Raised Garden Beds: How To Build

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Growing in elevated garden beds means you don't have to bend over as much, countering back pain. The soil also warms faster in spring and drains faster in wet weather. What's not to love? Here's how to make your own elevated garden bed. See these 7 reasons why you need a raised garden bed.

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Start by determining how big you want your garden bed frame to be. If you're not sure, start with a 4x4-foot square garden bed frame, a size that allows most people to reach the middle of. Rake and level the ground so that your raised bed will lie flat. Make a rolling raised bed! Start with four 1-foot-long 4x4s for the corner posts; eight 4-foot-long 2x6s for the side rails; and four 2-foot-long 2x2s for the center stakes. Position your 4x4s on each corner of your square to form a garden bed frame.

Then pick a wall to start with and screw your first 2x6 to connect the corners of the raised bed. Stack a second 2x6 on top of the first. The ends of the 2x6 boards should be even with the sides of the post.

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Use an angle-square to make sure the rails and posts are lined up at right angles. Raised beds know no limits. This multi-tiered version from Home Stratosphere looks like a pagoda or maybe a fountain. Once it is filled with flowers, it may be hard to see the beautiful wood frame supporting them, but it will look good all year long.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

In fact, you could even decorate it with seasonal greens and decorations throughout the holidays and year round. You could build your own version with wooden frames or by layering successively larger containers by passing rebar or a metal pipe through the drainage holes and separating them with something like washers. Look around your storage areas or check out some salvage shops for items that would make attractive, easy-to-assemble raised beds. It's not just attractive, it is very low maintenance, requiring no waterproofing or painting, and will last far longer than most wood products.

Rather than simply terracing the entire area of a sloping yard, you could create a garden at eye level. Maria Michelle captured this seating area that was kept at the original level of the hillside. A stone patio and retaining walls create an alluring garden room surrounded by raised beds, perfect for sitting and relaxing with a view or sitting on the wall and gardening.

This would require a fair amount of soil removal and stonework, but you would enjoy it for years.

Step-by-Step: Build the Ultimate Raised Bed

Is there no end to the uses for milk crates? Just pick up a crate and move it closer to the kitchen. There is no need to drill drainage holes and when you need to change the soil, you can just lift the crate and dump it in the compost pile. Built-In Raised Beds. Continue to 2 of 15 below. Sheet Metal Raised Beds. Continue to 3 of 15 below. Square Foot Raised Beds. Continue to 4 of 15 below.

An Herb Spiral. Continue to 5 of 15 below. Hoop House Raised Bed. Continue to 6 of 15 below. Raised Bed Border. Continue to 7 of 15 below.

13 Cheap and Easy DIY Raised Garden Beds You Can Actually Build Yourself

Trough Gardens. Continue to 8 of 15 below. Continue to 9 of 15 below. Raised Bed Arbor. Continue to 10 of 15 below. Defining a Space With Raised Beds. Continue to 11 of 15 below. Colorful Concrete Block Garden. And a detailed guide all about finding and working with pallets! Add fencing or even a door to your raised beds to keep out deer and rabbits! You can purchase kits or make your own version.

You can also add benches to a raised bed for the perfect place to sit and enjoy the garden, or set tools and snacks for the gardener! This ladder shaped tiered planter is great for small space growing, and this stepped wood planter herb garden looks beautiful in a corner space.

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  8. Some creative variations! Continue To Next Page…. I want to try these raised beds for tomoatoes, peppers, and maybe some strawberries. Thanks for sharing! Very happy with the results! Thanks for the great inspiration. Great post! These are all so amazing! I love all these raise bed ideas. I LOVE these!

    Best Raised garden bed plans images in | Raised Beds, Potager Garden, Raised garden beds

    I want to plant some raised beds so badly. They seem easiest if I can find enough old tires. I love the idea of this! Those are some super cute ideas! I would love some cages on mine… dang rabbits love to snack in my garden! Love this! I have pallets and old tires laying around in the garage. I should do this! Pinning this to save. These are such great ideas. I LOVE the raised beds with the benches, what a great idea!!

    I have some great inspiration for some new ones.

    Raised Garden Beds: How To Build Raised Garden Beds: How To Build
    Raised Garden Beds: How To Build Raised Garden Beds: How To Build
    Raised Garden Beds: How To Build Raised Garden Beds: How To Build
    Raised Garden Beds: How To Build Raised Garden Beds: How To Build
    Raised Garden Beds: How To Build Raised Garden Beds: How To Build

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