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Wayne Stiles Menu Skip to content. Follow me on Twitter Like me on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Unsplash. Like This Post? Get the Whole Book! You'll also like these posts. Get Encouraged the Easy Way! After finishing his degrees, Trog came to Texas for a business opportunity, but the Lord had different plans.

A Walk of Wisdom

Over the past decade, he has served in multiple ministry endeavors, such as being a Cares Team with Apartment Life Ministries, helping plant a church in Frisco, and being a Discipleship Minister with Christ Church Plano. Trog is married to a beautiful woman named Mendi and has three children, Sevyn, Rok, and Truth. If you get to spend time with him, you will often hear him talking about seeking first the Kingdom, losing your life in order to save it, and the importance of discipleship. He is passionate about sharing his faith in Christ, helping the poor, and making disciples.

Wisdom In Your Walk by Jeff Arnold

They will be victorious, shielded, guarded and protected by the Almighty Prov. They will enjoy divine direction Prov. Probably the first thing many people are seeking in this world today is health and how to prolong their lives. People buy tons of pills every year just for this purpose.

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This scripture brings us to the second thing people are seeking today and that is prosperity. Proverbs offers us a sure road to eventual prosperity. The person who seeks after God and his wisdom will receive a better return than those who speculate in precious metals and gemstones Prov. In Proverbs , we see that those who love God and seek him find riches and honor, along with a wealth and a prosperity that endures.

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In Proverbs , the Lord makes a general promise that the righteous will not go hungry. The desires of the righteous person will be granted, obviously because they are godly desires Prov.

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  8. The righteous will never be uprooted Prov. He will be rescued in trouble ; will thrive and will flourish Even if the righteous falls seven times he will rise again While the wicked flee, the righteous are as bold as lions The pictures of the wise man in scripture are beautiful indeed.

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    Although they were attainable to some degree in biblical times, their fulfillment was always incomplete and awaiting the future. We see this paradox and frustration in the wisdom Psalm We see a similar frustration in Ecclesiastes. Like so many other things in scripture, the picture of wisdom would await completion in the Messiah. We now know that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life Jn.

    That one life has now become the pattern for us. Not only has he become the pattern, he has also become the power within us believers to accomplish and fulfill the pattern. All we have to do is open up our hearts and receive him.

    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom Walk To Wisdom
    Walk To Wisdom

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