Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)

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Spence, the lonely gay cop, quite a douchebag, but oh, how I would love another book with him as a hero! Need to check it tomorrow, maybe there is one? Kathleen, so dysfunctional and so relatable - and her beautiful poet, and their clumsiest, sweetest romance. And the killer And the rightest, most satisfying ending possible. The book also made me feel terribly nostalgic about the 90s : You know, the time when people used electric typewriters, and eating sushi was an experience, and you could hear Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant" in the clubs, and Cindy Crawford was an epitome of hotness It's not the book's merit it's so atmospheric because it WAS written in 90s but still, it was weirdly fun, to recall all those things.

I mean when Spence realizes the nascent isn't in Kathleen's articles. Isn't the most obvious question to ask: "Where is it then? What else did Kathleen do to qualify as a great woman? It is not nice, when the heroes seem so much dumber than an average reader. But for the ending - I gladly forgive it. Five loving stars from me.

View all 3 comments. Mar 27, Tom rated it it was amazing. Not your typical Edward Lee book but still with enough of his hardcore style to know that you are reading one of his books. This book is not for the faint of heart. Very graphic but the graphic parts are not just there for shock. They are a real part of the overall story. I did find myself having to put down the book quite often just to get my bearings back. If you like psychological horror this is a must read.

Oct 26, Mike Kazmierczak rated it really liked it. This is a hardcore novel. Extremely brutal. There are enough torture scenes in this novel to give you at least one thing to cringe about. If you're like me, you'll find several. The new uses for power tools was one. The red pepper was another. If you get squeamish easily, pass on this book. Kathleen Shade is a regular columnist for a feminist magazine when she starts getting stories from a serial killer.

Not so much stories as descriptions of the torture inflicted on her victims. There are also This is a hardcore novel. There are also glimpses into her childhood which is more depressing than the pain experienced by the men she kills. Detective Spence is the police officer assigned to investigate the killing spree but he can't quite find the connection between killer and columnist and is left a step behind as the victims pile up.

While a good read, Lee has done better. The torture is over the top at times and we don't usually find out too much about the victims. This leaves us not feeling much for them one way or another when they are killed. And there are even victims that we cheer the killer on with their torture. Without feeling for the victims, the book becomes more about the killer and those with who she chooses to communicate. We get a good view of these characters but for me, the feelings as to what might happen to them wasn't there. The novel is still kick ass and not one I would pass up but Lee has done better.

Oct 29, Shadow Girl rated it really liked it. I think this one started a little slow for me. I started reading it two different times before now, and set it down - accidentally forgetting about it. Ok, maybe that's not quite right. It didn't start slow, necessarily. It didn't start off as Ed Lee. When you're in the mood for depravity, Lee usually just throws you in head-first - no chance to buckle up. Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman didn't do that, it eased you in.

I started over again yesterday, just finished it, and WOW! As a w I think this one started a little slow for me. As a whole - Holy Shit!! When my brain started firing and putting things together, I wished I could read faster. The depravity is there, buckets full of it! Mixed with gore, and painfully uncomfortable scenes of torture.

It's all surrounded by a story that is as uncomfortable as the torture scenes! A woman who could be described as a modern day, more feminist I hate the term, but, roll with me here , version of Dear Abby , is contacted by a killer - a woman who describes her sessions in chilling detail, and adds a little 'proof' that she's not a phony. The detective on the case fucks with her relentlessly, and the wishy-washy love interest tries to be dominant, but someone from her past is the most dominating man in her head.

I'm very impressed with the story now, and I plan to look up Lee's co-author, Elisabeth Steffen. Mar 29, Jesse Bedell rated it really liked it.

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Quite different from anything else I've read by Ed Lee. It has been said that every horror novelist must write a "serial killer" novel, and Mr. Lee doesn't disappoint here. You'll find none of that here. This book is DARK.

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Ed Lee has always been effective at making you laugh and simultaneously squirm, but the gros Quite different from anything else I've read by Ed Lee. Ed Lee has always been effective at making you laugh and simultaneously squirm, but the gross humor that seems to be his trademark is utterly absent here. Some of the torture sequences are so horrific even I was wincing. Oct 24, Tony rated it liked it Recommends it for: Not many. Not for the weak of stomach. If you liked "American Pyscho" by B.

Ellis this is the companion piece--only this time a woman is preying on yuppie men. Jan 15, Kristy rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. I love this book! Man burger anyone? Je nach Perspektive ist auch das richtige Vokabular und Fachwissen angewendet, das unter anderem durch die Berufserfahrung der beiden Autoren sehr genau ist und dadurch positiv hervortritt. May 08, Brad Tierney rated it really liked it.

No Bighead, or Balls, or Micah, or Satan. Nothing like that. This tale is totally believable, and it hits like a ton of bricks. Lee has blessed us with. I love finding the easter eggs, the more of his books I read, the more they interact with each other. And of course, how can you go wrong with brutal psychopathic horror? May 12, Jessica Hodgkinson rated it really liked it.

All in all good read. Not as gruesome as I was expecting, but not lacking in attention-grabbing moments of torturous vile instances that make your skin crawl. I would recommend this book to everyone who is into this genre, especially newer fans of Ed Lee. This story is a good way to break 'em into reading one of the best hardcore horror authors around.

Ed Lee's books are never a disappointment. Sie lebt in Washington D. Finanziell ist sie also nicht auf ihrem Job abgewiesen, doch es macht ihr Freude, Menschen in schwierigen Alltagssituationen zur Seite zu stehen. Calabrice handelte, dessen Leiche bereits aufgefunden wurde. Kathleen selbst kennt das Opfer nicht und kann daher keine Verbindung herstellen. Gnadenlose Rache! Der Plot wurde spannend und abwechslungsreich erarbeitet. Hierdurch offenbarte sich nach und nach der Grund, warum sie all diese bestialischen Morde begangen hat und ganz ehrlich, es gab durchaus auch Opfer, die es verdient hatten.

Im Sog der Rache - Ganzer Film Deutsch

Die Figuren wurden facettenreich erarbeitet. Interessant fand ich, dass keiner der Protagonisten dem unbeschwerten Menschentyp entsprach, wie es so oft der Fall ist.

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Oct 11, Glenn Alcorn rated it it was amazing. Horrifying, disgusting, gratuitously violent So much more than I expected it would be. If it had been more widely published I'm certain this would have been a bestseller. Loved it. Definitely the best thing I've ever read from Ed Lee, as well. This book is a crime drama, thriller, and horror story all wrapped into one scary ass read.

This book brings together two very different women who share a very heinous history. I like when the characters are talking about police issues and procedures. The police science and their investigation technics are very good and believable. The profiling of the female killer is truly amazing, add to that the profiling of the killers idol is even better. I did not care for the disturbing background story This book is a crime drama, thriller, and horror story all wrapped into one scary ass read. I did not care for the disturbing background story for the killer and the killers idol. I know if there was no background story you would not have this book.

I understand it is a major link between both killer and idol, it is just a very disturbing and disgusting subject.

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There may have been other ways to connect these two characters. The killer is one of the scariest character I have ever read about, she makes my skin crawl, this is a very disturbing book and a very mentally ill character. The book reads like a episode of Criminal Minds or any of those other tv shows that profile suspects, but this suspect is ten times worse then any one on those shows. I like the idea of this book.

To have a female psychopath and for her to also be a serial killer is original. I don't think there are very many female serial killers. It seems very true and relevant of the current mind set. There have been serial killers who have contacted newspapers or the media in general while committing their atrocious, and bloody acts of violence to gloat, and get attention from local, state and national police investigators, plus getting their name and crimes out there to the general public.

These suspects want their 15 minutes of fame. This killer is no different, she want's her 15 minutes of fame. The characters are built well in the first couple of chapters, so you already know that you love them, hate them, or are disgusted by them. At that point it is amazing to realize you now have the rest of the book to see what, how, and why the characters do what they do till the very last page of the book.

Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman

This is definitely an 18 or older book, due to graphic language, graphic sexual content and graphic torturous violence. Some dialogue in parts of this book are also lewd and crude. If you really excited about to know Then che Guess Till The End. Nail-biting suspense which does not allow you to rest your mind and keeps you thinking hours after the Download Link 1. Spanish movies are well kn Blood Thrill - Crime Thriller A psychological serial killer thriller you won't want to miss in White Noise Relaxation 2 months ago.

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A Russian gangster kidnaps a woman and her friend, an aging European deceived by a young lover. Mystery is one of the hardest genres to get right. Surprising the most scrupulous readers is no easy task. Let me help Thursday Thrill Final Table A Book Around The Corner 2 years ago. First 3 Thriller Reads of ! BooksandLala 5 months ago. Winter Alexa Donne 4 months ago.

Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)
Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)
Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)
Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)
Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)
Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition) Gnadenlose Rache (Western) (German Edition)

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