Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round

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2. Color Play Hat

This includes of course my knitting and knit design. I knew that I wanted the chance to make something unique yet simple and classic for those first moments… and of course, what it was going to be made of was of the upmost importance. Once one cap was done, I became interested in modifying the pattern to give it more texture. The texture I selected reflects all of those things. When I look at it, I see sea serpent scales and rocky coastlines.

In the end I created two versions of the hat as well as two styles of leg warmers to match classic knit and textured. Below find the pattern for each set either classic knit or textured. Knit either set in a neutral or earthy tone for a classic look suitable for any gender or knit up in a colour of your preference for a more personal. Either way, this set is bound to become a family keepsake long after babe has outgrown their first outfits. Row 10 and Knit to the end of round.

Suitable for beginners. Sizes 3m-2 y.

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In both English and Norwegian. This hat is part of a set that also includes matching diaper cover and booties. One of 7 pattern sets in the ebook Diaper Cover Sets. Sizes , , and months. The Heart Hat is knitted in garter-stitch and bordered by i-cord and i-cord ties. Can be sized for babies, children, and adults. Pictured project by junkshopgirl. This adorable cloche-style hat features a simple but striking twist formed with 1 cable row, a rolled brim that is easily adjusted to change the length of the hat.

To fit: Preemie 0—3 months, 3—9 months, 9 months—2T There is also an adult version. The pattern is written for seven sizes: months, months, months; months; months; years and years. Baby Hat Knitting Patterns. Get the free knitting pattern Get additional sizes and pdf available on Etsy Itty Bitty Bear Cubs These easy preemie sized bear cub hats come in two sizes. Get the free knitting pattern See more Free Baby Hat Patterns from Red Heart Otis Baby Hat This baby hat features 3 cable panels and was originally sized for newborns, though other Ravelrers have adapted the pattern for other sizes.

Get the free knitting pattern Get the recommended yarn on Etsy Princess Bonnet This baby bonnet was designed by Rian Anderson after the bonnet the new baby Princess Charlotte wore in her public debut as her parents, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, left the hospital to take her home. Get the free knitting pattern Get the recommended yarn for this hat on Etsy Big Bow Hat Casey Braden designed this cute easy hat for newborns though it looks like it will be easy to do for larger sizes. Sizes for hat include preemie, , , months, years, 4 years-Adult S Get the free knitting pattern Get DK yarn for this pattern on Etsy.

See more pics and get the knitting pattern on Etsy Jasmine Baby Bonnet This lace baby bonnet is a quick knit with just one skein of yarn. Related posts. Animal Sweater Knitting Patterns Read more. Baby Bonnet Knitting Patterns Read more. Layette Set Knitting Patterns Read more.

Terry M This is my personal knitting blog. Could you please let me know how many stitches you would use and what size needles? Thank you for your pattern! Hospitals in my area are asking for purple hats to hand out in November to spread awareness of the period of crying babies can go through. Was glad I checked for a newborn cap knit pattern on internet. Our local hospital is going to be opening a maternity unit.

I thought it would be nice to donate some caps as a opening gift donation. Beverly, Our local hospital is starting a maternity unit. I had thought it would be nice to knit some newborn caps as an opening gift. At the end odf checking my e-mails I decided to check the internet for a pattern. At first I was just going to check back on the site later but noticed the one for you that specified for hospital newborn caps. Glad I decided to check.

My printer is not working so I copied it by hand.

Be Sure to Use Soft Baby Yarn

Am looking forward to making them. Will let you know how they turn out and how they are accepted. In Christian Love A fellow kniter, Jan. I Knit new born baby hats and donate them to hospitals as my husband and I travel around this country. I use a pattern not seen here, Knit 2, Purl 2 until decreasing. I also have a crochet pattern I would be glad to share.

Hospitals I have dealt with ask that we not use pom poms. It even looks too narrow to be used as a premie! I was very disappointed since the actual pattern itself was beautiful. If I did do this correctly , then it needs to be adjusted. This is probably a matter of gauge with you getting more stitches to the inch. I will copy and paste in here my reply to a comment above about how to adjust for gauge:. You would multiply 6 times Round that up to an even number 64 and that is how many stitches you would cast on.

You want an even number of stitches so your decrease rows at the top of the hat are easier. So to sum that up: 1. Knit yourself a sample swatch 2. Find out how many stitches you have per inch 3. Multiply that by Round that up to an even number. That number is how many stitches you will cast on. Thank — you Beverly so much for responding back! I did do a swatch and I was doing 6 stitches per inch. I have a few questions. Do you happen to know what yarn brand was used for the blue hat with specks of light brown in it?

Thank — You so much for your patience and time!! Glad a sample swatch helped you with the guage issue. To knit until you have a certain measurement gives you the control of how many rows you need to knit to get to the correct length. Sometimes though they end up replacing a discontinued item with something similar. I made this hat for my own son while I was pregnant with him. I used the bernat satin white and it turned out so beautiful!! I like to use the smallest loom to loom hats for newborn babies in the hospital, as I can make many more of them with the loom in the amt of time it takes to loom up this hat, but for those special gifts for friends, I will always use this pattern.

Do you know how many more stitches to cast on for a size bigger? Like maybe for around 6 months? To make this hat a little bigger, you are probably going to want to add an inch or two to the size of the final finished hat. My gauge with this pattern was 4. So to add a couple more inches, you would want to cast on about 8 or 10 more stitches because you need an even number.

The decreases at the top would still work in the same way knitting 2 together across the row. To make this hat for an adult you will have to do a little math. You will need to know the circumference of an adult head and how many stitches per inch you are knitting do a small sample swatch with the yarn you want to use to figure that out. You would multiply those numbers to get the number of stitches to cast on in this example you would cast on 66 stitches. You could follow the pattern from there, doing the decrease rows at the end in the same type of way.

How to Knit a newborn baby's hat for beginners

I have never tried making this for an adult, but that would be the method you would use to give it a try. Just make sure you cast on an even number of stitches. Hi, Thank you so much for the beanie patterns. My new grandson arrives in 9 weeks and winter is just a few weeks away in Australia.

I also have twins due around the same time. I have knitted beanies for premmie babies for many years until I was diagnosed with early stages of MS. I desperately wanted to do a shawl for the new baby 4 years work and he will need beanies as well. Thanks again for sharing your pattern as my pattern book was borrowed and not returned.

Regards Robyn. I just knitted this pattern in pure white and i love it. I used size 4. Yes we have just started a Knitting and prayer group at our church to make gifts for people in need. Shawls, baby clothes etc so this will be included. Thank you once again. I have just made this hat and I am so pleased with it. I was given some pale blue shiny wool no idea what type it is but thought I would just try this out as it seemed a nice simple pattern to try. I used 3. Small but fairly stretchy. Thank you I will be making this again. I am getting ready to knit one or more of these hats for my newest grandchild due in April.

How should I adjust the pattern to use DK yarn so the hat is the right size? Marilyn — You will want to knit yourself a sample swatch with the DK yarn to see how many stitches you are getting per inch. These hats are about You would then round that up to 64 to have an even number and cast on that number of stitches. From there you should be able to follow the pattern along with a few minor adjustments.

Thank-you for posting this pattern. Do you have a similar pattern for baby Booties? The basics that you need to know for this pattern are how to cast on put stitches on your needle so you can get started , know how to purl so you can do the ribbing which is knit one stitch, and then purl one stitch and keep doing that all the way across a row , and you need to know how to decrease make fewer stitches on your needle by knitting two stitches together at a time.

If you can do those things, you can knit these hats. Thanks for this pattern. Thanks so much for sharing, Im fairly new to knitting and find it so hard to find patterns that are simple to follow. Thanks again x.

How to Knit a Basic Baby Hat: Free (and Easy!) Pattern With Step-by-Step Videos | FeltMagnet

I love these hats! Thank you for this! I had been searching the net and having the same problem you describe — nothing was quite what I wanted. THIS is what I wanted. I make a similar pattern that I found on the Save the Children webpage. It can be made with a sport or worsted yarn and I always used a bernat yarn. I want to make them for a friend's new twin grandchildren coming soon.

I will try your pattern soon to donate to the local hospital preemie unit. Tolsa Greenberg. To adjust for a larger size, I would measure around your older child's head to get the total circumference. You might also have to add an extra inch or so before you start the decrease rows. The decrease rows could be done the same way, knitting two together across the rows alternating with a purl row. So increase the number of stitches you cast on probably to something between 70 to 80 stitches. Make sure you cast on an even number of stitches. Just made one of your hats for my niece who is due to arrive on Tuesday!

It turned out so adorable — thanks! My question is, can you tell me how to adjust the pattern to make it fit an 18 month old? I really wanted to make one for my daughter too. No, you do not necessarily have to top it with a pom pom. It just adds a little something extra. You can be creative and add your own special touches. Hi Bev -i've been reading here for a while, but somehow had never seen this post. I've been doing hats for preemies for a while now. They are tiny but knit up quick. I use double points and knit in the round, but i recently learned how to use 2 same-sized circular needles to knit in the round.

This way you don't have to worry about the whole hat fitting on a circular needles. Enjoy your site, as always. We have an organization in Kentucky called Frontier Nurses that works in rural areas of Eastern Kentucky. They were asking for donations of handmade baby hats. This would be a great first project for some 4-H'ers who are beginning to knit and it would benefit a good cause. This hat is wonderful. I came across this pattern as my daughter is in labor with another little love her 2nd baby my 3rd grandbaby So I am knitting it as she is in labor now.

Thanks for sharing this pattern. My second grandson is due Christmas Eve, and I was looking for a simple cap for him to wear. I'm new to knitting, so this is just what I was looking for. I'm already on my second one!

Best Hat Knitting Patterns

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! One of my second grade students will be a big sister any day now, so I knitted this super cute hat today for the baby so I'm ready! I'm sorry to say that I don't have a crochet pattern for this newborn hat. I used to crochet a little bit but it was never as easy for me as knitting was and I finally gave up and just stuck with knitting. However you could crochet a small sample swatch to figure out how many stitches were in an inch. You would then multiply that by To make the decrease rows at the top you could maybe single crochet in every other stitch across a row.

Switching to a different size needle is where the gauge in the original directions becomes important. My gauge was 4. This means my piece was about So your goal with different sized needles would be to still knit a hat that is about Knit a small swatch with your size needles and yarn and see how many stitches per inch you are getting.

Let's say you are using smaller needles and are getting 6 stitches per inch. Bev, I don't know if I have size 6 needles. I think I have size 3 or bigger. How would that make the pattern or hat turn out differently? Thank you so much!! I live in the UK, so I'll have to see if I can order one online.

I'm working on my second hat today and plan on doing another one they are such a great starter project! Thanks for the tips! I always use a pom pom maker gadget so that my pom poms turn out a little better looking. You should be able to find one at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels or there is link up in my post above too. Make sure you wind the yarn around enough times to create a fairly bushy pom pom. Once you take it off the pom pom maker, you can trim it a little bit more too so there aren't pieces sticking out.

Hope that helps a little bit. Even though you can also make pom poms by just winding yarn around a piece of cardboard, I think my pom poms turned out better once I started using the store bought pom pom makers and especially because these hats need a pretty small pom pom. I just made my first hat well, my first knit project ever for my soon to be born son and the hat looks great such an easy pattern to follow!!

For these baby hats you only really need a small pom pom. I found using a kitchen fork makes the perfect size! Here is a like that walks you through the steps. Bev, thank you for responding and explaining. I look forward to making one one day soon! I really enjoy your blogs. The finished size of the knitted newborn hats are pretty tiny. I have never used a loom to make hats, but I would wonder if there is a small enough loom to create a newborn hat. If there is a very small loom, then I think it would work.

If the loom is too large you would end up with a hat that was too wide for a newborn head. I noticed you didn't mention using a loom to make newborn hats. Is it possible to knit one without using a loom? Good suggestion — Gauge has now been included in the pattern. I use dp needles to make decreases at the top. Suggestion: I would include the gauge in the pattern. Thanks Bev. They seems to have turned out right for me and are a great way to use up all my little ends of wool.

Thanks for the pattern. Hi Joanne — Yes, my size 6 needles are American.

Hundreds Of Free Knitting Patterns And So Much More

My gauge on the finished piece is 4. Hi Artikaur — I'm assuming if you want to use circular needles you might be hoping to make one continuous piece with no seam. This might work, however, I think when you get to the decreases at the top, it might be hard with such a few stitches on the circular needle. Perhaps you could not do as many decrease rows just knit them straight instead and simply gather more stitches at the end.

I think that would probably work. One learns by mistakes. I thought I would outsmart the straight needle method and knit the infant baby hat on a small circular needle but when I got to the decreasing part I was stuck. I had to switch to four needles to finish. Two needles is better. If u use circular u can knit in the round and join using decreasing method by splitting even amount of stitches to both needles I will find a link for u its very easy once learnt.

The problem at the top of the hat is easily solved with two circulars, which is how I knit the entire hat. Could I use the same pattern, but with size 5 12 inch long circular needles, instead of size 6 straight needles? You will have trouble decreasing toward the end. I find using four double point needles Wouk best.

Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round
Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round Newborn Cap, Knitted in the Round

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