Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See

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Use them if you need it and then head forward to find some Halflings in need of being killed before you head forward. In this new area start wiping out the Halflings here. Don't forget to take out the stone chuckers as soon as possible. Search the area to find plenty of breakables and some more Halflings you can wipe out.

Once they're dead you can turn the wheel to let the prisoners out and give them a treatment appropriate to your alignment. Keep on moving forward taking out Halflings as you go but be careful, when you pass the Blood Pit in this area a mid-boss fight is coming. Try to take out the Halflings as quickly as you can before the Troll starts to enter the fray. You should try to manually control them during this. Let them get near it and start hitting it but quickly pull them back when he begins to rub his belly, this is the sign he is going to do a belly flop. Any of your little minions caught in the area when this happens will die.

If you need to double back to the Blood Pit, there's a brown spawning pit near it. With him out of the way head over ot the gate and have your minions turn the wheel. This will reveal the Crane you've been looking for. Woot for completing this quest. Don't leave just yet though. Let your Minions bring the Crane back to the waypoint but look around for a wheel to turn, this will release all of the slaves that were taken from Spree.

Head back to the Tower to see the shape that it's in. Now you need a Mistress but before you can do that you need to go to Spree and see what's going on. Go back to Spree and get rid of the barrier keeping you from getting into town. Archie has a new quest for you to go to the Halflings home and cause some havoc. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? On your right will be a wheel for your minions to turn, which opens the gate to the next area. Kill the barrels there as well as the halflings.

On your right is more barrels and your left has a chest. Find the broken wall in that area and go right from it to pick up a domination spell. Use the wheel to open the bridge and your minions will bring your spell back to the waypoint for you. More halflings! Kill them! There are the regular ground troops and ones that throw rocks at you if you let them stay too far away before slaughtering them. As always, destroy all the barrells and jars along the way.

As you continue up, you'll see a halfling house. Send your minions inside any houses you see so they can steal stuff and you can kill Halflings. When you're done being evil, go down the stairs. As you go down the stairs you'll see more halflings to kill as well as a troll. Be careful with him. There is a spawning pit not too far away, which is good, though. If you need it, go back and get more minions to sacrifice to the troll before finishing off the Halflings.

One thing to keep in mind is the belly jump attack that he has. If your minions are near it then multiple ones of them will die immediately. Just call your minions back to prevent them from getting smooshed. Finish all your looting here; the barrels, jars and houses. When you're done go back to the big halfling house. There's treasure outside to pick up before turning the wheel to get inside. Break everything. Lots of fun. On the left side of the room are stairs that lead towards the bottom of the room. There is some easy prey, I mean, sleeping Halflings here to kill. Go back to the previous room and down the stairs towards the center to break the door there.

More halflings behind the door to kill. There's so many of them, you'd think they lived here or something. The gate in front of you is closed, so go to the right. When you break the pots in here you get a lovely bonus. There are a bunch of rats that attack the halflings there. Fun to watch! But seriously, kill them all. Send your minions through the center and have them destroy anything they can get their little minion hands on. Keep going to the right and around the corner there. A halfling will come out an opening, giving you an important clue here. Whenever you see one of these, destroy it so you don't get more halflings.

Or if you really want to kill more, let them stay and you'll get a good supply to purge from the world. When you're done killing, on the left is a wheel to turn to open up that closed gate you'd previously seen. Don't go back just yet. On the right there is a path for your minions and you can follow down the hall. It goes in a pretty straight line with a few strays to kill along the way.

You'll be on the other side of the entrance room, which was not available when you first came in. Take everything in here that you can, including the nice bag of money. Your minions can bring it back to the entrance waypoint for you. Once that is finished, go ahead through that gate which is right ahead of the entrance area, in case you forgot. Once you're through the gate, go left into a dungeon room and get out the peasants that are locked up in the cages. There are easy sleeping halflings to kill first to make sure they don't give you grief when you bust the people out.

There is a small hole by the halfling hole here. Send your minions through and let them close it up before you turn the wheel to let the peasants out. They'll start talking about the Halfling's food, reminding you what you came for in the first place. Clean out the rest of the room before you go back out and down the hall. There's a door in your way. You know what to do. Break it and keep going and head towards the left. Close up the halfling holes here unless you want to kill some first and then break the pumpkins.

You'll find another tower object inside them. Dirty halflings hiding your things like that. Your minions will take it to the waypoint for you, increasing to 15 the amount of minions you can have summoned at once. In the room with the tower object is also a red wheel. It's missing some of the spokes meaning that you can't turn it just yet. We need to go find them first. There's a door on the right with some halflings hiding. On the left are stairs that you should go up, NOT the path forward.

When you go up the stairs you'll find more easy pickings. Beat up on all the sleeping halflings, loot the room and destroy the door here. Kill more of the halflings and the first spoke will be sitting right in the middle of the halflings and the breakables. Have a minion pick it up and let's go. Continue forward, breaking everything as you go. You'll see a wheel to turn which will let you go down the path you ignored before.

You'll see an open gate here, which is what you just opened. The spoke will be sitting right where you can see it. Close up the halfling holes and then send your minions around the room. When the spoke has been picked up, go on through the door. Open up any breakables you see along the way as you're travelling down the path.

You find a door to go through and, guess what, there are a LOT of halflings to kill. Make sure to plug up the holes as you go or you'll get overwhelmed. Pick up all the loot in the room. Once you're done in here, turn the wheel in the room and go through the door. As you go around the path there will be a really chunky halfling chef coming your way. Beat him up and go the way he just came from. You'll come into a halfling kitchen with more chefs to kill. If you want, you can break up the baskets to let out the rats to distract the chefs before you kill them.

Keep going, breaking up as much stuff as you see along the way. You'll see a mana pit that you can use if needed. Make your way through the kitchen and further in you'll find Turn the wheel in here and make sure the room is cleaned out before you pick it up. They'll carry the food out and you get to watch the grateful peasants getting their food back. Go on ahead back to Spree. You need to head back to the Halfling Village and that gate you couldn't open before. When you loot the house here you'll see a wheel to turn. You'll start heading into their party area where Melvin is.

Disgusting, bloated Melvin. Your minions are no help at the moment, seeing as how they're being bewitched by the fiddle music. Find the fiddler and kill him so that your minions will actually be of some help. Once you've gotten them back under control, you've got a large task in front of you. You need to not only find spokes to turn a wheel and follow Disgusting Melvin, but you've got to kill the halflings getting in your way. The first spoke you should find around the bend on the right side near some halfling houses. Kill the halflings getting in your way, pick up loot and grab the spoke.

There's a spawning and blood pit nearby which you might just need. Go past them and you'll find a barrier of fire blocking off an object. When you finally get red minions you'll be able to come back for it, but not now. On a platform here though, is the second spoke that you need. Pick it up and go back to the wheel. Once you're turned it, halflings will come out to pester you. Kill them and go into the house.

Go to the left and get rid of the sheep there. Destroy and loot whereever you see the opportunity. When you go through the opening, Gnarl will start talking to tell you that the red minions are here. Turn the wheel here which will cook the chefs you see. Then keep breaking things in the room until you find the next wheel.

Turn this to get through the gate that you see here. There's more looting and destroying to be done as you follow the bend to get to reach Melvin. Keep your Minions near you and circle behind Melvin, sending your Minions to go after him and try to distract him with your axe. Watch out for him to do any belly bounce attacks and when he starts doing it call your Minions back. After you deal enough damage to him he will start to roll around. Quickly move your Minions away and keep careful watch on them. From this point in the fight you can keep them away from him and handle him yourself if you want but if you are playing on Legendary it's a bit more complicated.

Stay away from him and keep your Minions near you and make sure to watch his movements. Once you see him slowing down begin to move in and once he's stopped then you will want to go in with your Minions and pound on him. Retreat once he starts to move again and keep this up until he's down for the count.

Once he's so down give him a final strike in the butt to finish him off. Go through the door here and you will pass some Spawning pits to your right. Get some more Browns to replace what you lost but leave yourself some room to spare, a few will do, and then head through the next door to find just where the Red Minions have been. Head to the left and have your Minions turn the wheel here and you will now have access to Red Minions.

Go ahead and call some reds out, you're going to need them here. Send them out to kill the red bugs here to gather up ten red life force and then get that many red minions.

Make the most of your AMC experience

Have them pick up the hive and start moving. Follow the path and you will encounter some halflings, get rid of them and the ones that come out further one although you might need some Minion assistance to handle the second group. It's up to you. When you reach the room with more Halfling chefs stop and wait. Use your Reds to distract the chefs, set them to the left side and they will attack them with flame attacks. You can send your extra Minions to turn the wheel and move the flames to stop the enemies spawning in and open the way forward. You now have a clear path to get the heck out of here so carry the Minion Hive back to the waypoint and head on back to the Tower.

Teleport from the Tower to Mellow Hills where you will be told that the sheep are breeding much faster now so this is a great place to gather lots of Brown Minion life force. Well regardless of that lets head back to where the Halfling Party was going on and make sure to bring some reds. When you get there you will find a flaming barrier that the reds can get rid of. Get rid of it and behind it is a huge bag full of gold, woohoo! Bring it to the nearest waypoint and then return to Spree.

Make your way to the back of the city of Spree and one of the peasants will tell you about a lady that passed through. Oh and something about Castle Spree being under attack but that's not as relevant as a potential mistress. Before you go through this gate though head through the other city gate at the back of the city. This leads to a quest to find the Smelter so lets get to it. Head on over to the right and look in the ruined building to find the smelter. Send your red minions to get rid of the flaming barrier and then have your reds grab the Smelter.

While you're heading back to the city you will be attacked by Halflings and those damnable peasants will lock you out of the city, forcing you to fight them. If you're not already evil then this would be a good time to turn so and give those peasants what they deserve once you get back in. Anyways have your brown minions wipe out the halflings and then make your way to the left side of the area. There will be more Halflings as you go so make sure you stay alert and keep killing them with your browns. Turn the wheel here and get that Smelter to the waypoint.

Return to the tower and you will want to start forging yourself new equipment. It's heavily suggested that you farm Brown life force from the sheeps near Spree and then forge a weapon with a very high damage output. This will make later areas much easier. Let's get back to Spree. Open up the city gate we ignored before and head down the path. There's plenty of bugs are around so kill them to build up your life force and keep moving.

Eventually you will find a flaming barrier blocking your path, use your reds to get rid of it and stay on the path fighting through the enemies until you reach the drawbridge. Head to your right, kill some raiders and get rid of the fire barrier here. Send your Minions towards the wheel and they will kill another raider before turning it to drop the drawbridge. Pull your Minions back and head over the drawbridge. As you enter the castle a horde of raiders will pop in and attack you so be careful and use your fire magic to help thin them out. Once they're dead get rid of the fire barrier here but don't go into the dungeon just yet.

Head to the right of this area and you will find a break in the castle wall. By going this way you will reach a spawning pit, waypoint and most important is a horde increasing tower object. Get this back to the waypoint and then head back to the dungeon entrance and go on in. Use your reds to remove the flaming barrier and go forward. You'll get a look at your Mistress-to-be here.

How to Raise Hell in Three Steps: on RUN-D.M.C, Parliament, Blackness and Revolution

Head down the stairs, killing raiders and removing fire barriers as you go there's one in an area to your left keeping some people trapped in. This area is actually pretty much a straight path full of raiders and flaming barriers to deal with. Eventually you will reach a wheel, turn this to open a gate below yourself. Raiders will come out of nowhere so get rid of them and head back the way that you just came.

When you reach the entrance you can head through the gate you opened just before, making sure that you have a bunch of reds with you. There is a giant floating eye type creature here and you can't kill it with basic attacks, only your spells and red Minions can harm it. Leave your Browns to deal with the raiders and set your reds at the top of the stairs on either side of the eye. They will burninate it with their flames and thus stop the raiders from spawning in.

With that dead bring the luggage back to Rose and she will agree to come back to your Tower as your mistress. Not as evil as you'd hope but hey, it's a start no? If you'd like you can head back to the Tower and start decorating it as you like by buying stuff from her. You're going to replace her eventually for someone more fitting your nature so don't waste the money. If you're being good Head back over to the area where you got the smelter and move towards the forest area you saw before.

You will see a bunch of peasants complaining about the roots that are everywhere here. Further up the road is a root barrier that your reds can get rid of so have them destroy it and continue forward to enter Evernight Forest. Listen to the ghost elves if you like before continuing onward. This will net you a quest, ignore it for now and keep on moving. You will encounter a white unicorn This hellish beast can charge you and your minions trampling some, sending some flying and goring others with its horn.

Try to surround them with browns and get behind them to melee them while your reds burn them from a distance. With it dead you can continue on. It doesn't net you anything at all and you need the blues to even consider doing it anyways. Don't waste your time, just ignore them and their cheesy voice acting. As you go soon enough you will reach a stream of water with a bridge made out of what appears to be a plant root going over it.

You can walk through the stream of water yourself but if your minions go deeper than their knees they will drown. Don't ever let them go into water, simply guide them over the plant root and they will be fine. In my experience this is not always the case, sometimes a few of them will follow you right into the water and make use of their super special drowning skills.

Keep them out of all bodies of water. Once on the other side of the bridge kill the second bloody unicorn the same way you killed the first. Search the area to find a barrier that is blocking you off from a tower object, send your Minions over to it and then have them turn the wheel to cause a bridge to lead you back to the original area. Your minions can take the tower object back now. Make your way back to the elven ghosts who will let you pass.

Bust up the barrier and head forward slowly. As you go monsters will spawn from the right, the left and then back and forth once more. These little guys are quick, hit pretty hard and are archers. Plus they will try to run up narrow paths to the upper level forcing you to send your minions up the narrow path to get at them. Keep your reds near you and let your browns rush them, the browns can take a few arrows before dying and it's just easier that way. Eventually you will reach a large open area where you will see what the root cause of the problem in Evernight is gah, what a horrible pun.

You need to get rid of Oberon but to do that you have to take out all of his weird little nodes. Until then he's staying asleep in his little root bubble thingie. Head to your right and bust the barrier here, this will leave you in an area with a sacrificial health pit. Nearby it is a glowing white ball of light on a pulsating root.

Destroy it with axe or minions and the root it was attached to will whither and die away. Head back a bit and the root dying will have shown a new path you can take. This is going to take you awhile. Continue along this path until you see a green minion clearing out the poison plants in your path as well as some other enemies, take them out and continue.

As you head through this area you will be moving your minions across the root bridges, killing the enemies as you go while your Overlord keeps moving through the water. If you don't want to risk dealing with the enemies pick up the explosive egg things that Gnarl points out, put them near the creatures and get them outta there. Either way you will be doing this for a bit. Soon you will see a green minion go running into a cave.

However there is a tower object right nearby it, grab it up and carry it back to the waypoint to increase your Mana bar before you go on inside. Follow the greens into the cave and start following them. Make sure to kill off every green bug that you come across to gather up some life force. As you move you're going to pass plenty of poison plants, avoid them and make sure your minions do so as well.

Eventually you will reach a room with a big brick in the middle of the room, this is where to stop for the moment. If you look around you will notice that the there is a vine to your right. Have them go down the vine to the lower level and move the block to form a path of sorts, go over the block to the other side. You should see the greens over here again, head on over to start following them. Soon you will reach some poison gas, it comes and goes over time.

What you want to do is to allow it to disperse and then move forward. You're going to need to do this a number of times before you've escaped the gas entirely. As you follow this path you're going to want to kill all of the bugs that you come across to gather up more life force. You will reach a barrier in your path, destroy it and you will soon come to a health sacrifice altar and spawning pits.

Go forward and you will see another block, have your minions push it and it will end up bridging your path.

Iron Maiden - Raising Hell 1993

Make your way to the path near the arch and follow it to reach another barrier, bust it to reach where the block ended up. When you pass that way you will be able to summon greens and start moving the green hive. Send the greens to start clearing the poison plants from around the hive and grab it up. Any time you see poison from now on you will want your greens to get rid of it so that you avoid any of your idio Get rid of your reds if you have to. Keep your greens carrying the hive and following behind you while you let your browns fight off any of the bugs that you come across.

Let your remaining green minions sweep out any poison in your way. Eventually you will come across a giant troll just begging to be slaughtered. Use your browns and yourself to distract the big guy and guard mark your greens so that they backstab the big guy and wipe him out.

With him dead send him over to the wheel and turn it, this will cause a bridge to come out and cross the gap. You can continue along this path with the hive in tow. This will lead you straight across all the way to the waypoint, yay! They give you a bonus to critical hit chance which is an immense boon in combat. Don't go explore the Forest again until you're done doing this to your hearts content. Leave the Viridian Caverns when you're done and head to the poison field nearby the mouth of the cave. When you've cleared all of the poison you will have revealed another root node. Destroy it and a bunch of bugs will come at you, take them out as well.

Have your greens clear all of the poison beyond this and follow the path forward until you are blocked by a tree. Head right from here and you will reach a tower item that gives you the shield spell. Bring it back to the waypoint to gain access to these spells. However this isn't suggested as there's a few tower objects to gather here that are quite useful. Use the waypoint to get as close to Oberon as you can and head back to his tree with your new greens.

You will see some poison blocking your path under one of of the roots. Get rid of it and then head around the side of the building. As you reach the end of this path you will see that there are some roots blocking your path forward. Just before this is a path that goes up some stairs to a ledge. Guard mark your reds and greens up here and then lead your browns back over to the barrier. There's nothing you can do to them without blue minions and even then they aren't worth wasting the time to kill.

A large creature with a cow skull for a head and a big ol' mace will burst on through the barrier.

Stay near the ledge that the reds and greens are stationed on and wait for him. When he gets close enough the reds will burn him and the greens will jump on top of him, cutting him to ribbons. You and your browns can simply finish the job off. Once he dies off you will want to continue forward and head on up the stairs here. You will note a door that is seriously damaged, destroy it to enter an area with plenty of red life force to be gathered as well as jugs to break for items. There are a few chests here as well.

Leave and continue along the path to reach a large courtyard. Past all of the enemies here is another root node. The ones with the staves are priests that will raise the archers from the dead. This really isn't that bad though, send your browns to bum rush the archers and you and your other minions can handle the priests. You might lose a few minions but that's what the sacrificial pits and spawning pits are for.

Once you've killed the last of the enemies restore yourself entirely before you break the root node. Doing so will call out more enemies. This is bad. Guard mark your greens near the top of the stairs with your browns and reds set just a bit further back. This will lead the archers coming close to the cloaked greens to get at your other friends.

Now try to lure off the archers using the Overlord as your bait and kill them. This should provoke the priests to move over to them so quickly use your fire spell and weapon to kill off the priests. If a large one gets wind of you and starts to attack just keep moving, they're fairly slow so you should be able to handle the other enemies before they are too much of a problem. So long as you don't get swarmed by archers and the big guys at the same time this is pretty easy.

Once all the archers and priests are dead lead the big guys to your green minions to finish this off. Go down the stairs when they're all dead and look for a missing wheel spoke. Have your minions grab it and they will reattach it to the wheel at the top of the stairs. When they turn the wheel a door down the stairs will be opened up, go on through it and follow this path until you reach another tower object. This one increases the amount of minions you can control, sweet! You should be up to 20 of them at this point.

Nothing left to do here so it's time to head back to the Tower. To the left is a bridge to the city but that's closed for now. Let's ignore that and turn to the right and go that way into the camp. As you proceed through the camp make sure to ransack all of the barrels inside of the tents. You can get some newer equipment from them so armor up your minions.

There's a fence here, you don't want to tamper with this just yet. It's the only thing that's holding back the zombies from attacking the camp and you can do a few things before dealing with them. While heading through the camp you will hear plenty of dialogue from the varied peasants about the plague, Sir William and the city. However as you go one of the peasants will transform into a zombie, kill him off.

There are two paths here, one that goes up and around up the hill and one that goes off into the water. You can go into the water but your minions can't so that way's closed off for the moment. Head on up the hill and you will see a whole lot of sheep. Return to Mellow Hills if you need the brown life force.

Continuing along this path you will soon reach the gate to a cemetary. As you start heading forward you will be attacked by zombies. Fight them off as you go but make sure to stop when you see some mausoleums. Ransack them for a good bit of money and then continue on your merry way. Keep on going and you will keep on finding more and more zombies coming out the wahoozie. Eventually you will reach a poison barrier, send your greens to tear that bad boy down. Make sure you've got a full armament of minions who are mostly armed up and head to the left here.

You will encounter more zombies with a boss zombie up on a ledge, he's going to keep on pumping out zombies so we have to get to him. Stay back with your minions and slowly cut your way forward. Guard mark your greens and reds near the stairs so that they can support you and head up the stairs with your browns, slaughtering the boss together. Have your minions grab the tower object and follow them to reach a wheel. More festivals required in the post download drought? Well here's a little something to crush those post festival blues!

This one is going to be BIG. Well god damn we would say it's one of our lifetime highlights, but Download Festival have given us a hell of a shout out in their festival highlights! We are so humbled by all of this, the Takeover at Download Festival is one hell of a thing.

Iron Maiden - Raising Hell (DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Album, Unofficial Release) | Discogs

Thanks again to everyone that came down to Takeover at Download Festival yesterday! It's the final day before we play Takeover at Download Festival so we thought we'd share this little gem of a photo! In we played our first ever show to a handful of people at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden.

At the time we didn't have any grand aspirations or long term goals, we were just a bunch of guys happy to be playing music again, giving the old band shtick one last crack. Fast forward 3 years and we've travelled the country, released an album and are about to pla Along the way we've also met some incredible people, who've all helped us become the band we are today. So from all 5 of us, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported us on this crazy journey, we wouldn't be here without you!

But enough with the nostalgia, let's rip it up tomorrow at The Doghouse Tent! See you there It's going to be a rager!! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Tour Dates.


See more of Dead Man's Whiskey on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Music Do The Talking so if you want to sit down better be quick! Standing tickets are also going fast so grab your tickets whilst you can! Information about Page Insights Data. Dead Man's Whiskey is with Graham Webb and 6 others.

The Boardie Takeover in The Doghouse on Thursday night at Download had us moshing harder than we've ever moshed before to the sickest up and coming bands in rock and metal. The intersection of Hollywood and Highland in the '90s had a deep sense of failure. It was on this corner that I listened to The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein for the first time. I was afraid to ask for help. I had been told Parliament was good. I grabbed the first one in the section, paid for it, walked out, put it in my walkman and hit play. What I heard next literally made no sense.

Weird, sped up voices. Galactic Pyramids. Gross sexual metaphors. Nonsensical lyrics. Unnecessary use of multisyllabic words. It was uncomfortably sick. Ludicrous and nonsensical lyrically, but surgically, almost magically proficient musically. The combination was downright creepy. Standing there listening to it was kind of nice. So, I stayed. I bummed a cigarette. I watched cops arrest a dude who was yelling. I saw about four near auto accidents. I smelled weed. I peed in an alley between two buildings. Something else happened that day.

I realized that I really liked being an anonymous kid on a street corner in L. I realized that I really liked not giving a solitary fuck about what anyone was doing, not even myself. I realized that in some way it was my natural state. I cut my own hair into a weird nappy mushroom top. I took this goofy trench coat I had and sliced it at the waist with a pair of scissors. On the chest I sewed the patch that I earned in a middle school spelling bee. I wrote graffiti on the sleeve in Sharpie. I took to wearing pajama bottoms and black chucks.

And it worked, because the first time I left the house in this new uniform, I experienced something that I never had before. You might call it freedom. Cultural immunity. I had a self. It was adolescent and awkward and trying too hard. But it was my very own self. It was a me that was all mine. When you have come to regard your very skin color as an insufferable disease, when you have to punch other people in the mouth just so you can be ok with who you are, not giving a fuck is the single most divine experience you can ever have.

He was a street performer. His schtick was dressing up as the Scream dude and freaking out tourists before posing with them for photos. Police were responding to a report of a stabbing. They arrived, saw the man, and he apparently approached them. In , we learned that this could mean anything.

Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See

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