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A while after, he visited a company that was closing. People were desperate because there was no other source of employment nearby, and were fighting for the company that was beneficial and just gave tens of millions to its shareholders to stay open. He was caught telling someone that jobs like this were available km away.

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People have to pay a mortgage for their houses, have spouses who work within the area, have children who go to school, have elderly parents to take care of: they can't travel km a day for work, they can't all move. This is a recurring motif. He also loves to shame the French whenever he's abroad. He picks and chooses leaders with whom he poses he ignored Queen Elizabeth and Prince William who attended a memorial for fallen soldiers in WW1 but opened Versailles for Putin and got all-friendly with Trump whom he invited to our national parade.

Another recurring motif are people around him getting sued for abusing public resources, as well as other things that would get anyone fired and shamed in other countries. But they remain, and sometimes even get more responsabilities and better pay look up Ferrand. Then, he attacked the elderly. Right after a scandal about how they were treated in specialized centers exploded.

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He augmented their taxes. It's kinda stupid because all roads are not the same, and more specific regulations should be ordered had security been the real reason. Mayors were mad about it, especially since they had been fighting for a long time to get some roads fixed and because they know exactly which roads are dangerous and can tell exactly where people are killed or hurt.

They weren't consulted, and this added up to the fact that Macron is suppressing the cities' income taxes, if only to make the state pay and thus decide. Local democracy is being shut down by Macron in catastrophic ways. He's doing so probably because he has yet to get LREM elected locally. Accusations of parisianism have always existed, but has grown so much more stronger. Paris is the biggest city in France and everything is available there, whether everything is closing down anywhere else.

Politicians deciding things only from this perspective are killing us even further. It's worth noting that Macron's supporters are similar: well-off people with no such problem as your average joe. Nowadays, he's passing a new tax on diesel voted in Diesel had been sold as a green alternative to oil, and the State had sponsored the buying of such vehicles. The State also had encouraged moving away from big cities.

Everyone except city-dwellers who work near needs to use their car to do just about anything. And when Macron cut a tax, he has created or augmented another, salaries aren't good enough to make a proper living for most, and the cost of using a car, something that can't be avoided, is increasing, with the government shaming people who use them as proper killers, when they're not saying they're straight-up nazis.

They also pretended for a while that this tax would be attributed to the ecologic transition, but millions affected there have been voted this week to be transferred to the general budget. In the same breath, the majority has also voted the continuation of tax-cuts for major polluters like Total with the deforestation for palm-oil. I'm going to try and answer this in a rather balanced way, pointing out reasons rather than judgment on Macron for his impopularity.

All of this is "in general" with a thousand exceptions to general rules. The common point between his opponents is to consider that he has overwhelmingly taxed the working poor in order to keep the state afloat, while giving tax gifts to richer people. They consider that loosening regulations will lead to worse salaries and work conditions, and that the money lost by the State in the process won't be there to compensate through the use of social services. They generally advocate heavier taxation of the rich, companies, and capital and further reinforcement of the welfare state.

In foreign policy, there's a division in the left between a "pro-european" tendency, usually wanting to politicize and socialize the EU which is seen as a purely economic tool, and an "anti-european" sentiment, according to whom the EU is too far gone in the pockets of bankers to be saved.

On his rights, opponents consider that lesser taxes should be applied to everyone to restore buying power, even if it means a lot less money to be spent on social services. There's also an increasing "populist" tendency, essentially asking for both at the same time, an offensive lowering of taxes for the poor and middle-class, compensated by high taxes on the rich. That mostly hard-left economic policy may or may not be matched with a far-right foreign policy, resolutely anti-european and anti-immigration and maybe anti-media, vaguely conspirationnist Take your picks, mix and match.

The "yellow jackets" movement is far too much of an ideological mess to fully understand, by they pretty much all agree about the taxes. To give you an idea, there's a communication tactic that he's becoming very familiar with, which consists of giving a "scandalous" comment at the end of a complex and logical idea. For example, during a state visit in Africa, he declared that Africa was poor because women had "7 or 8 children". The full quote is much more complex, making definitely decent points about the deep connection between poverty and demography.

Both positions being highly defendable in context. This is a very incomplete and probably innacurate summary. But I tried to give you an idea of why the public debate is so vivid and why he generates that passionnate an opposition, while remaining somewhat impartial. I love how you don't take the actual quotes who pissed the french people. How do you relativise the crossing the street? In France, diesel used to be fairly subsidized compared to gasoline. Thanks to that, diesel cars were quite popular.

The government is stopping the preferential taxation of diesel and increasing car fuel prices. The government says this tax is to finance ecological measures. But if you look at the proposed state budget only a fraction of what these changes in taxes will be making will be used for actual ecological measures. This hypocrisy is painful to watch.

In my opinion this whole business is a shame : the protest is more about not beeing taxed instead of how the tax money should be spent which would be a more interesting debate. Our government uses ecology to justify the tax while they show that ecology is clearly not their main focus. And this whole wave of disapproval will probably be used by next governments to let ecology behind because "french people care more about money than ecology". I hate the government's standpoint for instrumentalising ecology. People don't care about that. They're just angry about everything but the main point for me is the following : a lot of people work hard but the money isn't enough.

They're strugling to make ends meet and feel the government is just endlessly targeting them with new taxes, when big corporations pay less than a small company. French people really don't like injustice. So you have anger and a real feeling of tax injustice. Mix it up with "fuck all politicians" and "trade unions are useless", add a bit of "journalists lie It's mostly his arrogance that people can't stand anymore plus all those little laws and stuff that cancelled taxes for the richer and lowered aids for the poorer.

He said to an unemployed young man "just cross the street" to fund a job. He said people in the countryside in the north were alcoholics and illiterate, many things like that. His policies are not that different from those of previous French governments, either right wing or "left" he was after all part of Hollande's government at some point.

However he's got an extremely arrogant attitude that really doesn't work with public opinion. Several times when he was abroad he publicly criticised the attitude of the French people. I'm not sure Angela Merkel for example would have done that. Maybe I'm wrong. That plus his image of "president for the bankers and the riches" he briefly worked as an investment banker and "president of the cities" his electorate was mostly urban voters with university degrees makes a large portion of the population feel disconnected from him.

This is exacerbated by his policies, such as suppressing the tax for the higher incomes. I live abroad and I feel that foreigners don't understand much the problems we have with him. During the presidential election many foreign media painted it as "the good" Macron versus "the bad" Le Pen. They were forgetting that this was only the second round: in the first round two other candidates had almost as many votes. He keep doing policies who didn't work the decade before, how is this surprising that it is starting to piss of the people who suffers from it?

Not really. That's not so close. Ha had one million more votes thant Lepen. If the election system were changed in France, I'm sure we'd see very different outcomes based on other candidates having won similar shares in first round. Idk it is like that since the 60s and it didn't pose has many problems at first but for the last decade or so it became more and more problematic.

Le Pen didn't come out of no where, but nobody listen to what is beeing said by her base. And this tactic is so easy do nothing or jsut enougth to be against the far right then ignore everything to do thing your way insted of adressing the problem of the country. Also someone point it out latter on the thread but it might be because of the quinquenat which changed the "temps politique". It is possible. Et puis on touche a du vocabulaire de moins en moins traduisible. I would argue that we should always have a system that will not suddenly break down just because times change, one that allows voters to express fully their opinions.

Preferences remove strategic voting and help lower rates of abstaintation. On a trip to the Pas-de-Calais this week, the candidate for the presidential election, En marche! This must be addressed urgently in order to make the daily lives of these people better. These statistics are from the Regional and Territorial Health Atlas.

I don't know how the protest are covered in foreign country. However the protests are not that big. They were peoples the first saturday, which is quite consequent but not that much, considering that they were many local protest and that people didn't have to move to Paris. Last saturday, there were a little more than people concerned.

Moreover, even if a lot of french dislike Emmanuel Macron, the "yellow vest" movement divides the country. The movement is supected to be supported by extrem right organization, and mainly concerns old people, or people living on the countryside. For further answers, an American came here last week and asked more or less the same question, you might find other opinions there. As a French living abroad and not following the news closely enough, I was wondering the same thing Thanks for asking this!

Macron is the rich people president. He is slowly destroying our solidarity system, always pointing out the weak people as if they were responsible for their precarity. Like unemployed people who are struggling to find one, like if they were just taking advantage of living with only euros per months.

What do you do with that in France? Not much, you pay your rent, electricity, water, maybe the Internet subscription And you eat some pasta every day, is that a life? Don't think so. He is closing hospitals, schools, and public services in small cities without creating new ones in the bigger ones. He begins to increase our scholarship fees, changing our school selection system which is now more unfair and, again, advantageous for the rich and Paris' people. Even if he couldn't do it due to a big politic drama this summer, he wanted to erase our social security from our constitution So, the problem with the gas prices isn't so much about the price, it's people, mostly from the countryside who are becoming very angry about this politic because they are the first one who are suffering and the gas price is the last drop.

Moreover, Macron is hiding behind environment reasons but it's just bullshit. He doesn't give a shit about the environment and is always giving the right to the industrial companies even though they are dangerous for people.

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Plus, even the people who would like to use public transport instead of their cars can't because more and more trains are deleted as he wanted to again, only the TGV is maintained for Paris people and there is no alternative. All this politic is very capitalist and liberal, and do not surprise me but the fact Macron is such an arrogant, condescending person, treating people in distress like shit is making me vomit. He and his friends are rich arrogant assholes our politics in general are asking us to work harder, to pay more taxes, to see our social country being destroyed and to walk on our humanist values example: a guy has been put in jail because he has saved some children's lifes, just because they were migrants and mostly; to never complain..

At the same time they are making themselves and their friends richer and richer It is revolting. French people are much more critical of what is said in the press. Political opinions are much more opposed to each other than in Germany. This leads to an intellectually brilliant and free society.

We place more value on the substance of things than on their appearance. We prefer sincerity to credibility. Therefore, we are more lucid and less fooled when we see all the dominant centre-right press explaining that Macron is a good president. He is not. I hope that the Franco-German partnership will continue to flourish, and that you will eventually acquire our critical sense and lucidity I mean, from those who do not vote Macron.

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And that you will open up politically to something other than Merkel's policy, which is causing quite a bit of damage in Europe. But he is quite appreciated today, considering a random survey I've just seen. Mais bon De Gaulle c'est la Ve. Les suivants n'ont fait qu'essayer de copier son ombre. I never understood that argument. Be it in politics of whatever else, how is the mediocrity of others an excuse not to try your best? I think constantly striving for your best is laudable, at the same time comparing to others helps you gain perspective about what's realistic. If you have irrational expectations from a government you're bound to be disappointed.

It's like saying stop complaining because you only got a little bit molested and your neighbour is still getting fucked.

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Why not blame the people who have it suspiciously way too good and not point to those lesser fortunate? France is already getting assfucked by the world. The question is, how much more ass pounding can we take before we can't get up in the morning. We already have low work hours, early age of retirement, generous unemployment and social safety net, high minimum salary, extensive healthcare, there's no secret, it has a cost and it's called taxes. Because France is already better at limiting the rise of inequality and because we have one of the world's higher taxation on the wealthy?

Besides, this is not a zero sum game, just because people are rich doesn't mean there are more poor, this is usually the contrary. Fait gaffe, ce que tu fais commence a ressembler a un genre de vendetta personnelle ou tu le poursuis a chacun de ses posts. At its worst, it's an excuse to engage in a knee-jerk negativist, borderline conspiracist pissing contest whereby you must prove to your fellow citizen that you weren't born yesterday. Insofar as it is easier to attain this goal through contrarianism, it is systematically preferred to the alternative.

The most laudatory compliment a French person might pay you is to spare you their piques. Furthermore, refusal for refusal's sake is still viewed as a 'cool', transgressive act, one that is paradoxically strengthened by its necessary foils: a greater prevalence of conformism in terms of dress codes, gender roles, linguistic expression, etc. So when you argue that Macron is literally a dictator, you earn yourself a badge of edginess.

Good work! A partly justified sense of historical self-importance, which translates into a self-fulfilling feedback loop and hence a lack of interest in what goes on beyond its boundaries. This is a problem for many other nations as well, mind you, especially older ones. It's akin to saying "all Americans are dumbed-down rednecks nationalists with very little care for the rest of the world". While there is a debatable amount of critic that can be tossed the way of the French in general, the fact that their desire to engage in their political life by ways of protests or any other medium is commendable.

Too often are we hearing tales of decision being made and populations not supporting them, but no real reactions mirror the actions of the governments. Granted I can easily concede that the way a lot of left-wing and right-wing extremists are seizing the opportunity of those protests to engage in violent behaviours is deplorable. You are right in saying that French elected presidents usually experience a serious dip in popularity after a year into their elections. And in the future, you should probably abstain from coming to a country specific subreddit and engage in blatant stereotypisation of its populace as a means of explaining issues that you quite frankly seem to have no grasp of whatsoever.

Visitor Posts. Med Adnani. See More. Isabelle Cesano. Information about Page Insights Data. It's there and nowhere else On a land-by the winds That the first words of a water problem And from a place in the sun The mouth filled with noise They about the silent dust and the cries of the rocks Their number did not exceed that of the living One Word by man The one who died gave his place to the tree of his choice Man and oak shared the same bark The same age registered in sapwood And even shadow The tree on top The man down And sometimes the other way around when he took to the earth the desire to turn around Venus Khoury-Ghata born in In "words were wolves, poems chosen", gallimard poetry, As the heat wave invades this beginning of summer, I wanted green.

In the texts of this poet of Lebanese origin, it is often question of trees, bark, connection with the human. I love his imagination, his reflection on the language, the universe in which she plunges us My need to sow beauty. Because poetry allows us to touch the sensitive aspect of life. As an author, I know the power of stories and words, I have the heart to transmit works, known or not, that do good to the soul. Do you like my sensitivity? React and, in the stride, visit my page for more poetry, reading tips, and the chronicles I write, like the Series Verslapublication, Surveyedthink, elsewhere and Nousreinventer.

Subscribe to my page is a good idea! Continue Reading. And the more peace in beings, the more there will also be in this world in boiling. In March , she begins a writing of introspection, in a notebook with pages pages, while she has just met a fabulous therapist, whose approach is modelled by that of Carl Gustav Jung. In her contact, thanks to her influence, she examines her thoughts, her way of operation, and opens to a new vision of the world, life, herself.

So, she is getting rid of her daily anxieties, the vulnerabilities who chew her, hasty judgments, to discover in her a spiritual and mystical dimension that makes her taste a joy so far unknown. The reader assists, week after week, from the fragments she note, to this evolution.

What is extraordinary in this personal journey is that the political situation becomes at the same time becoming more and more tense. Etty is Jewish, his therapist too - and the threat of deportation is getting closer every minute. I felt a huge emotion by reading etty, I was deeply touched by his absence of hatred, his absolute trust in a divine benevolence, his generosity to others.

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His phrases, several times, have forced me to stop to reflect, absorb his word, let me contaminate by the joy of this hope that crosses it. There was also, reading, a great sadness - because of course, the end is waiting for it in , in the violence and the cold of Auschwitz. This book is an important, resolutely modern book, which shows us the way to the largest in us. He invites us, at all times, in all contexts, to develop our humanity fully. A humanity that is part of the solidarity of one with others, in wonder in the face of the beauty of everything that surrounds us.

A Humanity, finally, who plays in the search for freedom, an inner freedom that nothing or no one can destroy. A book to be apprehend by being available to the questions that etty poses, a book to offer, to discuss - a wonderful and essential book! React and, in the stride, visit my page for poetry, other reading tips, and the chronicles I write, like the Series Verslapublication, Surveyedthink, elsewhere and Nousreinventer. Because I am author and literary coach. Very simple: Subscribe to this page! A Spring sun Who maybe doesn't know any more That what he seeks to hide us.

Let's inform him. Tell him the whirlwind Who clings to volumes. Tell the sun it's identified By other hikes. Tell him the effort too, Tell Him yours, Your reward. And did he even have Do not understand, Just to hear you talk to him about your pleasures, From this that flowers owe you, Maybe he'll become More earthly light. That's what they found better As a path to light. A moment the light Brushed It's becoming.

It's too hidden. They have their wedding. The clarity it brings Dig maybe more. He will be able to fill From a more obvious hollow. That you are looking for In the light. Or force them To be demanded. The painter loved painting the Changes of light Chronicle no. He took painting classes, he studied and copied the masterpieces, he sharpened his eye and his brush. His Father transmitted his passion to him, encouraged him in his vocation and guided him for the beginning of his itinerary. No one finds it weird that this revolutionary artist has attended schools and academy of fine arts.

Oddly, in France, a writer, he should not have any initial training. Ah this tenacious myth of inspiration, which I was talking to you about in my previous chronicle Need to confront the reality of the gesture of writing - with its issues, its doubts, its dizziness.

Need an outside look, which endorses an enlightened reader position, able to ask relevant questions about the background and shape. Also need to integrate technical elements to enrich an experience, to open perspectives. In other countries, including Anglo-Saxon side, the approach is pragmatic: we recognize the needs of beginners authors. Thus appeared writing workshops, to stimulate creativity, and even university courses where literary creation is taught. Students learn to affuter their style, develop a point of view, take care of narrative structures, build characters, give life to stories.

When the idea of a novel appeared in me, in the summer of , I quickly measured the chasm that existed between my emergency to write and the reality of its implementation. Where to start? And how do I manage to make the scenes imagined in my mind be consistent on paper? The first months, I was worried. Everything I did seemed bad, or rather dissonant, at a thousand places of what I wanted to transmit.

By Chance, I'm pushing the door of a parisian writing workshop. Writing workshops, later, I've consumed it with immense hunger. Hundreds of hours to bring out a literary material, hundreds of hours to look for my features, my colors, my way of wield a feather. I was so happy in writing workshop that I decided to train to animate.

Spread joy, and above all the momentum to write, the taste of stories, the riches that give us literature. In the last few years, in addition, I have taken a lot of fun meeting writers, listening to them during a debate, asking them questions about their routine, their vision, the themes that will bring them back. And then, there were the editors on the way to the post. All these meetings, in addition to the course in atelier, make the luggage that is mine, this writing that must constantly be asked, this look that allows me, in my turn, to accompany other people who feel this need to write.

And you, what did you spend hours learning with a bright appetite? Every Monday, I publish a poetic text, known or not, French or not, because poetry contributes to sowing beauty in the world, because poetry allows to touch the sensitive aspect of life. On the other hand, on Thursday, I publish either a reading advice on a book I particularly liked, a chronicle I wrote, like the Series Verslapublication, Surveyedthink, elsewhere And Nousreinventer.

Cap crossed: "likes" - impressive figure! Very high love, if i may die Without knowing where I owned you from, In what sun was your home In what past your time, in what time I loved you, Very high love that pass the memory, Fire-free fire I've done all my day, In what destiny you will share my story, In what sleep was your glory, Oh my stay When I will be for myself lost And divided to the infinite abyss, Infinitely, when I'm broken, When the present I'm coated in Will have betrayed, By the universe in a thousand broken bodies, A thousand moments not gathered yet, From Ash to heaven to nothingness exhaustipated, You are moving for a strange year Only one treasure You will name my name and my image Of a thousand bodies taken away by the day, Long live unit without name and without face, Heart of the mind, o center of the mirage Very high love.

Catherine Pozzi , In "very high love - poems and other texts", gallimard poetry, To accompany the incandescent splendor of the worms of this french poet of the last century, I chose a portrait of Kiki de montparnasse, by man ray, dated The look of the young woman, Frank, determined, fierce, please me - It seems to me that there is a resonance effect between this text and the relationship of the muse with the American artist It has a tone just to him, a pirate radio that floods it with sweet songs.

A long time relegated to a corner of the brain, puppets, snail and peanut pirouette make a triumphant return. It seems that without our knowledge, we keep in memory a hundred nursery rhymes, a heritage where children soak, sleeping millers as improbable as green mice. Me who needs alcohol to sing in public, here's that I forget to look at myself. Is this where love knits? I sing fake and the baby is happy. We swallow the pages. Mix with the daily sequences of the narrator, her pregnancy, the arrival of the baby, and a reflection on maternity.

A lot of humor, tenderness and at the same time of distance, to tell and analyze all the changes that a child brings. With enthusiasm and curiosity, I read this short story that dust the image of the good mother, who mocks the narrow standards, which points out the contradictions of modern women taken between desires that are if, the intensity of their feelings, the requirement Of the different roles they take. I was very touched by the sincerity of the narrator, by its candid and vulnerable way of transmitting its maternity experience. There is no good way to be a mother, there is no absolute truth in this field.

There are groping, mistakes, and love. A book that does a lot of good Born with spring, die with the roses, On the wing of the Zephyr swimming in a pure sky, Balanced on the heart of flowers barely hatched, Get drunk with perfumes, light and Azure, Shaking, young encor, the powder of his wings, Fly like a breath to the eternal vaults, This is the butterfly the enchanted destiny!

He looks like desire, who never lays down, And without getting satisfied, grazing all things, Finally go back to heaven to look for the delight! Alphonse De Lamartine In "new poetic meditations", collection published in To accompany these few lines on the quest of the butterfly, I chose a watercolor of Raoul Dufy, dated from What are they doing? Eh madame madame pourquoi ils dansent? Le coup de foudre new-yorkais a eu lieu il y a trois ans exactement, et le coup de foudre parisien il y a un an et demi. Everything is possible in America.

Encore un pervers. Non, pas tout. Non non. Une partie. Remonte, un beau jour, de nulle part. Des nues. Ca que je trouve si merveilleux. Ira et le nouveau venu se saluent. Are you sure? How do you like your coffee? Je re-range le rectangle. Ma sugar detox et moi sommes ravies. Douze heures de jour, douze heures de nuit. The Bhagavad Gita! Non, pourtant. Oui, oui. Une maison avec un jardin. Plus bourgeois tu meurs, sans passer par la case nirvana. Que nous autres qui sommes partis ne sommes plus jamais nulle part chez nous.

Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)
Jécris comme je peins (French Edition) Jécris comme je peins (French Edition)

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