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Or do they find the will to fight, to try and hang on to the last shreds of humanity? Around every corner, they are waiting. In every dark alley, they are lurking. Behind every door, they are hiding. For each survivor of the Upheaval, every day brings the same grim reality: The dead are coming. For every community that managed to survive, for every band that came together, questions nag their minds. Are they alone?

White Flag of the Dead Series

Are they the last ones left? Does humanity die with them? John Talon and his son have survived the Upheaval, the event that saw the dead rising to feed on the living. After two years of fighting off the worst the infection had to throw at them, a new danger emerges that threatens to take apart their small hold on humanity and the one chance they have to rebuild the country.

During the Upheaval, city after city fell to the Enillo Virus, filling the streets with ravenous ghouls. Not even the countryside was spared, as millions of the undead flowed over the land. From the mountains of Appalachia to the beaches of the Atlantic, the East Coast was dead. Two groups must enter this nightmare. On one side is John Talon and his small crew, desperate to secure the foundation of a new country.

On the other side is Major Thorton, bent on the destruction of the soul of the nation. It's been seven years since the Upheaval. Seven years of fighting the hordes of the undead.

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John Talon and his family are hoping to finally settle down and start their lives over again. But in the grasslands of Iowa, a new danger has emerged. A new form of the Enillo Virus, unlike any seen before, threatens to unravel the fragile new country. John, Charlie, Duncan, and Tommy will find their skills put to the test as they face off against the worst of the virus. How do you fight a foe that is fast, smart, and relentless?

How do you prepare for an enemy that doesn't know pain, fear, or mercy? How do you stop the dead from rising again, ripping apart everything you've tried to rebuild? John Talon and his crew race across the state, trying to stop the wave of zombie children from destroying the fragile communities struggling to rebuild after the Upheaval. John will learn the terrible lesson of sacrifice as he makes a final stand against the dead.

John Talon and his friends have fought hard to make a small piece of the country safe for people to live in. A key thing for me is having read a few zombie apocalyptic stories in the recent past, ive found a lot of them focus on some time after the cataclysmic event in question - where a community has been established and they are fighting to keep that together.

I thought the author went to a perfect amount of detail with the actual mechanics of what the group and chiefly its leader is trying to do, which coupled with some deftly handled fast paced action makes for a great tale, and much recommended to those who crave some zombie action. I greatly look forward to continuing with the series. I can never resist a Zombie book, it's a great weakness and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Therefore, I've read a veritable shit ton of books in the genre and I know generally what to expect.

This book isn't the worst I've read in the genre but it's not the best either. The problem here is that there's far too much time spent on certain details the weapons used, the physical description of individual Zombies being fought and then not nearly enough character development. I just don't really care I can never resist a Zombie book, it's a great weakness and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I just don't really care about the protagonist. Telling me the same two or three things about his motivation and actions over and over and over doesn't provide any depth. I dunno, the writing overall shows a lack of maturity.

I believe there's a lot of books in this series so I'll assume that the writing and the story get better but I'm not particularly intrigued enough to read the rest. Again, it's not a horrible read but there are much better Zombie books out there. Dec 09, Bernice Mills rated it really liked it. I'm a terrible hypocrite. Ten minutes ago I slammed a book for grammar, and now I'm going to praise another book which has some linguistic issues of its own.

White Flag of the Dead is not terribly well-written, in the purely mechanical sense. There are some problems with words, and I'm fairly sure that even in America educational types know how to spell 'hors d'oeuvres'. So yeah, not without its problems. Because if you tell me a good enough story, with interesting enough characters, then I don't care. You can make me not care by making your characters interesting enough and your story fun enough.

I devoured all the books in this series over a weekend, and I'm not even sorry. Jul 30, Seekordsiis rated it really liked it. A gritty man, a baby and a zombie apocalypse. The man is inventive and brave, keeps his wits and morals, and never gives up. The baby is a very well-behaved baby. The zombies are full of not-so-nice surprises - and so are the humans the man meets and if I wrote any more Id spoil it all.

It is a story of survival and re-building, focus on the second. Could be compared to WWZ in a sense, but is more of a light reading. Jan 26, Jeremey Brown rated it did not like it. Just awful. I stopped reading it. One main character who is boring. He has a baby. The baby is happy. He feeds the baby. He changes the baby's diaper. Sometimes the baby cries. He meets 2 other boring guys. They try to save a bunch of likely boring people.

Guns guns shoot shoot bang bang dead zombies. I stop reading. Boring as shit. White Flag of the Dead starts out interesting with a unique point of view: dad with an infant. Sadly, the book veers into cliche territory about a third in, and doesn't recover.

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I might consider reading the sequel Shelves: , horror , zombies , apocalyptic. I came across this book accidentally - well, technically I stumbled across the ninth instalment accidentally which then led me to this one - and I must say, it was the best discovery I've ever made. It ticks so many boxes for me, has everything I want, there are zombies by the butt load - a huge zombie fan couldn't ask for more.

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Like almost every other piece of zombie media out there, this novel starts with a virus that very quickly and violently sweeps across the world. Our main man John, and hi I came across this book accidentally - well, technically I stumbled across the ninth instalment accidentally which then led me to this one - and I must say, it was the best discovery I've ever made.

Our main man John, and his infant son Jake, are left to fend for themselves in this new found world of the dead. After his short depressive episode, John quickly realises that every day is a gift and he needs to fight to stay alive - his driving force very quickly becoming his son, because if John isn't there what will happen to Jake in his absence?

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After fortifying his house, John starts deciding that perhaps it's time he moved on and he up and leaves with Jake with only the bare essentials until he comes across two more survivors and joins forces with them. Very quickly - and I mean very quickly - this trio plus infant of survivors becomes a whole community of just over in the span of a few pages, and John finds himself the leader of all these people. Months pass rapidly within the confines of this minuscule book and we find John leading a group of survivors who are very steadily re-establishing themselves in this undead world.

Whilst I did enjoy the book, there are many things that could have been done better. I - on rare occasions - found that sentences could have been constructed better, and often ended up repeating the same thing before the full stop came around. The other main gripe - there was just so much going on for such a short book. We would suddenly jump weeks or months ahead in time to see where the group got instead of seeing how it is that they managed to establish it in the first place. Negatives aside, it is the first book in the series and they're no doubt bound to get better as the story progresses.

I actually found myself saying "I'm so glad there's more books after this" within the first few chapters. The author definitely got something right because this drew me in from the absolute start. I very much look forward to reading the rest of the series! I may or may not have already started on book two A potential great story for its genre but instead ridiculously alpha.

What we have here is a zombie story told in first person mode and an author, as it seems, living out his childhood daydreams as the fluent John Talon, about a world filled with macho men whose names starts with consonants. With God's sent they can communicate and understanding each other just by nodding their heads and smiles.

Waiting for a zombie apocalypse to happen they provide themselves with coat of arms just lying around A potential great story for its genre but instead ridiculously alpha. Waiting for a zombie apocalypse to happen they provide themselves with coat of arms just lying around in the basement. A world order where women would be the best care takers, but only a handful would be enough adequate for something important, as fighting zombies or to be impregnate for the survival of human kind perhaps.

White Flag of the Dead: Zombie Survival Series Audiobook by Joseph Talluto

This as I understand was self-published. Much respect! Also, I read that Mr. Talluto came up with the idea by reading The Zombie Survival Guide. But, there is nothing that removes this story from what we already read hundred times already or seen in various action movies. It follows the typical protocol of story plot. He even mentions the zombies for the walking dead. This story is filled with typical stereotyping and political jibber jabber that undermines the level of his intelligence and understanding of social behaviorism.

Talluto should train on his creativity and skills for upcoming authorship. Two stars for trying. Jul 31, Erika Santoro rated it it was amazing. The Enillo Virus hit hard. It hit fast and spread wildly. People are rising after death but that's not all, no. They are attacking the living, tearing their flesh from their bones. Grabbing and scratching until they can latch onto something, anything to suppress their longing, their hunger White Flag of the Dead is not what I was expecting.

Since watching The Walking Dead , I have looked for zombie apocalyptic novels to quench my thirst. Joseph Talluto was the first to do so for me. He und The Enillo Virus hit hard. He understands what it takes when it comes to writing about zombies. Weeeelll, lots of gore and blood and descriptive writing, what else? As zombie lovers we want the violence and the survival and we want it from the second we open those books! He promised Ellie, and he promised himself. He has one job; make sure Jakey survives. When it comes to survival, what would you do to protect the ones you love?

John has been named leader of his group. Being leader comes with responsibility he never dreamed of asking for, he just takes it head on. The fight is not easy, it never is and it never will be. And they won't back down without a fight Without doubt, if you love zombies and apocalypses, gore and survival, you'll love this book. Are you a Walking Dead fan looking for a new group to follow until the next release?

Feb 04, Russell Signs rated it really liked it. His style of story telling is a bit different but all in all I have been able to stay hooked. As for other readers complaining about bias As an avid reader I have learned to read past the politics since life seems to revolve around it, though most cannot. There are no sides in politics Back to the book Who will become the heroes, and who will revert to be the worst.

Though I think Joesph has a decent opinion in this story, in my opinion it will be much worse. As bad as the mental health situation these days If billions on earth turn and the uninflected are only in the millions world wide, man will finish themselves. Joseph does elude to this and this story rides that fine line.

I will keep reading! The characters were flat and the action was weak. The main character is portrayed to be the smartest and best at everything. It started out ok. Just like the thing with Kristen at the end Just shoot him because he sees you. The element of surprise can only help in that situation but instead he decided to chat and get someone killed. But even then Everything was just sort of glossed over. They moved around the city with relative ease. They seemed to have zero worries about getting food and gas. Millions more were lost when the victims of the plague refused to stay dead, instead rising to slaughter and feed on those left alive.

For survivors like John Talon and his son Jake, they are faced with a choice: submit to the dead or find the will to fight. Get someone else. Even thou Millions died when the Enillo Virus swept the earth. Even though Ellie wasn't in most of the book, she was still important and I cared about her and I cried when she told her husband over the phone that she was infected and for him to be strong and carry on, and to protect their son and to make sure their son remembers her.

And because zombies are the un-dead they will never stop coming at the humans as they can't feel pain and they are obsessed with eating food - a. Depending on the story line the Z virus either attacks, harms and infects just the humans or both humans and animals. But in this book it just the humans. As the book goes on these bumbling zombie idiots become less so; as one of them ducked when it was shot at and another looked straight in the eyes at John. I need to read on in this series just to find out more about the reasons of the zombies change in intelligence.

That asshole that left his wife and kid to die. Only the mother die so the kid lives. He's such a coward and his son doesn't deserve such a father like him. And yes, he needs to beg his sons forgiveness and I wouldn't blame him if he didn't. And Frank the useless and lazy becomes friend with that asshole Frank would never be self-reliant, he needs others to do it for him because he preferred to live off the work of others.

Feb 24, Gareth Otton rated it really liked it Shelves: post-apocalyptic , zombie. I have been on a bit of a Zombie binge recently and I am pleased to say that this book is up there with one of the better ones. Looking through other reviews I see that most of the complaints about this book are for poor grammar, but I listened to this on audiobook so that of course wasn't a problem.

This book takes the opposite approach, building the character first and then doing the kickass stuff. In my opinion, this is definitely the right way to go about it because when the character finally starts going into danger, I know and care for his survival. In most books, every stranger is either a killer, rapist, or at best someone looking to rob you. In this book those elements of human society are evident, but they aren't the norm.

It's a refreshing change. Though this book does descend into a bit of gun-porn from time to time, by and large people are taken on their individual skills, and their martial talents are improved through training after the fact. I don't think there is a single character who was in the military which again is a breath of fresh air for this genre.

So many of these books glory in going from one dangerous place to another, never trying to bunk down and make their lives safer so people can survive and thrive. I enjoy seeing people come together like this and making something out of nothing. He doesn't wait for Zombies and other antagonists to come at him and force him into action.

Everything that happens in this book is usually a result of him actively going out and trying to stop trouble before it can happen. It makes him instantly more likeable and keeps me eager to read on to see what he will do next. Sometimes we don't even get introduction scenes, just brief sentences to describe who they are when that information is needed.

I understand that with a large cast of characters it is implausible to flesh them all out, but the problem was that some of these characters were dying and I was struggling to remember which was which and if I should care. This one does enough different to keep me interested, but I wouldn't mind it taking a few more twists and turns here and there to differentiate this from the crowd. It is well paced, I'm strongly attached to the main character and his son, and I am eager to see what happens next. It's an easy 4-stars, and with a touch more originality and character building, I could easily have pushed this up to a 5.

Mar 14, Carson Grane rated it liked it. Good Book, John is likeable, believable and a well written character, a bit predicable at a few parts but a good story that keeps you on your toes and in which the world doesn't turn into a massive insanity in the first 12 hours, much more like how regular people would act. I don't know what happened to the writer but its like he completely changed the cha Good Book, John is likeable, believable and a well written character, a bit predicable at a few parts but a good story that keeps you on your toes and in which the world doesn't turn into a massive insanity in the first 12 hours, much more like how regular people would act.

I don't know what happened to the writer but its like he completely changed the characters, made the women idiots made the leading man into a moron and changed the entire story line. DON'T make the mistake I did and buy the whole set only the first two are worth reading!! Excellent book This is definitely one of the best zombie series I've read. I loved the characters and the plot. Talluto really brought the apocalypse to life and John all on and friends were smart and courageous.

I hate zombie books were protagonists just make one mistake after another.

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I read the whole WFD series and am starting on next generation books now. Thanks for the enjoyment of reading these books! Don't know how I missed this series I'm all about zombies and the post apocalyptic genre. How I missed this series I don't know, but I'm glad I found it now. The storyline is all death, destruction and one man's dream to rebuild. But there is a whole world of work to be done, not mentioning the millions of zombies still wandering around. The author did a very good job of fleshing out his characters. All good Nov 26, Liesl rated it liked it.

Entertaining enough to get your zombie fix but almost lost me at the beginning when he said something about watching only fox news because it was the least biased. Joseph Talluto let's his political opinions influence too much of his writing in this book but if you can get past that, it's a good read.

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Jun 08, Nita rated it it was amazing. I loved this book from the very first chapter! John is a very very good character! He's just a regular dude with a regular life This book will pull you in and the rest of the series keeps you pulled in to the story! Excellent This was a really exciting story. It was well written and had great characters that I could really identify with. No special ops or superheroes, just regular people doing their best.

Dec 30, Carrie Hunt rated it did not like it Shelves: I only made it five pages before I gave up. Too gross and the main character was annoying. I lost it at the line "I usually watched Fox News because at least the bias was harder to see. Jul 28, Daniel Chapelle rated it really liked it. I liked it but, so far as its a series, I'd opt for Adrian's Undead Dairy as better.

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White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead
White Flag Of The Dead White Flag Of The Dead

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