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As a punishment for his act, he is now being tasked to work in the sewers where to met Crot who gave him a wrench to pick up the shovel filled with human feces thrown by one of the guards. Another morning came, when Chambers was about to go to work in the sewers, he was attacked by Boyka's men but before he was about to be beaten, Crot rushes to his aid and saves him. After the incident, Chambers was sent to the hole where he remained til noon. Consequently, Gaga, who runs the whole prison releases him out of the hole and prepares a lunch for Chambers.

Gaga, however, have made an arrangement to Chambers that if he fought Boyka, he'd be out in a short time. Much to Chambers surprise, he realized that his manager Phil has been working with Gaga all along.

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As a result, he went furious with him and leaves the table having no choice but to accept Gaga's offer in order for him to be released. The next day, he started to train and Steven became his cornerman since there is no inmate that he can trust. Briefly, after training, the match starts and Boyka taunts Chambers to beat him in his own game of boxing but due to Chambers skills in boxing, Boyka was knocked out the first time leading to everyone's surprise. After being knocked out, Boyka got up and starts using his legs against Chambers which evens the fight between the two.

The bell suddenly rings and both fighters were sent to their corners Steven gives George a bottle to drink before the round 2 starts.

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As the second round starts and Chambers is feeling dizzy in the fight and was beaten by Boyka. He didn't last long in the round as Boyka knocks him out of the ring leading to his defeat.

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Chambers woke up realizing that the bottle that was given to him by Steven was spiked with drugs. He rushes to his cell in anger but ends up finding Steven hanging leaving a note that he has no choice Chambers then immediately rushes to untie the rope but Steven is already dead. After learning the truth, he confronts Boyka furiously by informing him about the incident which Boyka denies though he didn't know about it.

Before the fight took place Warden was there to stop them but was knocked by Chambers out of anger.

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In response, Markov calls his men to restrain Chambers to the pole where he would be suffering from cold weather. Another day came when Chambers was tied on the pole, his fellow inmates offer him a drink, a bread, and a clothing to protect him from the cold. Markov, immediately asks who was the inmate who helped Chambers, everyone steps forward.

Feeling agitated, Markov leaves them all to suffer from the cold. Hours later, when Gaga learns of Chambers situation, he reprimands Markov for putting Chambers in a cold and demands to talk to him. There Gaga offers him one more chance to fight Boyka which he accepts later but Chambers ask one more thing from him.

Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story
Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story Cell Mates 2 :Yuris Story

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