My Part in His Never-ending Story

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External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A troubled boy dives into a wondrous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book. Director: Wolfgang Petersen. From metacritic.

Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Labyrinth Adventure Family Fantasy. Adventure Drama Family. The Dark Crystal Short Circuit Comedy Family Sci-Fi. Flight of the Navigator Adventure Family Sci-Fi. Who Framed Roger Rabbit Animation Adventure Comedy. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Adventure Comedy Family. Family Sci-Fi.

Comedy Family Fantasy. The Goonies Hook Explorers Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Barret Oliver Bastian Gerald McRaney Bastian's Father Chris Eastman Carl Conrad Coreander Deep Roy Night Hob Moses Gunn Cairon Noah Hathaway Atreyu Sydney Bromley Engywook Patricia Hayes Urgl Tami Stronach Edit Storyline Bastian is a young boy who lives a dreary life being tormented by school bullies. Taglines: A boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!

Language: English. Inside Mr. Unable to resist, Bastian steals the book and hides in the school attic where he can read it undisturbed. In the book is the story of an otherworldly Magical Native American boy named Atreyu on a quest to save a Magical Land from vanishing. As Bastian reads more and more of the story, he finds that the book seems to be aware of him.

Eventually, it is revealed that the magical land within the book is actually another dimension encompassing all of human imagination, and only a human with creative ideas can save it. Bastian is then transported to the world, where he finds that every wish he makes will come true.

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However, he begins to lose a part of himself for every wish he makes. The story purposefully has lots of loose ends in the form of left-off side stories and secondary characters , to drive home the point that it is a "Neverending Story". In addition, there was a scene in the original novel where to convince Bastian that this was "real" , the Childlike Empress tells the Historian to read the story over. Which includes what Bastian had done that day. This gets them all stuck into a timeloop until Bastian accepts it and enters the story.

Trying to avoid the beam but failing, Squidward ends up shrinking, yet again by the belt. He then sneaks inside of Chase's home and heads toward the game room where he planned to take back the MM BB videogame. When Chase saw the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy video game having gone missing, Chase goes to look for it, when he sees the mini sized Squidward taking it, and Chase squishes him with a fly swatter, and takes back the game.

Chase decides to do a speedrun of the game, and sees how long it will take for the game to be beaten. It takes long enough for me to plan my revenge against Empress. I throw her in a tank, and the NES police put her in prison. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick were looking for their video game, and then they start to think as to who could have taken it. They saw footsteps, and they follow the footsteps all the way to the surface. SpongeBob and Patrick get water helmets so they can breathe on the surface, and they find out that the footsteps lead to Chase's house. They knock on the door, and Chase answers it.

As I about to drown, I then puleld out my microphone. The beat then allowed me to get ready to sing. Later back at the show, Yzma then spins and gets her funk on. She then begins her chant, causing Chase to get hypnotized and the police to drop their weapons and dance. She then blasts a musical beam at Chase's house, causing it to turn into mulch, surprising Patrick and Spongebob. SpongeBob gets hypnotized, but Patrick doesn't, because let's face it, he's too stupid to be hypnotized.

Patrick does as well despite him not being hypnotized, he just wanted to be cool. The time machine takes them back to one hour ago. This time, SpongeBob looks at his shoes, and wonders if he should get a new pair of shoes. SpongeBob gets out his karate gear, and gets ready to fight. Patrick remembers that he learned karate, and even though he gave up on it, he decides to get back to his karate skills so they can fight Y3M4.

Later back in present times, Y3M4 had taken over all of Bikini Bottom and lots of surrounding cities as well. She had set up a discocracy, a mixture of dance and electronic music with autocracy. She was preparing her greatest mark on music. SpongeBob calls Kirby and tells him to fight music with music. Kirby sucks up a microphone, and transforms into his copy ability, Mike Kirby! Kirby then goes back to his treehouse, and takes a nap.

Tokkori, a bird who is Kirby's friend, asks Kirby how his day was. Kirby is too tired to answer, and falls asleep. Runnervous was dead, making Chase very sad. He then threw Patrick out a window and was arrested for that. I came home because it was actually Patrick who fell out the window on accident. The two of us take SpongeBob, Kirby, Thomas, and the wizard to a brand-new city. King Dedede orders a monster to get rid of Kirby, as he's tired of him being around in Cappy Town. King Dedede then demands Kirby to face a horrible punishment, being he loses his soul.

He then began Kirbot. Meta Knight was not fooled, he knew it was a Kirbot, and not the real Kirby. He asks King Dedede where the real Kirby is. Kirby said yes, and when they get to the beach, they notice how beautiful the beach looks. Keeby builds a Sand Castle for Kirby to hide in, and Kirby hides in. The others hide in it too. Plankton is going to drink all the deadly lava, and Kirbville is saved until a giant Spongebob eats the city..

With Kirbville down, and Giant SpongeBob defeated, the citizens want a new home, and so the gang heads out to find them a new home. The reason was because the inside of the Ice Cream factory looks just like an ice cream city, except it's a factory. When Thomas tells everyone he found an ice cream city, which is really a factory, everyone rushes inside. Kirby chokes to near death, but I save his life and find that Patrick's brain is ruined, while Patrick thinks he is ice cream. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off.

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The Never Ending Story Chapter 3 Part 2: Your sock is smelly

Never-Ending Story Chapter 2: Part 1. Chase McFly. No swearing 2. No spamming 3. NES Status: Waiting to open! Loading editor. Edited by Rocky Lobster , May 28, More History.

The never ending story 2 - Bastian's memorie

Save changes Preview Cancel. Kinji Takigawa Party Night. A planet called Daihonix 9. Koopsers Joopsers. White Stranger is on time wrote: A planet called Daihonix 9. The previous one had a terrible ending. Why couldn't it end at comments. Besides, why did Thomas close the previous one?! We werent ready for the ending yet. Edited by Koopsers Joopsers , July 11, A planet called Daihonix 9 was very new, there resided there hero, Pink Chameleon.

Pink Chameleon is the hero of Daihonix 9. She replaces the Cereal Bowl. Fish also came to help. Then he is woken up by a scream! I hope this chapter is good like part 1-part Edited by WalkingBird , July 11, KKirby asks where the scream came from. The scream came from Leni Loud because she was drowning and she's dumb so she can't swim. Leni sees a rock, and knocks on it. Patrick opens it, and welcomes Leni into his house. I use my "Kidnap Tracker" to find who kidnapped egnopSboB.

I join the group and say I think SpongeBuck did it. Edited by Chase McFly , July 11, Plot twist: It was really Professor Calamitous! We ask him why he did it. But then he turns himself into a rock. Then people dies. But nobody died, instead they were watching Sailor Mouth. Scratch: "Oh look, writing on the wall! Scratch: Whats this word? Scratch: "Yzma is a dolphin noise ". WalkingBird: Uhhhh, what?

  1. Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord);
  3. Parent reviews for The NeverEnding Story;

Scratch: "I'm reading wall writing! I tell Mr. Krabs that Scratch called Yzma by her true name. Scratch: "Whats this? Reading Wall Writing is Fun! Edited by Koopsers Joopsers , July 12, Scratch: "Lets tell it to KKirby!

The NeverEnding Story (film) - Wikipedia

It turns out dolphins were writing messages. SpongeBob says that Flats the Flounder is paralyzing everyone. But Flats says it was SpongeBob, who is Weegee's heir. Then I find the diary of a Magical Hat. Then SpongeBuck then somehow goes missing.


Evil Thomas then destroys the Magic Hat and challenges Spongebob to a fight. The mad man is revealed to be Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life. SpongeBob tells Gary to put Puffy Fluffy down. SpongeBob is arrested for cheating.

  • Drunkards and Flagons: Rise of the Many, Vol 1 (Fantasy/Comedy).
  • Little Dragon is Learning to Fly (The Dragons Book 2).
  • The NeverEnding Story (Literature) - TV Tropes;
  • He got messed up pretty bad on the set of The NeverEnding Story.
  • Whatever Happened to the Cast of The Neverending Story??
  • After the fall of the hat, all is well. SpongeBob marries Sandy. Then a Poliwag appears. Then a Poliwag sneaks in. It publishes the book series "Spongy Squarepotter", which has all 7 volumes on this thread. So everyone reads it. But then it got rewritten. Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking then arrived. They had a tongue-twister-session.

    Then a meteor crashes into them. The meteor then explodes and kills everyone. My ghost then came. Edited by Kirbyfan , July 14, I then pulled out a gun that fires cocotamas and started to drive the creepy school bus. Then Coconut Fred kills the users from the bad wiki. I then put a tiny bomb in him, blowing him up. Mario and Luigi then jumped out of a pipe. I got the th message, the egg hatched into a Cubone. The Snowrunt egg was a fake! Majora's mask then comes out of a building, a fierce deity mask then falls from the sky.

    Larry the Lobster puts on the Fierce Deity Mask. All the characters that matter ended up escaping. An unknown figure appears, it turns into a shadow and gets the gem. Kirbyfan is knocked out.

    The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

    Then the gem falls on Larry and says it is what brought him back. Drilber appears. Drilbur evolves into Excadrill. Excadrill eats a potato. Excadrill liked the potato. It goes to a potato store to get more potatoes. Excadrill accidently takes Harold with him. Harold then came back. Harold wanted an expensive haircut, but the problem is, he doesn't have hair. TheThomas wrote: Harold wanted an expensive haircut, but the problem is, he doesn't have hair. Edited by ThomasGaming64 , July 14, He goes to WeebCon. An eagle comes in, and welcomes egnopSboB to WeebCon.

    So Calliou is happy at Weebcon. The eagle carries Calliou away.

    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story
    My Part in His Never-ending Story My Part in His Never-ending Story

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