Lying Under the Mound

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Sell the rights SR-EL 1. Sell the rights SR-EL 3. Sell the rights SR-EL. We accept all major credit cards from Finland. More similar stock images. Egg-laying usually occurs at night and takes around minutes.

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As the female is laying her eggs, she goes into a trance-like state and will usually not attempt to bite anyone disturbing her. When egg-laying is complete, the female covers the nest and usually becomes highly protective.

What lies under this mound is the stuff... - Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qin Dynasty of Xi'an

The extent of nest defence varies between species and within the one species in different geographic areas. With American Alligators, nest defence is associated with a suite of behavioural displays such as hissing, growling and body inflation.

Spotted hyena approaches vultures on a termite mound vultures fly hyena lies down

On the other hand, Saltwater Crocodiles tend to charge intruders immediately and will bite at anything within reach. Australian Freshwater Crocodiles have never been observed to defend their nests in the wild, but will occasionally do so in captivity.

Stock Photo - Lioness looks left lying on grassy mound

Female crocodilians tend to stay at or near the nest throughout incubation. Some species locate their nests next to permanent water, others dig wallows that fill with water in which they can lie next to the nest. Muggers excavate a burrow next to the nest site. At the time of egg-laying, the embryo is very small about 5 x 1 mm , although it is reasonably well developed. It has a well defined head and brain, and a series of muscle blocks somites from which the ribs and vertebrae will eventually form. The eggs are not moved by the female during incubation, and must thus be perfectly equipped to provide all the nutrients for the embryos to survive.

Oxygen passes in and carbon dioxide out through the eggshell and eggshell membrane. The yolk supplies most of the food, and the albumen is essentially a water supply, although some nutrients are also contained within it. At laying, the hard-shelled eggs are translucent. However, within one day, a white opaque patch appears on the top over the embryo , and begins extending down the sides as two arms. Within days, there is a white opaque ring around the egg, and this remains in place until around half way through incubation, after which time it gradually spreads over the whole egg surface.

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This opacity is associated with structural changes in the eggshell membrane caused by activities being undertaken by the embryo within the egg especially dehydration and utilisation of albumen. If the opacity does not develop at all, the egg is infertile or contains a dead embryo.

If the opacity starts to develop and then stops, the embryo died after initial development. Clip ID: Copyright: StockSeller Depositphotos.

Cheetah Standing And Cub Lying On Mound Stock Photo & More Pictures of Africa - iStock

Length: Aspect Ratio: Similar Royalty-free Videos:. Greek cathedral in the rays of the rising sun. Stone villa on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspiring beauty of nature. Mountains and sky in aerial view. View of the tops of the mountains shrouded by fog.

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Aerial: Flying beside top of the hill surrounded with morning fog. Fog slowly rising up hill and vanishing at the top where sun already shines. Panoramic shooting. Beautiful hilly landscape.

Aerial view. Village houses snow covered town aerial view fly over.

Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound
Lying Under the Mound Lying Under the Mound

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