked area gently with the wet cotton ball.

The advantage of using the cotton ball is that it prevents the lemon juice from going to other parts of the your body. Leave the juice to soak into the skin for around ten minutes or more then rinse off with warm water.

You can leave it overnight if you like. Moisturize the skin with an emollient if available. An emollient is a substance that softens the skin. A skin that is moisturized prevents the formation of new stretch marks. Shea butter is not just a good remedy for stretch marks. It can also act as a great emollient. One advantage of using lemon juice is that it can be combined with other ingredients to form a great remedy for stretch marks.

It can be combined with cucumber , olive oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter. These combinations can yield amazing results. You can use this process when mixing them:. This combination is not just great for the skin but also for detoxification when drank. Just like lemon juice and cucumber mixture, lemon juice and olive oil combination can also be ingested. The two combined have a huge amount of nutrients that is perfect for the body and also for the removal of stretch marks. Sometimes combining Shea butter and lemon juice together in a bowl and applying it directly to the stretch marks works really well.

Most people prefer combining the two as opposed to using them separately. A bowl of eggs. Egg whites, unlike egg yolks, have no fat. What they have is vitamin A, collagen and antioxidants all of which are extremely good for stretch marks removal. Collagen enhances skin elasticity and antioxidants help fight free radicals. Applying egg whites on the skin improves blood circulation around that area, therefore facilitating the healing process. There is also presence of amino acids that help restore skin smoothness.

Whip the egg whites with a fork until a thick paste is formed. Apply a thin layer of olive oil or whatever other emollient you have in your possession. Just like other natural remedies, egg whites also work way better if combined with other natural home remedies for stretch marks. You can combine egg whites plus olive oil,or egg whites plus lemon juice to fasten the healing process. Cocoa butter is a vital ingredient in many hair and skin care products. You cannot go to any beauty and cosmetic section in a store and miss a product with cocoa butter as an ingredient.

This goes to show just how great cocoa butter is for the skin. Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is among the most used moisturizers. It is best known for its anti-aging properties. But do you know that cocoa butter can be used as a remedy for stretch marks? Cocoa butter in its purest form, without having undergone processing and addition of chemicals can be a great remedy for stretch marks.

It contains antioxidant effects that help keep the skin supple and healthy. Natural cocoa butter is also safe to use during pregnancy.

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks Home Remedies For Stretch Marks
Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

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