Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is

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In an interview with L. One could imagine a better advocate. On the other hand, researchers have for years been investigating psychedelics for stopping addiction to everything from cigarettes and alcohol to methamphetamine. Ibogaine an African bark derivative with psychoactive properties that is banned in the United States is used for heroin addiction in other countries, including Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.

Ayahuasca is under study for similar uses. Charles Grob, a psychiatrist who is the director of the division of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Harbor-U. Medical Center and who helped administer a study in Manaus, Brazil, in the s that linked dramatic positive transformations among alcoholics and drug addicts with ayahuasca use. But along with its positives, Dr. Grob is quick to list its dangers. Soaring popularity has been increasing greed and trouble. In Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru, where ayahuasca is deemed a traditional and legal medicine, tourists flock to partake in ceremonies.

Most are conducted at jungle retreats by legitimate medicine men that screen for physical and mental stability and are skilled in handing severe psychological responses. There have been cases of sexual molestation, too. In the United States, perhaps because of the secrecy surrounding ayahuasca use and the law, there have been no negative reports. But ayahuasca made the news in when a Supreme Court ruling deemed its use legal as a tea for religious purposes.

Jeffrey Bronfman, whose family once controlled the Seagram Company, is the national vice president of the U. Several years ago, Dr. The intense ritualistic singing prompted him to think about his own inability to sing and lack of emotional connection. He went home to the Boston area, took voice lessons and started sharing lullabies with his children.

Stories of transcendence and psychological advancement triggered by ayahuasca are a regular part of the conversation. But if visions are achieved that psychologists link to the collective unconscious, they are only made useful with rigorous interpretation upon waking. The outcome? A realization that the extensive to-do lists she carries are an absurd manifestation of anxiety. If it sounds banal to an outsider, for her, as for many others, the takeaway is profound. Eduardo Gastelumendi, a psychiatrist in Lima, Peru, recalled hearing from a patient who had a troubled and distant relationship with his father.

The ceremony allows them to enter into adulthood with few memories of ever being a child Schultes Many other cultures use natural hallucinogens for a variety of reasons such as: to establish contact with spirits or the souls of ancestors, to ponder religious and philosophical subjects, to establish a connection with the gds, to obtain magical and supernatural abilities, to heal psychologically diseased patients, to reach a form of enlightenment, to become a master shaman, and to use as an aphrodisiac during rituals Sayin Hallucinogenic compounds cause an altered sense of perception in which the individual experiences many different types of hallucinations.

The perceptual transformations and hallucinations induced by natural hallucinogens such as mescaline, psilocybin, and LSD are predominately, but not exclusively, visual. The experience of color is often heightened and there may be sudden changes in orientation and alterations of apparent size Sacks Some hallucinations cause the appearance of imps, elves, dwarves, and fairies.

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Time, in many instances, appears to be altered. Although LSD is not a natural hallucinogen, its precursor, lysergic acid, is. Lysergic acid can be found in the fungus Claviceps purpurea, commonly known as ergot, which grows on rye grains in Europe. It has been known to poison entire towns when it is accidentally ground up and baked into bread Schultes Lysergic acid is a natural hallucinogen that is used to synthesize LSD.

There are many effects of LSD. During this time, colors continue to be vivid and, in some cases, can be heard, a phenomenon called synesthesia. Occasionally, figures appear and talk about philosophical subjects. Sounds are often amplified, as are the emotions that go with them.

Music may become deep and philosophical. Some patients have discussed an amplified sense of touch during their journeys. Tactile perception becomes extremely vivid, enhancing the perception of sexual stimuli Sayin LSD causes a variety of hallucinations which can have positive effects on individuals.

One student offered to share his experience of LSD use in December I was on the beach with my friends, listening to music and watching the sunset, when I started to notice that the colors seemed brighter and more defined.

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As I watched the sunset, I saw the clouds dancing through the sky. They appeared to shrink and expand. As soon as we got back, I noticed a painting of a flower on the wall. As I stared at the painting, the flower began to move. I watched the flower sway in the wind and eventually lose its petals and die, only to rise again and repeat the process.

I felt emotionally connected to the flower and every time it died, I felt sad while every time it regrew, I felt happy. I noticed that the process slowed down and sped up with the tempo of the music. These events are known as flashbacks. They may be triggered by similar experiences that were had during a trip, such as a particular 68 type of music, sound, visual stimuli, taste, or smell Sayin The abuse of a hallucinogen may also cause flashbacks to occur more frequently.

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  6. Whenever one patient would see a tree, a flashback would be triggered, causing him to hallucinate faces. The appearance of the hallucinations arose during a period of time when the patient was using LSD on a weekly basis Iagra et al. Researchers determined that he had what is known as Hallucinogen Persisting Perceptual Disorder, a disorder that is characterized by the persistence of visual phenomena after heavy hallucinogen use. Typically, individuals on LSD trips see colors as being brighter and more vivid and experience feelings of euphoria. Despite the efforts of the Spanish, mushroom ceremonies persisted in remote areas.

    In more populated areas, the mushroom cult remained present but in hiding. Hallucinations caused by the ingestion of psilocybin containing mushrooms begin to manifest within the first 2 hours. Effects last an additional hours and disappear within 8 hours Tittarelli et al.

    Auditory Hallucinations Interview Guide: Promoting Recovery with an Interactive Assessment Tool

    Similar to LSD, psilocybin creates feelings of euphoria. It is believed that psilocybin journeys induce sharp changes in the philosophical thinking and ideology of the individual. Alterations in perception of both time and size have been observed as well. Tactile and olfactory hallucinations are not common in individuals ingesting psilocybin containing mushrooms Sayin Psilocybin has been used by priests and shamans as a way to communicate with spirits and ancestors.

    Magic mushrooms have been used for spiritual purposes since humans first discovered them. This presence has caused people to believe that psilocybin containing mushrooms can be used for moral and spiritual cleansing. One individual describes his experience as an inner cleansing.

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    After consuming 6 grams of mushroom powder, the individual was able to reflect on his life and the obstacles currently facing him. During his trip, he had a vision of himself as a baby being cradled by his mother. An alien voice spoke to him, telling him to care for her and to do no harm to the people close to him.

    After his trip, he called his mother to apologize to her for being unjust and resenting her. Shortly thereafter, he quit drinking as well because he felt it was immoral and did harm Alyushin Psilocybin experiences differ between users and uses.

    How to Spot the Signs of Psychosis in Teens

    Each trip is different from any other that has been experience beforehand. There have been several cases where individuals who have consumed psilocybin have had negative trips. A year-old boy was admitted to a hospital after ingesting magic mushrooms. He was found in a confused state, running through traffic. Several other patients defined their experiences as frightening and life-threatening Pedan et al. It is difficult to discern whether or not a trip will be good or bad beforehand.

    It is possible that any trip caused by a hallucinogen depends on the environment and mood that the individual is in prior to ingestion. Mescaline Mescaline is the active ingredient in the peyote cactus, Lophophora williamsi. Peyote has been used in Native American and Mexican cultures by shamans as a way to develop their own spiritual powers and to answer philosophical questions. It is reported that the spiritual and philosophical mysticomimetic effects of mescaline are much more profound than other hallucinogens Sayin Peyote is a small, spineless cactus that is native to the Rio Grande valley of Texas and northern and central parts of the Mexican plateau.

    The crown of the cactus is cut off and dried, allowing it to be kept for long periods of time and shipped to distant locations. Similar to magic mushrooms, the Spanish attempted to eradicate the peyote religion during their conquest of Central and South America. At one point, they equated the eating of peyote to cannibalism Schultes Despite their attempts, the peyote religion continued on in secrecy.

    The hallucinations caused by mescaline are primarily visual but many trips have an auditory aspect as well. The mescaline induced images are commonly geometric figures of spirals, funnels, cones, honeycomb, and other kaleidoscopic images. Auditory hallucinations manifest themselves as a voice which has been described as a leading Guru or teacher Sayin In cultures such as Huichol Indians of Mexico, the hallucinations contain many different animals. I was surprised to see them…they asked me what I was thinking, what I was feeling.

    Religions, such as the Native American Church, utilize peyote in healing ceremonies. The ceremony takes place in a teepee over the course of an entire night. This ritual is done to heal the spirit of each participant Schultes Mescaline causes individuals to be extremely introspective, allowing them to analyze who they are. In some cases, this self-analysis has made users feel free and clear of their past troubles Sayin Mescaline containing peyote is used by individuals as a way to spiritually heal themselves. Pathway Soon after the discovery of LSD by Hoffman in and the identification of serotonin as 5-hydroxytryptamine in , it was recognized that LSD could act via serotonergic mechanisms.

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    Furthermore, symptoms of mescaline and DMT ingestion were similar to LSD ingestion suggesting that they share a common mechanism, specifically the stimulation of the 5-HT2A receptor. Serotonin receptors are able to be activated by tryptamines such as LSD, DMT, and psilocybin and phenethylamines such as mescaline. Neuroimaging studies on the brains of patients who have taken LSD show the changes in brain function during an LSD experience.

    Scans showed that there is an increase in visual cortex cerebral blood flow and resting state functional connectivity between many cortical and subcortical regions of the brain, predicating the magnitude of visual hallucinations. Decreased default mode network integrity and bilateral parahippocampal- retrosplenial cortex resting state functional connectivity were correlated with changes in consciousness, typically ego-dissolution Carhart-Harris et al. Despite these findings, it is unclear how psychedelic drugs cause an altered consciousness.

    How to Spot the Signs of Psychosis in Teens

    Further research can be done on how altered perceptions can lead to an altered consciousness such as ego- dissolution. Neuroimaging can be used to show brain activity under a variety of drug induced conditions, providing insight into the changes made in the brain during these psychedelic experiences.

    Schizophrenia Background Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that disrupts normal, everyday life for patients. Hallucinations induced by schizophrenia are often associated with high levels of anxiety, discomfort, and interference with daily life. Due to their disruptive effects, most patients seek out ways to eliminate these experiences Langer et al.

    Hallucinations associated with schizophrenia can be auditory, visual, olfactory, and tactile. Similar to natural hallucinogens, a combination of hallucinations can be experienced at one time. Auditory and Visual Auditory hallucinations are the most common type of hallucination experienced by schizophrenic patients Delespaul et al.

    Visual hallucinations are the next most commonly reported type of hallucination experienced by schizophrenic patients Delespaul et al. These types of hallucinations vary in intensity and form. Hallucinations can manifest themselves as loved ones, pets, or as overlapped body parts Abad et al.

    Auditory and visual hallucinations occur together quite frequently. Auditory verbal hallucinations that occur together can be quite disruptive for a patient. One patient experienced hallucinations of her family and dog whenever she was in a crowded area. When she was alone, it was easier for her to tell that they were hallucinations. Her initial treatment was unsuccessful and, as a result, the hallucinations became more debilitating. Eventually, she was unable to function within the community due to their increasing intensity.

    Her relationships with her family members and friends were deteriorating as she struggled with the hallucinations. Her second treatment involved the use of Rivastigmine, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which caused the auditory hallucinations to go away. The visual hallucinations remained but were less intense Abad et al.

    Unlike the hallucinations caused by hallucinogens, these were daily occurrences and a cause of constant distress in her life. Another patient was a male who heard male and female voices times per hour throughout the day. In addition, mouth movements were superimposed on other people, making it seems as though the voices were coming from them. The auditory and visual hallucinations were most intense when he was with family members.

    A second patient reported similar hallucinations of a superimposed mouth on the faces of real people and voices coming from the mouth. However, these voices primarily said negative things to him, causing emotional distress. A third patient reported hearing the voices of people she had recently been in contact with. The voices came from human-like forms that exhibited mouth movements. Furthermore, they made hand gestures and finger movements conforming to American Sign Language, a language that the patient could speak fluently. Due to the reports of auditory and visual hallucinations occurring together, it is believed that the hallucinations are caused by similar dysfunctions in the brain Howard et al.

    The combination of auditory and visual hallucinations seems to be a common occurrence in individuals with schizophrenia. Many reports show that these experiences have a negative effects on the individual. Olfactory and Tactile Both olfactory and tactile hallucinations are experienced by a minority of individuals with schizophrenia. Little research has been done on both due to the rarity of both hallucinations. Investigations into olfactory hallucinations have shown that they are emotionally distressing for individuals and can lead to the development of depression.

    Tactile hallucinations can cause physical pain in individuals Pfeifer Both types of hallucinations are disruptive to the everyday life of the individual. A patient with olfactory hallucinations reported that he constantly smelled of feces. Initially, he thought only he could smell it but eventually became convinced that other people could smell it as well, causing him to remove himself from social situations.

    His friendships became strained as he increasingly avoided contact with others. He took several long showers each day and changed clothes frequently, but could still smell feces. As this behavior continued, he developed severe depression and suicidal thoughts Kimhy In this case, olfactory hallucinations caused a man severe emotional distress. Cases in which individual hallucinate bad smells on themselves can lead to depression and anxiety in daily life. A patient with tactile hallucinations described them as unbearable and painful, but only when he was awake.

    Upon falling asleep, the patient would no longer feel as though his skin was being stretched away from his body. During the most intense part of the hallucination, he feels as though his skin is being stretched one foot above his head. In order to cope with these hallucinations, he would bang his head against various objects, tap his foot, rock back and forth, grimace, or go completely rigid Pfeifer These types of hallucinations are difficult to describe accurately, causing patients to say that they are in pain.

    Pathway Distinct patterns of connectivity in the brains of schizophrenic patients are associated with different types of hallucinations. Hippocampal complex connectivity plays are large role in the determination of hallucination type. Patients with auditory-only hallucinations exhibited a higher functional connectivity between the hippocampal complex and thalamus than patients with both auditory and visual hallucinations.

    The patients experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations had a higher functional connectivity between the hippocampal cortex and medial prefrontal cortex and caudate nuclei when compared to the auditory-only patients Amad et al. Between hallucination types there are differences in brain connectivity between different structures of the brain.

    Furthermore, the volume and shape of the hippocampus is hypertrophic in both groups of patients Amad et al. Hallucinations are a common symptom of schizophrenia. They are caused by a dysfunction in the brain. Connectivity between different brain regions may be increased or decreased, leading to the onset of hallucinations in patients.

    Conclusion Natural hallucinogens and schizophrenia both cause hallucinations of various types including visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory. However, the hallucinations caused by both are vastly different. Natural hallucinogens produce euphoric hallucinations that allow for introspection and deep thinking. Visual hallucinations are the most common type of hallucination caused by ingestion of natural hallucinogens. They often manifest as geometric shapes, however, other images such as animals, fairytale creatures, and aliens have been reported.

    Auditory hallucinations are often described as a great voice that leads the individual through a journey of introspection. The senses are heightened as well; colors become more vivid, touch becomes more pleasurable, and sounds appear to have deep meanings. These hallucinations last several hours before disappearing.

    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is
    Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is Audible Hallucinations: A Free Spirits Journey In Discovering WHOSE She Really Is

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