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The investigation lead to no results concerning these old, worn-out clothes. This consists of round flat unfired clay pieces, size ranging from a Pfennig to fifty Pfennigs, which have on just one side the image of a real coin. They were relatively well managed and clear. More attention was attached to some loose sheets of paper on which names of thirty men and women appear. In front of every name there is a date - probably the date of death of the person. At No.

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The record is chronological. Numbering starts only at number eleven.

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In case of women, only the first name is indicated, the notes for men are much more detailed, usually with date of birth, place of stay and status of the person concerned. The assumption that this is the list of victims is justified by the fact, that ID cards found in Denke's room belonged to people whose whereabouts could not be identified otherwise [ By the appearance of the sheets, we can assume, that the list has not been made in one day.

On one side of the sheets are the initials of the name followed by a number, which most likely indicates the weight of the person concerned. On another slip of paper, next to a name stands what follows: 'dead, , naked , disemboweled 83'. This last figure is then repeated next to the name of the person concerned in the last table. Of tools used for the killings and fragmentation of the bodies, these can be said:. All these have been seized by us with the exception of the axes and the tree saw, which are sent to be tested for traces of human blood.

The saw is a large tool, with which - as the microscopic examination revealed - also wood have been sawn. The detection of human blood succeeded. However we suppose that he used much finer tools - probably the tree saw - to cut heads and the pelvic bones.

The pickaxe was used for the last assassination attempt and human blood can be stated on this tool as well. It has a length of forty centimeters and is pointed forward. As for the knives, we could not make things all clear". Then Dr. Pietrusky's report continues with information about Denke himself, but these are pretty scarce: the killer have had a reputation of good, if somewhat recluse citizen.

As a child he was believed to be dull. He wasn't able to learn and he didn't speak he only begun to speak at age of six. Teachers declared him an idiot and often punished him. As adult he was treated with suspicion but rather because of his solitary status and sexual indifference. He was said to be "neither man nor woman".

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His family stated that he never showed signs of fear or disgust, however he had no violent temper - they thought. He had accepted their invitation only once, but it was memorable anyhow: his brother recalled that Karl had eaten 2 pounds of meat! Nevertheless Karl's good manners, humble behavior and occasional charity earned him the nickname of Vater Denke - 'Father Denke'. Denke's personality is far from established. All we know about him comes from documents or sparse remarks of his relatives and co-citizens made only after his death little doubt people became biased by the shocking revelations found in his apartment.

His crimes were not motivated sexually and his conduct seems rather rational. From all information that we have, we can assume that he was an extremely selfish, retarded man, unable to distinguish moral categories. Probably he didn't mean to harm people but his need for food was primordial.

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After a series of failures at school, farming, business, he found a simple and effective means of procuring food and probably income by killing vagabonds he met at the train station. He could gain their trust quite easily and take them home virtually unnoticed the train station was a short walk from his place and both were on the outskirts of town.

And symptoms were abundant! Some time before Vincenz Oliver escaped the killer in extremis, at least two men managed the same but they didn't report the fact to police, as it seems :. He was stronger than Denke and made his way outside. Nobody reporter these to police. Other facts occurred as well. For instance repeated complaints of Denke's neighbors about a strong penetrating smell from his apartment. The neighbors noticed as well he always had plenty of meat, even in the worst period of inflation.

They assumed however it was dog meat, so gave little attention to it, even though black market slaughter of dogs was illegal. Nor the buckets of blood he poured into the courtyard made them think. He was often heard hammering and sawing at night, but no neighbor would become suspicious: after all he was preparing the dishes to be sold at the morning market It is quite remarkable as well that he was probably often seen going out at night with large heavy bags and returning home with empty hands some time later.

What was he doing, what was in the bags, why at night? Where did the old garments and shoes, that he was selling come from? It seems plausible that some neighbors were suspicious about Denke, but as long as nobody from the town was hurt, he remained safe. Details on this serial killer are sketchy, but here is a summary of the information I have:. He is believed to have killed between 30 and 40 people, primarily journeymen and homeless persons.

Reports state that he had been engaging in cannibalism for several years prior to his capture. There are rumors that he actually sold human meat. He killed all his victims in his house on Stawowa Street. Apparently, Karl Denke was well liked in the community before his arrest. He also served as the organ blower for his local church. On December 21, , a coachman by the name of Gabriel, heard cries for help which seemed to emanate from Denke's room. Gabriel rushed down to help and found a young man named Vincenz Olivier staggering along the corridor, blood streaming from his open scalp.

Before he fell unconscious on the floor, the victim blurted out that "Vatter" Denke had attacked him with an ax. Police were summoned and arrested Denke, scouring his apartment for evidence. He killed himself in prison the night of his capture. Reports state that he hung himself with a noose fashioned from a handkerchief, leaving historians with no explanation or motive for his actions. This article is one of the ones below.

T he information in the article is likely to be the most accurate information available currently on Karl Denke. It is from a very reliable source, and is much closer to the original sources than anything I have gotten my hands on yet. For those interested in how rumors get started, there are a few different versions of Karl Denke's story in print and on the Internet.

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There are a couple of myths:. He was not an innkeeper - apparently this rumor was started because of a bad German translation. No German sources that I have found say that he was an innkeeper, but most English sources do. He died in , not At one point, someone reversed the numbers and printed the information with as the year of his death. This has been repeated by several others. Many sources say that he hung himself with suspenders, rather than a handkerchief. While that makes more sense, it is apparently untrue. On the table, are, among others things, bloody knives and axes, and a meat grinder is attached to the table as well.

She came across the story by accident while preparing a catalog of the Silesian press. The information appeared on December 25, From it, one could infer that this person, who carried the cross at funerals of the Evangelist commune, and helped beggars and people in need, was a monster. It is hard to believe, but it happened….

Karl Denke was born August 12, His family was quite wealthy; they were farmers. Karl was a hard child to raise. He ran away from home at the young age of When he graduated from elementary school, he started apprenticing with a gardener. He started life on his own at the age of It was then that his father died, the farm was taken over by his older brother, and he himself bought a piece of land with the money from his inheritance. However, farming did not go well for him, so he sold his land.

Unfortunately, his savings were devoured by the uncontrollable inflation of his time. He had to sell his house, but he did not move out. He still lived in a little apartment on the right side of the ground floor of the house. And he still occupied the shop standing next to the house. It was Sunday, December 21 st , , when a man covered in blood ran into a police station.

He swore by all things holy that it was Denke, who did this to him. The policemen could not believe it possible that poor, nice Karl, enjoying unimpeachable opinion in a town of eight thousand, would do such a thing to this bloodied wretch of a beggar. However, Vincenz Olivier would not change his testimony. Denke was arrested. The very same night, when a guard looked into his cell, he was dead. He had hanged himself. How desperate he must have been to do it with a noose made from… a handkerchief.

After the corpse was returned to the family, the policemen went to his house. It was Christmas of , the happy day, on which the Lord of the Universe was born. But, the Christmas Eve of was a sorrowful one. The economical crisis abound, money was losing its value from one day to the next, and a regular family could not afford to put anything decent on their table. The policemen were saddened even more. On the window seal, lay various kinds of documents with the names of people released from prisons or hospitals.

Jars of pickled meat the laboratory analysis showed quickly, that it was of human origin , human bones prepared for thermal processing, instruments for the production of belts, leather straps, and other products from human skin were found. Denke even processed human hair, using it to make shoe laces. He would sell it all door to door, the permission for which he received from city officials. It is believed however, that he pickled in his manufacturing shop about 40 residents. However, it is not impossible that he will be granted even a bigger exhibit. After all, not all towns can boast their own cannibal!

At the funerals of members of the Evangelist commune, he carried the cross. On Dec. On the 28 th of Dec. Jekyll and Mr. He was born August 12 th , into the family of a well-to-do farmer in one of the small Silesia Minor villages, the name of which is not mentioned in historical records. In school, he was one of the worst students. He ran away from home for the first time at the age of After finishing elementary school Karl Denke began an apprenticeship with a gardener.

He lost his father at the age of He turned out, however, to be a rather poor farmer. After WWI he lost his saving due to inflation. He sold his house, but continued to rent the same apartment on the ground floor, on the right hand side. Karl Denke enjoyed a decent reputation in this town of 8 thousand. He led an honest, lower middle class lifestyle.

He helped beggars, and even allowed some of them to stay overnight in his apartment. The peddler sold leather suspenders, belts, shoe laces, etc. On Sunday, Dec. Police, at first, could not understand how this vagrant by the name of Vincenz Olivier could be accusing such a decent citizen. Nevertheless, he was given medical attention and the doctor confirmed that Olivier was indeed seriously wounded. Finally, police decided to arrest Karl Denke. During interrogation, Denke explained that he had attacked the vagrant Olivier as he attempted to rob him after receiving a handout.

Consequently, Denke was locked up in a holding cell. That same night, at about , when Sergeant Palke looked in on him, he found Karl Denke dead. He had hanged himself on a noose made from a handkerchief. What the constables saw in his apartment and shed sent them into a state of terror. They found several containers filled with pickled human flesh, an apparatus for making soap, and human bones prepared for processing.

On the walls were hanging dozens of belts, suspenders, and shoelaces made from human skin. The closet was filled with blood stained clothing, among them one skirt. On the window seal and table were various documents and receipts with the names of people that had been released from prisons and hospitals.

It is believed, however, that Karl Denke killed, cut up, pickled, and processed more than 40 people. Names such as Ludwik Tresnov come to mind, who raped, killed, and dismembered four children in the area of Osnabrueck. He was beheaded in A bank clerk, Freitz Angerstein from Haiger killed probably 7 people. He was sentenced to death in He drank the blood of his victims. He was beheaded on July 2 nd , On the one hand, it was hard to imagine a persona more despicable than Karl Denke, who does not exactly bring positive fame to the town.

For do not famous murderers, all kinds of torture chambers and other human perversions lure the curious? A rhetorical question…. Maybe we should mark the place where he lived. Karl Denke. Details on this serial killer are sketchy, but here is a summary of the information I have: Karl Denke lived in Munsterberg, Silesia, Germany now Ziebice Poland. These original tales would make a great introduction to the series.

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He was very successful in this profession, writing adverts for everything from cars to chocolate, but once he'd married and had children, he started to dream of writing and illustrating children's books. When Roger's eldest son, Adam, was 8 years old, he asked his father what a tickle looked like.

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    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)
    Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition) Miss Vielfraß (Mr. Men und Little Miss) (German Edition)

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