Practical Household Uses of Honey

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Thank you for more tips! Never heard of using honey on the skin.

14 Unusual Uses for Raw Honey - Natural Treatment and Home Remedies

Sounds really sticky but I see a chemists said to mix with lotion. Who knew? I need to pin it as well. We love honey, but our local honey is so expensive here. Would love to try some of the other uses though! I didn't realize there were so many different uses for honey. I suffered from really bad acne for many years and wonder if using the honey on it would have helped it.

Using honey dressings: the practical considerations

I just posted an experience I had with using honey to heal an infection on my blog. Rachelle S. I started using honey for my sore throat when I was nursing my son and found that mixing it, lemon juice, and boiling water made a nice "tea" that I could drink to soothe my throat.

Thanks for the other suggestions! I'd always heard there were many ways to use honey but other than a few basics, like in tea when I have a cold, I never used it much. I'm really interested in your ideas for using it on your skin as I love homemade beauty products, so I will have to try those out!

My most favorite of all ways to use honey is to mix it with some peanut butter and a splash of milk and spread it on crackers. Lots of good things here. I have use honey for a few of these things but some are new to me. I will have to try it in place of sugar and see if I can lose some weight.

I have a bottle of honey in my cupboard, but only use it sparingly.


Hearing these tips from you, it might get used more! For instance, I want to try it on my frizzy hair. Besides using honey in tea for a sore throat I had no clue you could use it for so many things. Interesting tip that it can be used on dandruff. This is a very informative list with many ideas for honey that I did not know about. I am also going to go check out your other Household Tips.

Using honey dressings: the practical considerations | Clinical | Nursing Times

I'll bet that I will learn a thing or two there also. Glad that I found you through Blogelina. I will be subscribing. We had a hive of bees move underneath my house and we allowed them to live there for three years until we could find someone to relocate them. When they were extracted, the bee man gave us some honey in the comb to enjoy as a reward for allowing the bees to live with us as we had.

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Honey in the comb is amazing! What a cool post.

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  • Household Uses for Lemons.
  • Essential Uses: Baking Soda, Salt, Vinegar, Lemon, Coconut Oil, Honey, and Ginger.

I swear my honey in warm milk for my kiddos whenever they feel under the weather! They also eat a teaspoon whenever they have a cough. I swap it for sugar for lots of recipes too. But now you have me thinking about rubbing some all over my elbows!! Raw honey is terrific. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know all of them. I've bookmarked this post for later reference. I use honey in my shower gel to help soften my skin! I love all these great tips! I didn't know you could use honey for constipation. I usually drink coffee as a laxative but I'll try this too!

I have substituted honey for sugar when cooking because it is healthier, with great results! However on Saturday I did that for homemade Ice Cream and it ended up having a strong honey flavor so next time I will have to experiment a little differently! Love all your tips. I'm going to try several of them. I didn't know honey helps the hair and oh boy do I have frizzy hair. I'm going to be trying to replace sugar in my coffee with honey. Your post made me hungry though- I loved how you would watch your grandfather work his magic and your grandmother having fresh biscuits- wow!

Awesome memories. I haven't gotten brave enough to try it in my hair yet, but I really want to! Does it rinse out really well? Just spray and rinse. I make a paste from lemon juice and bakinf soda, I srub down my white counter tops. It gets all the stain off! I have a recipe for a shower to shower spray Does any one know if I can put the lemon peels in the vinager and let it sit a few days and that will make the essencial oil?

Thank-you for your fabulous post as many of us suffer with acid reflux. I am definitely going to try this. Lemons aren't acidic they are alkaline. So the alkalinity cancels out and balances stomach acid. Hi, i was experimenting on my lemon scraps, scraped the rind and boil everything in water for 10 mins, you will smell the freshness in the house.

When it cools down, mash the lemons and strain them to its pulp, pour the juice into a stinky drain and miracle works. No more stinky odor coming out of it.

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Hello there lemons are wonderful deodorisers, as one gets older under arms skin darkens slightly, after showering a cover of lemon juice not only smells good but it bleaches out dark patches. I live in the english countryside and in spring I surround the outside of my house with lemon juice, I have not seen an ant in my home for years.

I guess when you have your own lemon trees it's different. To me, using citrus pulp for anything other than yummy purposes is, oh, such a waste. But I do keep the peels, align them on paper until they dry to a crunch, then store them in cardboard box es.

The ones I do not use to make "tea", I use as dish-detergent-sponges: soak them in the pots while the pots need soaking, then use them as disposable dish sponges. Usually they do the job. If they can't, I add baking soda like Kelster5. Next time I'll try salt like hsmom When they're used up as dish-rags, they go to clean the garbage disposal. Haven't bought a dish sponge or detergent in over three years. My hands look and smell fresh, not like the onion and garlic I clean and chop every day.

My Kitchen smells like a citrus orchard.

I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner, and how come not everyone does this since stone age?? Good to meet you :. I've heard it works good on fleas too I tried it once I clean food odors from my hands, chopping boards, etc. I make lemon meringue pie with it-add to taste to cooked vanilla pudding yours or store-bought.

Make lemon jelly, lemon cookies-use your imagination! Put just a touch of it in your cake icing. Soak your fish in it before cooking. Sooo inexpensive, and convenient! If you haven't already done all this, you're gonna LOVE me! It's true!!

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  4. I haven't used deodorant in over six months since switching to lemon juice. Wayyyy better, keeps me and my clothing fresh!! We boil down cut lemons into a tea, salt and drink as warm as you can for chest congestion. Works wonderful! Sherijfowler: This sounds like a great tip, but how is the taste? Commercial repellents, insecticides and pesticides often contain harsh chemicals you may not want to use around your yard, garden, house, children or pets. Additionally, many of these products are toxic and will kill the bees rather than repel them. Honeybees not only make honey but are are essential for pollinating garden flowers, fruits and vegetables.

    Honeybees are attracted to clothing that resembles their natural predators. Avoid wearing dark, textured clothing while working outside, and don't wear perfumes or use strong-scented soap. Before going out, dab a couple drops of tea tree oil around the collar of your shirt, the bottoms of your pant legs and on the wrists of your gloves.

    You may also want to dab a little in your hair or add a few drops to your shampoo. Be careful not to spill any on the plants because it can kill them. If you want to keep honeybees away permanently, sprinkle garlic powder around the yard or make a garlic tea.

    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey
    Practical Household Uses of Honey Practical Household Uses of Honey

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