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A silver lining in my prayers And now there's colour everywhere You came along to show you care And now there's colour everywhere. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Colour Everywhere Christian Bautista. Used to seeing black and white Never really in between Waiting on the love of my life To come into my dreams Everything is shades of gray Never really blues or green Needed someone else to turn to Someone who could help me learn to see All the beauty that was waiting for me You, you put the blue back in the sky You put the rainbow in my eyes A silver lining in my prayers And now there's colour everywhere You put the red back in the rules Just when i needed it the most You came along to show you care And now there's colour everywhere Everywhere My life is so predictable Never any mystery But ever since you shined the light All of that was history Now i have a hand to hold And a reason to believe There's someone in my life worth living for I was hanging around just wishing on a star To put the happiness back in my heart and You, you put the blue back in the sky You put the rainbow in my eyes A silver lining in my prayers You care and now there's colour everywhere Left those hazy days behind me Never to return again Now they're just a fading memory 'cause baby it's all so clear to see The beauty that is waiting there for me You, you put the blue back in the sky You put the rainbow in my eyes A silver lining in my prayers And now there's colour everywhere A silver lining in my prayers And now there's colour everywhere You came along to show you care And now there's colour everywhere.

Envie pra gente. Enviada por marina , Traduzida por Luene. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Goethe, in his Theory of Colours, first proposed a symmetric colour circle. According to physics, when light falls on a surface it is reflected, The use of additive colour system is commonly seen in various absorbed or scattered. A surface, which reflects all wavelengths electronic devices like computer monitors and Televisions picture equally, is perceived to be white; where as a surface which absorbs tubes.


The full spectrum colours are created by mixing paints, dyes and inks to create colours, or distribution of colour intensities of the incoming radiation from which absorb some wavelength of light and reflect others. Modern an object determines the visual appearance of that object and its print technology makes use of the Subtractive Colour System using perceived colour.

The familiar colours of the rainbow in the spectrum Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black for printing purpose Wikipedia, contain all those colors that consist of visible light of a single b. Colour and Culture However, the dominance of colour in human life goes far beyond physics.

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So much so that almost all known field of study have Given the prevalence of colours in day-to-day life, it is not surprising contributed to the understanding of colour. It has been shown that colours have cultural connotations and have been differently that on a biological level, colours tend to affect the mechanisms of interpreted by different cultures. It is generally believed that the human eye. Muscles either relax or tense up; pupils expand or perception regarding colours differ in various cultures.

However it contract when exposed to different colours. The physical effects should be noted that the colour association may be completely are considered by authorities to be the result of photochemical individual due to extremely personalized experiences or they action on the glandular system. On a psychological level, colours may be spread across a whole spectrum because of political, tend to deliver a powerful subliminal communication. It tends to religious and racial origins.

The overall colour design tends to either create a For example, in politics we also see an association of colours with pleasant visual harmony, which appeals to the aesthetic senses, or various ideologies primarily for identification and easy recognition it ends up creating a cluttered chaotic experience, which generates by voters.

Red usually signifies communist or socialist parties. Conservative parties generally use blue or black. Black is also associated with fascist or neo-fascist parties. Pink tends to signify The effect of colours is more profound on human beings than moderate socialist. Yellow is often used for liberalism. Green is the perhaps any other medium. In , Rikard Kuller demonstrated colour for environmentalist. In the past, Purple was considered the how colour and visual patterning affects not only the cortex but colour of royalty, but is rarely used by modern-day political parties.

Colour Everywhere

Colour has been shown to Colour associations are useful for mnemonics when voter illiteracy alter the level of alpha brain wave activity, which is used in the is significant. Another case where they are used is when it is not medical sciences to measure human alertness. In addition, it has desirable to make rigorous links to parties, particularly when been found that when color is transmitted through the human eye, coalitions and alliances are formed between political parties and the brain releases certain hormones, which affects our moods, other organizations.

Similarity of Colour Symbolism The impact of colours on human biological aspect may well be the foundation of the use of colours in occult studies. Concrete identifications of color Differences in the meaning of colour can arise due to various for example White — snow, truce , were the same for every culture. It has been seen that younger people tend to prefer Majority of the cultures studied shared the same concrete brighter and more solid colours while adults tend to prefer more associations for example Red— sacrifice, heat; Yellow — plague; subdued colours. In other words, preference for hues of longer Green — spring and nature.

Abstract associations like White for wavelength at childhood gives way to that for hues of shorter eternity, innocence and light and Black for evil and death showed wavelength as one matures Biggs, Research in the United similarities among cultures with very few exceptions. Only the States has shown that working class people tend to prefer colours Abstract symbolism was a bit arbitrary and related more closely to that can be named: like Blue, Red, Green, etc.

Colour Everywhere Lyrics

While more highly deities, religions and social classes such as castes. In many cultures, men tend to prefer Another study carried out by Olga Dmitrieva at the Tomsk State cooler colours Blue, Green while women tend to prefer warmer University in Russia compared the colour association between Russian colours Red, Orange. Western men are also more likely to be and English speaking respondents. It was found that the colour Red colour blind and so unable to see some of the differences in evoked more or less similar emotional states associated with it.

For colour on web pages Kyrnin, Many investigations have example both set of respondents tended to associate Red with intense indicated that there are differences between genders in preferences emotions and states both positive love, passion, sex, beauty, ardor for colours. In another study Guilford and Smith proposed to negative aggression, danger, pain, betrayal. The study concludes that women might be more colour-conscious and their colour tastes that there may be significant similarities in the same language families more diverse.

Colour preferences have also been seen to vary with climate — dependent on the quality of sunshine and the clarity of atmosphere. Various attempts have been made to explain the existing similarity The intensity of sunlight affects vision: as one approaches the of colour meaning across cultures. An explanation of this universality equator it leads to red sightedness accommodation to long waves is the fact that all humans have a common relationship to this universe of light and thus predilection for warm hues.

Opposite is true as and Mother Nature. It could also be that all of mankind has common one moves towards the poles Biggs, All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Join us. Add new song. Colour Everywhere lyrics.

Colour Everywhere (lyrics) - Christian Bautista
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere
Colour Everywhere Colour Everywhere

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