SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)

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This situation affected me physically and mentally, but I stay strong together with my family. I may work on something from time to time just to keep me occupied or when I feel like doing something. If I will post anything on my page is not sure. Since what's happening at the moment I don't feel motivated or see it as a priority. Feel free to write me private messages I would love to read and respond them.

Promptos gescheitertes Fotoshooting ~ Final Fantasy XV ~ 09 [Jap dub, Ger sub]

It doesn't has to be Cosplay related. Anything is fine as long as I feel comfortable with it I will give you an honest answer :. Enjoy the video! On Saturday I went to the monthly Anilux meeting and joined for the Cosplay gathering. I decided to make a Megurine Luka street style version. Sorry for not wearing my Sania Cosplay. I didin't told it to anyone but I got asked to give an interview for Tageblatt Luxembourgish newspaper about Cosplay with 2 talented artists named Lars and Mike. It was a special article they made for LuxCon It's in german so I hope that I get the time to translate each interview when I get the time :.

I can't wait for next year I had so much fun during the week end and it felt like we were all a big family ;D. Yesterday I decided to style my Shinobu wig for LuxCon in 2 weeks. I often feel stressed and unsure when I am preparing myself for a convention also during cons and the moment I do my styling.

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It is very hard to do a proper makeup when you feel like you will do it wrong anyway, so I spend too much time to finish it. Not to mention that I also dislike my body and force myself to train it in order to look "good" in my costume. It feels weird to know that there are people who like what I'm doing. Also Cosplayers who praise my creations are mostly those I admire for their work, because they do a way better job for my opinion. I am not used to get attention from people. I always stay humble. I wish I could see trough the eyes of those who see the good things on me.

I also have to learn to stop pushing myself too hard. I don't get why I always try to have everything under control. I know that perfection doesn't exsist but I always keep thinking "It must be perfect I don't want to dissapoint those who were waiting to see the final result! I hope that one day I will trust myself even if just a little bit in order to enjoy what I am doing :.

Thank you for your support and patience. I never expected to have people around the world who enjoy what I am doing :D I say it all the time but I do it again: If you ever see me on a convention or event don't hesitate to say hi :. Hello everyone :D. Here's a selfie I made a few months ago after the BIL startuppers night I was very tired so I already took my contact lenses off.

I hope you still like it I did my best to make it look like I am having fun dancing xD. Last time I was talking about uploading pictures of my new Cosplay. I created my own version of Shinobu from No More Heroes ninja version. I came up to this idea when I felt bored and started drawing the outfit while taking some inspiration online. The costume is mostly made out of fabric leftovers and some I bought at the fabric market. I will use my long black scarf I did for my school uniform Shinobu and the net top under my blue sleeveless shirt will be made out of old thights funny what we can do out of things we may have lying around at home xD.

Jump to. You cannot move the skin part to a di This wig has a small 1" 2. While this wig is not meant to be brushed doing so will ruin the ringlets , brushing it will result in a mo My Account. Login Create Account. Arda Ita Bag Gift Cards. Shopping Cart. Home Classic Wigs Classic Wigs. Quick View. CL Fairy Blonde.

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CL Light Blonde. CL Deep Brown. CL Black. CL Silver. Subsequently, the wig may be shorter on a person. CL Wine. CLB Berry. CL Serah Pink. CL Dusty Rose. CL Lavender. CLA Pale Lilac. CL Dark Ash Blonde. CL Ash Blonde. CL Titanium Blonde. CLA Champagne. CL Pale Blonde.

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CL Warm Light Brown. CL Desert Brown. CLA Cool Brown. CL Spanish Brown. CL Mahogany. CL Grey. CL Light Grey. CL Pure White. This style has natural varying curls. These shocking colors are a mix of Classic and Silky fibers. The lace is not made to stretch and may rip if you attempt to put the entire piece over your head, ruining the natural looking hairline.

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  4. CLA Rust Red. CL Bubblegum. CL Plum. CL Light Green.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    CLA Victory Blonde. CL Pumpkin. CL Dark Copper Red. Nuclear Fusion. Solar Flare. Sonic Boom. CLA Blue Grey. You may need a neutral colored wig cap in your skin tone to hide your hair underneath the part. We advise you not to try on a lace wig without trimming the extra lace first. The lace may rip if you attempt to put the wig on your head without trimming. CL Sandy Brown. CL Light Pink. CLB Grass Green. This style is not being completely discontinued! CLA Deep Purple.

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    CL Light Copper Red. CL Chocolate. CL Light Brown. CL Dark Brown. CL Electric Blue. CL Teal. CL Powder Blue. CL Dark Blue. CL Yellow Blonde. CL Ginger Blonde. The part is not wide enough to be moved, and you may need a wig cap in your skin tone to hide your hair underneath the part. CL Jade. The part can be moved along the skin cap to any position with heat from a hairdryer. CL Crimson. CL Baby Pink. CLB Pink Pearl. CL Raven. CLA Aria Blonde.

    SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition) SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)
    SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition) SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)
    SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition) SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)
    SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition) SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)
    SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition) SteamPunk 3: Argentum Noctis (German Edition)

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