Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)

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But there is something else more precious in my esteem, which with sorrow I perceive all my exertions cannot gain. Your confidence. Pardon me the reproach, but I often see you return quite out of breath from the subterranean vaults of the castle. Why do you not allow me to accompany you? It would be delightful to me if I could go with you, and share your toils. But thou knowest the strict orders imposed on me.

I am not permitted to allow access to any one of the state prisoners. But there are far too many of them in this fortress. And, dear father, you will work yourself dead. She is right, Master Rocco. The Governor, it is true, is very strict; but he must allow me to take you with me into the secret dungeons. There is one dungeon, however, Fidelio, into which I must not take you. Probably it is there the prisoner is confined of whom thou hast so often spoken, father? For people in our position, it is best to know as few secrets as possible. Do not take Fidelio to him, father dear: it is a sight he could not bear.

If I were to tell thee how I had to struggle with my heart in my early days, I should make thee weep; and I was quite a different fellow from thee, with thy soft skin and delicate hands. Yes, yes, love will sustain thee. O, er kommt selbst hierher. Lass sehen. Seyn Sie auf Ihrer Huth, und suchen Sie sich sicher zu stellen.

Rocco and the Guards recede. He sets out to-morrow to surprise you. Be on your guard, and endeavor to keep yourself right. A bold deed can—and shall—dissipate all my anxieties! Verstehen Sie? As soon as you see a cavalier with noble escort, give instantly a signal. Neglect them, and your head shall be the forfeit. Rocco, come nearer. Kein Wort, keine Sylbe! Eine Uebereinstimmung mit einem solchen hergelaufenen Jungen, der, Gott weiss woher kommt; den der Vater aus blossem Mitleid am Thore dort aufgenommen hat, der—der—. Glaubst du, dass ich das leiden werde?

Not a word—silence! I do not wish to hear another word of your silly love-sighs and nonsense. Why did you not say as much when first I took it into my head to fall regularly in love with you? Then I had none of your rebuffs and snubbings;—then I was your dear Jacquino: But the moment this Fidelio—.

I liked thee at first, or I fancied so—I may as well be frank and open with thee. But, since Fidelio has been among us, my mind has changed: for him I feel much more liking and sympathy. And do you imagine that I will suffer it? No, no, believe me. If ever I catch you together, you shall see what I will do. Ja, ja, sie soll mich lieben, sie soll mich wenigstens heirathen, und ich—.

Brechen wir davon ab. Ihr verspracht und verschobt es immer. Der Gouverneur kommt um diese Zeit nicht hieher. Aber er sprach so lange mit Euch? Einen Gefallen? Du hast Recht, Marzelline! Wohl denn. Yes, signor; and if she will not love me, she shall at least marry me; and I—. Hold your tongue, sirrah! But weighty matters now engage my mind. I understand, dear father. Enough of this. Rocco, often I have begged of you to allow the poor prisoners, in this dismal cell immured, to come and breathe the pure air of this garden.

Though often promised, you have never yet done it. To-day the weather is so beautiful! The Governor never comes at this time of day. But he was talking with you so long: perhaps he was asking a favor? A favor? Well guessed, Marcellina. I think I may venture. Jacquino and Fidelio, you may undo the door. Die Gefangenen entfernen sich in den Garten. The Prisoners retire into the Garden.

He sits on a stone: round his body is a long chain, the end of which is fastened to the wall. Wir brauchen nicht viel Zeit um an die Oeffnung zu kommen. Gieb mir eine Haue, und du stelle dich hierher. No, no; he only sleeps. The moment is propitious. Give me your hand. Here, under this rubbish, is the cistern of which I have spoken. It will not take us long to reach the opening. Give me the pickaxe, and stand thou there.

Thou tremblest! Das Duett wird durchaus halblaut gesungen. Ohne Zweifel wird er wieder tausend Fragen an mich stellen. Ich muss allein mit ihm reden. Was verlangt Ihr denn von mir? Ich vollziehe die Befehle die man mir giebe; das ist mein Amt, meine Pflicht. Wenn ich denn verdammt binn, hier zu verschmachten, O so lasst mich nicht so langsam enden! Aus Erbarmen, gebt mir nur einen Tropfen Wasser—das ist ja so wenig!

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Aequalis aeterno Patri,. Carnis tropaeo accingere,. Infirma nostri corporis. Virtute firmans perpeti. Praesepe iam fulget tuum,. Lumenque nox spirat novum,. Quad nulla nox interpolet. Fideque iugi luceat. Gloria tibi, Domine,. Qui natus es de virgine,. Cum Patre et saneto Spiritu,.

In sempiterna saecula. It will be noted that the fourth stanza of the Latin text has been omitted in our version. The translation is a slightly altered form of the version by William M. Reynolds and first appeared in Augustine refers to this as one of the hymns of Ambrose, and Pope Coelestine expressly mentions the name of Ambrose at the Synod of Rome, Likewise, Faustus in his Epistola ad gratium diaconum, ca.

It is also found in many hymnological works and in the breviaries of many nations. It is not found, however, in the Roman Breviary, due possibly to an exaggerated ecclesiastic critical sense—snobbishness, which took offense at certain figurative expressions.

Outside of Italy this stanza is commonly omitted. The German version of this hymn was rendered by Henrik von Laufenberg, a minister of Freiburg d. Of the latter, only one seems to be in common use, the version found in our Lutheran Hymnary rendered by W. The fourth and sixth stanzas of the original are here omitted. Landstad prepared a new translation consisting of four stanzas for his hymnary. It has not been definitely established that the melody for this hymn dates from the fourth century. It was printed together with this hymn in the Geystliche Gesangk-Buchleyn and in the Erfurt Enchiridion, Originally it had 6 stanzas.

Later it was revised and abbreviated and was thus printed in a supplement to Hymns Ancient and Modern, It is very commonly used as the closing hymn of the evening service. This was edited by his brother, Lord Glenelg. THE first stanza of this hymn was published , in J. Whether the entire hymn was written in that year or earlier is not certain. Franck published it in his Geistliches Sion, etc. Julian states:. This hymn is perhaps the finest of all German hymns for the Holy Communion. It is an exhortation to the soul to arise and draw near to partake of the Heavenly Food and to meditate on the wonders of Heavenly Love, ending with a prayer for final reception at the Eternal Feast.

It soon attained, and still retains, popularity in Germany in many German churches it is still the unvarying hymn at the celebration , was one of the first hymns translated into Malabar, and passed into English in Its modern form together with the beautiful melody was noted down from oral recitation in the province of Glaz, Silesia, and was printed in Schlesische Volkslieder, Leipzig, This version became the basis for our present English translation, which was rendered by Dr.

It was this hymn with its beautiful melody which inspired the poet B. Both text and tune are modern. Die Seligkeit zu finden;. Mein Herz allein Bedacht soll sein,. Sein Wort ist wahr, Sein Werk ist klar,. Die uns doch nichts erworben;. Hier ist der Mann, Der helfen kann,. Bei dem nie was verdorben! Uns wird das Heil Durch ihn zuteil,. Uns macht gerecht Der treue Knecht,. Ach sucht doch den, Lasst alles stehn,. Die ihr das Heil begehret! Er ist der Herr Und keiner mehr,. Sucht ihn allein, Denn wohl wird sein. Dem, der ihn herzlich ehret.

Sollst du, Herr Jesu, bleiben;. Lass mich doch nicht Von deinem Licht. Durch Eitelkeit vertreiben! Bleib du mein Preis, Dein Wort mich speis;. Wend von mir nicht Dein Angesicht,. Lass mich im Kreuz nicht zagen;. Hilf mir mein Leiden tragen. Dir ewig dort lobsagen! It had been written by him in He had composed the hymn for this occasion. Segne, Herr, mit deinem Geiste. Deinen Diener immerdar,. Dass den rechten Dienst er leiste. Sei sein Ziel zu aller Zeit. Ohne deinen Geist ihm fehlet.

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Alle Hilfe, Kraft und Wehr. Schenk ihm Weisheit und Verstand,. Der du Hirt und Helfer bist! Hilf, Herr Christ, ihm treulich weiden. Deines Worts, hilf ihm sie leiten,. Dass sie selig einst dich schaun. Die sein Amt bringt mit sich her;.

We have been unable to determine the author of this 19th-century hymn. It became known in certain circles through the old German Lieder-Perlen, a Concordia Publishing House publication for use in our schools. It is to be used at the installation of a teacher. The translator is Frederick W. See: Master of eager youth. The melody is taken from Geistreiches Gesangbuch, Darmstadt, Silent night!

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht! Nur das heilige hochheilige Paar,. Holder Knabe in lockigem Haar,. Hirten erst kundgemacht;.

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Durch der Engel Halleluja. Christ, der Retter, ist da! Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht. Christ, in deiner Geburt! This is one of the most popular Christmas carols in America. It was written by Joseph Mohr, in , for the Christmas celebration in his church that year.

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According to Mr. Pastor Mohr and Gruber had been friends for a long time. Gruber was the organist and choirmaster in the neighboring village of Arnsdorf, and they often visited each other, usually for the purpose of singing hymns and sometimes, when other singers could be brought in, the more difficult motets. Pastor Mohr, pondering the thought of a perfect Christmas song, was called on Christmas Eve to the hut of a woodchopper whose wife had just borne a child.

Face to face with the mystery of life, Pastor Mohr, after performing appropriate offices for the family, returned through the snow-drifts to his house and almost automatically began to write since that was the most effective way he could think of to give expression to his mood and his sensibilities. Later in the day Gruber came to Oberndorf with the notes sketched in.

It was then not more than half an hour before the Christmas services were to begin; but Pastor Mohr quickly assembled his choir, Herr Gruber sang the tune, they followed, and by the time the congregation had filled the church, they were ready to give it to the world. In a memorial tablet was placed on the schoolhouse in Arnsdorf with this inscription:. Holy night! Who composed thee, hymn divine? Mohr it was who wrote each line,. Gruber found my tune sublime,—.

Teacher together with priest. The translation is by an unknown writer. According to Julian it first appeared in C. Our copy, which is Edition A, , has a different translation. The music was composed by Franz Gruber, a teacher in the neighboring town of Arnsdorf. The hymn has been translated into many languages and is extensively used in all Christian lands. There are twelve English translations. Vaughan Williams.

It appeared in the English Hymnal, It is a powerful tune, one of the finest hymn tunes by a modern composer, and the congregation that has mastered it will sing it with an ever-deepening appreciation.

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Sondern dass er bekehre sich. Geht hin, predigt in allem Land. Dem sollen sie behalten sein. Und absolviert ihn durch sein Blut:. Zum Wort der Absolution. Lob sei dir, wahrer Gottessohn,. Nikolaus Herman first published this hymn, in eleven stanzas, in his Die Sontags Euangelia, etc.

Hymnbook, , 12 stanzas were given as three separate hymns: 1. Soldiers of Christ, arise, 2. But above all lay hold, 3. In fellowship alone. Our cento is found in several hymn books in England and America. The congregation that masters this tune possesses a treasure of which it will never grow weary. The melody was composed by L. Lindeman especially for this hymn [Dahle, Library of Christians Hymns ]. Christopher Wordsworth published this hymn in his Holy Year, , with the heading:. Komm ans heile Licht gegangen,. Fange herrlich an zu prangen! Denn der Herr, voll Heil und Gnaden,. Will dich jetzt zu Gaste laden;.

Der den Himmel kann verwalten,. Eile, wie Verlobte pflegen,. Der da mit dem Gnadenhammer. Klopft an deine Herzenskammer! Lass mich deiner nicht mehr missen! Zwar in Kaufung teurer Waren. Megt man sonst kein Geld zu sparen;. Deiner Huld kein Geld nicht haben,. Kein solch Kleinod ist zu finden. Und dies Manna kann bezahlen. Mich nach dieser Kost zu sehnen! Sieh durch Gott mit Gott vereine. Beides Lachen und auch Zittern. Das Geheimnis dieser Speise. Und die unerforschte Weise. Ist auch wohl ein Menseh zu finden,.

Nein, Vernunft, die muss hier weichen,. Kann dies Wunder nicht erreichen,. Dass dies Brot nie wird verzehret,. Und dass mit dem Saft der Reben. Uns wird Christi Blut gegeben.

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O der grossen Heimlichkeiten,. Die nur Gottes Geist kann deuten! Jesu, meines Lebens Sonne,. Jesu, du mein ganz Beginnen,. Lebensquell und Licht der Sinnen,. Dieser deiner Himmelsspeise. Mir zum Heil und dir zum Preise! Herr, es hat dein treues Lieben. Dich vom Himmel hergetrieben,. Dass du willig hast dein Leben. Und dazu ganz unverdrossen,. Deiner Liebe zu gedenken. Jesu, wahres Brot des Lebens,. Hilf, dass ich doch nicht vergebens. Oder mir vielleieht zum Schaden.

Sei zu deinem Tisch geladen! Lass mich durch dies Seelenessen. Deine Liebe recht ermessen,. Dass ich auch, wie jetzt auf Erden,. The composite translation is an altered form of that by Catherine Winkworth in her Lyra Germanica, second series, , and in her Chorale Book for England, , with the addition of Stanzas 3, 6, and 8, which she omitted. It belongs to the immortal hymns of the Lutheran Church and in a large number of congregations in Germany and America this hymn is sung regularly before communion. The former president of the Norwegian Synod, Dr. Koren, employed this hymn in his church on Washington Prairie, Iowa, every Maundy Thursday during the course of his ministry, which extended over fifty years in that one congregation.

The hymnologist, James Mearns, says that this hymn is possibly the most beautiful of all the German communion hymns. Danish versions were made by Brorson and Fr. There are in all eight or more English versions. There are two versions by Miss Winkworth. The first one appeared in her Lyra Germanica, , and is not in the meter of the original; the other, dating from , is in the same meter as the original.

In both versions, however, stanzas 3, 6, and 8 are omitted. Rede, liebster Jesu, rede,. Denn dein Kind gibt acht darauf;. Dass ich meinen Lebenslauf. Dir zur Ehre setze fort. Ach, lass stets dein heilig Wort. In mein Herz sein eingeschlossen,. Dir zu folgen unverdrossen! Dich, du liebster Menschenfreund? Alle herzlich wohl gemeint. Sie vertreiben alles Leid,. Selbst des Todes Bitterkeit.

Muss vor deinen Worten weichen,. Nichts ist ihnen zu vergleichen. Jesu, dein Wort soll mich laben;. Will ich in mein Herz eingraben. Ach, nimm sie doch nimmermehr. Von mir weg in dieser Zeit,. Bis ich in der Ewigkeit. Werde kommen zu den Ehren,. Unterdes vernimm meh Flehen;. Lass bei dir mich feste stehen;. So will ich dich ewiglich. Preisen mit Herz, Sinn und Mund,. Und deh hohes Lob besingen. The omitted Stanza 3 reads:. Deine Worte sind der Stecken,. Woran ich mich halten kann,. Wenn der Teufel mich will schrecken. Auf der schmalen Lebensbahn;. Mich selbst durch des Todes Tal,.

Unter aller Kreuzeshitze. The translation is by George T. Rygh, It appeared in The Lutheran Hymnary, It was translated into Norwegian by M. Walte, walte nah und fern,. Allgewaltig Wort des Herrn,. Wo nur seiner Allmacht Ruf. Wort vom Vater der die Welt. Und aus seinem Schoss herab. Seinen Sohn zum Heil ihr gab;. Der der Erde schwere Schuld. Ewig weggenommen hat;. Der den Weg zum Himmel weist.

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Wollen und Vollbringen schafft. Weithin wogt das weisse Feld;. Klein ist noch der Schnitter Zahl,. Herr der Ernte gross und gut,. Wirk zum Werke Lust und Mut;. Schauen deines Lichtes Strahl! The translation is by Catherine Winkworth, Lyra Germanica, second series, , slightly altered. Word of Life, most pure and strong,. Lo, for thee the nations long;. Spread till from its dreary night. All the world awakes to light. THIS hymn was first published in a special edition in It is considered one of the best missionary hymns of the Church.

Our English rendering is by Miss Winkworth. It was published in Lyra Germanica, It passed over into many Lutheran and other hymnals. The melody St. Agnes , by J. Dykes, was composed especially for this hymn. Anne was composed by William Croft b. He was a prominent composer of church music. Croft died in and was buried in Westminster Abbey. It is generally ascribed to William Croft.

Love, Scottish Church Music. The melody is by Henri F. Hemy, England, , altered by James G. Walton, England, Christopher is by F. Maker, composer of songs, born , in England. Thorne, Magnus or Nottingham was written by Jeremiah Clarke, an English musician ? He was for some time organist of St. It first appeared in The Divine Companion, etc. Peter, or Christ Church is by A. Reinagle and is first found in his Psalm Tunes for the Voice and Pianoforte, circa , set to Psalm It was rearranged by the composer for Hymns Ancient and Modern.

The melody was written by D e mitri Stepanowich Bortnianski He studied music under Galuppi of St. Later he continued his studies in Venice. He served as conductor of the imperial choir of St. Petersburg and exerted a powerful influence upon church music in Russia.

Bortniansky, Baker and was first published in the appendix to the original edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern, Julian states that in John M. Thrones, principalities, virtues, and powers,. Where, with the living ones mystical four,. Cherubim, seraphim, bow and adore. The question whether the tune was first a dance tune or a church tune corrupted to dance use has not been answered.

It is a very popular Lenten hymn in Lutheran circles. The melody Stuttgart was first published in Psalmodia Sacra, edited by A. Ludwig and C. Witt, Gotha, Weissel intended this tune for his hymn. The version in The Lutheran Hymnary contains stanzas 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13 of the original. Shorter or longer excerpts of this hymn are found in almost all hymnals in the English language.

There are many translations into various languages, one into Latin by R. Bingham, and another Latin version by H. O mi Salvator! It is found in Introduction to Psalmody, c. The original hymn did not gain great favor, but twenty-four of the lines were rewritten by W. With a few changes this hymn has found a place in many leading hymn books, as The Hymnary, Hymns Ancient and Modern, and many others.

It has been translated into many languages. There are three Latin versions. Frances R. Havergal wrote this hymn on February 4, , in eleven two-line stanzas. She states:. There were ten persons in the house, some unconverted and long prayed for, some converted, but not rejoicing Christians. Before I left the house, every one had got a blessing. The last night of my visit after I had retired, the governess asked me to go to the two daughters. They were crying, etc. The hymn was first published in her Royal Responses, The melody Tallis Canon is composed by Thomas Tallis ca.

Care should be taken in singing it to bring out the tenor part, which forms a perfect canon in the octave with the treble. For this reason the usual pauses at the ends of lines must be omitted. This hymn is found in all the leading hymn books. It was given this name in The Lutheran Hymnal in order to commemorate the birthplace Tesin of Juraj Tranovsky, who included both hymn and tune in his Tranoscius. See: These are the holy ten commands. Instantis adventum Dei. Poscamus ardenti prece,. Festique munus inclytum.

Praeoccupemus canticis. Aeterna proles feminae. Non horret includi sinu;. Fit ipse servus, ut iugo. Nos servitutis eximat. Mansuetus et clemens venit;. Occurre, festina, Sion:. Ultro tibi quam porrigit,. Ne dura pacem respuas. Mox nube clara fulgurans. Mundi redibit arbiter,. Suique membra corporis. Caelo triumphator vehet. Fetus tenebrarum, die. Cedant propinquo crimina;. Adam reformetur vetus,. Imego succedat novi. Qui liberator advenis,. Fili, tibi laus maxima.

Cum Patre et almo Spiritu. Debilis cessent elementa legis;. Sat diu mentes timor occupavit;. Foedus aeterni stabilire Iesus. Coepit amoris.

Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)
Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition) Du sollst ein Mann sein (German Edition)

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